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Found 56 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm about to buy a motorbike. I've learned a few things possibly worth sharing, and have a few questions. Firstly - I found the bike on bikesales.com.au. Decent site, seems de-facto standard for buying/selling, and I went to view a Honda Blackbird on Saturday. The guy and bike both seemed to check out OK, the bike felt really good, and I placed a deposit. First tip is: use that site Second tip is: check the location. They only go as granular as the state, and AU states are a lot larger than UK counties, of course. They had 27 Blackbirds in NSW, but 12 of those were more than 2 hours' drive. I was flabbergasted twice by my insurance checks. The first was when I checked 3rd-party insurance rates: Around $120-160 for a 200mph superbike, third party! It would have cost a grand at home, so seemed really cheap. The second time was when I actually figured out how insurance works, and suddenly it was a lot more expensive. That quote doesn't include 3rd-party liability to people (injuries, deaths) - which is the compulsory green slip (CTP). For that, I had to look at the official site, pretend it was up for renewal, and discover the next renewal would cost me $800 a year, for starters! Add to that my optional insurance of $160 (third party property/car/etc damage) or $800 (Fully Comp), and yes, it is around a grand a year (£). That's an unmodified bike, no claims, points, etc. I didn't try to use my UK No Claims Bonus - but I tried quotes with and without claiming previous insurance/NCB, and there seemed to be no real difference. There also seems to be no Third Party Fire & Theft - or at least, it's a less common option than it is in the UK. They also a few different questions. Previous accidents, licence and years riding, etc. are there, but employment type is not asked for or considered. You can check the current reg and insurance on the bike on a NSW Gov Site, and pay for a full history check on another official NSW Gov database, price $18. Then you can check for outstanding finance for another $14 on the Revs site. As for paying: you can use a bank transfer like "Pay anyone", which may be instant if you're both with the same bank, but overnight if not; Westpac have a $10k limit on that. Or you can get a Bankers' Cheque (Draft) in-branch, instantly, for a reasonable fee. You apparently also need a customer number; this is in advance of an NSW Driving licence, and is a unique reference number for you, for life, that allows you to register a vehicle in your name. I picked one up in an RTA office in half an hour, with proof of ID, address, etc. etc. Finally - I took the bike for a test ride. I was.. amazed.. that the guy let me take it for a spin without giving him any ID, proof of bike licence, or arranging any insurance (although I guess the Green Slip covers that). The only reference was "You break it, you pay for it. OK?". Good on him! So - where I could do with some advice is: - Am I going to have any issues getting insurance on a UK licence? Some of the larger sites state in their initial assumptions that I have an Aussie licence, and I've said "Yes" to get to the quote. Should I be wary of any issues? - What docs should I ask the seller for (Green slip, Bike reg, I guess)? - What other steps do I need to take? Many thanks! Damo
  2. Hi All, I'm looking to move back to Brisbane shortly, after having a few years in England. I'd like to ship my motorbike over, but I'm a bit confused by the whole process. I've read loads about what to do, but I have no real concrete informaton which is what concerns me. The bike is 27 years old and I will be applying for a personal import permit soon (I've almost owned the bike a year). I'll need to get a crated, door-to-door service. Could anyone give me some advice on what happens when it gets to Oz? The model of bike is available there, so it's my understanding that it will just need a personal import plate as it should already be compliant? Would it need to be inspected by an engineer for $1000's or would it just need a basic inspection to get the purple import plate and then a rwc? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks, Ross
  3. Well, not sure if this in the right area but here is as good as any to share our whole emigrating experience.... My sister emigrated to Sydney in 2009 and after a visit in Dec 2010 and years of wanting to we took the plunge..... I am 44 so was un-eligible for an independent skilled visa without sponsorship, I am a fully qualified & experienced electrical & electronics engineer, I have never struggled to change jobs in the UK if the situation has arisen. I applied for 85 jobs through Seek.com.au over a 2 month period at the start of this year and had no positive responses at all. Basically if you're overseas, from my experience it is almost impossible to get an interview let alone a job!!! I visited Sydney for a week as I was in Malaysia with work and achieved more in 1 hour on the phone than the on-line apps I had done. I basically cold called companies that I had sent my Resume to as a follow-up, I had several informal interviews with companies straight away!!! I applied online through Seek again for a job in Sydney that took my interest, only this time I put in the cover letter that I was in Sydney.....surprise surprise I had an interview 3 days later!! The leg work pays off....for real! I then had to go through the process of the 457 application, this again I had researched and heard several tales of many weeks, even months waiting. I am a firm believer in 'You get what you pay for' I didn't bother with a migration agent, I went straight to a Lawyer in Sydney who specializes in Migration, Katy Malyon & Assoc. It took about a week of emails back & forth to complete the application and 16 days later I had the 457 approved! Awesome, I think it counts for something when an application goes in under the umbrella of one of Australia's recognised best Migration Lawyers!!! This cost me £1100 but like I said 16 days to get the visa!!! Worth every penny. I had heard nothing but good about John Mason movers, so got a quote. They were not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. I had a 20ft container myself and it was £4400 (inc. and extra £90 for delivery to the Central Coast which is about 70km from Sydney) I did exactly as they said, no baskets, no untreated wood and anything I did want to take that was untreated I lacquered beforehand. I cleaned everything meticulously & I mean meticulously! It all had a dousing with Zoflora and stank of lemons!! There was not a speck of dirt on anything (mountain bike tyres cleaned with toothbrushes etc), we brought camping gear, bikes, tools (loads of) etc as well as my Kawasaki ZX9R, this was also cleaned to an inch of its life! The container left the UK on fri 25th June, it was delivered to our home in Australia on Friday 2nd Sept. No customs or quarantine charges to pay! Other than the mandatory charges ($387 for the personal effects inspection & $187 for the motorbike to be inspected) Prior to leaving the UK I had applied for a vehicle import authority from the Dept of Infrastructure here, it's a ballache procedure that apparently I subsequently found out you can email! However it takes a long time to get and costs $50. You must have this before the bike arrives in Australia, mine was issued the day the container shipped!So I had to email it to the agents for John Mason in Sydney. No worries there. Before a motorbike gets customs clearance you have to put a value on it, if you have owned it since before Mar 98 then it is a case of taking the price on the receipt and depreciating it by 76%, you then convert the price to $ and then 10% of that is the NSW GST (Tax) that you will have to pay, I had to pay another $75 or so for handling fees & import fees on top so all in all I had a bill from the import agents for $320, its worth more than double the value in the UK here. You have to collect motorbikes from the shipping agent as most removers won't deliver them with your personal effects. Expect to have golf clubs, tents, shoes, christmas decs, bikes & a token random box or two inspected by quarantine, careful labelling of boxes by the packers helps here!!! But make sure it is all spotless!!! Every second spent cleaning in the UK is worth it has the fees for cleaning in Australia by AQIS are very expensive!!! The agents that John Mason used in Sydney were Wridgways, they were great with regular updates on the progress etc of our container through the formalities, although they were uncertain of the bike value thing so keep a check on whats what if importing vehicles! Do your research and all will be good. Our stuff was delivered & unpacked by Wridgways perfectly, nothing was damaged or missing, in fact there were several items we didn't even know had been packed from our UK house!!! Rentals here are a whole different ball game to the UK, bring neighbour references with you and get as much id as quickly as possible in Australia (mobile bill, bank statements etc ect) Real Estate agents call the shots and choose who gets what, so be careful on what you say to who!! After setting off from the UK a little over 11 weeks we are now settled in our home 2km from the Ocean and been through a winter of low temps to 1-2 degs at night & av day of about 15, with plenty of rain though! On the main it's warm & sunny though which is awesome! We are settling very fast and everyone is happy. I found an immense satisfaction with every UK plug I cut off of electrical items to replace with Aussie ones!!! We really are living the dream, it's not cheap in NSW but it's all the things money can't buy that make it worth the move! Recommendations..... Use a damn good lawyer for visa apps - Remember this is a once in a life opportunity Use a damn good shipper and do as they recommend, it could save you a fortune Save as much cash as possible before coming here, those initial couple of months are uber expensive! Be careful on how the shipper labels things, certain items are targeted! Make 200% sure that everything is spotless! Have fun - we are!!!:biggrin: Hope that some of this is of interest, if not then sorry!!! Any queries then pm me! Cheers Wayne
  4. Planning a move to Oz in Jan, can any one give advice on motorbike racing out in Oz? Just sold up my track bike and keen to get into racing when down under. Oops, Oz is a big place, moving to Sydney. How do the tracks compare with Brands and Cadwell park?
  5. Calling bikers! I have a BMW R1200RT that I am looking to ship over to Oz with me. I have owned it from new (only 2300 Miles), its a UK 10 plate which if I remember rightly I bought it around June/July 2010. First question is, is it worth shipping over? a few people have said that BMW bikes are expensive in Oz so its well worth bringing??. if so.... 1) have I owned it long enough? 2) once over is it just a case of getting the clocks swapped to KM's? (and registration changed of course) From an acutal shipping perspective, I have a 20ft container for all my stuff that I am bringing over and I am sure there will be space in there, can it shipped with all your normal household stuff? Thanks in advance! Mark.
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I can't find any information specific to WA. We have imported a Suzuki motorbike and expect to hear soon that we can pick it up from the removal companies warehouse in Kewdale. Problem is, we live in Kalgoorlie, 600km away. Originally we were under the impression that the bike would be delivered to our home address along with the rest of our stuff. But I think this is more of a contractual issue between our UK movers and the Australian movers. But it looks like we'll be heading to Perth soon. We have been trying to find out what needs to happen next, and keep getting different answers. Andy tried calling the department of roads and transport here in WA, the import authority in Canberra and an approved inspection engineer. Some of them say we need to get it inspected in Perth (which would be a separate trip so that's about 2500km so far...) to get the endorsement of compliance, then others say it can be inspected locally. The website is not clear, or at least we can't find a clear answer. Has anyone imported a motorbike into WA? We're especially keen to hear from anyone who does not live in Perth. Thanks, Lauren & Andy
  7. Hi there, Hubby in turmoil over shipping (or not) his baby over - without the hassle of 40ft container - is there another way to ship a bike? From Dublin to Sydney. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Michelle
  8. Hi PIO, Cound anyone give me some good insurance companies for a car, also a motorbike. also, can anyone tell me what you have to do before your motorbike arrives. registration etc, i'm a bit unsure of what to do. I've got the import sorted, but where to go from here i'm not sure. I need 3rd party insurance to get back to our house, but I went to the RACQ the other day and they were not very helpful. any information would be appriciated. cheers, Troy
  9. mathewsmarkey

    Shipping car and motorbike

    Hi Guys, hopefully coming out on a RSMS visa, nomination has been approved, medicals done just waiting on the go ahead. Looking to bring our car with us but OH would like to take his harley davidson with him and thinks there is a limit on how many vehicles you can take. Any info appreciated. Moving from Ireland to NSW hopefully sooner rather then later.
  10. Peemacgee

    Motorbike parking Sydney

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows any decent places to park a motorbike near Clarence street? I have seen the free parking spots but don't want my bike to get trashed, I have seen the domain car park is $5 per day does anyone else park there or now how easy it is to get a spot?
  11. paigedean

    Shipping a motorbike

    Iv just got a brand new motorbike I want to ship it over to oz with me u can rent. Space in a container cant u? How much does that cost? And can i register it when I get there..
  12. Arriving in Sydney in November. I've been on a full bike licence in the UK for almost 10 years commuting in London, and would like to do the same in Sydney. Hoping someone here is a biker and can help me understand what my full UK bike licence will enable me to do. My attempts to understand the NSW RTA website seem to suggest that: - Initially I can only ride a class R bike (which means weedy) - After 6 months without leaving the country I can then apply for a P1 plate on a class R bike for 12 months, then a P2 plate on a class R bike (but ride slowly everywhere) for 2 years and finally a full licence. Am I really stuck on a wee bike riding slowly for 3 1/2 years? Does 10 years of big bike experience in the UK have no bearing?
  13. Guest

    150cc motorbike

    150cc motorbike ,other hafts bike ,done at most 5 hours from new ,bike is 2009 ,off road use only. Pm for more details looking for around $800 ,cheap as . sunshine coast.
  14. Hi PIO, does anyone know what the link is for shipping a motorcycle, been given one but can I find it. cheers, Troy
  15. Troy&Kim

    What to do with Motorbike

    Hi PIO, I don't know what to do with my motorbike. I've had it for sale for over a month and it's still not sold. We fly out in 2 months time and I really don't want to sell it for peanuts. People want things for nothing. I've had a look at the same sort of Bike in Aus, Honda VFR V-tec 04 plate, and the average about $8000 for the same bike. I've got it for sale here at £3500 and still can't sell. Shipping alone will cost £1000 without all the other expenses that come with it. Really don't know whats best to be honest, any sugestions. Troy:arghh:
  16. I've been looking at this online and it does not appear that there is a similar system to the UK in terms of the direct access course over 5 days or so that allows you to ride any bike straight away. It seems for NSW for example that there are qualifying periods with different sizes of bike etc. Has anyone done their licence on arrival or know anyone that has? I want to do it and will do it in the UK before I leave if easier, but am a little pushed for time as leave for Sydney in late June. Any insight into how long it has taken in your experience and what was involved etc would be appreciated!:biggrin: Cheers, Paul
  17. Can someone please shed some light on a situation that I have..... I have applied (3 weeks ago) for a Vehicle Import Authority for my ZX9-R motorcycle and am awaiting the approval from the guys in Infrastructure.gov in Canberra. I have called them and they just say it is being processed...... My 457 is through & we are flying on 22nd June to Sydney (I start my job on 4/7/11) John Mason are coming Monday 20th to pack and then put into the container everything on the 21st - Motorcycle included...... I am under no doubt that the VIA will come as there is no reason for it not to, however, I cannot get a definitive answer as to when it will arrive..... I am informed by the authorities in Canberra that the VIA is posted to an Australian address, not emailed. If I don't ship the bike with the rest of my belongings then I will obviously have to ship it separately and then face a big bill for doing so.....at present the cost for my container includes the bike...... What do I do??? Ship the bike with my belongings and then when the VIA arrives before the bike send it to the relevant people in Sydney......or leave it in the UK and face a separate shipping cost???? I know it is an offence to try to import the bike without the VIA, but what are the consequences of shipping it before the VIA arrives??? Please help me out........
  18. Har00n

    Motorbike licence

    Hi All, If you ain't heard yet, i'm hoping to get out to perth by July. (Co has asked for a few more documents, cos wife has a non-uk passport). Anyway, ive been mulling over taking my car to oz, but i think i'm going to leave it here for my dada, which leaves the question of how to get about in perth. I have a CBT for riding bikes, and was due to sit the dirct course to get my bike licence here, but as this trip to perth has come about i've left it on a back-burner. My question is, what do i need to do to ride a bike in perth? Do i need to get a special licence? do i need to sit an equivalent CBT and bike course in OZ? what exactly are the requirements? I'm reckoning it will be cheaper for me to get abike there than a car ( as everyone states, cars are really expensive over there) and as the good weather is coming up afetr july, reckon it would be ideal for riding a bike. Any advice greatly appreciated... Also, where should i look for cheap reliable bikes when in perth? i know there is carsales.com.au for cars, is there an equivalent for bikes???
  19. Hi there We are moving to Mandurah WA this July, and we have already applied for 2 car permits to import both of our cars. My partner has a cool Suzuki Intruder C800 cruiser and we'd also like to take that. Does anyone know if we would be able to import this too in addition to the cars? If so, do we need to apply for an import licence as before or not? Also any ideas of cost of duties and charges etc when we arrive in Oz? I think that we could fit it into the container. Would be great to hear your advice. Thanks Ali
  20. Hi We have a Suzuki Intruder 800c which was bought in the UK, registered 2005 and has had no modifications. It's built to European specification but Suzuki won't provide us with any assistance with regards to shipping to Australia. We have a few questions: 1. which forms do we use to import the bike 2. are there any helpful websites with bike shipping 3. are there many pitfalls with additional costs of shipping and taxes 4. is it straight forward to register the bike in Australia. 5. the retail price here is only around £3000 but it's in mint condition and we're loathed to give it away here and would rather bring it out as it's got a lot of life left in it. It looks the business. We can't import it on a personal import scheme because we are already importing our cars already. Does anyone have any advice how we can go about this? That would be much appreciated. Ali and Chris
  21. Hi guys, I do understand that you need to have owned a vehicle for 12 months prior to importing. But... Im over here on a 457 for 4 years and hopefully will get pr/856 in this time. Im really missing being on a bike and would ideally like my old one back (or a replacement). If I bought a motorbike whilst on a trip to the uk and stored it at my parents, then shipped it over after obtaining pr and had theoretically owned it for a year would I be breaking the rules? If i could find the same bike here i would'nt worry but they are like the proverbial hens teeth over here!
  22. Hi, Just thought I would post my personal fees involved in shipping a car or motorbike. Of course every vehicle and cost vary, but just thought it may help some people with the dilemma!!! Overall we are so glad we went through this process and has been totally straightforward. 2006 Range Rover Sport value approx 20,000 GBP Ducati 999r Fila edition 15,000GBP Both vehicles were shipped with our personal belongings so it was approx 2000GBP extra for 40ft container. Import licence 50GBP allow 6 weeks for this and you must have this before vehicle can leave the UK. Range Rover 10% customs 10% GST $4000 ( valued UK price ) Ducati 999R only pay customs tax on motorbikes 10% $800 ?? Range Rover compliance,registration docs application for import plate,safety certs $289 delivery to workshop $165 safety certificate $64.50 environmental fee?? $20.50 engineer inspection,sign off, mod plate and cert $265 personal import plate and fit $101.50 Stamp duty is 3.5% upto 6 cyl on Aus value of vehicle which has to be paid one off fee. Please also note that many say an import is only worth 65% of Aus market, but we have been advised by the official valuers that it is really only 10% maybe upto 20% less. Rego, 3rd party ins varies from car to car, state to state. $1800 Make sure you do lots of homework, but we know for the same spec and condition of car it was just a no brainer not to bring as replacement value would have been at least $60,000. With the crap exchange rate it was worth the hassle. Hope this helps Nicki
  23. I am considering getting a lil moped to get to and from the train station when i arrive but i dont have a bike licence in the UK so will be starting from scratch! I have looked at the NSW RTA website but am totally confused! Nothing in Australia seems to be straightforward! From what i have read i think I need to do the following?? Does this sound right? 1. Pass a Motorcycle Riding Scheme ($78) to get the pre-learner licence (valid for 12-mths). 2. After 3-mths pass the pre-provisional course ($117) to get the provisional licence (P1) 3. After 12-mths I can apply for a full licence (as I am over 25 and will have a full Australian driving licence) Now I cant find a separate bike licence on the fees section so would it just go on my Australian Driving Licence like it is in the UK? If so would i need to apply for an updated licence each time I pass a different stage?
  24. Hi there, Does anyone know if it is worth shipping a motorbike (approx value £1400) over from the UK if we emigrate or is it too much hassle and expense and easier to sell the bike in the UK and buy again in Aus ? I guess we would be getting a container anyway so don't know if we can put the motorbike in along with the rest of our stuff (would obviously expect to have to notify Aus customs etc) Many thanks if anyone knows ! Dominic Thompson
  25. Hi has anybody applied for an import licence for a motorbike, ans if so how long did it take to come? When I ring Oz up its like talking to a robot that repeats the same answer but time is of the essence at the moment............:arghh: