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Found 33 results

  1. Hi My mother in law is coming to spend a year with us on a tourist visa. She has two cars at home and she was wondering about shipping one over. I know she can do it temporarily but that wouldn't be of interest is there anyway we can get it over? Or any idea how much it would cost? Thanks Hazel
  2. I don’t think it is right to turn others threads into a debate of the rights or wrongs of taking children away from 1 parent so i’ll start one of my own. We have 2 threads running at the minute, 1 by a father looking for advice on how to keep his children in the UK and the other by a mother looking to take her children away from their father. While the father is getting loads of support the mother is being attacked, why is that so? The father could be a right arse and just looking at ways to get back at his ex, but nobody has said that or asked any questions in that direction, we are just happy to offer positive support (the way it should be) But the mother..... how dare she want to start a new life!!!! Anyone with children going to Australia are taking them away from family, friends and their not being questioned or attacked, but somehow taking them away from a father WOW you can’t do that. Not interested in how good or bad the father is, it’s morally wrong! I can only talk for myself but we looked at it from all angles, are we doing the right thing? We spoke to our son about it, we tried to talk to Tracy’s ex and he wasn’t interested, it wasn’t as straight forward as stuff him lets go just to piss off Tracy’s ex. So when it come to asking questions on PIO, things like “what about the father” weren’t helpful, we had already thought about that. How many people have really thought about the impact the move will have on their children and family members? I bet people that have and are trying to take their children away from their other parent have thought long and hard about it. IMHO if you have no support or real advice to offer then don’t say anything, because you’re not helping! Taking children away from another partner is a very stressful thing to do, it’s a long process that’s very costly and I know myself we had loads of questions about the processes involved and not to many people would offer advice in the open because of the grief they would get off other members so it was all done via PM.
  3. Just wondering if there are any new mums out there? We've been here 6 weeks now and our son Charlie is 4 months old. We've been meeting loads of australian people at mothers groups etc and it's great to have oz friends and everyone's been really really lovely. However, if there are enough of us I thought it might be nice to start a UK mums "mothers group" to meet every so often to share what we have learnt about oz, places to go with kids, things to do etc. we're based in caulfield (sort of inner south east) but have a car so can travel. Any mums welcome even if your kids are a bit older. Any dads welcome too of course. Looking forward to meeting up soon. Sheryl (and Charlie)
  4. Petals

    Happy Mothers Day

    Have a lovely day being spoilt Mums in Aus. My two will not be here and oh says I am not his Mum so no spoiling for me. Just have to get my Mum and spoil her :laugh:
  5. emmaroo

    Happy Mothers Day!

    Happy Mummy Day to all you mums in Oz! Hope you have a wonderful day. Emma xx
  6. furkew

    Mothers day Plant & flower sale

    Hope its OK to promote this on here :wink: Next Saturday at the Monbulk RSL, the local cubs & scouts are holding their annual Mothers day plant & flower sale. There is always an excellent range of plants all at the right price donated by all the local growers, and I am organizing cut flowers for bouquets for all the mums again from all the local growers here in the hills, so you can really give mum a treat without breaking the bank. There is also a sausage sizzle and in the RSL itself they are holding an indoor market. If you have nothing to do next Saturday, why not pop up to the hills for a lovely day out and support our boys and girls at the same time. :hug: hope to see a few of you there next week.
  7. 2tigers

    Mothers day

    Happy mothers day to all you wonderful women out there, I hope you will all be spoiled rotten today! My thoughts go to those who have lost their Mum or little ones today, and to those who are far far away from theirs. I hope you all get time to relax and enjoy x
  8. Guest

    Mothers day

    just seen an add on tv for bcf ,bet my other haft will be well made up to go to bcf on mothers day she hates bcf the other 364 days of the year :biglaugh: What you doing :idea:
  9. Guest

    Mothers to be ?

    I am a maternity nurse that moved to Sydney in January and after enjoying the sun for a few weeks I am now starting to look for a job!! For the past 10 years I worked in London and have a great record with previous clients ! I can help you with breast-feeding, settling techniques , tailor a routine that will suit your lifestyle and give you some time to yourself too!! Very flexible and easy going ! So if you are expecting or know somebody that is, do get in touch and you can have as little or as much help as you need Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy !!
  10. After 6 full on weeks in oz, I have moved in to Buderim with my familly. Older kids have just started school at Buderim Moutain SS this week (fingers crossed that has gone well). However, I'm suddenly missing all my friends in the Uk and I am not sure where to go with my 3.5 year old during the day. Any suggestions welcome. Or if anybody looking for company and fun with toddlers give me a shout. Donna
  11. anyone irish out or irish mans wife or expat interested in mothers group, thinking about setting up one, maybe central for everyone, new farm etc... nothing formal just meeting up bit of crack, coffee etc... email me on majellamcgee82@hotmail.com
  12. Hi, My mothersgroup has sadly fallen flat on its face as everyone seems has returned to work on different days!! I am really keen to meet some new friends on either Mondays or Fridays in the Manly area. My daughter is 18 months old. We emigrated to Sydney in 2004 from St Albans. Anyone expat mums out there in the same boat?? Cheers, Karen
  13. Guest

    ozzie mothers day

    well have you all made plans for mothers day this sunday we are going out for a meal to sundowners a restaurant on mount tambourine 3course meal live music looking forward to being spoilt we were there this week food and service was fantastic so if anyone at a loss as to how to trreat mum i can definitley recommend this place lesley x
  14. hi all, i'm organising a meet for next sunday 10th, mothers day was thinking down at labrador around 11am hope you can all make it. let me know what you think joanna
  15. I would just like to say a really big thank you to Snow White and her family for a lovely day on sunday. She made everyone so welcome to her home including those who came along that she did'nt know where coming (whoops my fault) and those she had never met before. We had only met her and her family a couple of times before then but have overwhelmed by her kindness and generosity. She's also pretty knowledgeable about the plumbing license regulations over here, which has helped our friends over here. So once again Snowie thanks for a great time:hug::notworthy: Sue xxxx
  16. hi all, its mothers day in the uk sunday 22nd march decided to have a mothers day celebration barbecue on sunday 22nd march were on gold coast pacific pines , all mothers deserve 2 mothers days anyway!!! barbecue family day at mine from 2pm onwards all welcome please pm me if your interested in coming lesley x
  17. Tell your Mum what you want to say on Mothers day! Mum, I want to tell you that I love you more than anything. I am proud to be your daughter and equally proud to be told "you`re just like your mother!" Thank you for being you! Thank you for being there at every stage of my life. Thank you for supporting me even at times that it was hard for you to do so. I love you xxxx
  18. Hi all, big day tomorrow for all you mums, I am taking mine out for a ruby and a few beers, ( how did i wangle that one:biggrin:) Then i have got Mother in law around Sunday for lunch:arghh:. My kids have also been hard at work with their cards, so much better than buying them. What are you all doing?
  19. Guest

    Mothers & Fathers Day

    Can anyone let me know exact dates for Oz please? Mum-you`re on Oz mummys day time now!! LOL!
  20. Guest

    UK Mothers Day

    Just had a tip off from my brother in UK that Mothering Sunday is 22nd March. I've discovered Hipcards | greetings by design which have a few options and is quite refreshing as I was getting a bit bored of Moonpig. I think they get a lot of their cards from UK, so much better than what you get here. I'm not aware of any other online greeting card sites in Oz, does anyone know any others?
  21. Guest

    Mothers group

    Hi, my name is Wendy and in about 3 weeks time will be moving to Pacific Pines in the Gold Coast. I am living in Wellington Point now and have a 28 month old boy and just wanted to know if anyone knew of a Mothers group/playgroup in the area or surrounding. I am apart of the UK Mothers group already in Wellington Point but probably won't get to the meets once I move. I will be working Mon - Wed so a Thurs/Fri group would be good so I can meet ladies in the area and start building friends. Can anyone help?? Thanks, Wendy
  22. just thought i would ask what did people in aus get for mothers day??? be honest please....heres what i got!!! 1 candle holder from my 9year old boy!! LOVELY but bought it from school and it was smashed to bits in his bag!!! 1 bar of soap???? 1 card made at school with no message inside!!!! OH AND ONE BIG SLOPPY KISS FROM HIM TOO!!!:biglaugh: 1 CARD FROM 12 YEAR OLD AND A BOTTLE OF WINE!!! which dad gave them the money for !!!!! love them to bits though!!!!!:jiggy:
  23. Stuju

    Happy Aussie Mothers Day

    Hi Gals, Just to wish all you mums a very happy mothers day tomorrow here down under, have a gd one gizmo x p.s. its great having 2 mothers days a year yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  24. nurse sue

    Happy Mothers Day

    Just wanted to wish all Mums a: :jiggy::spinny: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY :spinny: :jiggy: Have a lovely day what ever you are doing xxx
  25. Jo&Rich

    Mothers Day (UK) 2nd March

    Hiya, I know this has come up on another thread (re Fathers Day), just wanted to add this, in case anyone missed it, so no-one forgets! Saw an advert when checking my hotmail account a few days ago for interflora or something, and I'd completely forgotten. I've ordered some flowers from Asda to be delivered to mine and my husbands mothers, (cos I'm fancy- Asda!). For those of us who have only recently left, this will be our mums first mothers day without us, and they deserve to know we haven't forgotten them.:wubclub: Jo