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Found 53 results

  1. Mamma Midwife

    Just saying hello!

    Hello! I have just joined your lovely forum and have had a good look around. I have dreamt about making the move to Oz for at least a decade! And I've finally managed to convince the hubby that it is a good idea!! (I hope I'm not wrong ) We are just starting our in-depth research now so I know we are a while away from the big move. We are thinking of relocating to Perth, however this would be dependant on the availability of jobs for us both. We also have 4 children (ages 6, 8, 11 and 13) so at least 2 of them will be teens when we move. Has anyone else successfully made the move with teens? Any tips on making the process easier for them? I know it can take a while before you are in invited to apply for your visa after submitting your EOI so would you recommend submitting asap just in case? My concern is that it all happens to quickly and we won't have time to complete our research - I know this is unlikely, but I'm just being cautious! Perhaps it would be better to wait until we've done all our research before submitting the EOI? Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your replies
  2. Hi, I am applying for my 175 and would like to add my mother as my dependant, she is widowed and fully dependant on me. I am wondering if anyone has done it before who could advice if this is possible and the necessary processes, documents, health check that she needs to undertake for the application. Really appreciate your help.
  3. Hello all We are moving to Melbourne very soon - my husband in October and myself and our daughter (who is 2) in December. We have told our friends who are supportive but upset - and now I have to tell my mum and dad that we are taking their beloved granddaughter away. It's unlikely mum will get on a plane to visit us - she thinks she's too old. How did you all do it?! Have you had family traumas back in Blighty that you've had to deal with from afar? Thank you! Michelle 'maybe I won't tell them at all' Edmondson
  4. Guest

    Mother in law question

    I know that from past experience that this subject matter might require a more specialised migrant agent, but I was wondering if there are any rules that have changed since I have last looked into this, over two years ago now, I was looking in to how the mother in law could get over to Aus for a longer period, we have now been in Sydney for over a year and we feel that she is missing out on the kids etc. If anyone knows any changes that have come around over the last two years or so it would be much appreciated if you could share your thoughts and experiences with me. Kind regards
  5. ..My OH s ex signed a dec form infront of a solicitor allowing us to take his 3 children...Jenny 13..Sam 10..Jemma 8 i also have a signed dec form from my son s Father to take Tristan 16 yrs..Andy s ex told the children she will miss them but wants the children to go to have a better future..she s shown the children pictures on the net where we are going and promised them they will see her in the holidays and they will come home for holidays to the uk!! Now we have been given a case worker and been asked to apply for police CRB s and Medicals in the next 28 days!!...His ex has now changed her mind after she realized that with out the children she would not get any money from child tax credits or my OH!!..We had to attended court today they did nothing for us...his ex gets legal aid..we couldnt afford to pay a solicitor with my ex still paying off his divorce bill and just having paid our agent and visa s its all been to much..The thing is what do we do next ? The children still think they are moving with us to Australia! The judy today says the mother can change her mind right up till we leave!! we now have to return the childrens passports in 14 days and they must not attend a medical!! The judy says once we have our visa s we can appeal? they will re look at the case!! i just dont get it...Jenny 13 yrs phoned her dad tonight very upset and confused she wants to live with us in Australia...what can we do? we need to go for our medicals or we lose our visa s :-((( with out our medicals we will not be granted our visa s :-(( How can after 4mths she be allowed to change her mind?? please if anyone understands how ive wrote this..( sorry im stressed and very tired) got any help, advice..know what we should do please,please reply :-(((((((((( wendy xxx
  6. It's like trying to fight a war on several fronts at once. Just when I've 'conquered' my nose, it launches another 'assault' on my chest. In between that I have to contend with diversionary attacks on my eyes, throat. If I was working I'd be thinking how typical that I come down on Friday just in time for the weekend. And it's NOT BLOODY MAN FLU!
  7. Harpodom

    Smell my cheese you mother!

    I love cheese. Almost as much as tea (and cats) My favourites are basically anything goaty/sheepy and/or French. The ultimate being French goats cheese. Being in Oz is a bit of a French goats cheese deprivation zone. However, this very day I have procured some reasonably priced French soft goats cheese from none other than Woolworths. $4.99. Ironically, considerably cheaper than the Aussie equivalent which I tried a few years back and I wasn't impressed. Tasting notes will follow. But I thought it would provide an opportunity for another banal food based thread with poll... Where do you stand on the whole cheese debate?
  8. well its all systems go...we arrive in perth on 6th October :0) ill have my 2 year old with my and looking for places to go, people to meet to keep me sane!! hubby will b working from home for first few months so i want to find things for us to do! anyone local have any ideas or fancy meeting up:biggrin:
  9. The Pom Queen

    How I met your mother

    .....father/partner etc. Just wondered how you met your OH. I actually met mine on the Internet.
  10. Hi all, my names rachel and i have just moved from adelaide to toowoomba last week, was just wondering if anyone knows any mother and toddler groups i can join. I have tried google to no avail and my little ones going out of her mind not whacking whoops i mean playing with other children.:biglaugh::biglaugh: thanks.
  11. I'm sorry but she needs hanging:mad::mad: That poor child:cry: http://tools.cairns.com.au//feeds/feed-story.php?news_id=48302471 Ashley Jessup, 24, was indicted in Columbus on Thursday on two counts of rape, one count of child endangerment and one count of pandering sexually-oriented material involving a minor. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says the rape charge could land her life in prison. O'Brien told The Columbus Dispatch that Jessup emailed the videos to her boyfriend in Battle Creek, Michigan, where his ex-girlfriend discovered them and contacted police. Jessup is being held in the Franklin County Correctional Centre. The newspaper reported that it wasn't immediately clear who has custody of the child.
  12. my daughter aged 8 is moving to oz with her mum without me, i wouuld like some advice from others on coping and dealing with this situation. is there any other parents been through somthing similar?
  13. I've always prided myself on knowing which programme was on which day of the week but am I right? Monday - Muffin The Mule Tuesday - Andy Pandy Wednesday - The Flower Potmen (NOT the ones who wanted to go to San Francisco!) Thursday - Rag, Tag & Bobtail Friday - The Woodentops I'm worried now, just when I should be thinking about football and getting a job I am going to obsess about this. 'Sarah Brown has a toy, as naughty can be, he goes twiddelly dum & he goes twiddely dee?' PS NO Googling though it's permissible to ask your mother.
  14. Debbie Emblem

    Travel Insurance for Aged Mother

    We moved to Melbourne from Scotland in January, and would now like for my 77 year old mum to come over and stay for a few months. As my sister is in New Zealand, she'll spend her time between the two countries. Has anyone had any experience of aged parents coming over? It's just that it doesn't appear to be very easy to get insurance to cover a long stay. Any advice would be grateful.:confused:
  15. Guest

    Visa for dependent/widow mother

    Hi All, Me and my wife would be applying for PR for Australia soon. We are planning to stay in Australia for next 10 years for futher studies and work . However our decision is stuck on how to sponsor visa to my mother. Any help in this regards will be really helpful. My mother is 65 years of age, widow and completely dependent on me (emotionally as well as financially). I have two sisters staying in India. Hence I can't apply her for PR viz. Parent (Migrant) visa (subclass 103) OR Contributory Parent (Migrant) visa (subclass 143) since she will fail Family Balance Test. I am seeking for below information: 1. Any way by which I can have my mom stay with me for 10 years in Australia? 2. For how long is Tourist Visa valid, if PR is not an option for my mother's case? 3. If Tourist visa is valid for 10 years, I guess she will have to move in and out every 1 year. Is this information right? 4. If information is right, is this option viable? Really looking forward for some detailed information. Thanks in advance! Regards, Abhilash
  16. jimithechew

    Best Visa for mother in law!!!

    Yes my mum in law wants to come to Oz as well, But it could be difficult. Ok so I am married to her daughter and she is her only child, and she fancies coming back to Oz, yes back, she lived in Oz for around 12 years and left in 77 odd, she obviously regrets not getting a passport!!! so, thats done but how do we get her over with us? she is not dependent on us, more like the other way!!!! baby sitting etc... :biglaugh: She has 1 brother out there who is now an Oz he has lived there for 40 odd years and she has 2 brothers in the UK still, I have heard numerous figures banded around as to how much a retirement visa costs but not sure where I can find it on the DIAC (found Retirement visa but not sure if this is the right one????) is it a £30,000 bond? 50 60k? really not sure how much, and is it refundable? over a period of a few years??? So does anyone know what visa she can go for? getting 50k wont be a problem as when she sells up she will be looking to getting a small place in Wales near her brother and a place in Oz, (Albany) near her brother, Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.:notworthy: Cheers JTC
  17. sunni1234

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day:hug: How are You spending your Mother's Day???? sunni :wubclub:
  18. Hi all, Could someone please tell me if I can sponsor my mother in law together with my wife cause my wife is the only child. Father in law past away 5 years ago and she is very dependand on my wife and me. I recently got my 176 visa granted but have not had it for two years though. I know to be able to sponsor someone we have to be in the country for at least 2 yrs. Do i have to be here for 2 yrs to do this? regards lee
  19. Hi everyone. I hope it would be possible to find any advice on my problem, because it totally confuses me now. Frankly, I simply don't know what to do next and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a widowed mother and a little sister of 13, and both of them have been dependent on me since my dad had died. We are planning to move to Oz, but after reading a lot of forums over the net, I decided it would be easier to migrate in two steps: firstly, me and my spouse via GSM, and afterwards, after two years of settling - my mother and sister via the parent visa. The above decision was made, because proving of dependency seemed to be a complicated and mysterious procedure, and we were going to support my family by sending them money, unless they eventually join us with a parent visa. I've lodged my offshore 176 application not long ago, and DID NOT include my mom and sis there, only spouse. Just a few days ago I suddenly realized (my terrible mistake!), that my mom will not be able to pass the balance of family test, once she has lodged a parent visa application: my deceased father had a child, my half-brother, which existence destroys everything. He has always been living separately, did not manage even to contact us, and we are not even sure where he is now. We simply do not have any relationship with him, and he also does not want this relationship to be. I've thoroughly explored the booklet 3 as well as the "Migration Regulations, 1994". The latter document claims that the mentioned child could be not taken into account, if my father is deceased and at the time when my mother had started the relationship with my dad - my half-bro had been over 18 (unfortunately, he had been 4 years old at that time). This means that it will be impossible to take my family with me to Oz - and this thought devastates me totally. I am now thinking of the possibility of including my mom and sis into the already lodged application. And I really need an advice here: 1. is it possible to change the list of dependents in the already lodged application? 2. do we have any chance of our application being approved in this case? 3. in case we do - what do we need to show as the evidence of the dependency? What comes to my mind is: - my mother is widowed, she is 53. - whe is currently unemployed, not on a pension, and it is unlikely for her to find any suitable employment in a small town where we live (she has 2 years remaining before the pension). - we live together - I've been transferring money to her account every month during almost a year till now (I can provide a bank statement). - she has a dependent daughter (my sis), which also requires money to live. 4. what else can help us to show the dependency? 5. Have there been any successful stories like mine ? May be someone could share his knowledge with me... Any help would be highly appreciated. We're on a CAT 2 now, and awaiting of a CO being allocated soon, therefore this becomes a matter of urgency now, and it stresses me up even more.. Many thanks in advance to everyone who could shed any light to the above matter, Regards, Evgeny.
  20. Hi, Please can someone help. My husbands kids (from a past relationship) mother has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They are 18 & 23. We have been state sponsored and have just been requested to go for the medicals. Is there anyway we can add them to the visa application as dependants so they can come with us or is it too late. We have not mentioned them coming with us yet as we did not want to get their hopes up. As you can imagine it is a terrible time for us all but I could really do with knowing what the options are - many thanks
  21. Hi, we are moving to Melbourne next year Oct ..i have 1 son, age 4, planning to take the childcare community service when at melbourne..easy to get job around Doncaster East?
  22. Hi All We got our 457 the other day, 3 weeks to the day, so we are packing up and heading out on the 4th Dec. My wife is thinking of her parents. Her parents are resident in the UK, one daughter is already an Australian citizen and the other daughter (my wife) will be Australia on a 457 from the 4th Dec. What is the best visa for my wifes parents, they are in good health but dont have loads of cash or a house to sell. They are 68 and 69 years of age. Thanks Rob
  23. I need some help and advice please. At the moment i am really suffering with emotional blackmail. I am a 22 year old girl always lived with my mum. Its just us two as my dad doesnt live with us and my brother left for uni last year. Me and my mum are really close and she is very dependant on me. she has known that me and my boyfriend are moving to oz for a year and i have had a constant stream of emotional blackmail and tears. It has got to a point where i cant bear it anymore. She says things to me like "anything could happen in a year, i could have a stroke or a heart attack", "I'm going to become a recluse when you go, i'm not going to leave the house or answer the phone and im going to tell you i'm fine", "i'm not going to see you again, you will probably just forget me," "ive been crying all day today", "you are abandoning me, you dont love me anymore" and various other hurtful things. I have tried everything, i have comforted her, i have told her that i need to experience new things and ill be back in a year, ive also been firm and said that she can try and make me feel guilty but i am still going. Ive been thinking should i double bluff her and tell her that ive been thinking about what she has said and now im not going to go?? because im pretty sure she would reply with that she wants me to go. if i do this do you think it would make her stop? i dont know what else to do, im desperate, its awful living with this every day and its making my last few weeks here horrible. any help or suggestions would be appreciated soooo much!!! Thankyou
  24. Guest

    Moving back to the mother land

  25. bellaboshade

    Can I take my mother

    Dear Poms in Oz I am a new user to the system -this is my first message so hope I am doing this right. My husband is a senior Doctor at Consultant level, I am a senior nurse and we have 2 children. He has been offered a very appealing post in the Gold Coast area which we have discussed and would love to take. At present I work part time and my mother (aged 73) looks after my son aged 1 and my daughter aged 11 when she is not at school. My mother is a widow, on minimum state pension and lives in a council house. She has no savings and we subsidise her income which was usually cash in hand but more recently via bank transfer. We also pay for her to come on holiday with us and for any other things she might need. Our dilemma is we would like her to come with us but I have 2 sisters and a brother still living in England. My eldest sister is in her 50's with 2 children of her own both living at home. She currently works part time on not a very good wage but her husband earns more. they are paying for my niece to go through university and are currently funding her placement as well as paying her previous fees for a course she recently completed. They also do not have the space for mum to live with them (she stays with us 5 days a week even though she has her council home so her bills both food and electic/gas etc are reduced at her home). My elder brother, also in his 50's lives in a 1 bed council property and is on minimum wage, no savings and no spare income. My other sister in her 40's has a small 2 bed property she was able to buy from money she received as a divorce settlement - she is however on minimum wage so could not support mum. As the youngest mum spends most of her time in our home and most of her time with us rather than my brother or sisters. I have looked at the migration websites and am concerned that she will not meet the criteria as a dependent as she has other children in England, even though they could not support her. I have also read that even minimum pension does not class someone as being dependent on a relative as they have housing benefit etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we would love to go but would be reluctant to go without her. Mum being mum however has told us to go regardless as she wants us to be happy.