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Found 72 results

  1. Hi Everyone. I'm hoping that some of you will be able to help me, hopefully I am not being cheeky. I am currently researching providing a bespoke shopping service for expats. I have lived abroad myself, and spent a year in Australia. I know that some items can be expensive for you to buy there (random items like books, greeting cards, perfume etc). My younger sister has been in Brisbane for over 3 years and has given me her list of 10 things she would like delivered tomorrow morning (it's a dream box :wink:) but she had to think back to her first six months when she missed everything so much more. My intention is to provide a personal service that will cut out high shipping costs. I feel for anyone who is homesick & sometimes a few things from home could help you get through the worst of it..or maybe you just can't do without your No 7 Protect & Perfect serum & your M&S undies or NEXT childrens clothes!! I understand also that you may not always want to have to ask family/friends to send items out. I really really appreciate anyone who has time to think about it & send me a reply. Because of my geographical postition I will be able to provide both UK & Irish goods. Thanks so much in advance if you can help me out, really looking forward to reading what's in your box...enjoy the sunshine & your new lives. xx
  2. Does anyone know what time they'll turn up? Daft question I know but they were booked in a hurry on friday n I didnt think to ask what time they'd be here lol
  3. We have our meds booked at the much praised (on POI) Bridge clinic in Maidenhead for tomorrow morning. We have children of 2 and 6 whom we have chosen not to vaccinate following extensive research on the pros and cons. My question is whether this will be covered in the childrens medical and if we tell them the kids are not unto date with vaccinations, will this be a problem? I would also appreciate any information on what actually happens at the medical. I know that adults need a chest x-ray and blood tests but that's all I know - what else happens and in particular what kind of examination do the kids get? Can anyone tell me if the medical officer writes to your GP for general medical information. Many thanks in advance for replies. Jay
  4. I'm not sure if I can cope with another 'night shift' after the game against the Gooners but if I don't turn up I feel like I've let the other guys down. Many of them come from all over Sydney, one from Central Coast, work the next day too. Once I'm thinking about it, even going to bed is no good because I wake up anyway. Liverpool v Man Utd at 1045pm tonight? A much more civilised time. Why don't they kick of all the EPL games at that time?
  5. Life doesn't get much better does it.
  6. Well its the afternoon really but the song is stuck in my head. To anyone who is interested and knows a little of our trials and tribulations we are headed for the aisle tomorrow. We're very much looking forward to it, and we have made it through our tough time and I'm sure its not our last but we are happy. my poor husband to be is very drunk at the mo and hopefully will be fine on the day. Anyway, cheers my pio pals x x my last entry before I'm wed x x :wub:
  7. Victoria really is the place to be. We've just spent an amazing weekend skiing at Mount Buller. The snow and village were easily on a par with anything in Europe or the states. The drive there took us through some fantastic scenery. Left there in the morning with snow on the ground, arrived back in Melbourne at lunch time and it was 21 degrees and sunny. Awesome.
  8. Is it wrong to drink champagne this early in the morning? I would usually say yes but today................................... I HAVE JUST BEEN GRANTED MY VISA. Cant explain how relieved after what feels like a slow painful journey. Dont know how some of you cope that wait for years.Good luck to all of you waiting and dont bother cheching your screen daily because ours was never updated until granted.:biglaugh::biggrin::laugh::cool::yes:
  9. I know its 4 in the morning, but just checked Emails and our VISA has been granted! Had our meds last week and my wife's were referred:frown: So hang in there if you are in the same boat. Just woke the wife up to give her the great news and cant wait to tell my 9 year old in the morning :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. PaulTerriMojo

    Guess what i found this morning!!!

    Morning people. I'll start by saying OMG. After months of constantly checking the DIAC web site, our 176 visa was granted this morning!!:biggrin: So a big thanks to all for your help, this site has been a big comfort seeing as we started this journey in Feb 2009!! Now i'm feeling excited, nervous..pretty much every emotion. We have a reccie booked in for August this year, we're planning to start in Sydney and travel down to Melbourne. we only have 2 1/2 weeks due to the wifes work, so we plan to make the most of our time. so any tips for things to look see, will be greatly received. once again, big thanks!!
  11. Guest

    CO granted this morning

    Happy as a pig in the preverbial poo. Just Medicals to go and god willing off to sunny Perth this autumn:jiggy:
  12. We are considering a holiday to see 1) where we would like to move to, 2) see if we like Oz. Don't know whether to book a motorhome holiday, or just a multi centre holiday. Has anyone got any advice please? Thanks:biggrin:
  13. Cocos cafe, currimundi lake, Watsons road currimundi friday the 25th march all welcome even if your on a rekki and want to meet some new faces tried putting this on the calender board but for some reason would not do it xxx:wubclub:
  14. Hi All, Can any body give me some information and help! This is the email I got from my migration agent this morning. Can she does this. We have paid her the full amount. See below for email she sent Thanks :arghh: Just emailing you to let you know that on 18th March 2011, after nearly 10 years in business, we will be closing our office. Closer to the date i will contact the Department and advise them to communicate directly with you. If I receive any communication from them prior to the 18th March 2011, I will forward it to you, You may have to download form 956 and mail/fax it to DIAC to advise that we will no longer be acting on your behalf. You will need to keep the Department of Immigration updated as to your email, address and phone number.
  15. Just a quick up date and some info. for those interested. The Geelong Skilled Migration came to see us this morning to see how we were settling in, gave us lots of info and up and coming stuff to do within the city. Also asked if we need help with anything. I was chatting about the changes to visa applicants and saying how some people had been caught in the backlog, changes, and how unfair it was. She was extremely nice and explained that the way to go (for Victoria, other states similar but different e-mail address) was a 176 Skilled Sponsored, post your CV at skilledmigration@vic,gov.au. From there if your CV can be matched up with an employer (whom they work with closely) you would be contacted. They are trying to match skills and this is the priority. If I am repeating what everyone knows I am sorry just trying to help. Best wishes Ley x
  16. Had the mother of all storms roll in this morning as i left broken hill, rain, thunder and flash flooding, got stuck on the highway for over an hour with water gushing over the road. so in true pommypaul style i got the camera phone out hehe note to everyone, don't drive through flood water!!!!! got lots of weight in my old ute, but a plastic modern car might not have faired so well.... 8L73h7Myoaw
  17. Morning everyone, Just wanted to post to say that Gavs AQF III certificate was emailed to us this morning! Woo Hoo!! :jiggy: Sooo excited! Just got to do some last minute bits and get the documents certified and should have our skills assessment in through the TRA in the next few days, yay! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Cara xxx :biggrin::biggrin::wubclub:
  18. nik_kershaw

    Early morning Fox Sports access - Canberra

    Is there anywhere open at that time on a Saturday morning with access to Fox Sports 1 so I can watch the Preston North End v Hull City? I am living in Queanbeyan but happy to travel anywhere in Canberra area
  19. Hi Could someone please explain to me how the whole meal thing works in Oz?? Don't worry I know what lunch and dinner are:laugh: My daughter went on a daytrip and had to provide morning tea Can anyone please explain how the day goes What do they have for morning tea? What time do they have it? What do they have for afternoon tea? What time do they have it? Sorry if this sounds really silly but in the UK we have breakfast, dinner, tea and supper:biglaugh: Cheers Popsicle
  20. :wubclub: Hi Everyone I have been in Brisbane for over a year now. I have met a small group of lovely friends from the Uk and a few Australian families too. However, I still love meeting people from the UK who are new over here or people who arnt so new but like socialising and meeting new people like me. I recently went to an 'Australias Biggest morning tea' and had a lovely time. I therefore have decide to hold my own and thought I would take this opportunity to invite you all. It is on....... 'Cuppa for cancer' Friday 25th June 10 am til 12 MD 32 Vantage Crescent Wellington Point QLD 4160 $5 Donation to The Cancer Council please Optional: Bring a plate of nibbles to share Lots of fab raffle prizes Please come along on your own or with a friend for a cuppa and a chat. I would love to meet you. You will be made very welcome. Please reply if you are interested or phone 0423175665 Thanks Ness xxxxxx
  21. Any mums (or dads) want to bring their babies/toddlers along to a soft play centre in East Bentleigh on Friday 21st (morning) for coffee and a chat whilst little ones play. Jenny
  22. mrsb

    Morning, just joined.

    Hi, I've just joined and am after some advice so I'll go find the relevent forum! My husband is australian and we have two children, our daughter was born in Oz and our son was born over here. I'm british btw! We have made the decision to go back and are trying to find out the easiest way t get visas etc. Our daughter has an aussie passprt but it's expired, is it right we have to attend an interview as we are applying overseas? Or should we wait till we get there before renewing it, will her QLD birth certificate prove she is a citizen or does she have to have a passport? Also our son only has a british passport, do I just add him onto my spouse application? TIA for any advice. :smile:
  23. Guest

    Good morning all.

    New to the site and just wanted to say HI. Moving to Melbourne in April with my family on a 457. Pretty much all sorted just need to book flights. Didn't think it would be so scary. Thought I should sign up seeing as I have been reading the threads for a while getting little bits of good advice. Sorry, is that a bit cheeky? Nice to be legit now xx