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Found 8 results

  1. Sol2Oz

    morbid thought...

    Lets say that (God forbid) any of you die overseas. Will you have your body shipped back to the UK or wherever your'e from, or would you prefer to be buried in Australia? :cry:
  2. newjez

    Morbid Question

    I have Aussie citizenship and my wife is from the UK. If I sponser her on a spouse visa, she will get a five year visa for Oz. We have three kids and have been married over ten years. What would happen if I died before the visa could be validated? What would happen if I died during during the five years before she could get permanent residency? How long would we need to be in Oz for to apply for permanent residency? Hopefully this won't eventuate - but I have a long term illness, and you never know. I'd hate to migrate over there, die, and then for her and the kids to be forced back to the UK.
  3. Guest

    Morbid Question

    I am here as a dependent on my OH's 457 visa, what would happen if he died? This is completely hypothetical amd maybe I'd want to go back to the UK but actually I doubt it, all the reasons we moved here would still be valid (& Aussie surfers phwar!) What about if we divorced? Still hypothetical....unless he reads my comments about Aussie surfers! Jules (who will find anything to worry about!)
  4. Guest

    Morbid but Serious Question

    Hi Guys Been here 11 months now and love it:jiggy:, however have friends who have just had a bereavement and had to fly back to UK for the funeral:sad:.. My mum mentioned (practical as she is lol) that you can get insurance for this type of thing to help you with your flight costs. Does anyone know who does it? I have been looking on the net but cant seem to find it. I put in death or bereavement it brings up life insurance put that with flights and it just brings up travel insurance Thanking you in advance for any assistance. Rach xx Canberra
  5. I know this is going to sound a bit morbid. We sadly had 2 babies that were stillborn a few years ago. Does anyone know if we will be able to take their ashes with us when we move to Brisbane hopefully at the end of the year? By the way we did go on to have a healthy daughter who is now 4 years old.
  6. Stuju

    Morbid but got me thinking

    Hi All, After reading about Heath Ledger today - it got me thinking that we just never know when the feared unexpected is going to happen to any of us, our friends & family. I was speaking last night to the mother of one of my daughters friends who informed me that she had lost her mother a week and a half ago, i replied saying - i was sorry to hear of her loss and did she return to the uk for the funeral. I must admit i was very suprised to hear that she hadnt returned to bury her mother in the uk and it was mainly due to the amount of money she would have to spend on flights. Just wondered what anybodys thoughts were if a loved one was to pass away - when you yourselves are living in Australia would you return to the uk out of respect & sadness at your loss or would you grieve here and save your money I know what i would do & that is return even if for a short time to say my goodbyes gizmo x
  7. Bit of a morbid question I know, but wondered if anyone can help? :unsure: What happens if your a Permament Resident in Oz, and one of your parents become ill, or even worse something happens to one of them, is it possible/easy to apply to get the remaining parent out to Oz with you???????????? Im the only child, and dont really get on with my parents, (we have our moments), but this has been bugging me (it's guilt thing !!) and wondered what would happen............. I wouldnt want the leave either of them on there own in the UK (even if they do drive me potty) !!!!!!!!! Sally-ann x
  8. Lynandsean

    Sorry Folks Morbid Thread alert

    Sorry folks that l am starting a thread that probably nobody wants to think or talk about but from my perspective l could do with some thoughts. We are all going out as a family along with my daughters boyfriend who as far as we are concerned is part of our family but l am also exceedingly aware that he is also part of someone else's. Should we all, but especially my 'semi adopted' one have some kind of agreement as to what we would like/should be done if the worse happens to ourselves? l for one definately dont want to be returned to the UK in any form :nah:, dont see many of my rellies anyway so no big deal there. Tipping me on the BBQ with a bit of chilli sauce will do! preferably whilst on the beach! My OH reckons a skip will do just fine for him and if its an Aussie one all the better :twitcy:. My kids, dont know :wideeyed: l reckon my daughter should broach this subject with her boyfriend to at least get some thoughts in as lighthearted but 'real' way as possible :wacko: Sorry to chuck such a morbid thread at you all but maybe this could also result in a few comical 'send off' suggestions! Lyn x