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Found 11 results

  1. Which is the better option in transferring money to Australia , Moneycorp or Transferwise ? Any other suggestions? I am looking to transfer something between 5000 GBP to 8,000 GBP to an Australian bank account ?
  2. Anita Melbourne

    UK or AUS investments?

    Hello, I currently hold UK funds and stocks via Hargreaves. I also have been working and saving in Australia and have opened a NAB Trade account. I am new to AUS investments but have noticed that shares here are not as expansive as it is in the UK. I am wondering, because I am not so familiar with ASX, to transfer all my AUD savings to my UK account and invest in LON? Or are there better reasons to keep it AUD and invest in the ASX instead? If so, where can I get reliable investment news and advice which are similar to what Hargreaves offer? I am mostly a long-term investor, looking for something steady and stable over a year or longer which is why i have mostly funds. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, If all goes well, then my family and I are planning to move to Adelaide in the month of Aug - Sept 2018 and have a few concerns / questions on money transfers. can one open a bank account from overseas, i.e. before arriving in Adelaide? If so then how do we go about it? (Money transfer from UAE, Qatar) any recommendations on banks? Some with low service charges etc? is the transferred money taxed? If so then what % Appreciate any other additional info that you may think is useful. Thank you. KPG
  4. Hi all - We have already set up a NAB account (thanks POMSINOZ) - our bank in NZ charges through the nose to transfer funds to an overseas account - through some internet searching and finding many favorable reviews I came across OrbitRemit - our first transfer they didn't charge anything, and after that it works out as $5 NZD (about $4 AU). Hope it helps
  5. Hi I am hoping someone can point out a flaw in my logic someplace, please help! I am thinking about how to transfer my £ equity to Australia to get the best deal I can. The exchange rate is not great, so I was thinking of alternatives. What I have noticed is that the price of some cars in Australia is very high, compared to the UK. An example I have is a friend of mine who is currently selling a car in the UK for £17k. In Aus I have found the exact same car for sale at around £45k. Now I know shipping and taxes at will eat up maybe £5k, but still that is a double your money scenario. I am thinking that instead of transferring cash, I purchase vehicles I know are worth a lot of money in Aus and ship them. Then convert the value in Australia. There must be some flaw to my cunning plan, or surely everyone would do this, does anyone know what the flaw is? Cheers, Andrew
  6. HELLO THERE ! me and my wife are heading back to blighty for a months visit and was wandering if any1 can advise me on wether to exchange aussie dollars to ££s or dont bother and just use money we have already in uk accounts for our spends.. !!!! people say that its good if your going from oz to uk but not so great the other way around!!! any advice here would be appreciated - thanku:xmas21:
  7. Hi folks! I got my SS from WA and already lodged for a visa. Now just waiting.. My question is regarding the obligation regarding the money transfer which is mentioned in the SS agreement. There is a following paragraph there: You transfer around 40K$ into Western Australia for living costs and domestic arrangements. I wonder how strict are the government to this obligation? Since the moment I signed the agreement things are changed and I'm not sure I can transfer this amount of money now. When I take into account the around word, which is mentioned in the agreement, I assume they will not argue if there are minor differences. But what if the total amount will be far less than 40K$? Thanks!
  8. Hi folks! We're heading for OZ approximately in the end of the year. As far as I understood from some of the older threads here, it is possible to open bank account before actually arriving and provide some arrival date estimation. My question is about how is it practically done? Can just do it online? If yes, how? And the second question is regarding money transfer. Can I deposit some money after opening the account? If yes, how that can be done? Please notice that I do not arrive from UK. Thanks in advance!! Eugene
  9. Hi, I wonder whether it's possible to use MoneyCorp services to transfer money to OZ from Israel? If yes, where can I see the details like transfer rates, fees, etc.. Thanks! Eugene
  10. Can anyone help, I can't seem to find any details as to what exchange rates have done in host countries during the olympics. Is there any noticeable trend that may come into play? Is there a possibility that it would rise with the influx of foreign spending? Do you think that people will spend more when the papers have got something else to talk about other than how poor we are? If you don't think the rates will fluctuate much I might have to invest in some shares in muesli with all these health freaks invading instead.
  11. Weekly currency update from Moneycorp [moneycorp]10168283[/moneycorp]