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Found 32 results

  1. Hiya currently we are living in Perth but we want to move to Cairns in 1 years time - is anyone living in Cairns and if so can you tell me what you honestly think of it. Can you recommend good area to live in or catholic schools to attend, we got married in Edmonton and liked the area but not sure what it would be like if we were living there. Do you know the average wages for carpenters by any chance or do you know anyone we could even ask for advice or email, its just we have no contacts and really dont want to completely start over as green as what we did in Perth to be honest as what we found here is its really hard to get contacts unless you know people here and we struggled at the start. Oh what in general do you think of Cairns as an area to live in and raise a family thank you :notworthy:
  2. Its that horrifying moment when........ hope you can click on this to enlarge it..... you do need to read whats beneath hehehe :biggrin:
  3. Walking down Pitt St, Redfern, back from the dentist, I was struck at how green and lush the road is, with trees overhanging on both sides so it's almost a tunnel of green. And of course the scent of jasmine and the intense violet of the jacarandah's only added to the appeal. I guess there are some compensations for an un-real Xmas in the heat. The Sydney-siders do their best with lights and carols and nativity scenes and the kids seem to love it just as much.
  4. Just thinkin' there.If you could be there at a particular moment in time either as a full part of it,or a fly on the wall...Then where and when would it be?
  5. hi all, im just having a total moment of wondering if were doing the right thing! i all of a sudden feel so emotional and keep thinking am i being selfish taking my daughter away from my parents, also my son isnt coming and friends this week have all been telling us how much thye,ll miss us:cry: first time ive been like this, i know deep down this is the best thing for us, but thanks to watching bloody MTVs greatest movie songs and hearing bette midlers, wind beneath my wings im now a sobbing quivering emotinal wreck!
  6. My folks are coming for a visit in Sept, not sure how well they will travel. What is the best airline/ route, stop off point and stop off duration to make it as easy as possible? I'd appreciate all suggestions.
  7. Hey all, we are just at the vetassess stage waiting for the assessment to be booked. We are looking to apply for SS 176 visa once the assessment is complete. We are racing against the July 1st changes, and we asked our agent how long ss is taking for SA & WA at the moment which is offering ss for my OH as a welder. Their response was 8 weeks for SA, and 8-10 weeks for WA but WA are saying they expect to get quicker. 8-10 weeks seems a very long time with July fast approaching. Vetassess are already taking a lifetime and I just hope that can be completed within the next 5 weeks to give us 10 weeks for ss, that's if ss runs smoothly. Has anyone else applied to SA or WA recently? Have you been experiencing these timelines? I thought I had read of people getting ss to WA within 6 weeks recently? :arghh: Any information much appreciated!! :unsure: Many thanks, Lucy.
  8. :notworthy:hi im new to PiO, im 26 and desperate to move to Australia to live and work. Having travelled all over the country before i am not too worried where i go but would love a heads up on the work situation over there at the moment, i am a neat quick bricklayer with ten years on the trowels and an nvq level 2 with a proven modern apprenticeship of 4 years under my belt, have been foreman on previous jobs but i am getting increasingly tired of the work in England and the money has dropped by as much as 50% in most areas i would love a chance just to work hard and get a good days pay as i fell in love with OZ it seems a natural progression, and from what friends say who live there already, the brickies seem to be appreciated a lot more than in England. i would be moving over with my girlfriend who is an experienced hairdresser, so any info on that would be great too, any information at all would be great to be honest lol. thanks in advance. Rob
  9. Guest

    Just Info at the Moment

    We may be moving back to the UK in May2011 Could someone tell me what Moving company's we could use ? Thanks Marcy
  10. Hi I have a new job - and they are sponsoring me to enter oz on the 457 visa. I am currently working in Singapore - and my new company is going to submit the 457 tomorrow hopefully. Any ideas of how long it will take to be granted so i can enter Oz? bdobson
  11. Hi ,I WAS GOING TO WAIT FOR THE SMP BUT TIRED OF WAITING. Im not very good at computers and want to apply online for a 176. I have been confused by some people, as they have said certified copies not needed if you upload them onto the computer to send with application, also some say you have to keep the files to a certain size and only a certain amount of files are allowed to be added to the appplication, I dont know if I would be able to do this. I am not stupid but find the whole thing daunting as up to now i have done eveything on paper, ( eg skills assesment, registration to the nursing board and the state sponsership. PLEASE can anyone help any information that might make it easier would be greatly appreciated. THANKS
  12. Guest

    Best sport magic moment ever.

    Hi everyone on PIO, this is my 1,000 post and i thought i would start a thread with a lighthearted banter theme and its about, your own personal , Best sport magic moment. OR a sporting magic moment you really remember. For me it was the European cup final win against Bayern Munich when the mighty Man utd had been totally out played by the Germans and should have been 3 nil down. But up popped Sheringham and we were miraculously heading for undeserved extra time, but then Ole Gunner scored at the far post and my screams of ecstacy will live with me forever - MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jim
  13. Guest

    Feeling down at the moment

    Hi All Been here 9 weeks tomorrow (sat) our only daughter in the uk has just given birth to out 1st grand daughter Ava Lilly-Rose (8lb 1 oz), I feel like I should be there, but I can't. Maybe if I did go back, I may not come back to to Aus. I have seen her on skype and she is beauful, would love to hold her.:cry: I have to think of my OH and my son and the reasons we came here in the first place. Sorry for going on Paula
  14. Hello everyone My names tina and i am a nursery nurse, or other names ive been called :biggrin:are, teaching assistant, learning support assistant , I answer to anything as long as i get paid!!:laugh: Anyway........I cant firstly find my trade on that list thingy, so any help there would be great. I currently work in a special school with pupils with severe needs if thats any help. My hubby is a project manager in the electrical trade. Im 42 and hes 41. We have 3 children, 2 from a previous marriage, ages 15 and 12 and we have a baby of 11 months all girls! I desparately would love to emigrate and well,,,,he would if it was all arranged for him! Im the arranger in the family so here i am, my first stop is with you kind people. I always find forums so helpful, much better than trawling the net for days! So....basically what i need is help, in eeeeeevery which way i can get it as im very clueless So over to you guys please:biggrin: xx
  15. Ok,I've been reading online about the weather in Europe and I was wondering whether any of this is a beat up,how bad has it been really and have any PIO members been inconvenienced?. Britons brave 'winter hell' as 12 million to risk roads - Europe, World News - Independent.ie Edited to add: BTW I hope my post doesn't come across as unsympathetic,that is certainly not my intention,I just wanted to gauge how much is reality and how much is headlines,my GF who lives in Kent says that she hasn't been badly inconvenienced yet.
  16. Hi there, i live in Sydney (been here for 6 months now). My mum is visiting in a few weeks for a month. Anyway we wanted to visit Melbourne with her also as myself and my husband are thinking about moving there next year. Anyway my mum is really nervous about going to Melbourne because of all the swine flu outbreaks there. I know it is alot worse that NSW but it can't be that bad? Is it ok to visit at the moment? Thanks!
  17. hi there has any one been granted or in the middle of applying for a prospective marrige visa? if so how long did it take or is it taking and please could i have your timelines to the very fine detail thankyou soooo muuccchhh, im close to handing mine in and trying to time it right, ive herd some say a week, some 3 months, so i don't want to rely ion a week or 2 then get unlucky and wait 3 months!!!hheeeooohhh exciting scary stuff. good luck and congratualtions to any one on or applying for a prospective marriage visa:biggrin::goofy: Nadine
  18. Hi everyone, I was gutted last night when I checked the current processing times. For Adelaide 475, I checked on 21st September and there were up to 25th November 07, I checked last night and they're up to 3rd December 07. So they have managed to get through only 8 days worth of applications in 5 weeks... is this normal or really slow? I have a long wait I think I lodged 10th September 08 and really hoped to be in Adelaide August/September 09. Hope it speeds up soon xxxx
  19. Hi everyone, You are all so helpful when I ask questions so just thought I'd help you back if you have lost a letter in the mail! My missing letter has just turned up at my agency... 18 days late! Also, my IELTS result took 7 days to get from Rugby to Milton Keynes first class! My Mum has also lost 2 parcels in the mail recently! My advice is post recorded or special, definitely worth it. And if something HAS gone missing - don't panic, I never thought my letters would turn up but they did... 3 weeks later. This forum is FAB. Little Miss Australia Xx Xx
  20. I was just wondering if anyone has recently spotted a good deal on private medical insurance for permanent Oz residents (any local ads on the radio, tele or papers). I'm looking for family cover with most of the basic options, including hospital cover. Historically, I've seen companies advertise from time to time some special deals or perhaps that they'll waive the waiting period or disregard pre-existing conditions.
  21. onecrankypom

    having a blah moment

    Been listerning to some of my CDs from the uk today making me home sick even through im happy here and know things well work out but knows this month is a make or break month for me and it even harder knowing my mum wedding at the end of the month and im going to miss that to.:err:
  22. :huh:Hi everyone once again im on here asking more questions regarding hairdressing Im a bit confused as to were i start,i have enrolled in college and start hairdressing level 2 in sept,but as ive no experience in this what so ever i have a few questions and noone to ask . I have been told that when i start college i will need to get a placement in a salon ,but speaking to a lady on here( pio) she said im best arraging a placement before i start college as theres that many peole going to be starting college in sept doing hairdressing now my problem is after reading a few threads and going on a couple of forums which were no help. im going to college 2 nights a week 4pm until 9pm and i have to make up 3 hours in the week course work etc... Do i phone around and try and get a placement and will they work around theese hours as i have heard girls in salons saying they only do 1 day in college and work the rest in the salon,or can i phone somwhere up like herberts in liverpool as thats whre im from and try there training salon while im in college . Also herberts mention apprenticeship what direction would you put me in going off a couple of hairdressing forums a lot of salons only like taking school leavers on as they pay them so low as im 31 i may have problems can anyone shed a bit of light on my situation as this is going to be my ticket to oz once im qualified:biglaugh: Thanks for letting me bable on
  23. My gorgeous little cat went out on sunday and hasnt been back since, weve registered him missing with the RSPCA and phoned all the local cat sancturys and vets, cant believe how sad I am feeling about it, just want to cry, spent most of last night awake imagining locked up somewhere or lieing injured somewhere...................:cry: The daft thng is we were not planning on taking him with us when we go to Australia, but now hes missing I am devastated, at least we would have known that he had gone to a good home when we went. We have just printed 200 leaflets that we are going to drop around the local area to see if anyone has seen him :no:
  24. Stuju

    Scary Moment !!!

    Hi Everyone, Helped a friend move house today we went out to get brunch, there we were myself driving & friend in the passenger seat, window down as it was rather warm, suddenley my mate is screaming at me "close the window" ................. theres only a a humongus HUNTSMAN starting to crawl through my drivers window, i slammed on the brakes almost cacking myself and closed the window, by which time the damm thing was walking across the windscreen - well it must of been on steroids it was blinking huge, switched on the window wipers and after a few flicks it shot off. Talk about a close call - i reckon if it had come in the window i would have driven in to someone in sheer fright and the thought of wetting myself :biglaugh:
  25. Yes, selling a home in Australia at the moment is currently going through some changes. The higher end of the market is dropping off rapidly and the lower end is booming Basically due to increased RENTALS needing to be available, and housing affordability is rising, and has done in the past 2-3 years. Anything over the $500,000 mark will be deemed difficult to sell from now on. The good news, is Investor's are snapping everything else up in the lower end of the market to try and meet rental demands. Gone are the days of being able to buy a large home on a large block of land for a BARGAIN price. Unless of course yo are willing to live in OUTBACK Australia far from civilisation. Mr YG. :err: