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Found 98 results

  1. Hi I'm new, I'm looking for some advice about ACS assessment. Me and my girlfriend want to go to Queensland but our agent tells me I'm 5 points short for the 175 visa so we can go to Victoria on a 176 visa. Looking at the skills assessment by the ACS I might be ok to try for a ASCO 2231-79 C# specialist (its on the MODL) which Queensland will take on a 176 but my agent isn't sure :wacko: what is required and thinks I should just try for different one which he knows we are OK for in Victoria. By the why I'm a project manager of C# software projects. Cheers
  2. Hi MODL points can be claimed if you are on 485 on 8 Feb 2010. I'm on 485 graduate visa. I've applied 885 under MODL ASCO Code: 2231-79 (Oracle specialist) in May. I'm confused with all the new rules and priority processing since July 1 2010. Which priority processing category I fall into ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi all After reading this forum, I believe the CSL is considered a temporary guideline for ACS to assess specialization skills in need in Australia and DIAC, as the MODL is taken out of consideration until later this year. My current workplace does not allow me to conveniently obtain a descriptive employment statement from anyone inside without jeopardizing my employment. Therefore, I'm planning to obtain a statutory declaration to describe my scope of work here. Page 28 of the ACS PASA guideline says: and I believe this "independent supporting reference" is referring to this on page 27: I tried to Google for this "corroborative information" and "third party", but I have no ideas who or what this can be. I can produce pay slips, offer letter, staff training certificates, and business card - will these satisfy as they are from my employer? Also, how do I indicate in the form the specialization of occupation that is nominated? Is this in the field "MODL (if applicable)" of the section "INFORMATION ABOUT THE OCCUPATION YOU ARE SEEKING ASSESSMENT UNDER"? Thanks.
  4. ptlabs

    Changes to MODL - 8 Feb 2010

    Hi all, The changes to the MODL has been publicised on DIAC's website. See Is Your Occupation in Demand? - Workers - Visas & Immigration and What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration Obviously this is hot off the press.... Regards Peter
  5. Guest

    modl woes!!

    Hi, this is my first post on pio so please be gentle!!! My husband is the main applicant and passed his ACS skills assessment back in October 2009 (.Net specialist). Now the MODL has vanished we cannot apply for a 175 as we now only have 105 points so it is the 176 route. We are on the skills list for Queensland which is great but what I am wondering is this: Are we still on the DIAC csl as it says at the bottom of the csl that computing professionals are included if they are on the modl. Now with the MODL gone, where does that leave us? Will we have to wait years for our visa? This whole visa process is just sooo complicated!! Sorry if this has been asked/answered before. Thanks :wacko:
  6. Guest

    New MODL list - when?

    Hi everyone! We are in the middle of gathering our information for my OH's skills assessment as a Roof Slater and Tiler and we are working off the current list that came out in Sep 06. I have read before that the MODL list is published twice per year. So, does anyone know if this means that the next list will come out soon? I am trying to hurry up my OH in case by the time he has his skills assessed his occupation has dropped off the list! I may be worrying unnecessarily, due to the amount of building work going on over there, but would be grateful if someone in the know could put my mind at rest (and stop me nagging the OH!) Thanks Lesley xx
  7. Guest

    Is there no more MODL?

    Hi, can anyone help.... my sister is desperate to follow us out to Oz if we get there but she is a bit confused by news that the MODL no longer exists. Is this true as she will not be able to get enough points as 20 year experience self employed hairdresser? She will be 45 years in December 2010 but has IELTS 7.0 so with the MODL would have had 125 points. Any advice would be welcome as she is upset beyond words!!:sad:
  8. :arghh:i have just found out while waiting for my IELTS results to come back that i no longer have enough points anyway for a 175 visa to go to melbourne, as bricklayers have been tacken of the MODL. i have now got to get a state sponsor 176 visa and victoria is not sponsoring bricklayers, so got to apply to another state to go somewhere we dont want to go and spend two years at their mercy, before we can go to where we want, OH saying if we cant go where we want to live then should we give it all up now messing the kids about with schools and cant settle buying house and so on, as anybody got any ideas or in the same boat?? Andy
  9. According to the Minister of Immigration a new MODL will be annnounced on Monday as well as a number of other changes to both the General Skilled Migration programme as well as the temporary business sponsored 457 visa. SOURCE Regards
  10. Guest

    How long......

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough indication of how long it will take to get allocated a case officer for a 175 skilled visa. My background is a Civil Project Engineer based on site. I have had my skills assesed by engineers Australia, and they have said that my qualifications class me as an Engineering Technologist (2128-11) which is not on the MODL or CSL, much to my dismay. I believe I am only on the SOL so that puts me way down on the list. My visa was registered in April 2009. I was hoping to have the visa granted by now... Everyone else I see seems to get theirs much quicker. My visa company have said it could be anything from 12 - 24 Months. Any indications or other peoples experiences similar to mine would be great to hear. Thanks Iain
  11. kellyjamie

    Any news yet on new MODL

    Hi all, as the title says has anyone heard yet when the new MODL is being released?:unsure: Im desperate to find out what points Welfare Worker will drop to? Cmon DIAC hurry up!!!!!!
  12. Guest

    Subclass 176 and new MODL 2010

    Dear All, I have submitted a 176 application on April 2008 under ASCO - Business and Information Professional nec. I would like to know if any one would have an Idea how long I should wait for this or would I have a change through the new MODL? Tks Mark.
  13. Happy New Year to all!! Let's hope 2010 brings us all some good news about getting over to Oz!! We applied for a 175 visa in 2008, and were assigned a CO in the same year. Shortly after we were asked to supply our CO with our medical and Police checks - this was completed and sent off in Dec 08. We chased the Oz Immigration dept in Jan 09 to see if they had received our application and were made aware that they were planning on returning our app back to us as they had lost our passport photocopies!!! It took until March 09 to receive final confirmation from the Immi dept that they had all of the correct documtentation. It was at this time that Australia unfortunately took Graham's trade (General Electrician) off of the CSL list and moved it over tho the MODL. As many of you already know, they stopped approving people on the 175 MODL list so we decided to apply for additional visas (The 176 for SS of QLD and WA). Our 176 application for QLD was received in Oz on the 06.07.09. Our 176 application for WA was received in Oz on the 06.08.09. We are yet to hear anything with regards to any of our visa applications :arghh: We have heard that they may be starting to look at 175 applications again shortly - has anybody else heard anything about the 175?? If anyone is in our boat and has any information for us we would be most grateful - or if you just want to vent your frustration with the whole thing like we do that's fine too!! Best of luck to everyone :v_SPIN:
  14. Hi I am Kashif working as a software quality engineer in software house since 2004, i want to apply for Australian Immigration can any one tells me, my occupation is lie in MODL or not ? i saw the following URL my occupation not lies in the list Is your occupation in demand? - Workers - Visas & Immigration Please help me in this regard Thanks
  15. Guest

    Next?? MODL review outcomes?

    We all waited patiently for MODL review implementations end 2009. But nothing yet. Speculations on changes on student visa to PR was highlighted prior to actual notice & those paper articles what we saw were not just rumors. But were well substantiated. So then when can we expect new changes on MODL? Rumors, realities, realistic guesses , first hand knowledge. Please share with all for benefit of all.
  16. Guest

    Changes to csl and modl!

    My Agent sent an email on monday saying it is highly unlikely any announcements to do with the phasing out of the csl etc.. will highly unlikely be made in 2009! Has anybody heard from their agent about this? I wonder how this will affect the tradies-i dont think it can get any worse! Jodie
  17. Guest

    MODL Review and the Points Test

    Hi All At the meeting with DIAC in London on Monday 30th November, we were told that DIAC & DEEWR have completed their MODL Review and they have sent the Minister a range of options to choose from. Andrew from Immigration 2 Oz chipped in at this point and I felt that his query was and is important but I don't know the legal basis for the issues surrounding the points, nor did Andrew and nor did Mr Wilden. On here, I suspect that George Lombard will know the answers without having to look up the law..... Fingers crossed, anyway! Andrew mentioned that there have been suggestions of removing some occupations from the MODL (mainly in order to make them less attractive to prospective International Students as far as I can gather.) There have also been suggestions about raising the points totals required for GSM visas. Andrew asked how likely it is that either of these possibilities will happen and if one or other of them does happen, will any changes on either front affect people who have already lodged visa applications? The Official Line (which they will plainly stick to) is that none of the changes so far are technically retroactively operative, even though they manifestly ruddy well are. The Official Excuse is that the pecking order for visa processing priority has been altered in the last 12 months - 3 times so far to be exact - but that none of these changes have involved altering the Migration Act so that technically they are not retroactive changes to the relevant law....... They will stick to this line so we just have to live with it. Whichever way they might dress up either a change in the points for a given occupation or a change in the points totals required for one or more of the visas, Mr Wilden said that what might happen (and in what sort of timescale) depends on the legal basis for how an occupation gets its points in the first place and on the legal basis for the points totals. He said that if changing one or both would involve altering the Migration Act then that would take at least a year to happen. However if one or both would merely involve altering the Migration Regulations, this could be done very quickly. What is the legal basis for how an occupation gets its points? What is the legal basis for the points totals? Andrew, Mr Wilden, Mrs Sansom and I agreed that none of us know the answers to these two questions. The DIAC website states categorically that if an occupation is on the MODL at the time of the application, MODL points will not be deducted if the occupation is later removed from the MODL before the time of decision but is that Policy or is it Law? Which is the third question here. Minister Evans is a free spirit when it comes to altering Policy at the drop of a hat (putting it more kindly than he deserves imho.) Can anyone explain these issues about the points, please? I would be immensely grateful because Andrew fears that this could be the next big bugbear and he might be right. Many thanks :notworthy: Gill
  18. Guest

    2231-79 with MODL

    I would like to see if anyone knows what type of jobs are the following. I would like to know what jobs compare to the following Computing Professional - specialising in Data Warehousing Computing Professional - specialising in Network Security/Firewall/Internet Security * Data warehouse I am not sure what it is in laymen terms and what would you need to provide or be able to do to get a "specialising in Network Security/Firewall/Internet Security " As this is kind of a wide area.
  19. Hi everybody, Plant/Production Engineer in not currently on the MODL abut it was on the CSL when the issues its first version. The slashed the CSL after a while and took out some occupations, but not the Plant/Production Engineer occupation, so it is still there on the list. Do you think that this occupation will also be there in the new MODL which is due to be announced? Thanks for letting me know your opinions, siAvAsh
  20. freebo

    MODL review update

    It has been reported on another forum, by a very experienced migration agent (Susan Wareham McGrath) with contacts at DIAC that the announcement of the recommendations from the MODL review are now expected in December. I don't think I should refer people to a rival forum on here but most will know which one I mean, the message has been made sticky on there.
  21. Hi, I have just read on the hairdressing thread that hairdressers are being took off the MODL list, is this true? If so where do we stand if our visa has been put in. I applied for 175 in october 2008. Will this make a difference to our processing times? I am thinking of applying for 176 SS for WA, does anyone think they might take hairdressing off their demand list as well. Really panicing now, bad enough that processing times have gone to 2012 and priority has dropped, now this. When will it all stop! Any help would be really appreciated, really need some kind of reasurrence. REALLY WANT TO GO TO OZ, WHY CANT THEY LET US IN QUICKER. Thanks april & will:arghh:
  22. Can you believe it? After being assessed by the ACS, and being classified as a systems designer, the MODL has now been updated and my OH's skills are now on it. Wish they'd done that 12 months ago and saved us a world of agro!!!!! :arghh:
  23. 'The changes mean that all those applying for a general skilled migration visa, whose occupation is not on the Critical Skills List, face a wait until 2012 before their visas are finalised.' What? Our visa application for Skilled Sub 175 MODL was logged on 9 September 2008!! Does this mean we have to wait until 2012 before it may be processed?....... I am so distraught now any comments will be helpfull!:arghh:
  24. Guest

    How to get MODL points

    Hi, I am a certified Chartered Accountant but working as Team Leader / Functional consultant in Implementation/Support for Microsoft Navision (ERP). Now, MODL lists Accountant as one of the occupation and chartered accountancy is one way to get it done. Given my occupation can I file under MODL with accountancy? or will i get MODL points under some IT / Computing head..
  25. Guest

    CSL and MODL Changes.

    Hi Everyone: I am a 175 CLS and the recent events have appeared very unfair to me. DIAC should not be that mean with all the people that put all their effort to go to OZ. I wouldn't be sure if I wanted to go there after being kicked in that way (for example the people who sold houses and now have to wait til 2012). I just wanted to know if any of you have information about imminent changes on CSL because I am in the same train and I am hoping to get my visa soon. Just one slight change and my dream will be blown up. Thanks in advance.