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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Everyone, My Husband is the state sales manager for Vodafone in Victoria and would like to offer his services to anyone that may need mobiles or mobile broadband. When we lived in Adelaide we set up a great offer/deal just for Poms in Adelaide and it helped out a lot of people :-) He has now done the same thing but for Poms in Victoria, so if you are looking for a great deal please give myself or my husband a call. You can PM me or email at thebaddeleys1@gmail.com and I will get him to call you! Thanks, Kerry :cute:
  2. Briggy

    Mobiles unlocked:)

    Hi dose anyone know where we can get mobile phones unblocked in the Redcliffe area. Many thanks Briggy x:wubclub:
  3. Etienne

    TV, Broadband, and Mobiles

    Hi, We have Virgin here at home in the UK which includes a landline, broadband/ wifi comprehencive cable channels. Can anyone advise who to contact re that in Aus. Are there also single package suppliers for these types of services and how much do they cost? Also I hear my iPhone wont work there as it has been locked for O2, can ayone suggest provides and packages down under? Thanks :fish2:
  4. Guest

    iphones (mobiles)

    Hello All When we move to oz, does anyone know if I can take my uk mobile ( iphone ) and simply get a sim only contract when there? Or will the uk phone not be compitable - will it need to be chipped or something? Hope I'm making sense in what I'm asking.
  5. I've been looking at what it might cost to get a mobile in Australia and I'm confused by the whole "cap" thing. Is that a cap on money or calls or both? We don't have any friends in Oz (yet) and so the majority of calls will be between my partner and me. He'll probably use his more than me as he'll need to call about for work. I'll be given a work mobile so not such an issue for me. We've got Skype so will primarily use that for calling the UK, but it would be good to be able to send cheap-ish texts from Oz. Do I need a landline in order to get the internet at home? What mobile/phone/internet tariff are you on? How much do you pay? What free minutes/texts do you get? Thanks!
  6. Guest

    uk mobiles in oz

    hi i want to bring our blackberry's over to OZ, but need some info please..? if unlocked in UK will they work in OZ? what is the best network for us to mainly make calls between us? in the UK you need to pay blackberry £5 p/mth for the use of the emails i think, is this similar in OZ? can i get this pay as you go while we settle for a few weeks/months?any idea on costs? our visa has been granted now im panicing big time !!!!!! thanks for any advice given...
  7. pez2008

    Uk Mobiles in Oz.

    I need to change my mobile provider and am changing to O2. I will need to sign a 12 month contract so when i come to Adelaide South Australia in September(ish) can i carry on using it and paying from my uk bank as norm or will it not work in Oz. Sorry i now this has been asked a zillion times but im cr*p at searching. Many thanks Pez.
  8. Guest

    02 + Opus mobiles

    Hi all, Some info for people on 02 contracts... my 02 phone is chipped and I was concerned that I would not be able to use pay as you go on my phone here, but have managed to do so with no problem... I am on Optus pay as you go. Lisa :yes: x
  9. Guest

    mobiles and internet

    hello all, we are coming over to oz in june and are just wondering what is the best and cheapest way to get the above? We have been looking online and it seems you can get a better mobile contract if you dont take the phone with the deals etc. We also want broadband asap when we get there and wondered what are the general tariffs etc do most use dongles or household? If you could give us as much info as poss that would be greatly appreciated many thanks al
  10. Guest

    Do You have Skype Mobiles?

    Hiya Just looking @ Skype Mobiles, and was wondering if anyone on PIO has them ? and what they think, are they good, rubbish what ???? Advice please guys Thanks Emma :huh:
  11. oldgit

    mobiles in Tas

    Hi all Is there anyone in tas and if so can you tell me what it is like for a mobile phone signal. My step daughter is there and when her mum tries to ring it goes straight onto the answer phone and no they haven't had a row every one is happy :biglaugh: any repies very welcome Cheers the oldgit
  12. Guest

    SIM cards and mobiles in Aus

    Hi I am needing a new mobile phone now, but don't leave the UK for 6 months or so. I'm therefore hoping to take my new phone with me, and get an Aussie SIM card when I arrive. Does anyone know if you can buy SIM cards in Australia on their own, or would I need to buy into some package/contract including a new mobile? Thanks in advance! :smile: Susie.
  13. Guest

    Hi - need info regards mobiles.

    Hi anyone Can anyone tell me about 'mobile phones' Just waitin to sell the house, hope to be over in Melbourne by end of January or soon as, (depends on sale of house) We are all on (pay as you go - with Orange) need to know about mobiles, can we bring them over with us and if so can we still use them? Can we still buy credit other there, or do they use different networks or would we have to buy more phones. Greatly appreciated LindT The Taylor Family