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Found 14 results

  1. Lauren82

    Estate Agents Moan...

    Sorry needing to moan.... We have been trying to sell our house since August 2010 but having no luck. The first agent we signed up with went bust within 6 weeks so we were moved to another agent with the same contract/fees. They never really seemed bothered and we just had the 1 viewer through at xmas time. She loved the house - apparently wanted to buy it but then she went and bought something else. Grrr! A few months later, I did a bit of a mystery shop on the agents and wasn't impressed by what I found. Lack of enthusiasm to 'customer' coming in. Minimal visual impact of our house. I then said who I was and all sort of promises came to improve the displays etc. but at this point I thought too little too late. On the same day I went around a number of agents in the area and must say I found the same from them all. Shocking lack of enthusiasm. One even sat with the door locked and tried talking to me through the glass!!!!! - they should have been open for 30mins by then. However one agent was open, busy, enthusiastic and so I got them round and we agreed a fee and got them on the case straight away. All the staff sounded so keen but when we were signed over to them the enthuiasm stopped. Everything fell silent. I checked on all our online advertising and found a number of problems. We weren't on rightmove. On findaproperty we had 6 images 2 of which were of the front door and 1 of the downstairs loo... it didn't not show the house at all for what it really was. (I showed some friends and they couldn't stop laughing.) And on their own website our property wasn't searchable. So I politely put forward my suggestions. 4 weeks have now passed. I have called them 5 times they have called me a few and nothing has changed. Usual excuse being we are waiting for the I.T. department to get on it. If anything things got worse. Just had an email this evening saying they are now not advertising on findaproperty either (apparently too expensive) and our monthly activity report only shows 2 sets of details being emailed out!!! That is not going to get our house sold in this market!! Now don't know what to do. Do I complain?.... or will this make them hate me and try even harder not to sell our house. We really want to move to Australia in the Summer but need the house sold to do this. Can't drop the price any more and it is at give away price already - just nothing is moving around here. On a +ve note we did have a viewer who is really keen and wants to make an offer but has a house to sell themselves.... so what are the chances of that coming through. (And haven't we seen this situation before!?)
  2. junellew

    Am I allowed to moan??

    I know its not the worse thing in the world but I really want my Partner Visa to be granted :arghh: Its been 6 months and 1 day today and everyone else I have spoke to along our journey on here all have theirs. Many that started the process along time after us. Am struggling with my CO and think she is dragging her heels as I have contacted her a couple of times and she just gives me the run around so I am so scared to ring again!:sad: I am so lucky and there are much worse things in the world to stress about but it feels like the final hurdle and I want to see it right in front of my very eyes! Rant over now I promise............and breath! :embarrassed:
  3. i'm trying to get a final and definite idea of how much money we're going to need to survive as a family of 4 and i know there are a few threads on this but i can't for the life of me find them (i have had 2 glasses of wine:goofy:) can someone point me in the right direction pleeeease thanks
  4. Guest

    House Moan

    Hi,I just really wanted to have a bit of a moan so here goes.We bought a house in Ellenbrook and were due to move in on 26 May.The removal men were on their way when the settlement agent phoned to say the people who we were buying from owed money in water rates and they had put a 8 day stop on the house sell!We still managed to move as we had to rush through a written agreement. It is now the 8th June and we still do not own the house we live in as the couple have now split up and cannot decide how they are going to split the money from the sale of their house!We are still having to pay the larger mortgage on our old house which we can barely afford as that was one of the reasons for moving. Why on earth can't they settle the house and put the money in another account until they agree what to do with it?.Anyway that is my rant over.Sue.
  5. Guest

    I want to have a moan

    I want to have a moan because I'm feeling P***ed off. on the 27th of September our 3 months is up with our current estate agent and we have not sold our house yet, Not even a proper offer. I know a lot of people have had their houses on for a lot longer but we are on a tight schedule. My new boss told me I need to be up and running by the 11th January. we really need to be there before xmas. so it only gives us October and a bit of November to sell our house, I know the housing market will slow up after that. I'm starting to flap a little like a chook(chicken). we are changing estate agents next week so we hope to have a new influx of potential buyers. We are also considering putting our house up for auction, its a bit desperate but we are getting a little desperate. people have said oh if you do not sell it you can rent it, we live in Willenhall wolves not London. What also worries me is that if I go through all the rental side of things and nobody rents it we cannot afford to rent in oz and pay for our mortgage in the UK. so at the moment I feel like :arghh::mad: all in one. anyways I feel better already for getting this off my chest. Regards Glynn and Family
  6. Guest

    Need a moan re agent

    Sorry to start a new thread with a moan. But I really need a little rant about our agent. Basically, I think his customer service could be improved a lot. I realise we are not his only clients and I guess there are many aspects of his job I probably don't know about but a bit of common courtesy when a client sends you an email wouldn't go a miss. Our agent is based in oz. Last night I sent him a email attaching documents to complete our visa application. I sent it requesting a read receipt, which I had returned to me this morning when I logged on at 7am. So I know my agent had read the email. But there was no email from him, saying something like, got your documents okay, I will have your visa application ready to submit on whatever day. So I emailed him right away and to ask him whether the documents where received okay and when our visa application will be submitted. Hour later he replied saying it will be ready to submit in a day or two. That's it. Now as far as Im aware, its ready to go, there were a couple of errors when I looked over it, but I send him then end of last week. So why its going to take another day or 2 I don't know. I honestly expected received an email this morning to say it was submitted. This isn't the first time he has not responded or taken a while to do so. When we first appointed him it took him nearly a week to respond to say our first payment to him had gone through, although we knew it had because it appeared on our credit card statement. It has taken him 2 weeks just to put the visa application form together, I know there is a lot of pages but 2 weeks. Finally, the other thing he does that really annoys me, is that he often misses answering any questions I ask. Twice now I have asked him about medicals and police checks and he still has not answer my questions. I basically think his customer service is poor, there are no pleasantrys (sorry spelling) in his emails, such as have a good weekend. I don't know maybe Im expecting too much, I just know that when I worked in a customer based office, and my customers were my money and my reputation, I did everything to make them feel there were my best customer. Anyway, thats my rant over. Im hoping by having a moan on here, my agent will prove me wrong and I have that email tomorrow, to say the visa application is in. Have a good Monday folks. Mandisfam
  7. Briggy

    Part 2 moan moan moan:)))

    Just an update on the first moan moan moan. My daughter finally got in touch after a few months to now tell her dad that she is going to marry the knob head BF. They are getting married in May next year bubbleing as I write this as she has broken her mums heart once again. I have to sit back and let her marry a person who has treated her like crap, and he asked her to stay with him incase it didn't work out with his X, needless to say it didn't and my daughter is going to marry him:cry::cry: And I can't do a thing about it guttered:(((((((( I have sent her a letter telling her I will always love her and be there for her when she is ready, can't do much more. She is also making it impossible for every one to go to the wedding as they are getting married in spain and peeps cant afford it seems like we dont matter in her heart any more, dads are supposed to give their daughters away but she isnt bothered. Thanks for listening to my moans:)))Just thought I would update you all. Briggyxxx:)))
  8. Briggy

    Moan moan moan:)))

    Just thought I would come on and have a moan:))) Family's eh:))) When we started all of the oz talk my family were totally up for it, ie, my eldest daughter, middle son and youngest daughter with her Bf. Well we are all still are going apart from my eldest daughter who has changed her mind a few times. She has gone back three times to a bloke who has treated her really bad and has cheated twice on her. My daughter is very pretty and this bloke is but ugly, what hold dose he have on her. It has now torn my family apart and I never see her now. I feel I will never see her again or speak to her. She could have had a fantastic life in oz, but she dosen't care all she wants is him argh!!!!:arghh: We wanted to go to oz and for our family to be really close, as mine and my OH family although large we never see any of them, so no great loss:))) Sad to say. Dose any one else have or had the same problem? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel, miss my daughter like mad:cry: Moaner Briggyxxx:)))
  9. Guest

    Moan! Moan! Moan!...lol

    Does anyone else feel like all they do at the minute is moan? " Cant sell my house " " Waiting for dates"( skills test,meds etc....) not meeting people...who would have us all we do is bloody moan...lol even Clint gets fed up with me when he comes home from work:biglaugh: " haven't got our visa" " cant start nothing" The list goes on..... I tell you what guys i'm doing my own head in...lol, sometimes i come on here we are like manic depressives:biglaugh:, but very good listens and advice givers! oh well rant over, Lou.
  10. Hi guys, Just need to have a moan feeling really fed up today. Was hoping to hear from the agent today with documentation to get started on oh's skill assessments but nothing, I emailed 1st thing this morning to be told he needs to chase our payment its with the accounts dept........we fax details last thursday, admit there has been computer problems but still just feels like we never get started with anything that will start the process to get us to oz. It was 3 week ago we sent our first instructions off to the agent and we still haven't see any documentation to get the skills assessment started......maybe Im expecting too much too soon. They are quick to ask for money though....... In the post this morning, there was a letter from the inland rev to say oh's business milage claim is too high for last tax year and so we have to fill in a self assessment form, god knows how it will take now for us to get any money out of them, we were relying on this money to pay for the visa application........ And the gas bill is in and they want to take more money of us each month as our usage is too high and prices will be increasing.......told them we simply don't have the money, they said in around about way.....tough you got to pay it. Finally, Im on a diet following weight watchers, and all I want is a big bar of galaxy chocolate...................:cry: Okay moan over, sorry guys nobody knows about oz, so only have you to moan to. Mandisfam, who is meant to be on the rowing machine but sat reading PIO instead.....
  11. wattswalkaboutgang

    Wanted down under program moan!

    Just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me!! This series of wanted down under i'm finding rediculas and find myself shouting at the TV screen when they show these people around a hugh house well out of there price range(seems cruel if you ask me) i mean what's the point in that! This program is of no help to anyone migrating or not and does give a true representation of what it is we are all trying to do. I mean my uncle went over as a £10 Pom in the 70's with about £500 to his name, it is possible and you dont always need loads of money to fulfil a dream. I just wish the program would be fair and lets face it i don't think the way they are presenting the program this time is getting them any good ratings. One family from the last series i think there name was bristow he was an electrician and they went to Adelaide i have heard that they came home after only 6 weeks as they hated it! i think getting caught up on the crest of the wave in the TV program may have had something to do with it, real shame as they had sold everything and are now back in UK and have to start all over again with 4 kiddies. I mean a week to decide wheather or not to move to the other side of the world is a rediculas thing really! Shame we are all so addicted to it, i still can't miss it and hate myself for boasting the rating of a crap show but you never know one of these days the producers may even get it right. This is all with exeption of the single mum with the 2 boys i wish her all the luck in the world, she is an insperation to all of us. Lets face it if she can survive it then so can we!! :notworthy:
  12. Guest

    Need to have a moan...

    Hey Folks, I read this forum most days when I can, to check up on the progress of other users, hear the news and usually just to torture myself further about our chances of getting a visa!!! However, today I'm feeling really despondant about the whole thing and really need a moan. I submitted a 136 MODL skilled visa on 24th August, and like several others on here, am still waiting to even have the payment taken 12 weeks later. I sent a blank email this morning to the processing centre to get the latest processing times, and wish I hadn't bothered. COs for paper-based 136 applications are being assigned to applications made in mid-January this year, and they are receipting applications received on 8th August!!:arghh: Right now I feel like this whole process is getting beyond a joke. From when we decided to give it a go, I had to wait a year in order to have 4 years experience. I then submitted my complete skills assessment at the beginning of March this year only to have to wait until the end of June for them to request a further document, that had til then not been requested. Now it looks as though I'll be waiting 10 months to get a CO. THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!!:cry: Plus, I feel like the boot is well and truly being stuck in by the fact that online 175 visas from 12th November are being receipted and acknowledged. I can't possibly maintain any interest in this thing any longer... I've been putting my life on hold for too long already - postponing house moves, starting a family. Does anyone else find themselves in the same situation? If so, how do you put it all out of your mind? Okay. Moan over. Thanks for listening Folks. Sorry for the negative vibe. I'm off to do something anti-Aussie - shame the rugby has finished...
  13. Well, sorry guys, I hav'nt been on here too much lately as Ive been sooooo busy with all the things you have to do preparing for the big move down under... but Ive just gotta have another moan !!!!!! We were meant to exchange contracts of Friday and move on the 16th Nov. so as you can imagine the house is totally upside down, my brain is in overload, we have done as the usuall things you have to do when leaving the country: like, we got rid of the car, emptied the freezer, sorted out lots of paperwork, we have said lots of goodbyes and got really sad (espcialy the kids ) and to top it all my OH Nick left his job (coz he's a plumber he needs at least a week or so to clear out our overcrowded cellar and clean all his tools, bikes etc !) Then on Saturday we got a letter saying we can't exchange coz the searches ar'nt even back yet !!!!!!!!!! Because of all this new HIP's thingy, the councils are inundated with search requests and have a huge backlog, so its taking twice as long !!! :arghh: So we could have to wait another month or so........ my son will miss his enrollment day for the TAFE college and have to wait till next year, my OH is out of work now (as he left on bad terms so cant go back) and the flights get harder to find and much more expensive in December...... so Im fed up and wanna go NOW !!!!!!!! :sad: I know its not the end of the world and we consider ourselves really lucky to be able to start anew life in Oz.. but when you get this far, every little thing really gets to you !!!:wacko: There... I feel a bit better now Ive got that off my chest, so Thanks for listening! Take care Sally-ann xxxxxxxxx
  14. Guest

    Mr KP's Moan

    I know this has nothing to do with going to OZ, an i'm really sorry, but my family an "wot friends i have apart from you lot" are that far away i cant just pop out for half an hour or so to quell my frustration, so i'm sorry i'm gonna tell ya wot's happened this week to fill you in a bit. The 3 kids went to spend a few days with oh mum, who takes them out 'cos mine is in her 80's an lives in Dorset' so oh's mum take's them to butlin's/pontin's for 4 days, well now there back, of course oh's mum has been spreading the muck like she normally does, they've only been back an hour an, oh has been listening to her mum an my kids are being treated like aliens except for the little son, 'sun has always shone out of his' daughter is keeping her head down an eldest is copping it all cos no matter what he says he is wrong even though the other 2 try to stick up for him, so once again the old crow win's by causing a bad feeling in the household even though she has'nt been here, through my doing for a few years, i'm sorry for this rant but if Mrs KP reads this tmrw she might see some reason. Logging out now see you all soon, please all coments will be taken literally. Good or bad!!!!!!!!!! Mr 'P****d' off KP Nut.