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Found 34 results

  1. Please can anyone help I don't know what to do. I just realized I might have made a silly mistake on our application for our 176. With all the talk of form 80 I wrongly assumed I had already filled it in as part of our application as I remembered filling in details of my OH siblings. It was only when I pulled out the form today to have a look I realized I may have totally misread a heading. It says NON MIGRATING DEPENDENTS OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. I added all my OH'S family members ie: brothers sisters mum and dad only thing is none of them are dependent on us OMG I FEEL SOOOO STUPID How the hell did I miss the word DEPENDENT. I have sent them an e mail to explain dont know what else to do should I ring them later? Has anyone else had a smiler experience. Feeling a bit sick now.
  2. Vkhadka

    Mistake on application

    Hi i just lodge my visa 887 . I provide my parents and.siblings in non accompanying section. When i complete my lodge file, i opened my immi account but i saw parents details as well. I think i dont supposed to put my parents name in non accompanying section. Does it effect anything to grant my visa 887. Could anyone help me? Thanks.
  3. immiconsultant

    Mistakes in EOI

    Hi everyone, I have received visa invitation for SC 189. But I realized, after invitation is received, that there are following 2 mistakes in my EOI: 1. Country of birth is mentioned incorrect. 2. Starting date of employment is mentioned incorrect (This employment is partly claimed and luckily points for this part are not claimed). Unfortunately, this was my last chance to get an invitation because after that round my age points are reduced. Now the question is, how should I proceed for Visa Application? Should I correct both mistakes while submitting Visa Application? Both mistakes do not affect my points.
  4. Dougi1985

    EOI points mistake PLEASE ADVISE!

    Hi, Ive been in oz for 18 months and currently on a 457 visa. I've done my Ielts, skill select, police check, medical every thing. I get 65 points for the 189 visa and my skill is on the list: 15 for a degree 30 for my age 5 for UK work experience 5 for Australian work experience 10 for my Ielts i submitted an EOI got an invite straight away for civil engineering technician and applied straight away and paid the $3500 fee and uploaded all my documents then noticed I had 70 points after everything was sent off. At first I thought this was a nice bonus but eventually realised I had misinterpreted one of the questions. In addition to my degree I have an NVQ level 4 which vetassess stated in my skill select that it was the equivalent of an Australian advanced diploma, so when listing my qualifications I must have ticked something that said it was the equivalent of an Australian advanced diploma and the system assumed that I had studied it in Oz, which gave me 5 extra points. I rang the immigration department and two different people told me 2 different things, 1 person said withdraw right now and hope you get a refund and then you have to wait 60 days to submit and other EOI (even though the last one I submitted has been suspended since I applied for the 189 visa) the other person said sit tight and plead with the Case officer I get and hope they let me off as I may not have needed the extra 5 points anyway. What at should I do please??? The timing for this is terrible, as I think I'm heading for redundancy and I've watched my house mates on a 457 visa go through the same an most couldn't get rehired and went home. Time is crucial and I don't have 60 days to wait really or wait for a case office to just refuse me after a month or so. Can I submit another EOI for the exact same visa, skill etc whist I wait to see what happens with my current application just incase it fails any advice is greatly appreciated
  5. SKJB

    mistake in nomination

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help... My partner and I are applying for the RSMS on our own, without a MA. Our employer applied for for an RCB, which was approved within a week. The employer then completed the nomination form, attaching all required documents, however when asked whether we had received RCB advice, he put NO as an answer! We have attached the RCB approval document but there is no way of getting back into your nomination application to change that answer. Does anyone have any advice? Can you contact immi to ask them to change the nomination? No sign of a CO yet! Will this delay our nomination from being approved? Thanks in advance!
  6. judyq

    big mistake ....

    Been awhile since i have posted so bear with me, wanted to tell our story and also to know what other people have done in our situation. We left the u.k for the sunshine coast in Spring, myself, partner and three children. The usual massive trauma and effort made including selling house,shipping everything we owned, selling stuff, farewell parties etc. Any person who says it is easy is lying,I think we were a little, naive,unprepared in many ways but we got on with it and slowly made a go of it all, my partner getting a good job, kids settling and my eldest daughter in particular embraced the sporty healthy life style and was so happy. After just a year the call came, my father seriously ill I came home within a few days, he was so ill I thought maybe even wouldn't make it. I have a sibling but my parents were struggling.I did all i could in three weeks then returned. When I look back now I have no idea why we did it, guilt, feeling we had no choice, i don't know but we made the decision to come back to support the family. Being so expensive the other way we borrowed alot of money, sold just about everything and returned this summer. I think we thought we had no choice but should have listened to our gut.All we did for the last month was cry, our eldest daughter devastated. To this day I don't know why we didn't look at other options, but we didn't and arrived, knowing almost immediately that we had made the biggest mistake of our lives. My father now home was and is well cared for, will never be the same but safe and warm and well supported. My family , on the other hand have been through hell. My partner could not find work,because we had been away we were unable to access any support and had to live in a friends caravan.Everywhere we went they were asking us to prove our right of residence despite being british and only away 14 months. We were desperate and nobody, including my parents seemed to have any idea what we had given up.Then you could say why would they, nobody asked us to come back although I think an expectation was there. We had nowhere to live, in three months going from employed in a nice rental and comfortable to homeless with no income, we had just had to present as home less when thank goodness my o.h got a job and we were able to secure a rental. Six months later we are miserable,bordering on depressed and my daughter skypes her friends in Australia every week.We have a wonderful relationship of near;y eighteen years but at times I have feared for it. We feel totally let down by friends, family, u.k everything. And it s all our fault !! Sorry for the rant but now the hard bit....my parents obviously think it for good and to be honest already take us for granted. I am torn between my family and their needs.I feel torn, a terrible daughter if i return to Australia but a terrible wife and mum if I deny my family a life they loved so much . It isa condition of our visa that we must return by 2016 or my partner would lose the right to enter Australia. There is no easy answer,we have to go back and want to like a physical pain but obviously have no money,now owe alot to a family member and have to leave aging parents who will be devastated!! What a mess!! My first regret is that we did it at all....we lost so much and will never be the same...we were quite content before we left.My far bigger regret however is coming back and sacrificing my family to be a 'good daughter'. Thanks for reading this, know there are no easy answers but would love to hear any input or if anyone has had a similar experience. xxx
  7. jem32

    What a mistake to make !!!!

    Not sure what I am asking here, We were just about to apply for 475 visa and we had enough points, We both thought we had been in Oz for a year in 2002 but turns out it was just 6 months so cant ask for 1 year work in oz with 5 extra points, That leaves us with 60 points..... Oh well just have to come up with a plan b and how to get there. jason
  8. Hi All, I submitted my form80 in December-2010 and yesterday I have checked with my CO about the status of my case.Today I received the reply.There are few points in reply from CO, which I am worried about. First,the reply was from some other CO .It seems my CO has changed..Is this normal? Second,new CO has told me that there are some information missing from my side in form-80.e.g.Country/province of birth was not mention for siblings(only city was mentioned).He asked me to fill these information and send new form80. My concern is that is my case pending from last December.My security clearance was not started after I submitted my form80 due to this info missing?.And will they start my clearance now? It been already a year Thanks.
  9. Smirfyduo

    Can you spot the mistake??

    Had to share this because it wound me up so much! :cute:
  10. Hi all, while uploading docs online for 176 SS visa, I did a mistake of keeping the spaces in file names. Can it create a trouble? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Regards, Harshal.
  11. Hi everyone! Haven't yet decided whether to appoint a migration agent or not yet so wondered if anyone could help me if I decided to complete everything by myself. If I made a mistake, say only a minor error on the application for for my visa would that result in my fee being lost and having to start again or would it mean that I would delay things. Has anyone had experience of processing a 176 application by themselves? Thanks :jiggy:
  12. Hi, I have submitted my online visa application and just found that I put wrong date of birth for mom and dad .( Other family member section) What should I do now? Please helppp:arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  13. Hi, I wanted to front load my meds with an online 176 ACT ss application so i used the paper version to get meds done a couple weeks ago. They then sent the paper results to Sydney.....any idea if this will be a problem? Online applications are meant to use the online medical forms but you cant front load them as far as i can see. I dont have a CO yet anyway but hoping soon. thanks
  14. alex27

    Mistake on SA SS form oh no!

    I can't believe I've done this... I put my spouse's birthday on my SA SS form as 1983 instead of 1981... I must have done this really fast and made a silly mistake... Do you think I should email them? Will they refuse the application because of this? Has this happened to anyone else? I just don't want them to tell me that I have to do a whole new app because of this!!! thx for any help you can provide!!
  15. Boesman

    Mistake on SS application

    Hi, I am gutted. We tried for ages to find out if I would need a license to tile in South Australia and they ask this on the application form. All the replies I got said, not really, or look at the licensing authority's website which states nowhere clearly that a tiler needs a license...just builders. So, I submitted my application with a "no" and finally this morning (After a week) the licensing authority emailed me back and said "yes". It is a "specific license". They gave me the link, but it is the same one that I looked on to find the answer in the first place with no mention of a "specific license". Could this do serious damage to my application? Any agents out there that would know perhaps...?:confused:
  16. Hi I submitted form 80 and 47a along with some other documents for my spouse last week ( I got married after allocation of CO and he requested some documents) My spouse has never been employed. In her employment history which should be filled in form 80 I mentioned from Feb 2006 to Dec 2006 ( instead of Dec 2010) unemployed and no more lines as she never worked But her work history in form 47a was filled correctly Now I need your advice, Should I inform CO of this mistake or wait for his request for rectification ? How should I inform him of this mistake ? By email or filling form 1023 ? or Shall I send a new form 80 ?:eek: I believe my CO has not checked submitted form as it was submitted when he was probably on Christmas holidays Regards:hug::notworthy:
  17. Not!!! :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: We are home! We have made a terrible mistake however, with the shippers that is, looks ,like we may be getting it just before Christmas:swoon: But apart from that, EVERYTHING is just brilliant, I feel I am blessed and living a charmed life, the house the place the school the beach the people, my rose tinted glasses havent tarnished, and at least they keep the pesky flies out of my eyes :wink: Keep the faith peeps who are waiting it truly is worth it :wubclub:
  18. Smith Tribe

    Help!! Have i made a mistake

    Hi all at PIO, it has been a while since i have been on and alot has happened since. We moved to Oz Dec 2007 and then moved back to UK April 2010. We hadn't managed to sell our house in UK in 3 and a half years, we had a flood in Jan whilst we were still in Oz and then our house sale in Oz fell through twice. We are now all back in the UK, with the house in Oz under contract. My husband has a job here and l have managed to get my old job back BUT..... l am worried it was the wrong decision to come back. My eldest daughter who wanted to move back is ok, my other two , l feel would be ok anywhere. I have tried to talk to my hubby about it but he keeps asking why do you want to go back, we did not have proper jobs in over two years we were in Brisbane. But something isn't right, l don't think l want to be here and wished l would have come back for a holiday. I am very emotional all the time and feel like l am loosing my marbles. We didn't manage to get citizenship as we had to do four years, does any know what the ruling is on going back? I purposely didn't state leaving for good on the airport documentation, l did say 6 months, and it has been that now and l am still not happy. I don't know what to do, l need help! Even though our house here in Uk is lovely and in a great village, we have a dog and cat and great friends l still feel like l don't belong. It has cost us alot of money to move back, well money my parents gave us and they have been brilliant sorting our house here in UK after the flood damage. I feel awful. Any advice PLEASE! I have looked at flights and even thought about leaving our stuff and getting some new when in Oz, it is asthough in my mind head l have decided but it is not just me involved in this. Our house here is still up for sale but the chances of it selling are slim. Selling the house in Oz will allow us to have some money to pay things off and go back, just. I have rambled enough but someone please tell me l am not going MAD!!!! thanks:arghh:
  19. Hi Good day I just found out that I have made a mistake in date of IELTS test in lodgement, How would I rectify the mistake ? Regards:hug:
  20. Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me on this! I applied for 176 visa last october and haven't got a CO yet. but the problem is this i made a mistake with putting my brother's name wrong?........can i correct that? cheers leed
  21. Ahhhhhhhhhh really going to kill OH as he claimed to have lived in another country for 12 months when it was actually only 10 months. Case officer emailed today to say we now need a police check from this country. I am MEGA paranoid and stressed that it will look like we are simply changing dates to avoid another cost/time for the police check or everything we have 'declared' will be called into question when I say we messed up. Ahhhh not a happy night in our house tonight. Keep day dreaming that we will have to go back to start of que or will be rejected so close to the end due to him being sloppy in filling this out. :arghh: This won't happen though, right? Huh? I should calm down, it will all be ok and Mr nice case officer will understand...
  22. Hi just wondered if some one could answer a little question we are looking at buying a house in Brisbane areas we are looking at need to be approx 30-45 min drive to Logan (OH works for council) and I need to be less 30 mins to hospital at wooloongabba we quiet like Birkdale Rochedale Shailer park people have suggested Algester and calmavale can any one give any feedback on these areas I also have a15 yrold with slight hearing problems so a decent school is essential also 2 boys so good transport links also essential thanks for your time to read this any advice much appreciated
  23. Guest

    i feel i have made huge mistake

    Hi, don't know where to start really. Moved to Oz last Sept (08) and moved back to Uk Jan this year and feel it was the worse mistake i could have done. I did begin to feel really homesick, hubby was at work both daughters were at school and felt alone. I know a lot of women find it harder. We did have trouble with high schools for our then 14 year old, we pulled her out of 1 school after 2 days and managed to get get her into a Catholic Private school. Our then 11 year old was in primary, we had to try and find a high school for her and couldn't except where we pulled our other daughter out off, and she wasn't going there. The school our other daughter was in had no places for the new school year. They were both in a good school here in the uk, that made me feel quilty took them away from freinds and a school they loved. It was heading towards xmas and it just didn't feel like it which i knew our first xmas was going to be very hard. I am an only child and as soon as my mum realised that i wasn't feeling right she just kept digging away until we agreed to come back. Everytime she phoned she kept saying i didn't sound right even if i was fine and happy, she never thought of asking how were we. She kept on abouting having to work extra to pay for flights, they had booked flights to come and see us in Feb, they booked them without speaking to us first and got the hump because girls would be going back to school. Girls were beginning to settle even though they were using msn alot to keep in contact with friends here. I also feel with my parents coming out that soon after we arrived would unsettle us even more. A few other things had happened in the Uk that made me miss here, but i feel i would have got over that. I have just dropped the biggest bomb shell on hubby by telling him what my mum was doing, i kept it from him i should have told him. I would love to go back and want to. I have realised things here haven't changed i hardly speak to my parents now i only have to look at them and they wind me up. Hubby would go back tomorrow but we feel we have missed the boat with our 2 daughters i think they would put up a fight. Really don't know what to do. Sorry this goes on a bit but i am really confused, i knew i was making a mistake when i was on the plane flying back. :sad:
  24. hi all , applying for a prospective marriage visa, getting a bit nervous as my other half really can't read or write very well, has sent his paper work to me with a few missing bits, and has accidently filled in a question when he was supposed to skip it. he has declared that i have helped him, we did ring immi to check to see if i can fill in missing gaps atc atc they said it was ok as he has declared i helped him. I suppose would just like some reasurrance that this will be ok, have written a cover letter explaining also. However this question is on form 40sp. it was after question 11' when did you and your fiance make the decision to get married? then to go to question 13. hoever he then filled out question 12 when and where did you begin a married or defacto relationship with ur patner. he has put the details and date of our wedding. please how do i deal with this, do i just put aline through it with a little note, do i decalre it on the cover letter, please please please. how do i correct. or show that a mistake has been made. do i need to fill it out again? can my application be refused due to incorect form filling, a few mistakes , ahhrrr Nadine:frown: also should i declare on the cover letter that i typed up his personal statment (relationship history) for him from a rough one he had done then sent back to him to check over and sign? bit freaked out, as it says if providing false or fraundelent docos will be refused etc etc, well they aren't fraudulant as have declared that i helped right?
  25. taylor20ro

    175 Big Mistake?????????

    Hi! Hope you can help me with some advice. I am a qualified social worker, not originally from the UK, but have been living in England for the past four years. I have applied for a 175 visa on 28th of June 09. Big mistake though as only after I have realised how seriously the new DIAC changes will affect the whole immigration process and that it can take 3 years or even more before I can hope a CO will be allocated and visa application processed. Social work is not on the CSL or MODL, so basically I am last on DIAC's priority list. From reading the threads it seems that DIAC will not refund the visa fee should I decide to withdraw my application. Not sure if I want to apply for State Sponsorhip or Regional Sponsorhip as my plan was to relocate to Sydney and unfortunately NSW don't have social work on their professions in demand. I have applied for State Sponsorship with Victoria but not 100% sure if I should switch to 176 if application approved. There are many things that make me want to give up to moving to Australia: Difficulties in finding a job ( here in UK I have no problems in finding jobs and although I have two jobs I earn double of what I would earn if I move to Australia) Melbourne- the weather seems to be very similar to England's weather as well as the lifestyle ( more European). I envisaged my life in Austalia being in an area where it's warm most of the time, with little rain and lots of nice and warm beaches. People- I heard that as a migrant it's very difficult to make aussie friends, to integrate in their social cyrcles and also they seem to be very discriminatory whith anybody who is not from same cultural background ( English is not my first language and also I consider to be quite fluent I do have a different accent) Sorry for this long post, but as many others from this forum I am really very confused at the moment and in doubt of making the right decision to applying under the current situation and criteria. But hey I have just lost £1ooo so cann't hope for more. Thanks for anybody who want to help mewith some advice or views.