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Found 33 results

  1. I just heard about it on JJJ. One of the 'Melbourneistas' just said that they 'are all on the same page' so they must all have their Blackberries and I Phones working. Where would a revolution be without Steve Jobs eh? I expect to see his photo replacing Che pretty soon!
  2. I only just saw the posters in Karl Marx (Railway) Square and now I've been left behind with the rest of the Luddites. If ONLY I had put my name down for the latest I Phone. Still, judging by all the members of the Proletariat & the Bourgeiousie enjoying the sunshine in their separate watering holes - pubs and beer, or cafes and coffee - I think the revolution will be postponed for another year. I suffered my usual existential angst, torn between pub & cafe. Am I 'upper working class' or 'lower middle class?' I had to re-visit my English life and think 'Did I prefer The Sun or The Daily Mail?' The cafe it is. Life rolls on in Penny Lane (Downunder.)
  3. Hello Everyone, I need a sincere advice from anyone onthis forum. In form 80 travel information i.e question 26 was missed as advised by agent (who wasnt registered agent). According to him it was not required. Now my husband is getting sponsorship , in process of visa. His application is handled by company lawyer. He was asked to fill form 80 in which he was advised to give trael details too. Now i am confused how to inform my CO of 175 application about this missed information when decision of my application is in final stages. SAhe has already MET everything including form 80 which was provided to her in Jan 2011. She is waiting for security checks to be over. I donot want to spoil anything ......nor i have hidden its only missed information ...... Please help...any suggestions.
  4. CockneyRebel

    Missed the boat????

    Just watching the European and USA/Uk markets rapid fall over the last couple of days makes me wonder.... Are any of the would be migrants stuck in blighty going to ever be afford to come out here??? Its fantastic if your already here (22celcius today in winter) lovely view over Sydney harbour. If the pound doesnt recover in the next couple of years i dont think anyone is going to be able to afford the extortionate house prices and high interest rates. For Pomes already here i dont think you guys can lose. Choice of returning home when you want loaded with cash, maybe even mortgage free, or stay out here and ride the boom and keep sunbathing!! I dont want to sound negative but i fear that if your not already in now you never will be. Fingers crossed everyone..
  5. Well, been back in Canada over 7 months now, and in the full swing of a glorious Canadian summer. It has been a beauty !....hot.. temps in the low 30's.... this weekend's forecast is hot and sunny with temps in the low 30's but with humidity feeling like the low 40's. After living in Perth, with no daylight savings, I can honestly say that I LOVE daylight savings. Sitting outside with a cold beer and enjoying the time after work well until 10pm. What a difference it makes, you can cram so much more into your evening after working all day. It's funny how only 1 hour can make such a difference. I realize that only WA, QLD and I think the NT don't have daylight savings...... such a shame. I am sure that those back in the UK and those living in areas of Australia with daylight savings will agree with me. Well just wanted to share...... loving this summer !! Karen
  6. Guest

    Missed Opportunities.

    Morning/Evening All. Just a quick one, :yes:. We all live fairly active and busy lives, and often to look back is not right for us, we have to live in the present I guess, and to some degree look forward, BUT. Have you ever looked back at your life and wondered, 'If Only I Had Taken That Opportunity'. Maybe an opportunity missed, purposefully avoided, circumstance didn't allow you to take it, etc. There are very, very, few things in life I regret, I have for the most part really enjoyed my time, and I can only think of one instance where I wished that I had taken an opportunity, but unforeseen circumstances stopped me. So have you at any point kicked yourself for something that you missed in your past?. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  7. tonyman

    Have I Missed Anything...?

    Have I Missed Anything while ive been on holiday ...........? hope you have all been behaving yourselves and concentrating on putting the past behind you ,like the happy family we once were............:policeman:.........:hug:
  8. Hi guys This is my first post, new to PIO, any help or advice would be much appreciated....:smile: I have just turned 45 years old , my wife is 42 , and our children 2 boys are 18 and 16. I am a time served to city & guilds standard cnc skilled machinist with over 20 years experience at different levels , my wife has many years experience as a sales representative. Do we have any options for a visa application ? or have we just left it too late :unsure: We do have a visit booked for 2 weeks to go to Adelaide to see a friend in April. Adelaide is our preferred location if its still possible for us to make the move , i was hoping to do some research while we are there, ie jobs, houses etc. If when reading you wonder why i left it so long before deciding to make a move , well its long story kids family etc but now our time is right we have overcome the hurdles. Any help and hope would be much appreciated, i have researched a lot but keeping coming up with the age thing under 45, as far a i understand my job is on the skills list somewhere which is a start. Thanking you in advance Darren :hug:
  9. Being a bloke I realise I at times have a head like a sieve when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries and the like, but I missed a very important date last week. It had been a year since I started posting on PIO,:notworthy::notworthy:. I never was one for forums etc, or indeed the internet, but since joining I have learnt a great deal about many aspects of life, least of which is Australia, which isn't really that surprising, seeing as how PIO is mainly a migration forum,:yes:. So unlike me usually, this post is short and sweet, thanks to the many people who have helped me, made me laugh, cry, scream, laugh, cry and scream again. And a note of apology, I may have bored several of you to death with my completely inane and random threads, and lets face it, often way too long, but I doubt I will change, so bugger yer,:wubclub::biglaugh::notworthy::jiggy: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  10. Guest

    Missed Opportunities.

    Not talking about love, emotions etc, but MONEY. Was there a time in your life when looked back on you realise that you could have made a killing or at least made several thousand pounds. There are a few I can remember but the one that sticks out in my mind, (remembered because of a previous thread) I used to be a removal fella, all types of removals were done, from tiny houses to mansions and all in between. Anyway, we walked into this elderly (around 80) ladies flat once in London and as normal we looked through the rooms to make sure we packed the lorry OK. We walked into a tiny bedroom and there before us were every conceivable thing from the Titanic. Pillow cases, note pads, lifejackets, sheets, cutlery, pens, there must have been over fifty items, all had the Titanic emblem on them. As the day went by I got talking to the lady and she was indeed a passenger on the liner as a girl and apparently her, her mum and some friends 'pilfered' these items before the ship went down. After a while I built a relationship with her and she very kindly offered several items to me, a few note pads, pens and sheets, etc. She reckoned where she was going (a home :cry:) there wouldn't be room for them. But in all consciousness I couldn't take the very kind offer. I don't regret it at all, but if I had taken her up I could well be living a life of luxury right now, thats life I guess. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  11. Hi, We are heading out next February and I am currently putting a budget together and one cost (and the biggest cost) to take in to account is our dogs. We have two young Staffordshire Bull Terriers and this price from Air Supply Shipping is the best we've had for both dogs. Shipping - £2300 (Air Supply Shipping) Vet sealing at airport Export certificate part B Crates Flights Airline fees Transit We are only going to do the basics through a firm and do all of the following ourselves. Is there anything I have missed or hidden costs in any of this areas that I have not factored in? AQIS - £300 Import Permit (valid for one year) Quarantine - £1540 Quarantine entry Vet inspection All paperwork Accommodation Vets - ?? This vet bill is the only bit I haven't got a quote on yet. I know the boosters are going to be around £80 for both dogs but I have no idea what the blood tests, 2x parasite treatments or completion of Export Cert A is going to cost. What have other people been charged just so I can make sure my vet doesn't rip me off! So minus the vet bills I am currently at £4100....inc the vet bills £??? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. chalkyhill

    e457 - Have we missed any documents?

    Hey all, We have just had our employer sponsor number and have started the application - We have attached the following documents : Birth Certificates Mortgage agreement (We are a 'defacto' couple) Rental agreement (2005 to prove we have been together a while) OH'S CV (She is the primary applicant) Private healthcare insurance confirmation Sponsor confirmation letter from Wa Health board General Medical Council certificate proving the OH is registered Australian Medical Council OH'S contract for job in Perth Copies of passports It is all a bit confusing as there is no checklist of exactly what is required - however does anyone think we have missed something?
  13. ellasdaddy

    Have i Missed anything ????

    Ok so the visa 47ES is filled in and in the envalope with The terms of service The labour agreement Copys of all the birth certificates The Passport copys Marraige certificate All three certified by a solicator then also in their is all my husbands qualifications The police checks Form 1221 Form 80 2 passport photos for all five of us Then in the medical stuff we have The registration for the bridge clinic Form 60 form 126 Copys of passports Copys of birth certificate Copy of marriage certificate 2 passport photos each :arghh: Im pretty sure somthing is missing Any ideas
  14. My husband returned from Australia after doing a recci of Queensland. He is diesel fitter with 30 years of experience in the motor trade. He was told the jobs are no longer available, is this the case? We are looking to move to Perth or Queensland, but we now wondering if we have missed the boat and it's to late to move. The reason we have not come out sooner was because our young niece was killed in a car crash and it rocked our world and it was hard to come out earlier. Any advice on this please?
  15. Guest

    We missed it by an hour!

    Although I have been on this site So many times before and the last time I was on here was on the 7th! We had already done the online application form ready for submitting that evening. By the time I saw the announcement, it was a hour too late to submit!!!! We just could'nt believe it!:chatterbox: We are seriously worried. The visa we were ready to lodge were the 175. I am a graphic designer (2533-13) with Ielts 7.5 and my husband is Systems Manager 2213-11 Ielts 8. Will we be on the list.....if not we have a problem!:no: Thanks for listening. Amanda
  16. cobbler

    Have We Missed The Boat???

    I might be asking too many things in one go here but I am wondering what my chances are now circumstances have changed. Please bear with me. I am married with three children age 9,7 & 3, my wife is 36 and I was 40 on feb 8th. My job was on the SOL 60 points (shoe maker/repairer) before recent changes I had 115 points, a job offer (Queensland or NSW) with a national company, but no sponsorship. I have been a shoe repairer for 20 years, 10 of which self employed with 3 shops. I have closed one shop down and am about to sell the premises of that shop leaving me with 2 shops. Would I be able to apply for any state sponsorship or any visa type without tra assesment although I am wondering if I could be assesed on a visit to oz? My wife has not been in paid employment since our eldest was born so I would be the main applicant. We moved house last year but I still can't get oz out of my mind and it now looks harder than ever to get there. How can I find out if my job is still on SOL & is CSL likely to change in my favour? Sorry for the long list. Thanks for reading.
  17. I was being very organised until the sister in laws presents and have missed the post! Its now 1 week until christmas (near enough) and posties are striking this week. Anyone recommend a courier or some sites for a small parcel about 500g? Melbourne to Manchester :wink:
  18. Hi iv just applied online last night for wa ss and noticed this morning iv missed out one of my children and spelt my surname wrong!! Does anybody know what i can do? I was so chuffed as last night now down again. Thanks Carina.
  19. Guest

    Ooops ! Missed schools out !

    How could I have forgot the most important think ..........LOL......gets the little darlings away to give me a few ours peace....love em really ! This was fairly straight forward to, went and made an appoitment to see the Principal ,the principal asked us to take along our passports and school reports, it was a very relaxed meeting she spoke to Ollie and asked him what he liked doing etc and what sports he was good at,then took us along to get his uniform, here they have an everyday polo shirt, then they have formal days at school so needed a formal shirt too,so we ended up with2 polo shirts, 2 shorts , 1 formal shirt and a sweatshirt and 2 pairs shorts and a stoopid hat that they must have everyday, not sure on the exact price but it was around $170 not cheap, then you are given a list to get of all things needed for school this also was around $150. Ben on the other hand has ended up at a private school, Same thing rang and made an appoitment again needed passport and school repots from previous school. Uniform here was much more expensive he had 3 everyday shirts 2 pairs of trousers 3 pairs of socks 1 sports top 2 pairs of shorts for PE a belt, this all came to around $600 then he needed certain school shoes which were $99 and also trainers which had to be white only were also $99 dollars (he does have big feet mind), we havmnt bought the blazer and hat and tie that he needs for formal occasions yet, saving up for that one. But all in all it is a fantastic school and Ben even enjoys going to school and said that all teachers are very nice and the kids are all very welcoming and helpful. Its not everyones cup of tea Private school , but the local High school is not up to much so we didnt have alot of option really. So its far from a bed of roses over here, but we love it here and wouldnt change a thing. Claire. XX
  20. kernow43

    Have I missed something?

    Have I missed any posting about Nigel, but where is he in the postings over the last few days?:confused:
  21. Help help help We sent our TRA assessment off yesterday. I just went to bed and realised we sent 4 Stat Declaration that were certified but not signed by my husband..... Shall I wait to see if they notice and make contact or send to follow straight away??? Bugger bugger bugger!!! How annoying, please advise!! Thanks :notworthy:
  22. Guest

    have you missed anything?

    For those who have returned back to the UK...have you missed anything at all.......I can honestly say I was a bit worried reading all the news and posters saying the UK had collapsed ... but it is the same Country I left over 2 years ago and I cannot think of one single thing that I miss.. ohhhh and another..he fast food outlets over here are health conscious and have cut down on the salt and fat in their products which make them tasteless to the Australian junk food industry which cooks “full fat” which is what the food should be….I miss the burgers in Oz which were much better than the calorie free crap in the UK. Thats 2 things I miss....you?
  23. welsh in oz

    Have I missed something???

    What are the little green things under peoples names?? I am apparently on a distinguished road...................what on earth is that all about?????:nah:
  24. ali

    I missed it!!!!!

    Tuned into the Biggest Loser and it had already started. I didn't see Cosi's reaction to not getting into the house again (I'm ashamed to say I wanted to gloat) ...... Was he gutted? Please let me know Ali