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Found 3 results

  1. Is it wrong to gloat in this manner? Or is it an entirely human emotion?
  2. Hi Again Just wondering if many of you have integrated with the local population, do you have any real friends, if you do are any of them Australians. After 5 years here I have no friends, or even acquaintances. I accept having real friends is unlikely as I have little or nothing in common with people here, but a couple of acquaintances would be helpful perhaps, it might give me someone to call for lunch or coffee – mind you I have no idea what I would talk to them about. I have never met people with such little interest or curiosity about the outside world, having a passport is seen as pretentious. Gossip is the main interest for a lot of people in the country as far as I can tell. I have read up a bit on gossip and I can see how people get into it, there is little out here to keep people’s brains alive. There is nothing to do here (unless you like church), for those of you who have never been to the country the word ‘Pub’ means something entirely different from what you know in the UK. I was joking with a visitor that I would love to buy a pub just to have the pleasure of chucking the toothless, scruffy, foul mouthed riff-raff out, the only problem is then you would have an empty pub. I think out here the ‘culture’ is around family. They mix with them, even though they often hate each other it’s what they do, I don’t think they have real friends as such, the locals all know each other, and know everyone’s business (true or not) but I don’ t think they form real friendships with them. I was thinking back to when I was a kid and we used to get dragged to the Midlands for Christmas to visit my mother’s relatives occasionally. They all lived on this huge council estate, they only people they mixed with were relatives, I never recall seeing anyone in any of their houses who wasn’t a relative, even though I don’t think they really liked each other they were really the only people they knew. I don’t think any of them had real friends, the men went to the pub and the women may have talked over the garden fence with the woman next door but they were no friends. I think things changed in some parts of the UK as people moved around, got into property ownership, started giving dinner parties, became more educated, left traditional family jobs (as the mines and factories closed people had to change) and this meant those old family structures were no longer there so people had to find company outside of the family circle they grew up in. Last week I went to someone’s house to drop off a gift for their new baby (her husband is a builder who has done a fair bit of work here) she invited me in for a coffee !!!!! I was asking her if they had friends, yes she said, her husband’s builder colleagues came round and the blokes went into the shed for beers while the women stay inside ...... I didn't know people still did that blokes in one area and women separated into another thing. Even if I had a partner I can't imagine I could fit in with that, when I was married we actually stayed in the same room when we went out or entertained. Country Australia seems to me much like those ‘old days’ the less adventurous people have stayed here and fear change. They are the epitome of xenophobia, an outsider is a figure of fear to be kept at a safe distance. I think the same thing happens in the UK, it becomes fashionable to move to the country, when people get there they find there is nothing for them and move back to the city within a year, people come here from Melbourne but, unless they have a family connection, don't last long. Out here there is family, church, the CWA, I was told by the woman who runs that I should ‘go back where I come from’, (so no need to tell me that, I have heard it before, problem is I don't 'come from' anywhere) my ‘crime’ saying the Australia in not a ‘Christian country’, it is, in fact, 'a secular country with no official religion' but few out here know much about their own country, most think is began in 1901 so don't tell them there were people living here for 30,000 years prior to that. When I questioned the use of prayers to ‘almighty god’ at public meetings people went mad, how dare I this is Australia and we are christians, when I asked if Aboriginal people are (or were) christians their anger grew, a local councillor got into my face and screamed ‘why are you mentioning them !!!’ I generated even more local hatred (I have got to the point where I don’t care I suppose) when I wrote to the local rag questioning the appropriateness of golliwogs being displayed for sale in a local shop. There are some things where I think people should be challenged, having said that it achieves nothing, these people don’t need to think, or read, or question - they know everything they need to know already so why bother. New ideas and critical thinking are alien concepts out here. Last Sunday a local (typical middle aged woman volunteer – so sure of their own goodness) came to my front door, there she stood looking so smug with her salvation army tin, when I told her I don’t give to religious charities she looked like I had shot her in the face. She stormed off in a huff, how dare I, it wouldn’t occur to her to appreciate any point of view that didn’t support her, or even to think that at least I am honest and appreciate that. I know there must be people out here who are not like this but I can’t find them. If anyone knows people who lives out this way (NE Victoria) who isn’t a drunk, who does watch the news, and even ‘gasp’ watches a documentary now and then, who hasn't got so fat they can no longer walk, who doesn’t think Mary Mac Killop really did cure two people (makes you wonder why she couldn’t find the time or motivation to do a few more) who is looking for some new company to meet for lunch now and then please ask them they want to get in touch – if there is anyone you know out here I can send you my private e-mail and they can contact me if they want to. I would love to find something to help me survive out here, with a little sanity left, for about another 3 years ..... Most of you here seem to be in the cities or larger towns, that is the only way to go, never ever move to a small town area. Having said that it sounds like its hard even there to meet people for real company and friendship so imagine what it’s like out here - not even a movie theatre to go to to pass a couple of hours. Sunday so lots of blokey sport on TV, thank god for Tivo.
  3. Guest

    Put me out of my misery please

    Hi to all you wonderful helpful people on this site .Ive been a member for a while but havent posted any threads in ages as hadnt finished all my training . Need your help big time on work experience issue.Just recently passed my nvq level 2 in bakery also have ncfe foundation intermediate and advanced in bakery and patisserie ncfe in pastry and abc in pastry and patisserie.One kind member Batman [hi to you if you are reading this] has told me that the qualifications should be enough for 136 skilled but i only have 2 years work experience and after reading some of the threads on here ive got this awful awful feeling that this is nowhere near enough. Please please someone put me out of my misery and tell me that this is enough ive worked so hard this past 2 years to get these qualifications and im 40 this year so if i needed more years i would be really pushing it Thanks in advance Sandra x