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Found 5 results

  1. Seriously guys the day i fly out i will jump for joy.. think im having a bad day but i look out side and i can not wait to be on that plain..
  2. Guest

    Miserable and bored

    I am only going to be quick. I posted on here about 6 months or so ago, about how I was considering moving back to the UK. Well I think that in the next month or so I shall be flying on the big bird. I have been in Oz over three years now and have been living for the last year in Sydney after moving from Victoria. The only easy way that I can describe how I feel is BORED, MISERABLE and SOULLESS, to the extent of utter depression. I have tried to get to grips with the Aussie way, but I really feel that it is not for me anymore. I am not saying that I am the most intelligent person on the planet, but I know that I am good company, I can hold a conversation, have a great sense of humour, and I am interested to learn all the time, especially when engaged in a great meaningful and enjoyable conversation....but when I say conversation, I mean a two way conversation. Has anybody ever tried to hold an interesting conversation while they are here? Of course they have..........When you talk to someone and ask questions about them, do you expect the same in return to keep the conversation going? Of course you do.........Because that is how conversation works.........You say something, and then in return the other person adds something else, then the discussion/conversation builds up. Hopefully on occasions you may even get a really interesting conversation taking place, have a few bevvies and the night flows along nicely. So why can't Australians do this then? It is probably one of the easiest things a person can do and doesn't even cost any money. So apart from the AFL, NRL and other sports, there are a lot of other topics that can be part of a general discussion. I am at a total loss of the total inability of most people here who struggle to even know what the hell is going on in the world, either politically, historically, culturally, or indeed any other word ending with ally. I am 46 and are quite capable of conversing with people from a wide age range, which comes in very handy, especially as I also perform stand up comedy and have done so in numerous countries in the world. But in all my years I have never felt so frustrated and disengaged. I have had better conversations with folks who cannot even speak English in other parts of the globe, and great laughs to go with it. I am not meaning to be disrespectful, I think Oz is a beautiful country, the people are so friendly, but there is a lack of UMPH. I just wanted to say how I was feeling and to let other people know that they are not alone if they feel the same way as what I do. Yours, Peed off........................
  3. I can't believe how awful trying to rent somewhere in Sydney is becoming! I have a job waiting for me, a visa about to be approved and all I want is a small studio/one bedroom place for no more than $450 week. This is not a problem so long as I can view the places first...but I'm in the UK awaiting my visa! I've searched every property site I can find and all the estate agents want me to view property first. I have searched shared accomodation and either get no reply or complete conmen. I am now at a loss, probably weeks from going to Sydney and may have to resort to spending a fortune on hotels until I can secure a place to live. I really really don't want to do the whole hostel thing as I'll be working shifts. I'm scared that, after all of this, I will have to give up my dream and my new job. I feel miserable :arghh: Any tips, suggestions would be more than welcome...I'm sure there are others out there who are doing what I want to... Thanks... X
  4. Guest

    Even the cat's miserable!

    We've been here four months and I feel like I've just sobered up. We had some financial issues in the UK so rented our house out and moved to Devon. Did five months down there but it was like living in an old peoples home. The opportunity came up for us to move to Perth as a result of my GF's qualification, they offered us both PR so we said what the hell, let's do it. Three months later we were here and loving it. Now it all seems to be going pear shaped. My GF is stressed and a bit overwhelmed with her job and has been told that after 6 years doing what she does in the UK she needs to go back to uni to learn to do it again as her qualifications aren't recognised in WA (it's very complicated this bit, she was brought over for other skills but employed as something else for the purposes of pay etc). This means that she is trapped at her place of work unless she wants to go back to uni or continue being paid less than she deserves. As a plasterer in the UK I was determined to try something different over here and thought I'd have a stab at 'Heading North'. Signed up for a 4 weeks on and 1 week off rota near Karratha. $150'000 a year. After one week of mind numbing tedium and having to deal with lobotomized half wits who asked such insightful questions as 'do you think God was English?' In addition to some seriously large chips on shoulders re the English (and no I'm not a winging pom but if you want to take the p*ss, make it funny, interesting and intelligent and we can all have a laugh but this was just childish and boring). Add this to my GF being stressed, upset and a bit lonely the end result was I got the hell out of there rapid. No amount of money is worth that. So it's come to this, I'm going to work again as a plasterer and my GF is stuck in a job that is causing her a lot of stress and upset. I'm not going to knock Australia, if you love it, you love it and fair play to you but I find myself bored, uninspired and a long way from anything of global significance. I can't bear the though that I will never again (without lots of planning and expense) experience a quiet winter forest at Christmas, or a long, late summer evening in a pub beer garden or a trip to Alton Towers in the drizzle. What about the feeling of an open fire and the smell of soot in on a cold day? Or a stroll on a wet moor in Autumn. I like the seasons and have no issue with Autumn or Winter. When it snowed last Winter I'd never been so happy. I miss the witty banter (and no I'm not saying there aren't some funny Aussies out there), the hussle and bustle and the gritty, edgy nervous tension. The differing seasons and the feeling of something happening or about to makes you feel alive. The thought of trading all this for a bit of sunshine and a trip or two to the beach just doesn't seem worth it. We own a beautiful three story Edwardian House in the Midlands but rent a pretty crappy bungalow here and to top it all even the cat's got the hump because we took in an abandoned kitten! Frankly I'm sick of moving around. I've lived in London, Leeds, The Lake Dsitrict, Birmingham, Devon and now Perth and I know that people at home would have me committed to the asylum in a flash for giving up a £90'000 a year job after a week and moving back to the UK but I have always said there's no point digging if you know there's no treasure there. I.e. If aint working or making you happy then stop doing it. Some people say give it two years or even four until you can get citizenship but can we really be so frivolous by throwing years around like that? After all you don't get many and it' pretty rare to have good one. I don't know what I'm expecting in reply to the this if anything, I guess I just need a release. A warning to anyone thinking this is a prime example of a whinging pom should remember that most Aussies haven't even travelled out of their state, let alone country and often the only poms they meet are the ones who have migrated and are bound to be a bit confused and whingy as they've just uprooted their whole life and replanted it in a distant and alien country. Want to see whinging Aussies? Go to Earls Court and listen to them bang on about how they miss the footy, the sun, the beach etc. The only difference is that they don't get told to F off home then if they don't like it here.
  5. Guest

    So miserable.

    I know many of you love life in Australia, I am sure if you get into right environment and have the right family it can be a great place ...... but ...... I HATE IT. Looking back what was I thinking. I lived in NZ for some years and hated that so I know its me. After some very bad experiences in NZ knew I had to get out. Emigrating totally alone (with two dogs) is a hard task believe me. I suppose I have never got used to how disinterred people are in other people, I know no-one owes me anything but I would think there might be a few kind decent people around who would care about another person, but I have never met any. Its been nearly four years in this god awful village/town now and I have just about given up. I tried to make friends but how can you be friends with people who you have nothing in common with and who have no interest in inviting me into their lives anyway, its all about family and old friends they went to school with, as an outsider they only time they have any interest in me is when I have my wallet out. I have tried inviting people to come over, people make ‘polite’ noises but they are not interested, no-one has ever invited me to their home or to anything other than church, I don’t tell people I am an atheist because most of them probably wouldn’t know what the word means and those that do would probably try to have me run out of town. I had no idea that Australia is so backward – I am sure nearly as many people here believe in creationism as in the US. If its not church its drink, out here being a drunken derelict is a ‘good bloke’. I haven’t had a real conversation in years, I am totally sick of ‘white noise’ …. ‘how are you today’ ‘how has your day been’ these people take insincerity to a whole new level. There are days I just can’t take anymore of their falseness. I have got to get out of this place … maybe I will try Outer Mongolia next time …