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Found 25 results

  1. Got my IELTS tomorrow. Can't say that I am, in any way what so ever excited about the prospect. Any last minute advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi all, The packers come next week (omg, it's finally happening) and we have a few complex items I'm not sure about: 1. Should we take Corkboard - made from corks from bottles of wine we've drunk over the years, lots of memories but no real value. Aqis ICON says cork will be ok, but I'm not sure, but I'd like to take it! And here it gets complicated (yep the OH's guitar and workshop stuff) 2. Woodworking tools - he's wiped them clean, but should he spray with Jeyes as well? He's worried about them going rusty 3. MDF guitar templates - not painted or laquered, but made only from MDF, with paper patterns attached to them. Will they be ok do you think? 4. Partially finished amplifier-cabinet: machined, assembled and sanded timber, but not yet varnished or painted. Made from lovely wood, he's not sure what finish he wants on it yet so would prefer to leave it 'au naturel' if he can! 5. Partially finished guitar bodies and guitar necks: machined, sanded but not varnished or painted. Made from more lovely wood, he'd rather not laquer/oil them before shipping unless he has to. Thoughts? Help? Anyone sent unpainted/varnished wood stuff before? And I know lots of people have sent tools over.....
  3. Hi There I have found lots of useful information on here so far and im now at my final stages before making the move to Oz so I was wondering if anyone can help me with a few last minute nerves :-s Anyway, a little bit about our background.......I am a Recruitment Consultant and I have worked in Recruitment/HR for nearly 7 years. I have been offered a position in Perth, WA which I accepted and my visa has been granted so I plan to travel over with my partner (who is also on my visa) in November this year. My partner is an electrician in the UK and he has applied to the TRA to have his trade assessed. We are expecting some sort of response from them in the next week or so as its been nearly 4 weeks since they received it. We are fully aware of the processes and he is prepared to do the wiring regs course over there before he is able to get his Class A license. Anyway, going back to the last minute nerves...... If I get over there, start my new job as a recruitment consultant and either hate the job or decide I am not too keen on the company.......will I be able to apply for another job on a 457 visa? I know to work for a company they would have to be able to nominate me but are there many companies that do this? And if there are....how would I go about approaching them? Would they see it as cheeky if I applied for a role then said "oh but you will need to sponsor me"? Also, ive been reading lots of peoples threads saying they have struggled getting work being the partner of the nominated person on a 457 visa so does this mean my partner will struggle to find work too? He wants to either work as an electrician offshore or something similar.
  4. Prior to yesterday's suspension, quite a few of us managed to lodge applications and are now sitting with fingers crossed, touching wood etc etc hoping our applications are accepted. There's also been speculation about how quickly [or not] these applications may be processed. Please could you add your details below and update on your progress? I'll start... Names: David & Nicky [he's the applicant] Visa Type: 176 QLD sponsored CSL: yes Job: .NET Developer Progress: got the TRN number and they've taken our money...
  5. Nearly 5 to 1 for an appt at 130 and still not showered which is entirely typical of me. Lovely day and did not get up until after noon. I like Leichhardt which is about 5k from here - Cleveland St, turn right into City Road, left into Parra Road then continue on past Sydney Uni thru Camperdown, Annandale until I turn right into Norton St - THE street in Leichhardt - full of cafes, restaurants, shops. The only UN-cool thing about the place is the low flying jets from Mascot. There's a big Italian community there. Just hope the lights are on my side - usually check the clock on the old Grace Bros tower at the corner of Broadway/Parra Rd/City Road. I usually vary my route back either via Annandale and Glebe or via the Anzac Bridge - fantastic views over the City skyline and of the Harbour Bridge - really brings home just how BIG Sydney is!
  6. I'm still terrified of that bloody traffic cam at Clevo & Sth Dowling Sts, got caught again, lights turned to red as I started to accelerate, another car came round behind me too. So, no Cleveland St for me, Crown or Riley, Albion (Perfidious), Flinders, Anzac Pde, Alison Rd, turn left opp. the racecourse - but what is that road called? Goes all the way past Centennial then Queens Park. Failed 'the Knowledge' again. I can't understand why the water at Bronte is always so rough? It's lucky there is a pool for wimps like me.
  7. ... I can't quite shake off last week's cold so still keeping out of the water but I'll eat my sandwich & go for a walk along the beach. I've not been down there for a while. it's not as glam as Bondi,Tamarama,Bronte, Coogee but the beach is superb. Yesterday I walked from Watsons Bay to Parsley Bay and back, found a 'new' beach - well I always knew it was there but didn't know the name - Gibson's Beach. There's 'something' about the water, whether it's here or in the UK - you see it on the little plaques on seats, dedicated to someone's memory. At Parsley Bay there were a couple of plates screwed into the rock by the path. Made me think of the row of seats at Hythe Marina - the 'real' Hythe in Hants, not the 'Johnny come lately' in Kent. Only joking, I knew a Pommie guy here who LOVED the Hythe & Dymchurch railway. Working for the PO in Southampton we'd often see letters mis-delivered to one or the other because there was no post code. Used to get loads of letters intended for Southampton, Bermuda, even had one once that was posted in Australia for Salisbury in SA and ended up in our office.
  8. Hi, My mother-in-law has just been admitted to hospital back in the UK, and my wife is considering making a trip home. Is there anywhere in particular that we should look for cheap flights? Any special websites, etc? Anything else that we should consider or take into account? This will be our first flight back, so any useful tips would be great! I had a look on webjet.com.au today and was shocked at the price ($2k-2500) for a return flight leaving in a couple of days. Is this the norm? Thanks
  9. _shel

    Last minute child visa grant

    We have shippers coming today, we fly Tuesday! Emailed our CO yesterday to let them know we were taking the baby to Australia on an evisitor. In reply we got our grant yippeee at last. One weight off my shoulders at least.
  10. Morning all, I know this has probly been covered before, so sorry, but i just want to get some advice!! We (me, hubby, 2 & 5yr olds) are due to fly out to OZ in September.. However, we are moving out of our house in 3 weeks as its being rented. So our stuff was due to go into storage before beein shipped in August.... HOWEVER.....:twitcy: The last few days we have thought about just selling everything and starting fresh in OZ. just shipping personal effects... It just seems like so much hassle to bring everything and waiting times and insurance and prices just keep going up with hidden costs... Changing plugs and everything.. We're not the kinda people that need the finest things in life.. All our stuff is 3yrs old that we were bringing. THe only REALLY expensice things were our leather suite and our super king bed.. (thats only 1yr old). I see loads of mixed reviews on here on what you wish you brought, what people wish they didnt.. bad and good shipping experiences... Really need to decide in the next day or 2. Basically im just looking to hear as many different sides to the story as possible.. What you did, are you happy, would you do it again... thanks everyone!!
  11. Hoping all you members on the sunshine coast are going to reply with your knowledge. We've been set on moving to the Buderim etc for a while but at the last minute I am having doubts as to whether this is the right choice, I have been there several times and also Perth but with each visit I have treated it more like a holiday than the so called "rekkie" as we were never on a time scale to get there. Now we are, my eldest is going to be 9 in June and personally I don't want to leave it any longer. My concern for moving to the Sunshine Coast is the amount of things to do as the kids get older, we currently live half an hour from a city but near a seaside resort in the UK, we often travel the 2 hours into London to go to the Science/History museums etc, my eldest horse rides, 2 are in the local cycling club and all 3 in the local swim academy. So we like a varied choice of things to do. Sorry to ramble on but are we going to be much more limited on the Sunshine Coast as they get older, and I know its a few years in the future but with regards to Uni, employment etc for them. Any help and info would be really appreciated as my mind is very MUDDLED at the moment.
  12. Hi Everyone! Long time post reader-first time poster! I need some help! Here is my story- had an aussie partner of 3 years, moved out to Aus to live with him in Nov 2009. Nov 2010 we split up. I had been on a working holiday visa and we were applying for our de-facto. Of course, not happening now! My employers were desperate to keep me so I started working on an Employer Sponsored 457 visa with them. Got rejected first time around as we didn't know about the wage threshold. Decided to try a second application- but had to leave the country as I'd been rejected once. So I also got myself an immigration lawyer so that there could be no more blips in the process. As you can imagine, I've spent thousands of $ on my last minute xmas time flights and my Immigration Lawyer. On Wednesday my employers emailed me saying that it wasn't going to be possible anymore - they can't afford me with the QLD flood disaster and bad economy. I am now left in a situation of having a whole life there in Brisbane, but no way to be there and work Please, please, please, does anyone have any advice?? Thanks for reading guys, Jammyllama
  13. Over the past few months, I've found PIO really useful when planning our move out to Oz (I'm moving on a 457 visa with my work for 2ish years with my boyfriend), and as our departure date gets closer and closer (9th Feb), I seem to have a few last minute questions that I hope you friendly peeps can help with? Shipping We sending a few boxes with Seven Seas (air shipment, door-to-door). OH is a carpenter and is sending his tools in these boxes. We plan on cleaning all the stuff with Jeyes (good tip from PIO), but I'm still wondering what happens if customs opens our stuff? Do we need to go to the airport to deal with it? Or will it just delay Seven Seas delivering? Will there be inspection fees? Or will SS take the hit on this given that we're paying d-t-d?? Private Healthcover I took out the IMAN Austhealth briding cover for $50 (another good tip from PIO) and have today received an email from them (see below). I know it sounds stupid but I don't know what I need to do.... We now arrive in Sydney on 11 Feb, so do I just update this? Do I need to take out a policy? If so, can I take it out for the first month until we get medicare sorted, or are we then tied in for a year? Please be advised that your Interim Certificate is due to expire on 12/02/2010, as per your Interim Membership application. Your details are as follows: Member ID: xxx Member Name: xxx Would you please: - advise a revised start date if your 457 visa is still pending, so that we can update your Interim Certificate. OR - activate your IMAN Australian Health Plans membership by going to IMAN Australian Health Plans - Health Plans for Temporary Residents Working in Australia and completing the online application. Please remember that, if you are granted a visa, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), will use information provided by us to monitor compliance of visa condition 8501, which requires all visa holders to maintain adequate arrangements for health cover for the duration of their stay in Australia. Dentists & Opticians Do we need insurance for dentists and opticians? Or do we just take the hit on the cost as and when we need them. I have a contact lens prescription here in the UK but have enough lenses to last me about 6 months, so won't urgently need to go to an optician... Also my teeth are pretty much ok, but OH's have been a bit more iffy over the past couple of years, so not sure what to do about this. Mobile Phones Without a credit history in Aus, will we be able to get contract phones? Or will we be stuck with PAYG? Internet We'll be in short-term accomodation for the first 4/5 weeks, so will we be able to get internet? Or will we need to wait until we've got a more permanent address? Thinking of a dongle, but not sure if that works out cheaper or not? Thanks in advance for any replies - and sorry if my questions are a bit, erm, thick!
  14. theonetruechris

    Eight minute record rejection

    So, I've got a day where the boys at nursery and I can go down to the library and send off all the weeks job applications. Anyhoo, whilst midway through applying for a job I get another email telling me I was unsucessful applying for a job a whole eight minutes after I had sent the original e-mail with covering letter and CV. Obviously eight minutes is long enough to open the email take in the details about ones career and skill set then compose a response. Speaks volumes doesn't it.
  15. Guest

    spare a minute please

    My hubby is running in an australia wide dj competion. It ends at midnight tinight!!!! Voting decides the top 10 then from there a pioneer panel choose the winner. If you have 5 minutes and a kind heart do me a favour and support him by joing myDJspace Global DJ Network | Powered by Pioneer DJ then login where it says USER PLUGIN yup confused me too and vote for garrybynon he should be somewhere on page 3 4 or 5 lol. Now be warned you will prbably hate the music lol but we thought we would ask our poms in oz buddies for a bit of backing anyway xxx
  16. Hi guys, just wondering has anyone changed there mind at the last minute, even when flights are booked and shippers due to come? Beckyx
  17. Hi can i please have feedback that we are doing the right thing. Husband has sponsership as a carpet fitter and we have 2 girls 6 & 3 . We are looking at coming out to pacific pines or bayside in may/june, but am having last minute jitters. We have never been to Aus but am looking for a fresh start. Have been through alot over the years and owe it to ourselves to start again. I was really excited when hubby got offer now the reality is hitting me and i am scared. As we have never beeen before is it going to be what we think. I am sure i am not the only one that goes through this. Please tell me i am doing the right thing and tell me all the wonderful things Aus has to offer!!!!.:chatterbox: Ange x
  18. Guest

    last minute flights

    Hi Has anyone had the experience of wandering into Heathrow/Gatwick and trying to get a last minute(say within a few hours) flight to OZ. If so, did you make a great saving on the flight price. So called last minute cheap flight deals, well to Australia anyway, don't seem to exist on the net, as far as I can see, unless you know different Thanks
  19. Hi Guy's Just wanted to share with you a good bit of info, our friends and family have been using this number to call us. 08448614445. I hope it helps some of you.
  20. Guest

    The 4 minute shower

    I have heard that in WA they are recommending people to have a 4 minute shower due to the energy shortage, is this the case and have you heard of people doing this. I tried to do this the other day for fun and can only do it if I do not wash my hair, I don't know how some of you girls would manage. Regards Glynn and Family:err:
  21. Hi, Just Wondering If Any1 Knew Any Gud Lst Minute Websites? Ive Tried Lastminute.com With No Luck. Evrything Is Ready For Me Now, Just Need To Go, But All The Prices To Oz I Have Found Are Ridicolous. Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated. Cheers Lee
  22. We have just had a last minute cancellation so we have a fully furnished brand new property available immediatly for the next six weeks at a very discounted rate. email me at corbiere@westnet.com.au to enquire about booking or call 61 8 93047772 (we are 7 hours ahead of UK). Property is 3 minutes walk to Clarkson Train Station which is 30 minutes north of city and five minutes to beach.
  23. connaust

    Last Minute dot Com

    If anyone is having any last minute dot com study related issues for 2008 let us know. We are also upgrading our website with more state level info and plan to do same at regional level. Cheers Andrew
  24. Applied for Contributory Sponsored Parents visa off shore with an Australian Migration Agent and decided to sell our home in the UK - which we did -and make the move here anyway. As our holiday visa allows us to stay in OZ for 1 year - that is what we are doing and hopefully by the end of that time - we will have the approval in place (albeit that we will have to go offshore to validate visa). Our daughter (who has lived here for 19 years) rented us a fantastic UNIT in a suburb of Melbourne (East Bentleigh), until we eventually find the area we like and the home of our dreams. A 'UNIT' is actually a bungalow in Brit terms and now we are used to it - an Apartment is definitely off the list! Will briefly relate our experiences/suggestions so far which I hope may assist some of you! All rented property is unfurnished. I would NOT recommend HOCKING STUART as an Estate Agent! :evil: Connecting the telephone was not a problem - but when it came to installing our Broadband - TELSTRA were a nightmare - it took 3 1/2 weeks. Utility bills are paid monthly! Water is metered and again billed monthly. You have 2 dustbins one for recycable items - which must be left in the exact position on the grass verges (which are called nature strips) for collection. By the way the nature strips have to be cut by the householders - even though they are on the pavement!! We are driving on our UK licences and have been told that as our resident applications are being processed, we can carry on using them until visas granted. Then we just go in with our licences to the local offices and will automatically receive an Australian licence ( no tests - just a small fee)! Will be taking delivery of a brand new car on Friday - a Mitsubishi Freelander 4x4 and for all of you who are interested - it costs HALF the PRICE to the UK! Finally, the people are SO SO FRIENDLY. Everyone talks to you. Our neighbour left a bag of lemons on our doorstep 2 days after we moved in. (Most properties have lemon trees in their garden - we don't)! Food is MUCH cheaper - especially MEAT! Although it is early spring today the temperature reach 31 degrees. However, Melbourne weather is very changeable and you can have 3 seasons in one day. The catch phrase is WAIT A MINUTE (and the weather will change). Will be happy to answer any questions ! We KNOW that we have made the right decision and all we miss in the UK is our Son (who will be coming out himself anyway next year) and our friends of course. For those of you on tender hooks waiting for your visas - believe me it is worth the wait!! Our shipment should arrive sometime this week although may be held up in the Customs for a while. It will be great to have our personal belongings once again. We should have made this move years ago!!!
  25. Hi all, Havent been on the site for ages - tried to stop obsessing about Oz and see if we still felt strongly after a few months not thinking about it so much. heres the problem........we have decided we want to go do a reccie but work situation dictates it can only be this October. I spent ages at the start of the year reading threads on this fab site about how best to fly with, how long to stop over in singapore (quick stop or try to get a sleep) but have forgotten most of it all...doh:wacko:. We are going with two boys age 9 & 6 and want this to also be a holiday for them so also tips for holiday things to do in Sydney and Melbourne. After originally planning to go to Brisbane we have settled on Melbourne as we think the climate will suit our youngest son more. I would appreciate anyones opinion on this to save me going goggled eyed searching again. Thanks for any help lolly:notworthy: