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Found 14 results

  1. grahamffc

    Minor Medical Issue

    Hi, I'm currently getting skills assessed for a 175 visa but am also in the process of getting a mole removed from the back of my head. It doesn't hurt and the doctor said it is not a cause for any concern but that I can have it removed as it causes some discomfort when combing my hair or when getting it cut. Just wondered if anyone could provide any assurances that it shouldn't affect my medical at all as I have heard that Australia are understandably quite cautious of granting a permanent visa to anyone with a history of melinoma's/mole removals. I'll quite happily leave it if in any doubt!
  2. Hi All! My partner is on a working holiday visa due to expire in january - we have found a course he could study in feb in tafe. Just wondering...he has a few 'minor' convictions since being in australia...resisting arrest, he punched abouncer over a year ago (!) and 2-3 DD offences with his last one getting a 7 month suspended sentence - does anyone know if this could damage his chances of getting a visa for 6 months study!? or later on a defacto? any help would be appreciated! thank you! :biggrin:
  3. HI, Im a little worried about my case. I want to apply to Working Holiday Visa in Australia, but I have a crminial charge in my record. Its was not a conviction, it was a Withheld Adjudication. I would like to know If still have to declare it on past convction on the application form? (even if it was not a conviction) The charge was cannabis possession (2 years ago) less than 20g. I had no imprisoment time, only had to pay a fine and I paid it. The case is Closed! It happens in the US while my visiting. Only one time, never had any other kind trouble. I would like to know if this would implie upon my visa application or if I could get the visa refused because of it. Seriously waiting on some answers. :err: Thanks all posters in advance.
  4. Hi guys, My wife has slightly higher level of SGPT (ALT) and SGOT(AST) (both of these are liver tests) but she doesn't have any of TB, HIV, Hep B and Hep C. All of these are negative. I am worried about whether SGPT/SGOT are gonna pose any threat to our application OR these are not that significant to affect it, provided that there are no major problems? Anybody who knows about these tests or have any idea about them?? Thanks Kind Regards
  5. Guest

    Minor issue, how much?

    Dear all, is anyone aware of how much paperwork we take with us? Bank statements from UK, house bills etc (in respect of renting or anything else?) Leila x :chatterbox:
  6. Well, house purchase in Cairns completed yesterday, drove to new house this morning to wait for removals. Truck duly arrived on time at 8:30. Thought it was slightly unusual as our contents in Melbourne were loaded into a Red container, where as the container that turned up was white, not to worry, I knew it was a different company at this end so presumed they must have reloaded into another container at some point..... Nope, first item off the container, a bike, strange as I hadn't packed one. Quickly became evident they'd fetched the wrong container from the depot. :swoon: Still, never mind, we found it quite funny!:laugh: So sat on the decking outside the house at the moment, waiting for the correct container to arrive.
  7. Guest

    Police checks, minor offences.

    Hi All, I have received my police certificates back today, my other half has THREE pages of offences, all minor, but enough make me panic!!! Has anyone else has these problems? Will it affect my visa application, he is hopefully coming in on my visa as defacto? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Lisa:chatterbox:
  8. Guest

    Minor Offences ?

    Hi all I have been living in aus last couple yrs and am loving it. But things have got a bit dodgey , recently i was out on a saturday night for a mates bday , had way to much to drink & did some stupid stuff. Im not proud of it & dont really want to be posting it up on here , But lets just say i got arrested & was charged. I wasnt locked up or anything i just have to appear in front of a court plea guilty & pay my fine. My actions are going down as a '' Minor offence'' , and wont recieve a criminal record. As i am on a temp resident visa for now and look to apply for Perminant residency next year(2011) i cant help but worry this minor offence will harm my chances of getting it. Does anyone know anything about this that could help me ?? Like would minor offences come up in a police background check ??
  9. I am a Permanent Resident of Australia and my girlfriend is a citizen of United States and has a one year old son from a previous relationship. She has never been married or been in a defacto relationship with the father of the child. The father abandoned the baby and the mother while she was pregnant. His name does not appear on the birth certificate either. The father has no contact with the mother. We are planning to get married in September in Australia and then apply for an onshore Partner Visa. We worry that immigration will want the biological father's consent in writing for the child to migrate to Australia. What should we do? I have been told by a lawyer that since the father's name does not appear on the birth certificate, it gives us a bit of a leverage. However, I am not sure if that is sufficient to prove that the mother is the sole guardian of the child. What can we do to help this child migrate to Australia?
  10. Hi Over the last 13 years I probably have a few traffic offences, a couple for speeding and maybe one for no insurance. I also have a copyright infringement entry on my record. All of the matters were dealt with by fines and have all been paid. Could this affect my visa application? thanks Paul
  11. Dear all Have searched the forum but was unable to find a reply. I would like to apply for a working holiday visa but have a minor criminal record which happened four years ago. What does the VISA look like?? My question to you is, when you get the visa, Does it say on it that you have a “record”? For example , when showing the visa to a possible employer, is there a note “saying” criminal record? Do you even have to show the visa to the employer?? Best regards
  12. Please help! Will a minor police caution (abuse behaviour/language) affect my partners visa application (defacto spouse) We are sendin it off on Tuesday but Im worried that this may affect everything! Pam x
  13. hi all in need of some advise recently received our police checks back and mine has a conviction on it when i was 17 i am now 30 and thought it is removed after 10 yrs as it is the only 1 i have ever had so i did,nt mention it in my visa application i am now starting to think i could get refused a visa because of this .its the only thing that has put a black mark on my application the rest is 100 p cent is there any body out there who has any advise ?:unsure:
  14. Hi, Can anyone help me; I am applying for a Skilled migration visa, which seems to be going well. However, I have a criminal record for Theft from 1985 which I was not too concerned about at first but last year I applied for a Shotgun License as I shoot clay's for a hobby, in doing so I forgot to mention my conviction from nearly 20 years previous and received a caution for not mentioning it on my application form. The Police at the time also thought this unnecessary, but obviously had to follow their procedures and issued me with a caution last September (2004). How will this affect my Visa application, any experience etc gratefully received as I am sick with worry and don’t want to wait a year to get refused at the post!! Many thanks....