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Found 43 results

  1. Former Australian immigration minister Nick Bolkus has suggested that Australia's skill shortages could be fixed by increasing migrant intake by 100,000 over the following three years. A former Australian immigration minister has said Australia should increase its migrant intake. Bolkus, who served as Australian Immigration Minister from 1993-1996 under Paul Keating’s administration, noted the continuing economic turmoil for countries in the Eurozone, saying: “I think the European situation presents a really good opportunity for Australia to pick up young migrants who can contribute to developing this country - both skilled and those with the energy to apply themselves to the task we have.” Among those supporting such a mover is Business South Australia CEO Peter Vaughan, who said: “The primary focus must be to attract workers that meet the skills needs of our local industries and if these workers are based in Europe then it is an option worth pursuing." The government has already increased capacity for applicants seeking a permanent Australia visa by nearly 10% in the 2011/2012 migration program year. However, the former Minister suggests this is not enough to meet an increasing demand for skills and labour, and has called on governments at both state and federal level to increase advertising campaigns for countries affected by the economic crisis.
  2. http://news.yahoo.com/israeli-prime-minister-liar-french-president-tells-obama-140235551.html
  3. TRADE Minister Craig Emerson has reignited the Big Australia debate by insisting Australia must boost immigration levels to fully exploit its potential in the "Asian century". In a move that puts him at odds with Julia Gillard's 2010 election campaign call for "a sustainable Australia, not a big Australia", Dr Emerson has warned that labour and skills shortages threaten to restrict the nation's capacity to lift exports and must be met with higher immigration levels. The minister's warning came yesterday in an economic position paper designed to spark public debate about the need for what Dr Emerson describes as a "third phase" of economic reform to boost national productivity. Central to his proposal is advocacy for increased permanent and temporary immigration directed to areas where it is needed -- including mining states and rural and regional areas that he believes have the potential to boost food production to serve growing Asian markets. His 17-page paper endorses key aspects of Labor's economic policies since it took office in 2007: particularly the carbon tax and higher spending on education and infrastructure. But he argues: "Australia's sparkling future in the Asian century will require higher levels of temporary and permanent immigration as shortages of skills and general labour choke off the country's capacity to expand in exports and domestic economy. If Australia's 2020 vision is to be realised, a rational debate about immigration levels will need to occur." Early last year, the government's third intergenerational report noted that under existing immigration and population growth levels the nation's population would hit 35 million by 2050. Then prime minister Kevin Rudd called for a debate about "a big Australia" but Ms Gillard, after ousting Mr Rudd last June, stressed that her focus was on sustainable population growth, with migrants directed to communities with labour shortages. Dr Emerson told The Weekend Australian yesterday he was not disputing Ms Gillard's policy principles, noting she had never argued for an immigration intake below the historic average of 180,000 people a year and that in the 2011-12 budget the government had announced a 16,000 increase on the previous year's intake of 180,000, directed to the regions.
  4. http://www.smh.com.au/national/protesters-chase-immigration-minister-20110917-1keu4.html see how much attention do media give to this topic, while roughy 100.000 qualified workers are processed offshore with the risk of their visa being cancelled... please no offensive posts
  5. This is a classic, there has been calls for Chris Bowen to resign over this. Really this clip is about 30 minutes long, its an interview of Chris Bowen by Ray Hadley most of it is about various immigration/visa issues, the last (and best) bit basically blows Bowen out of the water. These asylum seekers have been making improvised bombs in Villawood police have confirmed they are investigating this and the immigration minister didn't even know anything about it. http://www.2gb.com/index2.php?option=com_newsmanager&task=view&id=8792
  6. I would love to write to the Minister of Immigration, but don´t know if that´s the sort of thing we "normal" people can do. I also don´t want to put my real name or address, as I don´t want our future chance of Residency get a red cross over it. So how could I do it ??
  7. Visa Cancellations (Question No. 17) Mr Morrison asked the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, in writing, on 30 September 2010. In respect of the Minister’s announcement of the cancellation of about 20,000 visa applications made prior to 1 September 2007: (a) what is the estimated total sum of the value of application fees that will be refunded; (b) what total sum has been refunded as at 30 September; and © by what date are all application fees expected to be refunded. Mr Bowen—The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows: (a) The estimated total value of applications to be refunded is $14.4 million (b) $156,625 has been refunded as at 30 September 2010 © the completion of the refund process is dependant on the Department receiving from clients their correct current bank account and contact details. The Department has requested this information, but has not yet received responses from all the clients.
  8. http://www.development.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/30195/Moving_South_-_Summer_2010.pdf
  9. Hi I came across this information today and thought it may be of interest to you– I apologise if it is a duplication. NEDA - CALL for immigration cases relating to people with disability applying for residence in Australia or refugee protection We need your help – deadline 31 January 2011. Please spread this CALL broadly to all your networks. This call is distributed on behalf of the following organisations: Australian Federation of Disability Organisations AFDO Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Federation of Ethnic Community Councils of Australia FECCA National Ethnic Disability Alliance NEDA People with Disability Australia PWDA Settlement Council of Australia The above organisations met with Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, in mid November 2010 to discuss the report and recommendations of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration Inquiry into migration with disability. The meeting demonstrated that there is a window of opportunity to convince the Government to change the current process and parameters for assessing people with disability when applying for migration to Australia or refugee protection. We now need to present the Government with as many cases as possible – those that have been rejected on the basis of the applicant with disability and those with a member of the family with disability. We also want to hear about the cases that you know about where the application has not yet been lodged, i.e. prior to rejection. All cases require consent from the applicant. The information can be sent to office@neda.org.au where the information will be collated and passed on to the Minister’s office. This call is open until 31 January 2011. For any queries contact Sibylle on 0407 878 933. Please spread this CALL broadly to all your networks
  10. Finance Minister: Australia Needs More Immigrants - WSJ.com Interesting comments from a relatively senior member of the Government. Best regards.
  11. Hi everyone here is the reply by immigration minister on the behalf of policy of diac... I need to reply to this mail. For this i need your comments that what should reply? Please click the attachment..
  12. Let's raise our voice!!! :dull: Dear Mr. Minister for Immigration and Citizenship! I am a permananent residency applicant. And I did that last May 2008. I’ve been waiting on the answer for more than 2years and 3months now. I am writing this because I think the whole processing related to Sub class 885 cook is unfair. Can you even imagine how disappointed they are and they cause huge despair to the applicants for they are not even trying to evaluate the permananent residency at all. I came to Australia legally and have studied here and worked here. Then I had applied for permananent residency I pretty sure there are a lot more students out there just like me. Apparently, applying for immigration after study in this land is not an illegal procedure. That is 100% legal ways of immigration which was enacted by your own government. And I think it’s totally unfair and inhumane behavior of them to treat me like some kind of criminal and even to postpone indefinitely for my application of permananent residency just because they think I am no use for Australian government. What did we do? All we did is just studying hard and working for the related career. Now I am in deep despair and I even feel terribly miserable for myself to carry on day by day since I could kicked out this country in any time soon. And when i went to go abroad, I had to take interview and pay the fees. I feel like I am in the prison without bars. If I want to visit my parents for their sickness, I can go out only when the department of Immigration and Citizenship approves me after the interview. This could take a day or two minimum and even if they approved I can only stay in my country 3months maximum. It breaks my heart every time I saw what’s said on the webpage of the department of Immigration and Citizenship. It says if you can’t take all those procedures and treatment, please cancel your application and go back to your country. I ‘ve already spent the prime time(20s to 30s) of my life in Australia. And I just don’t know how I can start it all over again without my precious job and lovely friends I have here. Some people compare getting of Australian citizenship as a lottery. It means it is more up to simple luck than a fair and equal evaluating procedure. One of my friend who applied for the permanent residence 4months later than me is already acquired it 2years ago. But I didn’t. Funny thing here is that we have exactly the same evaluating conditions(same school, job, age, English score, careers). ! Why is that? I can only say it’s just my bad luck! Dear Mr. Minister for Immigration and Citizenship! Please don’t follow the unfair treatment of the old minister. Please give us a fair and equal opportunity to get the evaluating for our life. Please don’t lie that you will do so in 2 or 3years later. It means I have to wait for 5years. Australia is already like my another mother land so please let me have a chance to live in this land. Please help me out not to loose my job and my friends. Please! I am begging you. Sincerely, an applicant for sub class 885 (cook) in 2008. Chris Bowen's Contact Details Chris Bowen as the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship For issues relating to Chris Bowen's duties as the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship please use the following contact details. Address: Chris Bowen MP Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Parliament House M1/24 Canberra ACT 2600 Telephone: 02 6277 7200 Fax: 02 6273 4406 Email: chris.bowen.mp@aph.gov.au Electorate office: Chris Bowen MP 115 The Crescent Fairfield NSW 2165 Postal address: Chris Bowen MP PO Box 802 Fairfield NSW 1860 Australia If you would like to provide an opportunity for Chris Bowen to respond, please supply a postal address with all correspondence (including email).
  13. Guest

    New Minister for Immigration

    How sad am I? Well he's gone...just waiting for new immigration minister....and it is.... Chris Bowen??
  14. Ms Gillard has scrapped the title of education minister and appointed Peter Garrett as the Minister for Schools, Early Childhood and Youth, while Chris Evans becomes Minister for Jobs, Skills and Workplace Relations. Ms Gillard says Senator Evans will share some of the responsibility for higher education policies. "He will have the undergraduate end of higher education as I did and (Innovation, Industry and Science Minister) Kim Carr will have the research and post graduate end, which he has looked after for the last three years," she said. Senator Evans says education has been bolstered by the appointment of two ministers to the portfolio. "What she's actually done is lifted the priority by putting two Cabinet ministers in the portfolio," he said. "Peter Garrett's going to focus on schools because we have a very ambitious agenda there and if you look at it, the investment in schools has almost doubled under this Government in a short time." But the body representing Australia's universities says it is disappointed that the Government scrapped the education minister title. Universities Australia chairman Professor Peter Coaldrake says the omission of a reference to education may signal an inadequate understanding of the role higher education plays. He says higher education is a significant contributor to skills and jobs and deserves formal recognition. Meanwhile, Senator Evans says he will make employment training a priority under his appointment to meet the growing demand for skilled workers in Western Australia. He says the portfolio is best suited to a Western Australian or Queensland MP because those states are most at risk of future job shortages. "It's important that we provide those skills to grow those economies," he said. "I was an immigration minister and was always under pressure to provide new migrants to fill those skills needs. "That can only be a part of the solution; the solution's got to be up-skilling our own people, training our people, making sure that young Australians get opportunities for high-skilled, high-paid jobs." He also believes that having three Western Australian ministers in the Federal Government will boost Labor's presence in the traditionally conservative state. Gary Gray has been elevated from a parliamentary secretary role to the Special Minister of State portfolio, taking the number of WA ministers in Federal Parliament to three. Senator Evans is also from the state, along with Stephen Smith who will leave foreign affairs to become Defence Minister. He says the three portfolios are particularly important to the interests of WA. "We are the growth economy of Australia and it's important that we have strong representation from WA," he said. "Stephen Smith in the Defence portfolio, my portfolio and Gary Gray I think gives us a good mix and I think we'll have a strong representation for the West Australian voice in what are key portfolios for Western Australia."
  15. Guest

    Ideas for new immi minister

    Been thinking about this for a while, and decided to post it as we have a new immi minister. Why doesn't the DIAC, contact applicants who have applied for a visa, and ask if they still wish to continue with their application? There could be many (hundreds/thousands) who now, do not wish to emigrate to Aus, because of the delays, changes to personnal circumstances etc etc. Obviously not sure (re havent a clue), about the legal/illegal implications, but if people have had enough of waiting, decided not to, etc etc these applications could be removed from the backlog? I don't know what would happen (legally) with the monies paid. ie refunds? and I'm not on about forcing people to give up their applications. Any thoughts please? Paul & Babs Any thought
  16. New cabinet for Australian Government has just been announced. Our collective fate lies in the hads of a certain Chris Bowen, according to the BBC: BBC News - Australia PM Julia Gillard announces cabinet‎ Wondering if this good news or not.:skeptical: Zeday
  17. George Lombard

    New Minister

    Chris Bowen becomes the new immigration minister replacing Chris Evans, who moves to a jobs portfolio. See Gillard announces her team . Interesting that Evans is going to have a role with the skills side of immigration - you'd expect that the economic modelling input to future manifestations of the skilled occupation list, any new MODL or CSL, and state sponsorship lists. Just a shame that he won't be able to drive the reform of disability discrimination in migration from his new jobs portfolio. Bowen, according to his Wikipedia entry, is an atheist, which will give him interesting discussions with the many religious groups who work in the broader immigration portfolio. Otherwise his CV doesn't reveal any special qualifications for the job apart from growing up in multicultural Western Sydney and being a former mayor of Fairfield. See Chris Bowen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Cheers, George Lombard
  18. kernow43

    New Minister for Immigration

    New Minister is Chris Bowen Chris Bowen becomes the new immigration minister replacing Chris Evans, who moves to a jobs portfolio. Gillard reveals new Cabinet line-up | Courier Mail I hope this will please all those waiting. So a bit of a rise for Chris Evans Prime Minister: Julia Gillard Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer: Wayne Swan Foreign Affairs: Kevin Rudd Jobs, Skills and Workplace Relations: Chris Evans Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, Arts: Simon Crean Defence: Stephen Smith Health and Ageing: Nicola Roxon Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs: Jenny Macklin Infrastructure and Transport: Anthony Albanese Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy: Stephen Conroy Innovation, Industry and Science: Kim Carr Finance and Deregulation: Penny Wong Schools, Early Childhood and Youth: Peter Garrett Attorney-General: Robert McClelland Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry: Joe Ludwig Sustainable Population, Communities, Environment and Water: Tony Burke Resources, Energy and Tourism: Martin Ferguson Immigration and Citizenship: Chris Bowen Trade: Craig Emerson Climate Change and Energy Efficiency: Greg Combet Outer ministry Human Services, Social Inclusion: Tanya Plibersek Home Affairs and Justice, Privacy and FOI: Brendan O'Connor Employment Participation and Childcare: Kate Ellis Indigenous Employment and Economic Development, Sport, Social Housing and Homelessness: Mark Arbib. Small Business, Assistant Minister for Tourism: Nick Sherry Veterans Affairs and Defence Science and Personnel: Warren Snowdon Assistant Treasurer, Financial Services and Superannuation: Bill Shorten Mental Health and Ageing: Mark Butler Special Minister of State: Gary Gray Defence Materiel: Jason Clare Read more: http://www.news.com.au/features/federal-election/kevin-rudd-returns-to-frontbench-as-julia-gillard-set-to-reveal-new-posts/story-fn5tas5k-1225917767283#ixzz0zC4kaRCq
  19. HI-ALL I have already got state sponsorship from Western Australia on last September. Also, I have applied 175 visa and submitted all documents to DIAC on 30/12/2008. My health requirements will be expired in this October. My occupation is OPTICAL MECHANIC. I know that my occupation is not on the new list. I know already that my application will be fall into category2 if my occupation is included SMP. Therefore I asked Mr,EVANS that; 1,If so, do you mean that my state sponsorship agreement is became like a piece of waste paper from 14th July?? 2,Don`t you have any responsibility about state sponsorship?? I am very expecting how he will reply. I will post hear if I get an receipt from he. BYE~~
  20. Just a note to tell anyone who may be interested that the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship ,Senator Chris Evans will be appearing on ABC TV's "Q &A" program tonight at 9.30PM Austraian Eastern Standard Time. Anyone wishing to ask a question of the miniister can do so by going to Q&A | ABC TV All questions submitted will appear on the program website and the shorted questions are more likely to be used on the program. The best questions submitted will be answered on the program tonight. Hope this helps Cheers Nigel
  21. bunbury61

    Australias new Prime minister

    Is it Kath ,or is it Kim :laugh:
  22. Do you think Gillard will be better than Rudd, She made comments before about more immigration to western Aus ?. Do you think she make any more changes to immigration laws. I hope she makes its easier.
  23. AAP Immigration Minister Chris Evans says he would very, very rarely use his new powers to veto skilled migration applications. The Senate legal and constitutional affairs committee is considering a government bill that would give the minister the right to terminate future bids for residency. Senator Evans could be granted extra powers if the committee agrees with the bill. This could lead to a possible Senate vote in June. But Senator Evans insisted he would exercise his power judiciously. "This is a power that we would use very, very rarely if we need to manage the program in that way," the minister told ABC Radio. The government wants the power to terminate future applications made when the independent body, Skills Australia, updates its skilled occupation list. Senator Evans said the government needed to be able to select people based on skills needs rather than rely on applicants who thought they could study in Australia and buy a place in the migration program. "This is a bill that gives the minister the power to deal with situations where we're getting too many people in one occupation distorting the program," he said. Asked about giving a future minister too much power, Senator Evans said it would be up to any successor to argue their case in public. The Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010 passed the lower house in May. From July, the number of occupations under the skilled migration program will be slashed from 400 down to 181. Occupations removed from the list include cooks, hairdressers, acupuncturists, piano tuners, journalists and naturopaths. © 2010 AAP
  24. Hi everyone After the debacle of 8th May this year, I emailed the Minister of Immigration (as suggested by many of you on this site) to let him know how much heartache him messing with the GSM visas is causing personally. I didn't expect a response but I did get one. It's not that great (and includes nothing we didn't already know) but I thought that I would post it on here anyway so you could all see what he is circulating around to people. Dear Ms ******** Thank you for your email of 9th May 2010 to the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, concerning the temporary suspension of the acceptance of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications. The Minister has asked that I reply on his behalf. I appreciate your desire to migrate to Australia, and that the presence of family members, and your visits, strengthen your ties to Australia. Australia's Migration Program is carefully managed so as to yield the maximum benefit for the Australian community. It serves a range of economic, social and demographic objectives. The skilled visa catergories are designed to select people who have skills and attributes which will enable them to integrate quickly into our labour market and use the skills that they have gained.The introduction of the new list of occupations is part of a package of proposed reforms that reflect the Australian Government's commitment to labour market demand-driven skilled migration program. As you are aware, as part of these reforms the Government has suspended the acceptance of certain GSM visa applications, and intends that the suspension will cease at the end of the 2009-2010 program year, that is at the end of 30 June 2010. The number of places available to independent skilled migrants in the skilled migration program is expected to fall as the number of places available for employer-sponsored skilled migrants increases. Employer-sponsored migration matches migrants directly to jobs in Australia, making it the best method to ensure the labour market gets the skills it needs now. It is therefore important that the smaller number of independent skilled migration places that are available are filled by migrants with skills that are critical to Australia's economic development in the medium to long term. The new list of occupations identifies these skills. You should also note that the new Skilled Occupation List will only apply to independent migration in the skilled stream. Where State and Territory Governments have negotiated State Migration Plans they will have a wider range of occupations available to them for sponsorship through the skilled sponsored visas. You may wish to monitor the occupations available for nomination through State and Territory Government websites. Links to these web-sites can be found on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website at: www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/visa-options.htm From the information you have provided you may also wish to investigate your eligibility for permanent residency under one of the permanent employer sponsored visa catergories - the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). You should be aware that to be granted a visa in either of these catergories, you would need to have pre-arranged employment in Australia, and your proposed employer would need to nominate you as part of the visa application. Further information on the ENS and RSMS is available in 'Booklet 5 - Employer Sponsored Migration'. This booklet is available free of charge from the Department's website at: www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/booklets.htm Alternatively, you may wish to explore options such as the Temporary Business (Long Stay) (Subclass 457) visa. This visa is used by employers to sponsor overseas workers on a temporary basis for a period of between three months and four years. Subclass 457 visa holders may explore further options for permanent residence after having worked and lived in Australia. More information on the Subclass 457 visa option is available on the Department's website at: www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs Thank you for bringing this matter to attention. Yours sincerely Peter Speldewinde As I said, not much that we didn't already know. Fingers crossed for us when the new SMP's are released.