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Found 11 results

  1. magzy100

    mining jobs

    I'm moving to Melbourne in 3 wks and I'm looking for advise on which qualifications/cards/licenses would be the best to get. I have no experience in mine work as I've been a property renovator for the last 15 years. I really fancy a career change, can anyone help, big thanks
  2. Thanks for taking a look at this. I'm a 31 year old pommie thinking of doing the Diploma of Applied Geosciences at tafeSA. I have always wanted to get into this career and was wondering what experiences you've had or advice you could share. Cheers in advance.
  3. Andrew Stevens

    Holiday Visa truns to Working?

    Hi fellow pomes! I am planning on hopefully coming over in the next few months. One question I have is; As I am 32 and ineligible for young person's working visa, as am unskilled; am I able to visit on a long holiday Visa (2 yrs), and then transfer to a working Visa once have work confirmed and arranged? I plan on moving to Perth and working in the mining industry. I am getting in touch with pro service but am eager for some positive feedback. Many thanks
  4. Hi everyone! I have been in Australia for nearly 6 months and have quickly realised that just 1 year here isnt enough, so I need to do the regional work to extend my visa. After looking at the list of jobs that qualify as regional work, I can see that I would be best off going into the mining industry as I can work within my trade. Can anyone point me in the right direction on who to contact? Iv spent hours looking, and every time I think im getting somewhere it turns out to be a third party company who wants 1000's of $ before they even trying to place me in a job. Any advice would be great! Thanks, Marc.
  5. Just been looking online and notice they are advertising for positions up at Weipa Mine Mining Opportunities Expressions of interest are sought for experienced & qualified tradespeople for this well known & fully established mining operation in the following roles: Boilermakers Fitters – Diesel, mechanical, & heavy equipment Mechanics Electricians Permanently based in Weipa, you will have at least 2 years mining industry experience including all relevant qualifications & tickets. Accommodation will be provided on site or, initially, in Cairns. Exceptional salary and benefits are provided for people willing to work in a remote location and commit to at least 12 month contract. All applicants must be a resident of Cairns or its surrounding areas. Exceptional salary and benefits for people willing to work and live in this remote community. email your resume to leslie@precruitment.com.au
  6. Hi guys, I work for a recruitment company and at present have clients who are genuinely offering 457 working sponsored visa's to qualified Mining Geologists who have experience with Coal. They are actively seeking candidates from overseas as there are not enough suitable, qualified candidates for their needs in Australia. Candidates must be prepared to relocate to Brisbane. Assistance could also be provided for relocation costs. If you are interested, or know someone that might be, please feel free to message me, and i will be in contact with you. Please provide email address in your message. Thanks
  7. stephaniepomroy

    Mining jobs in qld???

    My partner is due to come out to QLD in late Sept, hes currently a self employed plasterer so has no experience in any mining at all! were aware he will have to do mining courses but how hard it is to gain a mining job with no experience but with relevant courses attented? our main aim is for us to gain employment sponsorship so myslef and children can join him at a later date.. are we asking to much? can anyone point us in the right direction?? THANX STEPH,X
  8. The federal government recently announced that it would use the 457 visa skilled migration program to fast-track the number of skilled workers applying from the United States. In defending this move, Federal Minister for Skills Chris Evans suggested that this was not a case of discriminating in favour of US workers, but rather cementing an important, existing relationship between the two countries. He also argued the move could redress acute labour shortages in some parts of the Australia economy while also providing employment opportunities for the workers from the US, where unemployment is running at 8.2 per cent (considerably higher than Australia’s rate of 5.2 per cent). In particular, these employees would target the construction sector, where much of the current unmet demand for labour is in the development of large-scale mining projects. Some benefits of this move appear obvious. In a recent article examining employer calls for an expansion of 457 visas in mining, I argued that workers from different cultural contexts, with non-English speaking backgrounds, might face greater challenges at the workplace and in remote mining communities. In particular, that article highlighted workplace health and safety concerns, and this concern was raised by the minister in explaining the move to expand the numbers of US migrant workers. But there remains concern about the capacity of skilled migration to undermine employment opportunities for local workers, and a sense that government and employers should be seeking to maximise local employment opportunities. Given that employers have pushed hard for an expansion of the skilled migration scheme, it is critical to examine the motives of employers in pressing this case. Operating as an employer-sponsored employment scheme, a key benefit to employers of 457 visas is their capacity to tie employees to a particular firm. That employers are able to restrict worker mobility is crucial to understanding how employers manage labour in contexts where they are dealing with skilled workers in tight labour markets. In human resource management (HRM) literature there is a well known 'training paradox' that highlights the dilemma for employers in managing skilled workers in highly competitive markets. The training dilemma occurs because acute labour shortages and high labour mobility act as impediments to the provision of training and development. Put simply, employers do not want to invest in workers who might leave, or be poached by other employers competing within the same labour pool. On the other hand, not investing in employees also risks high levels of turnover as skilled workers expect development opportunities, and perceive these to be part of the implicit employment contract. Even prior to training, skilled workers incur substantial recruitment costs and so the investment does not pay off without a period of sustained employment. So the attraction of an employer-sponsored scheme is then twofold. First, the skills required are already provided, lessening the need to incur substantial training costs. This is a known as a 'buy' rather than 'make' decision. Second, job hopping (or employer poaching) is limited by the very nature of the scheme: that employment is dependent on the sponsorship of a particular employer. While employees could, of course, change sponsors, there is still a strong moral, if not formal, contract to stay with the original sponsor. Since the 1990s Australia’s employment relations system has been increasingly decentralised. We have moved away from standardisation of terms and conditions of employment across occupations and industries – which occurred under the previous industrial arbitration system – to enterprise and individual level bargaining. Employers have welcomed this as a way of increasing workplace flexibility. The danger for employers however is that this decentralisation has exacerbated competition for workers, particularly in areas of skilled labour shortage, resulting in labour poaching, increased wages and the aforementioned HRM dilemmas. In areas of skill shortages in particular, employers require measures to contain these competitive tendencies, and this would seem to highlight their desire for an expansion of the skilled migrant workers scheme.
  9. I just wrote out a long post but for some reason the website swallowed it, so i'll keep this one shorter. I have a WHV and will be travelling to Perth and was looking at jobs in mining. They are being advertised at $1,200-2,000 a week with no qualifications. How realistic is this, and how hard are these jobs to get? Regards Matt
  10. Hi Everyone, I am a British / Australian expat living in Ireland and I specialise in recruiting to Australia having lived there for many years. I specialise in placing Civil Engineers, Construction, Oil and Gas specialists, Coal and Metalliferous mining people -both surface and UG. I do both white and blue collar roles. Would love to hear from anyone from these industries who might be interested in a 4 year secondment or something longer. Best regards, Adam Weatherley
  11. Guest

    Hello All

    :jimlad: Hi All, recent new joiner, first posting, finally badgered on by Wife who has been a member for a couple of years now (Brideycollette). Thought i'd join as our desicion time is getting closer due to my end date with the Royal Navy. Few false starts so far, started with RAN but they got cold feet after two months, apparently the RAN is going to train their own engineers now (crazy enough to work). 175 route next, points to the max, Government decide to 'improve' the skills lists and hey presto 5 points short you old fart (come back MODL all is forgiven). Now attempting the state sponsered route (TRA assesment for Elec special Class off tomorrow) or the 'Giz a job' route. The Poet