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Found 39 results

  1. Guest

    Confused - 175 Visa or 121 Visa

    Hi, I am currently in NZ on a 457 visa going to Aus on a casual basis (well, the last casual assignment was for 8 months!!!). I am now thinking of migrating to Aus and weighing up options for different visas. The company is willing to sponsor me for 121 visa. But there is a 2 year contract attached and the company is relatively low-paying. On the other hand, I will qualify for 70 points for the 175 visa. I see that the minimum points is 65 points. My biggest concern is, 70 is only marginally above 65 points. I am afraid that the application may be rejected/delayed/lost interest. Do you guys think I am better to stick to a 121 visa? Or is 70 points good enough? Does anyone know how Immigration compares points against minimum point requirements? Any suggestions/ideas/sharings will be appreciated.
  2. Hi there, This is my first post here, and i am getting a lil bit confuse because of the eligibility test from the DIAC website. I had been searching this forum but couldnt find an answer yet. Hope somebody could help me out here. This is my situation: I intend to apply for visa 475. I have enough threshold point of 65 from the point test accumulated from(age-30,English-10,State sponsorship[regional]-10,academic qualification-15=65). However if I only have 2 years of overseas skill employment(rather than 3 which gives 5 points),no experience in Australian skilled employment,and am without any Australian study requirement, am i still eligible visa applicant or not? Am i required to at least gain 3 years of overseas experience(min) so that i am qualified to apply? Thanks and I hope you guys could help me to sort this matter as my State sponsorship will arrive soon and i am not sure to proceed with visa apps or not. Thousand thanks Regards
  3. Dorsetgirl1

    LAFHA - Minimum Salary Level

    Anyone know if the amount that your salary can't go below if you claim LAFHA....I think it's $50,000 but not sure
  4. Guest51810

    minimum money

    im just looking for some quick advice. just wondering roughly whats the minimum money we could move on without it being a complete disaster? we dont have a house to sell so everything has to be saved up from scratch. we're just looking for sponsorship but have been told by the recruitment company that employer will pay visa, daves flight ( probably not mine tho) and also may pay a relocation assistance. we will be renting in oz, not going to be shipping anything over and obviously dave will be working very quickly so just wondering how much roughly we would need?? cheers :biggrin:
  5. Hi I have worked in the financial services area a number of years ago both at branch retail and group credit level. May look to move back into this sector in Aus. Can anyone tell me the most recognised and respected Australian qualification, which I would need to attain - similar to the QFA qualification in Ireland/UK. Regards
  6. Hi guys! I am just wandering what the minimum age for being granted 457 subclass visa??
  7. Guest

    minimum wage

    looking to move to wa, could you tell me whats minimum wage and then I can work out from there if prices are too high thank you
  8. Wildrover

    GSM minimum Age change

    Guys wonder if any of you have heard this to? I spoke to a friend last night who told me that her migration agent had emailed her saying that the GSM minimum age had been increased from 45 to 50 :biggrin:(possibly higher). I cant find anything on the immigov pages, it might not be correct:skeptical:
  9. claireg

    Minimum age for Medicals?

    Hi I was just wondering if there is a minimum age for medicals for a baby? Anyone know. Thanks Claire
  10. Hi All, I'm applying for the immigration visa now under subclass 175 (independent). In the application form I see this question- What is the value of money, goods and assets which you (and your partner) intend to bring to Australia? My question is, how much should I quote minimum? I mean minimum how much would be sufficient? BR, Wasim
  11. Guest

    Minimum Wage

    Hi, I'm not sure if this should go in the jobs or money forum so I took a guess and put it here... I'm just wondering what the minimum wage is in Australia (sydney) for bar/shop/office work? Thanks, Karina
  12. Hi guys, I'm new around here, I tried searching but I couldn't find anything that answered my question.... so here it goes.. I'm currently in Sydney, and my employer offered to sponsor me under Project Adminsitrator, 457 visa. Previously the minimum salary for sponsorship was 45,220. Apparently it now is 47,480. My employer called immigration (they've sponsored people in the past, but don't seem experts at it by any means imo) and got told that they could pay me 45,220 since the market wage for my position was above 47,480. Is this correct? The 45,220 doesn't include my superannuation payments (or annual/sick leave), I guess if I included these then I'd be above the 47,480? Please feel free to flame me if I'm asking a stupid question, or if I've missed something obvious in the forums. But any help would be very appreciated, maybe pointing me in the direction of the right thread or someone that can help me? Thanks in advance!
  13. Guest

    The minimum wage in oz

    Just wondering what the minimum wage is in Australia. If anyone is care-giving i would be interested in what the hourly rate for that is to. I am planning to be working in perth
  14. Hi i need help regarding my 457 visa. My visa agent forwarded me an email he had recieved this morning from my case officer regarding my 457 visa.. It stated that; electrical worker grade 5 pay rate is $637.60 per week or $16.78 per hour,this rate would not meet TSMIT?(the base rate is 45k I think,and $16.78 only adds upto 33k),and it also does not meet REG 2.72(10)(cc)? I'm currently in australia and my employer has signed a contract stating he'll pay me $30 per hour... Any help please,has anybody else has this problem? How is it possible to get a 457 as an electrician if the standard set pay rate is 12k lower then the requirements??This is really confusing me now. Any help please,that I can forward onto my visa agent,and he can forward onto my case officer?? Many thanks. Nathan
  15. Hi Everyone, What is the min time you need to sort everthing out before you leave? Is it possible within six weeks? I remember reading a list on here that a member had posted on all the things you needed to do before you go? Does anyone have the link to the thread? Thanks Shreen
  16. Hi everyone, it is me again :smile: I have been online and I am trying to work out what the national minimum wage is here in Oz but there seems to be a lot of different sites with additional information which changes things site to site as well as it appears state to state! In England it was just simple: You have to get paid at least this amount per hour, through the whole of England, changing only when you got to a certain age when the minimum wage went up...Is it as simple as that here in Oz? I am 22 years old, and living in Western Australia - can anybody let me know what the minimum wage is for me, if possible? And is there another age bracket above my age at which the minimum wage goes up? Thanks guys!! xx
  17. Hi Guys, Just wondered what your thoughts are with regards to this subject? This is in relation to the following news story, printed last week ‘Indefinite sentence’ butcher Gregory Davis freed | The Sun |News An e-petition has been set up to impose a law change so these criminals have to serve a minimum sentence. Petition to: introduce a minimum sentence for mentally ill criminals who kill their victims. | Number10.gov.uk I am personally involved, however, even if I wasn't I think 6 years in prison for murdering 2 people and attempting to murder a third is just shocking. If you agree, please sign the petition, it takes just 1 minute! You do need to be a British Citizen or resident and there is a specific 'expatriate' option. If you do sign, please let me know Thanks, Lisa
  18. Hi. Ive been in AUS just over a year on a sponsored 457 in an ITC role. Ive recently received some information and seen alot of talk of recent changes to the minimum salary for existing 457 visa holders. Im really trying to find out how this affects me as im not getting much info from my employer and am concerned they wont be willing to raise my salary to meet the new requirements. Im currently on $49 K. Any advise would be much appreciated. TIA :confused: wil
  19. Hi, Can anyone please help me? :goofy: I need to change my student visa subclass from 573 to 572, One of the education agent told me that there should be at least 3-6 months study should be left before I can apply for 573 to 572, But I could not find any information related to this. I have only 2 months study left. Please advise me, I'm really confused :chatterbox:
  20. Guest

    Defacto sponsor minimum wage?

    Hi I am just wondering if there is a minimum wage my Australian partner has to earn for her to sponsor me on a spouse 309 visa? My father is also a permanent resident and i'm wondering if he can be part of the sponsor as well??? If anyone could give us some info as that a concern for us.... Thanks :smile:
  21. I have been in Australia for nearly 1 year now on my working visa with my boyfriend. We were booked to go home in two weeks but last week I got offered a job by a not for profit company as a IT Help Desk Officer. The company has said that they will sponsor me to stay in the country however the salary is 40,000. I raised the point that there may be a problem with me getting accepted because I need to be paid a minimum market salary which as I understand is $45,225. After a lot of phonecalls back and forth, they told me that I would not need to be paid the minimum salary because that is only the case for the tempory 457 visa.... they are offering permanent residency instead. I have just checked a couple of things on the internet and it seems that the minimum salary is for both temp and perm visas. Basically what I need to know is..... is there a way for the company to sponsor me without having to pay me the minimum salary? I really need some help here because I have to decide pretty soon so that I don't loose my flights back to UK. Cheers guys!! p.s Im stressed out! :chatterbox:
  22. We are in Oz on a 4 year 457 visa, we have just completed our first year here. Is there a time limit that a company has to keep you employed if they have sponsored you for 4 years?
  23. pez2008

    Low $ = Minimum to take for now.

    Hi. Just about to change some currency ( Halo finance, any advice recieved please) because the $ is so low this is my plan any advice gratefully recieved. Send £25k asap to our bank in Geelong near Melbourne asap and leave £55k here until i can get a better rate (2.2 or more if poss). This is my thinking for the £25k £6K....... Car £6k....... Rental for about 6 months (small house 2 adults 1 dog) £6k....... Food, bills + petrol etc for a few months until we are working £3k.... Tv , hoover and any thing else essential. £1k.... Dog + shipping final payment. £3k....... Contingency. Then hopefully $ increases and later on i can transfer the rest. Any or all advice please.
  24. How much dies it cost to migrate to Australia? We are getting married before we go so money is going to be tight but we will be trying to save in the meantime but don't have the foggiest idea of how much we will really be needing. Thinking of going over on working holiday Visa and going from there once we are out there. Dad will be putting us up so won't be needing first months rent and deposit.
  25. Guest

    457 minimum salary

    I was sponsored last july on a 457, just went on website now to try and see when it will be reviewed with my employer, its a 4 year sponsorship and my manager says she has to review it 2 yearly...........HOWEVER, i have just noticed that the minimum salary went up a few thousand dollars AFTER i was sponsored. Does that mean they have to comply with this now, or not till when my sponsorship gets reviewed next year? Dont want to get to July and find I havent earned enough to stay!!! Why dont they make things straight forward!!!:arghh: