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Found 17 results

  1. Indian mining giant Adani has promised thousands of local jobs for Townsville and Rockhampton residents to work on its massive Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin. Adani announced it would split its fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workforce between the two cities and has promised to pay each council a rebate if it hires a non-local. But the Labor Member for Gladstone, Glen Butcher, said his city felt ripped off after backing Rockhampton's bid for the FIFO hub but scoring none of the locals-only jobs. So who will get the jobs? Townsville City Council said it would receive 2,100 jobs. This breaks down as 1,200 jobs in the construction phase and 900 FIFO and head office jobs once the mine is built. Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill broke it down even further. Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow said her city was promised 1,700 jobs. She said this included more than 1,000 jobs as part of the construction phase and a minimum of 600 ongoing mine jobs. How will councils ensure locals are getting the jobs? In a statement, Townsville City Council said it had this covered. The council said it had established processes to regularly audit and review Townsville's Adani job placements. "A regular audit will be undertaken to verify Townsville residential status which will be cross-matched to job commitments between the council and Adani," the statement said. A Rockhampton council spokesperson said they would audit the successful applicants to ensure they were locals. Can I live in a neighbouring council area and still get a job? You may get a job, but it will not be one of the thousands of FIFO jobs announced by Adani this week. Jobs promised to the Townsville and Rockhampton councils on Thursday would only be available to people in those local government areas. For example, if you live in Ingham, north of Townsville, you are not eligible. The decision has disappointed some people. Gladstone MP Glen Butcher said his area wrote a letter of backing for the Rockhampton Regional Council bid on the proviso the Gladstone area would get some jobs. But he said he now felt let down. "The Mayor of Gladstone is also a bit disheartened by it all, particularly their conversations and letters back and forwards of support," he said. "There is still opportunity for Gladstone people to get a job from this mine but it may have to come from a different way." Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker has also questioned Adani on where it stands on creating local jobs for local workers in her area. Her region includes the mining town of Moranbah, where many locals have already been excluded from nearby Bowen Basin mines that run on a purely FIFO workforce. "Isaac is the host region to this major project and will bare all the impacts of Adani's Carmichael Mine," Cr Baker said. However, Livingstone Shire Council Mayor Bill Ludwig said he was sure Adani would eventually extend jobs to his area. "We would expect that over the course of time, with the skill sets that are collectively in Rockhampton, Livingstone and Gladstone that there would be an opportunity for workers from all those areas," he said. In a response to questions posted on its social media page, Adani said other regional Queensland towns such as Gladstone, Mackay and Bowen were already involved in the project through construction sourcing, building the rail line and expanding Adani's Abbot Point port. Is it good enough just to have a registered local address? In a word, no. The Townsville City Council said only people who actually live in Townsville and Rockhampton will be eligible. "Townsville in particular has been hit hard by the loss of employers such as QNI and welcomes this opportunity to restore jobs and confidence in the city," a council spokesperson told the ABC. Can I move to those cities to qualify for a job? Yes, that works. Cr Strelow said people who chose to move to the Rockhampton council area for a job would be eligible. The same applies to Townsville — if you are willing to move, you are eligible for one of the 2,100 positions promised there. "We look forward to welcoming new families to Townsville and offering hope to those locals who have done it tough in recent times," the Townsville council spokesperson said. What if there are not enough locals to meet the job quota? Adani has agreed to pay Rockhampton and Townsville councils a rebate for every job they do not fill with a local resident. The ABC has been told the amount of that rebate is commercial in confidence. The Townsville council spokesperson said if there was not enough skilled locals, Adani would encourage skilled people to move to the area. "Where gaps are identified, Adani will work to attract people with the required abilities to Townsville in order take up the positions and contribute to the local economy," the spokesperson said. Don't FIFO laws prevent hiring based on postcode? Yes, but it does not apply to remote mines. Mines further than 125 kilometres from the nearest town are exempt from the law, so the Carmichael Coal mine can hire from certain postcodes and will be allowed to hire a totally FIFO workforce.
  2. Hi all, I'm currently considering a FIFO in WA. Having never worked FIFO before I'd really appreciate it if some of you could share your experiences. The rota is 3 on 1 off. I'm a married guy, late 20s no kids. How do the wives cope? Do any of them live near to the mines? Thanks in advance. :biggrin:
  3. In the last six months or so there's been fairly substantial changes to the way your basic compulsory qualifications have been presented; you'll see an advert asking for "A generic, SGS and S1, S2, S3" but most of them have changed their names which is really going to confuse you when you go to apply for them, so here's a summary: The Generic Passport is the mining equivalent of the blue/white card, but is increasingly becoming known as Standard 11. It's increased from 1 to 3 days but you can get RPL if you've been active on a mine site and is now easier to get renewed because of this The BMA passport, previously known as an SGS is now three days long and can only be provided through BMA themselves these days. There's currently a huge backlog as there are very limited providers (4 weeks at the moment) S1, S2, S3 (basic supervisor course) has already been through a name change to G1, G8, G9 but has undergone another to RIIRIS301A, RIIOHS301A, RIICOM301A. It's normally 3 days but I've seen 4-5 days advertised too. Cheers
  4. hello, I would love for somebody to reply to me! I moved to australia, on my own backpacking. I met a man, i feel in love...the whole shebang. Once we'd finished backpacking, i was more than ready to go home. i love my family but he wanted to stay and because i loved him so much, i stayed too. i never want to make it seem like he forced me to stay. i stayed because i wanted to. fast forward 3 years and i am still here. many times i think i should have gone with my gut and left for good ol' blighty, but i didnt....until now. i am leaving oz in the next few months to be with my family. i tried, more than you can possibly imagine to like australia and i love my boyfriend very very much. id hoped we'd get married, i had planned our entire wedding (for the love of god dont tell him that though ) but ultimately, i will never love a man as much as i love my family. the whole time i have been in oz, my family havent visited. in no way am i indicating my family dont care, they simply just dont have the money...and if this in an indication on what the rest of my life is going to be. i'm not in. i dont want to do it. i would like my future children to know my parents, to sit on my dad's knee and listen to the god awful stories he told me and my sisters as a child. id like my mum to help me out when i have absolutely no idea how to make my child stop screaming and as for my sisters. i dont think i will ever love 2 people as much as i love them. i quite honestly (prepare for dramatics!!) feel like a part of me is missing. for years and years ive pushed down the guilt and the sadness of not seeing them all the time...in all honesty too...it is guilt i feel so very guilty i missed my nephews birth, both sisters engagements, their first homes...i shall never forgive myself and i know they feel the same for me, except for the most interesting thing i ever did was rent an apartment in inner city brisbane, wooopeee! anyway, before i bore everyone to death..assuming anybody is actually reading this. homesickness NEVER goes away, sometimes it sleeps and lays dormant..but follow your heart. if ur gut is telling you "this isnt right" then its correct. going home in 2 months time is the best and saddest decision i ever made. i may well not marry my boyfriend and that kills me because in all honesty...he is amazing but i feel if he loved me the way i do him, he would try and do something to save us and he has not. however, i cant force him. if he doesnt want to go, dont go. it may feel like the end of the world but im sure that it isnt. the grief of a break up is shortlived, homesickness stays for a lot longer. :spinny:
  5. Hello all, I have just moved to Adelaide with my boyfriend of 3 years from London. Since I have known him he has wanted to leave the UK for Oz. We broke up because of this many times as I thought, great! I have finaly met the man of my dreams who I have fallen head over heels in love with and he bloody wants to move to the other side of the world! Just my luck! He also thought we should break up many times because we wanted different things (OZ and london!) but we couldnt keep away from each other and would always get back togther missing each other terribely. In one of our "breaks" he went to sydney to look for a job and try to get sponsorship. We were broken up but he would still call and email and while he was gone i missed him so much. I wanted to be with him desperately, even if it meant going to oz. I looked into ways i could live there and was so unhappy without him. He also missed me and ended up confessing his love for me over the phone in oz during 3 hour long talks on the phone, saying he woudl not be content without me and wanted us to marry. I also didnt feel content without him and decided I would move to oz with him. After he came back from sydney, we spend a happy year togther in london and planned how we would both emigrate to oz togther. THe plan was I would go with him and stay for 6 months and if i like it we would marry and stay here and make a life. THe only problem is that we had to stay in Adelaide for 3 years with state sponsorship b4 we could move anywhere else like sydney (where i actually have relatives). Since being here for 2 months I have felt very homesick and lonely. I miss my family and many friends who I am very close with. I used to live with my parents and see my friends all the time. We are all so close, like sisters and am very close to my mum. I speak to my mum everyday on skype and my friends every week on phone. Everyday we are facebooking. My OH is unhappy because he feels i am not giving it a go here and gets upset when i critizize oz and glorify london. I cant help it because i genuinely miss london so much and my life there where i had a great social life, good job, family etc. I have never thought of moving away from london. I did it for love. I thought it would be enough. AM so confused because i know i have to make a decision soon. am going back in march either engaged to be married and stay here in oz, or back for good on my own. It hurts that i have to choose between the love of my life who is so good to me and loves me, and my home in london and friends/family. I feel i cant just make this decision to "just go home and see it as an adventure" and "at least i tried". I cant think like this because it will mean loosing the man who i love so much. He hates the uk and has never felt at home there, this was his dream to come here and he told me that he cant live there. I insisted i wanted to come and he told meit would be so hard as he knows how close i am to the people in my life. He is scared i am going to leave him. SO sorry guys to rant like this. I just feel that no one understands my dielema. Has anyone emigrated with a partner because it was them who really wantedto go? it seems most couples just so happen to want to do the same thing and made a "joint" decision. How i envy them! AM scared i am making a big mistake living here where i feel out of place and not at home, its such a change from london and i have no friends here. I dont feel its me, if we marry and have children it sadens me that my mum wont be around or my friends, i feel so alone. I also feel that if i decide to go back i will also regret it and it will be a bad decision. I love my oh so much, without him i go mad, miss him so much, and he is so caring and supportive towards me right now, very understanding. I feel bad for ruining his dream, by not being positive enough. Sorry to do your heads in. any advice would be apreciated.
  6. Close to 30 people missing in mine blast My thoughts go to the Miners, family and friends! Susie
  7. Hi all, Pleased to say that I have passed all my electrical exams and now have the Class A licence. It took me just over 3 months to obtain by means of completing an on site log book, home study course, and 3 paper exams and one practical. The course I decided to take was a distance learning course whereas all the books are sent to your home address and you can study at your own pace whenever you want. Other option was 2 days per week at a TAFE with some saturdays included for 6 to 12 months which didnt appeal to me. The distance learning option has conditions attached as follows: 1. You have to be in Queensland 2. You have to be working for an employer therefore being able to fill in the site log/diary to prove your practical experience. ( I worked as a TA (Trade assistant) just to get the hours in) 3. You need a current first aid course which includes resusitation 4. A letter from your employer to verify competence. Any sparks who need guidance to obtaining their A classs licence please do not hesitate to contact me. ps. This applies to both Vetasses sparks and TRA sparks. Good luck and merry xmas Chris
  8. Guest

    Visa granted!!! (not mine)

    Woo-hooo, as of today my Aunty is a permanent resident of Australia! She plans to come out with her partner Michael and 2 boys Jack and Alfie, 1 and 4 to start a new life in Perth with us at the end of September! Those who have followed my posts will know that means a lot to me as we are like sisters with only 5 yrs between us, can't wait for them to arrive, hope they don't hate it, lol. Here is her timeline for those with an interest 176 family sponsored CSL lodged 27/3/10 C.O allocated 21/5/10 Medicals 24/5/10 (some referred/awaiting reports then finalised 17/6/10 VISA GRANTED 22/6/10 :jiggy::jiggy:
  9. Hi all, I am a newbeee!!! We are just starting out on the long process of migrating to Perth, Western Australia (we hope) and are looking for advise, WARNING we really have no clue where to start, so please bare with me; My husband is an electrician and has had is own busines for just over 10 years I am a hairdresser qualified for 10 years, but have not worked in a salon for abour 4 years now, We have been looking into the visa situation and I have got to say, it looks quite complicated for my husband to do electrics out in oz (with regards to skills assessment prior to being able to even apply for a visa, then having all the re training etc before being able to get a job) so Im wondering if it would be easier to try on my Hairdressing for a visa instead of going through all of the skills assessments for him..but as I say, we really have no clue, so any advise would be most appreciated!!:biggrin: thankyoou in advance Laura
  10. We`re looking to move down to the Bunbary area...I`m a diesel mechanic and i`m looking to have a look at going in to the mines,have`nt worked in a mine before...had a look around and found the boddington mine about 2 hrs N.E of bunbary just if any one works there,just intrested...any info..thanx most greatful Dave. :smile:
  11. Guest

    Visa query! Not mine.

    Hi, I had a visit from a friend who heard we going to Oz, he wanted to see if I could advise him on how he can go. I couldn't, but am hoping someone on here can help. He's 40, single, been a joiner for 20 yrs, no papers but can get confirmation of employment etc. hoping to go to Sydney permanently but willing to go temporarily and try onshore, if that's possible. Thanks guys, Sheena
  12. hi all status page changed yesterday to all meds/bloods recieved. then it says that the others are finalised but mine are still outstanding! i am the main app. i am a 'B' they where 'A's'....i got all reports checks needed before the meds were sent off...so i am hoping there is not a problem. i understand that they will have been sent off but does anyone know how long they take to get back to my CO? will i be told that they have gone to HOC? any reasurance is VERY appreciated!!!!!!!!! debbie p.s it is a 457..i am a nurse (dont know if it will make a difference)
  13. I've just had an email from my CO. I've got my temporary residence visa :smile:- that's the good news.. Unfortunately, she is still assessing my dependant's application. I'm absolutely beside myself with worry, and thinking that there is probably some problems somewhere, if not, it would have been straighforward approval for hubby and our daughter. Also unfortunately, the visa is also only valid until 30 june 09!!! It is only a 1-year contract, which my employers have said they will renew if both sides are happy, but when they applied for the sponsership visa, they applied for one-year period starting from the date of their application. grhhhh. So even if DH and DD get their visa, looks like we'll have to go through this mindboggling process again really soon. If it doesn't work out, we'll be facing another British grey and damp winter. I obviously won't go over on my own It's an emotional roller-coaster - this ride seems to go on forever and forever!:no:
  14. Hi guys, New to this site and new to the process of visa application. I understand if we go on my visa ill have to go through vetassess and provide all old references etc ( some which will be hard to track down due to nature of moving around a lot). If we went on my partners visa whom is a registered mental health nurse and also on the MODL list will it be as time consuming as tradesmen process?? Havent got a clue :wacko:so any ideas would be appreciated Thanks
  15. Hi everyone, after some 1 millions searches i have finally found a forum that hopefully be able to answer some of our questions / dilemmas. So here goes, (could be a long post this one) i suggest you get a coffee sit back and relax :biglaugh: Who we are: - We are the Cane family from Warrington, Cheshire. I am Steve (40), my wife Adele (42) and our two daughters Laura (14) & Georgia (9). We like so many people on this forum have had enough of Great "rip off" Britain and have made the big step in deciding we want to move away to Oz. I currently work for a global IT consultancy firm, I am a Team Leader in the support centre supporting a ERP system called SAP, this seems to score highly in the assessment test that can be done online (as SAP is a wanted skill). Scores range from 115, 120, 125 & 130 so some varying scores, but after some investigation it seems I would have to do a RPL assessment with the Australian Computer Society detailing my work history as I do not have a degree, I have learnt my skill from work experience, been on a few SAP course’s. Adele has no formal qualifications and is a Sales Office supervisor, so no score there. (Adele has just had a go at me for saying this) :realmad: I have a brother in Brisbane, and he has been there June 2007, so we may have the sponsor option but again I do not want to put unwanted pressure (if any) on him. I have spoken to some job agencies and they seem positive they can get me a job (but they will say that). We have been on that many websites reading page after page after page of information, all, the more I read the more confused we get. I guess what we are after is a basic guide on where we should start the process and how to get the ball rolling, should we do this should we do that, it’s all a bit confusing to say the least. So any advice, help or information would go down a storm here. All the very best from the Cane household (AKA Nut house)
  16. Guest

    Where's mine??????

    All this great news about people getting their visas and making their journeys is fantastic news, but I have to admit its making me feel a liitle :cry: Feel like we have been on the wheel for ages and no sign of getting off yet. What with hubbies health probs and meds and eldest sons dependancy issues we have been put back about 4 months now and its beginning to feel pretty soul destroying . We know our agents are working for us and that the CO now has all info she requested and she has had them a week now it still doesnt make it any easier. Agent says it could be as long as a month still makes me feel :cry: I know we have to be patient but I CAN'T :arghh: Sorry for feeling sorry for myself. Good luck to everyone else waiting. xx
  17. Guest

    I got mine 2

    Just had to let everyone know , I have finally received my visa 2day :jiggy::jiggy::v_SPIN: I would like to thank everyone on poms in oz for there help and advice , and i will offer anyone on here any advice that i have gainned through my time getting my visa Daz x:spinny: