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Found 11 results

  1. Guest

    Min stay within 5 years of PR

    1. How many years do we have to spend in Australia within 5 years to get a renewal 2. Does the 5 year count from the day visa is granted i.e. today or from initial entry date
  2. I am getting a really small amount of LAFHA from my employer....just over $3k. My base = $60,244 + $5,155.09 super + quarterly bonuses (not guaranteed) When I questioned this they said that a condition on my visa means I have to earn over a certain amount (haven't got the figure on me but think it was around $57k) and that they could only offer LAFHA on anything above this? I cannot see any conditions like this on my visa? The only min salary details I can find attached to a 457 is something called The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), which is currently set at $47,480 per annum. I am clearly way above this?? Can anyone advise?
  3. Hi all, My husband and I and our two kids are looking to move to Brisbane Australia, we love the idea of not being right next door to our neighbours and would like our kids to have a nice big yard to play in, we're thinking close to half a hectare or 1 acre. The problem is we would also like to be within 30 min of the Brisbane CBD and keep within AU$800,000. It would also have to be reasonably close to good schools and would also not like to have to travel more than 45 minutes to a coastal area / beach. I'm not too sure where the best places to live would be with this kind of lifestyle or if these sort of areas exist. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Jan
  4. kellyjamie

    quiz in 5 min

    hi all come into chat for the quiz with bobj as quiz master! see you there!
  5. I have applied under the following category 2299-79 Business and Information Professionals. My simple question is that what will be the minimum IELTS bands require to qualify for australian immigration. For more informaion Points SOL ENSOL MODL 50 Yes Yes No So far my poits are calculating as 105 without IELTS.
  6. Weighing up the pros and cons of employer sponsored PR or independent state sponsored 176. (Already in Oz on a 457) I've noticed on here lots seem to be waiting...is it a country wide thing? Will it all change in July? The reason I ask is that when I was knocked back for the employer sponsorship after 3 months service as previously agreed, my manager said I probably wouldn't have any more luck if I went for it myself (176) I didn't think much of it at the time but now I'm thinking is it coming from DIAC? Is it related to the end of year/budget issues etc? Anyone in the know? Think I may as well wait for my company (Dept of Health) to sponsor me?
  7. :biggrin:I cant believe it just checked email and 1 min past midnight got email to say visa granted. So excited, thank you to everyone who has given us so much help and support. Heres to a fab 2009. Lisa x
  8. I read somwhere on a thread there is a speacial code you can dial if your with BT. Enabling the call to be 1p a min. Does anyone know the code. also what is the code for Perth. we have distant rels in perth and my fly over for a few days, to break the Adealide visit up, if we can contact them.:cute::idea:
  9. Guest

    457 to PR, 2 year min?

    someone somewhere posted about switching from a 457 to a PR visa in 4 months, cant find it now. basically dh is in negotiation for a 457 to get us there. if we like it ( and we probs will but you never know) we are hoping to go native asap. i know the firm can offer us an 857 PR working visa, which gives us PR status, as if we has a 175. but im sure i read someone who said it only took then 4 months to get PR. am i going :goofy: or is this possible? ( cant go on 175 because dh is a crane driver and not on the list and im a housewife)
  10. natasha2106

    ?? 2 min shower ???

    Just read on an earlier post, something about taking a bath or only having a 2 min shower. Is this something that is in place due to the water shortage???? If so, what is this all about, how does this rule work in individuals homes? Thanks
  11. Hi there am Richard, this is my first post here so i thought i would see what use you guys and gals can be. (as i am v. lost) Right then, i have came to Australia to visit my dad (after 18 years apart) and i am not going home. This is a long shot i know but i have nothing to go home for, apart from my lovely expecting (8 months) fiance! she also wants out of the place we used to call great britain. Now i have sourced an employer willing to sponsor me, on the proviso i have my plumbing license, my plumbing license has been submitted and should be nearly here in a few weeks. Because of the time restraints of the the holiday visa, i have to get a move on! and i need a hand as the pressure is mounting, i have allot to deal with at 21 and not nearly half of what my partner has to deal with! Now we can't apply together as she can't have chest x-rays till after baby is born - So i plan to apply for the 2 year sponsorship with my employer and add her to it. after the baby is born. I just need to know that this is 1000% possible and stands a good chance of going ahead. or i will be here and she will be stuck in England and that can't happen. My plan is to apply for the 457, on my own - Fly her in as a tourist, that will give us 6 months for medicals etc- add her to my 457 as a long time de facto and dependent child - and live happily ever after. I don't expect never ending free help but can people make comments as to what are my chances of this working? also things i should watch out for, helpfull hints etc. Thanks in advance, and thank you for your time Richard