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Found 31 results

  1. sunshine please

    A million questions....

    Hi everyone. The hubby has been offered a job in canberra and a subclass visa. They are hoping to have the visa complete within 4 weeks. Is this possible? not leaving us much time to get organised but the company are desperate for him to take over!! At the moment i work part time and between us we earn almost 80k euro. The company is offering at present 120k aud. Is this a managable amount for a family of 3 to survive? looking at prices etc...everything seems much more expensive. We would be renting for a few months at least. We thought it would be sydney so researched there and now canberra has sprung up!! which is the best areas for schools and families? how do you all find living in canberra? Is canberra a friendly city? we would love to find a nice family street where the kids can get out to play and ur neighbours might say hello :-)) do these places still exist? lol... Can anyone recommend an estate agent as we are going to have to find a house that will accept our 2 little mutts too. Thanks for any advice....first drink is on us if we get there :-)) The scottish family living in rural ireland tho only 20 mins to city.
  2. How far would you go for money. Just thinking back to Indecent Proposal.
  3. tonyman

    6 Million Jews Dead ......

    my daughter has been reading the Once , Now and Then books ......she seems to be a little obsessed about the going ons in the war .....ive just read a small caption from the book and i WILL read the rest , but why do the Jews have such a big hang up with the brits when it was the Natzi`s that tried to wipe them out ....ive passed many a Jew in Salford Madchester and they dont even look at you , what is their problem with the race that saved them ...?......:mad:
  4. VICTORIAN homeowners have lost more than $290 million over the past three years selling properties for less than what they paid for them. Alarming figures that point to a hidden crisis in the property market reveal 5427 vendors lost an average of $54,000 on investments gone wrong in the three years to July. The Melbourne CBD, Southbank and Docklands are the state's leading loss-making suburbs. One out of every 20 properties sold in those locations had lost their owner money, according to the data from a property research firm. But the losses are not limited to the flats-dominated inner-city market, with the figures also showing vendors losing millions in popular family areas. These suburbs include Point Cook, Roxburgh Park, Frankston, Reservoir, Carrum Downs, Glen Waverley, Hawthorn and Elwood. Residex, a property information firm that collates data on real estate markets throughout Australia, compiled its analysis after sifting through the results of 268,000 sales recorded with the Valuer General. It is the first time the firm has crunched the numbers on Victoria, meaning it could not make historical comparisons. The losses are even more startling given that the city's median house price rose by around 30 per cent over the same period. A breakdown of the top 10 loss-making suburbs is heavy with inner-city locations as well as some of Melbourne's most expensive postcodes. At the top of the list is the CBD, where 427 properties were sold for less than what the vendor paid. Southbank recorded 213 loss-making sales, Docklands 92, St Kilda 92, Carlton 91, Hawthorn 85, South Yarra 70, Brighton 61, Elwood 61 and Point Cook 57. The figures come as Melbourne limps into its traditional spring selling period, with little more than half of all properties selling at auction. The market has been battered by seven interest rate rises since April 2009, which have added about $85 a week to a $350,000 mortgage. Yesterday, almost 600 properties were auctioned, but only achieved a clearance rate of 54 per cent. Residex chief executive John Edwards said the number of vendors burned in property sales would eclipse 6000 if stamp duty and transaction costs were taken into account. Mr Edwards, who has monitored the nation's property market for 25 years, said the pain for Melbourne home owners was far from over. By the time the market bottoms at the end of next year, Residex expects the city's median house price to have shed 15 per cent. Families living in a $500,000 home can expect to see $75,000 wiped from its value. "The adjustment process in Melbourne is just beginning," Mr Edwards said. "I won't be surprised to see Melbourne suffer more than any other capital city in Australia. It has got the highest volume of surplus stock in the country and as the manufacturing industry further turns down the city will suffer from more unemployment than any other capital." JPP Buyer Advocates' Catherine Cashmore said many of those who had lost money in property purchases would have been short-term investors, both local and foreign, buying off-the-plan, inner-city apartments. "There is a surplus of high-rise developments and they tend to lose value before they gain value," she said. "Nine times out of 10, off-the-plan developments are overpriced. They are priced on speculative value. "When you go to sell you are also in a situation where no one wants to buy your lived-in apartment because there are always brand new ones coming on to the market in those postcodes." About 55 per cent of houses in Melbourne are now worth double what their owners paid, RP Data found. Interest-rate watchers are predicting a Melbourne Cup day interest-rate cut of 0.25 per cent by the Reserve Bank. AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver said while homeowners will welcome the cut, it will take several more to inject any life into the state's property market. "We will need a few more cuts before housing picks up," Oliver said.
  5. And they are going to share it with all their friends........ but would you put your name all over the media about it ?? Me thinks they will get a few unwanted phone calls:eek: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8358841/158m-lottery-winners-to-make-friends-millionaires
  6. The Pom Queen

    2 Million Brits never held a job

    DAVID Cameron is to unleash a raft of tough measures on the workshy to force them into jobs and break apart Benefits Britain. The Sun can reveal extra conditions will be imposed on jobseekers before they can claim handouts. The blitzkrieg has been made possible by a hardening in the national mood after August's riots and the sinking economy, the PM believes. No10 staff are working on six radical options. The most hotly-tipped is the scrapping of the 12- week time limit the jobless have to turn down specific offers of work. Under new rules, only unemployed people with a long record of previous hard work will be allowed time to ponder future job offers. An even more Draconian plan is to take away the dole completely for anyone who languishes in work clubs for more than six months. Jobseekers may also have to justify their time daily, with sheets to be issued that they must fill in to qualify for their next handout. The PM will unveil the proposals at the Conservatives' annual conference opening in Manchester tomorrow. They are expected to be in either his set-piece speech on Wednesday or Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith's on Monday. A senior Government source said: "A lot of people are really struggling to find work. But there are also far too many with no intention of getting off their backsides." Jobseekers' Allowance of up to £67.50 a week is paid out with only basic obligations for recipients in return. It emerged yesterday that reading a newspaper or getting a haircut qualify as "job-seeking activities". Claimants take an average of just eight minutes a day seeking work. Five million Brits are on benefits. An estimated two million have never had a job.
  7. A kiwi coulpe went to the bank for a lone for 10,000 dollars and the bank cocked up and gave them 10 million ,they have done a runner . Question what would you do ? This has been on the news today. easy but.:idea:
  8. we are off to Tasmania and looking at selling our home of 16 years ... full details are available on the dedicated web site we have built ... http://www.home4sale.net.au ... we welcome your enquiries and feedback
  9. Guest

    Million questions to ask =(

    Hi everybody, I'm quite new to this forum and first of all I want to say hi to you all, your posts here are very helpful for us Ozzie wannabes! I have couple(hundreds) of questons to ask and just share some thoughts with someone. I have some fears about whole moving process and I hope you'll bear with me for a bit. My husband (28) and I (25)started with 175 visa process in June,2011. When/if we get our visa we are planning to go to Sydney given that we have several friends there. I have no dilemmas about moving to Oz, I've never been there before but I completely fell in love with the Ozzies (met some of them here in Croatia) and entire country (from what I heard) and I am really keen to go there. I know the whole process and waiting is looooooooong and I can live with that but I have couple of questions for anyone who is willing to answer them to help me sleep at night. :SLEEP: Given the new rules from July 2011, and from what I heard/read on PIO forums, it seems that things are going rather fast now, compared to last few years. I know no one can say when will the visa be granted and I've read on DIAC site that time line for 175 visa is up to 18 months but I can see it took longer for many people. According to our situation (app.lodged June,2011, HR country, all docs uploaded except medicals and PCC, all fees payed, husband Mechanical Engineering Technologist - assesed at EA, 120 points total, both under 30 years, etc.) does anyone have any idea could it take 1yr or 2-3 yrs for our visa to be granted?! I know it's a million dollar question but I want to know when is more likely for that to happen. This is important for us because we want to start our family. We're planning to have a baby in close future but not sure what to do now, should we have it here or in Oz. Is it better to go there just the two of us or with a baby? I know we shouldn't put our lives on hold but we are both working and don't have large wages, we are also subtenants, i.e. we don't have a house to sell when we get the visa so it means we won't be able to go to Oz with a lot of savings and if we have a baby now, we surely won't be able to put some large sum of money aside. This runs through my mind every day and I really don't know what to do. We know we're young and we have time for kids but according to visa time lines it may take up to 4 years to get visa granted.. Also, what if I get pregnant in Oz, would I have any maternity benefits? What about health care? What if I come with the baby in Oz, could our baby go to day care? How much does that cost and how old baby has to be to go there? Also, could we manage on one wage in Sydney with a baby and rent?! We wouldn't need a big house or flat, just one bedroom apartment and safe neighbourhood... Lots of people are saying that Sydney is too expensive and that they struggle and I don't want my family to be poor. :no: Also, I have a question about Medical exam for 175 visa, my husband's mother had brain tumor and colon tumor few years ago, which were both succesfully operated and under control now and my mother had breast cancer last year, also under control, my husband and I never had any health problems and luckily still haven't. However, I am concerned should we mention all of this on our med.exam once we go to it? I know we should be honest through the process but I'm afraid that this might put a black cloud over our application. :unsure: I'm sorry for numerous questions it's just that I am desperate for the advices. I would ask our agent but he already thinks I am Miss Talk-too-much (you can see why) :chatterbox: Thank you all in advance and again, sorry for this essay and my grammar mistakes. :wubclub:
  10. Guest

    100 million

    100 MILLION on a wedding ,half of which is being paid by the taxpayer ,is the uk gone mad especially at a time when we are up to our eyes in debt ,and public services are being cut and thousands off public workers are facing the chop:mad:
  11. Bobj

    1 Million...

    Members: 44,228 Threads: 95,537 Posts: 1,005,688 Top Poster: calNgary (17,135) Who posted it?? Well done, PIO. Cheers, Bobj.
  12. Just had our visa approved, now feel quite scared and not sure what to do. where do we start!!!!??????????:eek::confused:
  13. They are asking the local people where the cuts should be made, Chief Constable Peter Fahey has arranged meetings at town halls across 10 Greater Manchester authorities, to find ways forward on where to make the cuts. Greater Manchester Police cuts Reckless cuts to our local police go way beyond what is necessary and will put the safety of communities at risk. Almost a quarter of all posts at Greater Manchester Police are being cut and these will lead to a loss of up to 1,500 police officer posts, and 1,400 civilian jobs. Chief Constable Peter Fahy has been put in an impossible position and has acknowledged that the cuts are “huge” and that Greater Manchester police will have to make “very difficult decisions about the service to the public”. With one in five people losing their job it is hard to see how frontline services will not be affected. My son wants to become a police Officer ............ theres not much chance of that happening in the next few years.
  14. The Pom Queen

    Just won 10 million

    So here take it, I'm giving it all away, what would you do with it?
  15. Hi everyone, Really hope you can help me here. Ok, here goes! My hubby has been offered company transfer to Sydney, St Marys to be exact. The only problem is the wage. they have offered $115,000 including super pa. This sounds a good wage, but we are a family of six. I have done nothing but spread sheet after spread sheet. The bottom line is after rent 700 pw, tax and food, bills. We will have $170 left per week. We have no school fees as we have PR for myself, my hubby and our two eldest children. But our two babies will be on holiday visa until we can get their PR sorted. Bit of a nightmare really. Ok we could possibly shave $50 pw off the rent, but the rentals dont seem to be much. Forget the pool, i discounted the pool ages ago:no: We like The Hills area, looks really lovely for families and good schools. Don't know why im asking really as not alot anyone can do i suppose. Have not included child tax allowance as dont want to rely on that. That would just be a bonus...help, help, help. Oh what to do:wacko: xx
  16. Guest

    million questions!

    Not really, just a few. I know that schools and which areas cannot really be answered until we know where my oh is working. Questions i feel can be answered. We'll need 1 used car, with a budget of about $5k what can we expect. What are the roads like? busy/dangerous? Would also be buying mountain bikes. Links for cars and bikes woud be appreciated. Sky tv for creature comforts? How much for rental of dish and box? Sorry for asking inane questions but i'd rather do it know before we arrive. Thanks everyone.
  17. Dick Smith (an Australian entrepreneur) offering $1 Million for anyone who can stop immigration to Oz. Now showing on Channel 7's Today Tonight.
  18. Was it you?Well it werent moi,but any'ow.Got me to thinkin',No way could i designate all that to Family,mates etc,so what or who would i give a sizeable chunk to?Watched a prog last week on the Surgeon/Doctor who is from Blackpool(SuperDoctors),and has a clinic in Malawi which he jet's out to when away from his duties in the UK,and saves lives and enhances lives without much finance,using method's which are deemed archaic today out of necessity.He reads old surgical books from WW1 and before,and uses his ingenuity to improve and adapt to the prevailing circumstances.Well that man is Steven Mannion,and he would get a very large sum of my winnings,'cos people like him are are scarce on the ground these days.:GEEK:
  19. Guest

    A Million Pounds.

    OK Folks. Most, not all of us on PIO are in Australia, or are planning on going to Australia. My question is this. If you were offered a million pounds tomorrow to either stay in the UK, or return from Australia would you do it. The only rule being that you were not allowed, ever, to live in Australia until you're dyeing day. NOTHING else would change. The ONLY difference would be is that you would have a substantial amount of money behind you. In other words, the UK may have a change of government, may increase health spending, may decrease health spending. Schooling would get worse or better, blah, blah, blah. The ONLY thing that will be different is that you have more money than before. The UK and Australia will remain the same. Same positives, same negatives. Yes, its true you may be able to afford the things you have always wanted. You may be able to move to a different area of the country, but in essence all will be equal. The only thing that will have changed is your ability to afford so called 'luxuries' if of course you wanted to. And 'if' the money is invested very wisely, you 'may' not HAVE to work again. Would you for a million quid consider staying in this country or returning to it? Cheers Tony.
  20. And here is the list for all those multi millionaires on their way over:cool: Brighton East.......................1,025,000 Middle Park.........................1,030,000 Glen Iris................................1,064,000 Elwood.................................1,067,000 Surrey Hills...........................1,070,000 Elsternwick...........................1,080,000 Hawthorn East.....................1,110,000 Hampton..............................1,113,000 Caulfield North....................1,125,000 Black Rock............................1,135,000 Hawthorn.............................1,159,000 St Kilda.................................1,193,000 Malvern................................1,215,000 Balwyn.................................1,244,000 Camberwell..........................1,265,000 Kew......................................1,346,000 Brighton...............................1,560,000 Canterbury...........................1,750,000 Armadale.............................1,778,000 Toorak..................................2,285,000
  21. To house Australia's growing population urban planners are saying we must start raising families in apartment blocks and high-rises. But are we ready to change the Australian dream? We want to hear from young couples and young families about where you've chosen to live and why? The INSIGHT program hosted by Jenny Brockie on SBS TV is exploring the future of housing in Australia (www.sbs.com.au/insight). Do you prefer city living, or do you like suburban life? Are you moving? We want to talk to first home buyers and people who are looking to buy for the first time. We also want to talk to people who are still renting and who are finding housing affordability an issue. Email Associate Producer Kyle Taylor at: kylet@sbs.com.au
  22. Hi all, this has probably been asked before but - is Form 80 needed for an offshore PR 175 or 176 visa? Or is it only done on request? I've been pretty good on everything else, I just couldn't quite tell from immi.gov.au if form 80 was needed so I haven't attached it yet. Busy doing my police stuff now but am frontloading, I want everything perfect for when the CO is finally assigned. Help appreciated!

    What a small world

    My brother in law is a carpet fitter in perth he is on a job fitting out a house when the owner of the house comes in for a chat. I will cut to the chase brother in law asks what trade to you do he says i am a dental tecnician & i am retirering soon. Then he says i have been talking to a technician in the uk now & then & i am hoping when he comes out that he will help me out then buy the business. My brother in law then says my sisters husband does the same as you he tells him my name & it turns out it is me could you believe it what a small world.
  24. Aldo if this is you I take back anything nasty I've ever said about you! Lotto winner scores record $223 million
  25. Hi there, First can I say what a brilliant site this is !!!!! We love it already !!:yes: We're a family of 5 - me 36 Mum to the 3 youngsters, hubbie 34 and in IT and 3 kids Elodie (nearly 4) and twins Finn and Ruby (8 months). We've just started the process - IELTS booked (we need proficient level points) and Skills assesment sent off to ACS, applying for 175 PR visa. My sis lives in Sydney but I think we're possibly looking at Sydney or Melbourne or possibly sunshine coast??? Anyway, just wanted to say hi and ask a few questions which all seem chicken and egg at the minute ......... We know visa may take 18 months from lodging to be processed and just wondered at one point has everyone sold their house? Is it best to wait til the visa is granted , but then selling may take forever? Also woried if visa refused for some reason and then we've already sold? Also am I right in thinking once the visa is granted you have 6 months to activate it - is this just a case of my hubs (or all of us) flying out there and then we can come back to sort things out here? How long after that do you have to become resident? Last question for now - promise!! - we obviously need to send lots of certified doics of with the various applications and have read in different places who can certify them. One says it must be a JP or notary public - another says a practicing medical practitioner, bank manager, solicitor etc. - can anyone tell me for definite please?:err: Thankyou for all being here, look forward to hopefully hearing back from some of you, Kirsty, Nathan and the kiddywinkles xx