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Found 19 results

  1. Guest

    Aptamil follow on milk??

    Hello everyone, We are going to emigrate to Australia on the 5th December but before that we are going to spend 2 months in South africa. My son is on Aptamil follow on milk (number 3) I know I wont fnd it in SA so I was hoping to find a brand in South Africa that I can then find in Australia as well so I will have to change only once. Anyone can help or give me some tips in regards? thanks Georgia
  2. tonyman

    Frozen Milk !

    can you freeze flavoured milk....? and if so does it taste the same when defrosted ?(carton milk) ......
  3. chris2011

    Dairy Free Milk

    Anyone know if the supermarkets stock dairy free alternatives other than soya milk? Last time I was over it was just soya. We like oat or almond milk (sorry cows)... each to their own! Thanks in advance.
  4. PommyPaul

    Land of milk and honey....

    ....if you're a single person with welding/mechanic/farm experience i have to say australia is absolutely the land of milk and honey!!! be prepared to travel to diff places for work and theres some great deals to be had. landed a job on a farm 70ks north of melbourne, $21 an hour plus a fully furnished house and all bills paid, even came with a 42 inch plasma!!! Happy days!!
  5. Guest

    Milk! a poll

    Milk currently $2 at coles.... is this a good thing?
  6. paulv

    Trippy Milk anyone?

    This looks fun - reckon i will give it a go with the kids... How to make psychotropic milk | Crikey
  7. The Ozcans

    Milk Snatcha...

    ......Fatcha's birthday today...... I know they're South American......but how apt for there to be miners on telly all day!!!:biglaugh::cute:
  8. mrfordy

    Goats milk in Perth?????

    Our local health shop in Freo wont be able to get any more s/skimmed goats milk for a few months now. Can anybody tell us where we can get any in the suburbs?..we live in Willagee at the mo, but dont mind travelling a few km's. Cheers! :smile:
  9. Bendigo

    Milk bar for sale.

    Aussie mate has taken over my favourite pub here in Bendigo (fantastic cold Guinness) but he urgently needs to sell his takeaway and DVD rental business. His wife is about to give birth to their second child and so the Grandparents are running the shop! If you like hot weather and country towns (two hour drive to Melbourne) then i'll pass on the details.
  10. We are aiming to be living in Newcastle NSW by mid April I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice my little girl will be just a year old then and was wondering if there is any milk similar to Aptimail follow on milk in Newcastle Has anyone taken a couple of boxes in their suitecase and was it allowed in did you try to take a box full in your container and did it delay the shipment? Any info really appreciated. Thank you Maria
  11. Hi We are heading home from our reccie next week and im a little worried about my babies milk. He has cows milk or ready made cow and gate usually but i cannot find any pre made toddler milk in Aus. Can you buy it from Sydney or from the int airport? Also, we are stopping off in Singapore and Im worried about giving baby their cows milk. Has anyone done this? I dont really want to buy a big tin of formula to make up with bottle water as he prob wont drink it when we get home! All help and advise grately received!!
  12. Guest

    Milk for Toddlers??

    Hi, We are off to Oz on Thursday, flying with Emirates with 2 kids, One aged 3 and 15 months! What's the deal with milk? My kids drink full fat, will they fill up beakers for me? :wacko: Would be great if anyone could help us out with this! Sounds like a silly question, but obviously want to be as prepared as posible!!!!
  13. Hey there! I have been flicking through the posts and have seen lots of people feeling bad, lonely, sad, missing 'ol Blighty and saying how crappy Australia is. I am returning home from UK/France after 13 years back to Melbourne and can't wait. I can tell you now, London is full of Australians, particularly obnoxious backpackers, who don't shut up for one single minute, about how everything is better at home and we don't do it this way at home, and blah blah blah. To say it makes me a tad angry hearing that crap from my so called adventurous and open-minded countrymen is an understatement. And to see people doing the same thing is Aust is also frustrating. Its just exactly the same thing in reverse. So I am not biased.... Just remember, keep it in perspective (like I don't), remember that most of ways they do things in the UK are better because that is what you grew up with, the NHS is still crap, the tube is no better, the banks are falling like dominos, the house market is toast AND THERE IS GRAFFITTI THERE AS WELL. And enjoy the little successess you have in day to day life in Aust :v_SPIN: I once read a good article about moving overseas - it said if you are moving "away" from something, it will never work! You need to move "to" something. If you ever get really down, think of me battling the French - good god, I think I might miss all the nonstop paperwork when I go home :cute: That's all my wisdom for Octover all used up! Nov 21st, counting, counting.....
  14. Guest

    Taking baby milk??

    Hi Just wondered if anyone could help with this: We are due to come over on a student visa in august and our 5 month old baby has what they think is a dairy or milk allergy. Therefore he has been given Nutramigen Hypoallergenic powdered milk to drink. My question is can we take this into Australia I was hoping to ask the hospital for a supply of it to last me a while but recently read in a magazine that when shipping items over you cannot ship baby milk. Does anyone know if this applies to special milks?? Our student health cover doesn't start until October (when course starts) so would like to bring a supply to tide us over for at least 6 months or so (if the NHS will let us of course) as don't know how we will stand in oz and how expensive it will be!!! Hope someone can help!:unsure: Cheers Annabel
  15. kellyjamie

    is the milk and nappies the same?

    hi just wondering if the cows milk is the same over there? i know in trips to spain and europe the milk is never the same as here and my daughter is still on bottles. also do they do pampers? thanx
  16. anderson clan

    What baby milk??

    Hi everyone, just a question about baby milk to anyone living in Melbourne area. We are going to oz for a holiday/recce trip. We have 3 kids, youngest is 6 months and we use Cow and Gate formula for her just now. Can anyone tell me if any shops sell this type of milk as i would rather not take 2 or 3 tubs. (uses up valuable luggage space!) Any info would be greatly appreciated. Ta much Lorna:unsure:
  17. Guest

    airport and baby milk

    :yes: hi there to all at pio, im new at this so im really sorry if i posted this in the wrong place, i love this site, i have a question, i have tried to find the answer but to no hope, i am worried about the flight and if i can take bottled food on there for him, what do i need to do? im sure there is some one on here that can help me. many thanks tanya and andy:wacko:
  18. Hi Everyone, I know this is a silly question and some answers back will be, well milk tastes like milk. But it doesn't, thats the one thing I notice straight away when we go abroad on holiday, it does not matter where you go you corn flakes in the morning taste funny, your cups of tea are not the same, they taste funny. I love my cup of Assam tea in the morning, sometimes we have porridge sometimes crunch nut cornflakes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not considering the move based on what the milk tastes like, but just wondered how long it took some of you to get used to the different taste in the milk? Thanks in advance Glynn and family
  19. I hope someone can help. We are flying out at the end of Jan for a holiday and despite my best efforts I cannot get my little one off his baby formula. For health reasons he has to follow a dairy free diet so I do need to be able to give him his correct formula. I know my local airport were such a bunch of twits when we flew from there last year about us each taking 100ml of water each and the formula powder through this was inspite of the fact I had a letter from the NHS stating for medical reasons he needs the milk. We are flying with Singapore via Heathrow and am arranging to pick up the formula powder airside. Has anyone flown out with their baby? How much did they allow you to take on board? Were there any problems at Singapore when getting the onward flight? Also and finally (honest!) I am aware that you have to declare foodstuffs when you enter OZ what problems did you encounter then. Heres hoping as I am begining to panic everso slightly!!! Michelle :wubclub: