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Found 18 results

  1. I have looked a little into the Lateral transfer process to join the RAAF. I only obtained what information I have found online. I see that I could possibly do it, my job is working on C130s in America (Electrical/Environmental Systems). I can get my FAA A&P license through the US Air Force (I am Air National Guard) but I know its completely different than what Australia uses. I'm currently studying Criminal Justice at University, possibly become an Investigator at the prisons here or an insurance investigator, definitely not looking to be a Police Officer in America anyway, but would be open to see about it in Australia, if that opens a door for me. Looking for maybe someone who has become an Australian citizen through the lateral transfer military process, or maybe giving me ideas as to other options? If I can get some type of Visa with a Crim. Justice degree or with knowledge and possibly my A&P to work on aircraft? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello, can anyone advise for spouse visa (main applicant is myself (wife) on 190 visa Victoria) - my husband did compulsory 18 month national service in SA defence force in the late 1980' s and then worked in the South African police for 4 years in the early 90's. So - he doesn't have copies of any documents from leaving either. How do we go about obtaining these and would they be needed for any part of the military evidence for spouse? If any SA people out there can assist I'd appreciate your help Thank you
  3. RFHLFC1984

    Transfer from UK RAF to RAFF

    I have been offered a career opportunity moving from the UK to Australia. My partner (not married) is currently in the RAF and would be reluctant to leave. Is it possible to transfer from RAF to RAAF? I have seen previous posts on here but they are from more than 5 years ago so wanted to know what was still relevant or any advice on how to find this out?
  4. Goid Evening All, I hope some of the vastly more experienced and knowledgeable folks on this forum can help with my query as I start the long process of a visa application? I am at the very early stage and am getting everything together for the EOI (Skills Assesment & IELTS). I am hoping for a 189 visa, though I may see about a 190 for the extra points. I obviously want as many points as possible, I can hopefully get to 65 (assiming a decent IELTs result!) but have an outside chance to bump this up to 70 (or 60 if my IELTS is slightly disappointing) if I can account for Australian work experience. My background to seeing if I can claim this experience (and the events that gave us the taste for the Aussie life) is that I am about to retire from the UK military after 20 years service . In this time I was fortunate to be assigned on an exchange posting, in Qld, with the Australian Defence Force 2013-2016. We loved life Down Under and are itching to get back, hence the decision start the process. -Can I claim 5 points for This Australian work experience even though I was still paid for by the UK MoD and as such not employed by the ADF? -If I can, what would I need to do to prove It? A letter from my Australian CO?? -I don't want to lateral transfer to the ADF, I loved the ADF, but 20 years military service in one countries militrary is enough. It's time to see my kids grow up. Hence why I want to go down the 189 route. Thanks for your help in this. This site is a goldmine of info and has been extremely useful the many times I've lurked around it. Now I'm going max chat for a visa, I thought it was about time to actually write something. GU
  5. Hi all, My official discharge date from the RAF is 04 Mar 18, however my last working day is 15 Dec 17, when we fly to Brisbane. I have been told that my Partner Visa cannot be granted until Mar 18 (discharge date) and I will have to enter Australia on a different Visa (so I will be unable to work for 3-4 months), then leave for 5 days to have the Partner one issued. I have had friends do this previously and they were granted visas before the official discharge date. Can any one shed any light on this please? I don't want to annoy my case officer by asking "are you sure you are correct?" Maybe there is some Gov policy somewhere I can look up? Fingers crossed for some help!
  6. I am busy going through the process for my Visa, my trade been checked to see I meet the requirements and accepted. Next step is to apply for a VISA - one of the requirements is MIlitary Clearance from the South African Defence Force. I suspect the Oz Immgration people want to see that I have actually completed my Military Service - we had no choice:rolleyes: Back in in those day South Africa had 2 Year National Services when we left school I have called the authorities in SA to get this Clearance Certificate an was told it would take up to 7 months to get this Certicate which is going to delay my application process with the Oz Immagration folk. MY question is: has anyone else had this issue and if yes how did you proceed e.g did you get the Certificate? How long did it take? If no - what evidence did you supply to the Oz Immration Authorities that your National Serviuce was completed? I have my Military Force number etc but I am not sure if that would be acceptable. Any help would be most appreciated
  7. Hello, just looking for some advise:biggrin: Husband is due out of the army next year after twenty something years and need to know what to do with his pension. Do we arrange for Glasgow to pay it into an Australian bank account without being taxed?? or do we leave it being paid into a UK account and draw on it with a debit card?? I know there are plenty of ex forces on this forum, so what did you do and why? Sharon
  8. aussiechick2006

    Military service records/discharge papers

    Hi everyone, On my husbands Spouse Visa app it's asking for proof of Military Service records/Discharge papers. The thing is he doesn't actually have a copy of Service records and as he's still officially working he doesn't have discharge papers. So what have others used as proof? Would his ID and a few pay slips be enough? Many thanks AC
  9. Guest

    UK Military graturity

    Hi there, we have just transfered some money via HIFX into our Oz account and are unclear what we can do about a naval graturity of £45k due in June 06 with regards weather we will be taxed on it. This is a tax free lump sum paid on retirement from the Royal Navy. We are moving over in March so will already be in country when graturity is due. Any help appreciated. Cookie
  10. Guest

    Military discharge certificate

    one for all you forces/ex froces out there. Your military discharge certificate is asked for when you lodge your application. If you are still serving when you apply how do you get round this?????????????????? holly
  11. Guest

    UK Military Pension

    Hi, my family and I are hoping to migrate to Perth after I leave the Military in a few years at my immediate pension point. I was hoping for some advise from ex military people on what is the best thing to do with regards to the monthly payment of the pension. Is it best to have it paid into a UK account or directly into an Aus account? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. ARGGGGHhhhhhhhhh Just been through the check list for the Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176) and came across the last check list box (and prob on any visa requirement!!!) Military discharge papers!!!!! One slight issue, while I was in for 4 years, I was a good boy, however, when you join at 16 your told 'never fall in love or it will be the end of your career' 4 years later I meet my misses and the rest is history....basicaly my papers say 'SNR' (services no longer required, long story:wink:, it should say 'honourable discharge' but things happend, like they said 'never fall in love'!!!) 7 years on I am now thinking this will ruin my chances of getting a visa. Its a long shot but anyone been in a similar boat stressed, major stress!!!:confused: any sort of advice will do
  13. Hi, I have just completed my online application and am now being asked for military discharge certificates, I have mine but my Husband is still serving, he won't put in his notice til we have PR granted. Does anyone else have experience of this, what did DIAC say? All replies appreciated. Sharon
  14. jimroo2

    Military Pensions

    Hi all you helpful people, My parner and i both have British military pensions. Can someone please advise us on what we should do with them if we are successful with our immi application. They are taxed at source in the UK, but would we have to pay more tax if we where to bring them into the OZ banking system. We are assuming that we will have to declare these pensions as income to the OZ tax people. Or do we leave them in a UK bank account and draw from them using ATM in Oz. Anyone out there ex UK Forces that have made the move? All advice greatly appreciated. JimRoo2.
  15. Guest

    Any military families?

    Hi All Im new to all this......my husband is in the British Army (has been in 11 yrs and is a sergeant). We are interested in him transferring to the Australian forces within the next couple of years. We have 2 boys aged 4 and 1 and have been talking about moving to Oz for a while. I am training to be a nurse and will qualify in 18 months time, which is when we were thinking of 'taking the plunge'. I'd just like to ask if there is anyone either in a similar position or who knows of any military families living over there.....if so I'd like to know what the housing is like, if the children go to mainstream or military run schools and if the soldiers spend much time away from home??? Lots of questions I know but I really want to be sure it is the right thing for all of us (especially my boys - who are our main reason for wanting to leave Britain!).... Hope all is well for everyone xxxx:smile:
  16. Ahem.... Chum of mine in the forces is thinking about emigrating but would very much like to get his visa in advance of his discharge date so that he knows what he is doing before he leaves the Services. Chum has asked me to see if anyone on here has applied significantly in advance (18 months/2 years) of their discharge date and had their visas approved. He has done a search and understands the need to provide formal confirmation of exit date as part of the process. Kinda makes sense to me as chum is a very sensible chap that would much prefer to know one way or another early on so he can plan his future. Grateful if you could help him with this one.... Imp
  17. Guest

    Ex Military Jeeps

    Can you buy ex military jeeps in Oz?? The OH has just about convinced me to give up my hate of 4x4s and I've said he can have one as long as it's ex army (extremely functional looking and the minimum of pretension!!). However, trying to searach on Google Oz and having no luck at all - do they not sell off old army vehicles like they do in the UK? Thanks guys
  18. Don't know if there are any other Uk military 'types' currently in the same position as me (i.e. looking to bail out and head down to Oz), or even any ex military now living in Oz, who may have got further than me in getting an answer to this - if you've qualified for your military pension...... a). Will your lump sum get taxed when you take it across to Oz? and, b). Do you get a 'double-whammy' tax on your monthly payments (i.e. taxed in UK & Oz) and then have to claim it back in your annual Oz tax return? I have looked on the Oz Income Tax website, and while I think the answer to (b) is that you can claim it back, I haven't a clue as to the answer to (a), and neither did the Oz Tax Office official I spoke to on the phone a few weeks back! Any info would be much appreciated![/i]