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Found 18 results

  1. jay124

    functional english

    hi to all just need some information regarding functional English. my wife has done pgdca diploma of 1 year, after that she got direct admission in 2nd(final year) of msc it . so she has completed 1 year as pgdca and other one year in msc it. so she has 2 year of stuy with full instruction in english. am i right? wat else to prove that my wife has functional English.
  2. bmap

    190 visa application

    Hi all I have applied for the visa 190 on the 4th of Dec. Would anyone know the current processing date for a case officer to be assigned. This would help me determine how long it would take for a CO to be assigned to my application. Cheers..
  3. Hello, I have just received notification that my second year visa has been refused on the grounds that not enough evidence has been supplied. in the email it states I can appeal the process through a tribunal. Is this the only option? The farmer I was working for was not contacted and further information was not requested from me other then the initial email. I stupidly did not send all the details I could have and believe if they saw all these things, wages etc that there wouldn't be a problem. does anyone know about the tribunal process? I have until the end of January when my first visa runs out. I'm desperate to stay in the country so any help regarding the appeal process would be great. thankyou in advance!
  4. hi, I went to Australia last month & liked the country so much that i now want to settle down there forever, but dont know whether i'll be able to find a visa matching my existing profile. plz help. regards, cb84
  5. lovejarora

    ACS query

    Hi Everyone, I think i have read on the ACS website that you need reference letter from each company that you have worked for to get your skills assessed but i happen to know a person who went through a MARA registered agent and had submitted the reference letter of just the company he is currently working for and for the previous organizations he submitted the work exprience letter which has dates, address and the profile but doesnt have jobs n responsibilities. Can we do that ? Cheers, Lovej
  6. lovejarora

    Need help with getting my ACS

    Hi Everybody, I need to get my skill assessment done but i am a lil bit confused about things. * I persued my graduation from Melbourne three and half a years ago in Information Technology * Since, then i have been working in India in IT Industry in networking. * My joined my first job as a Network Engineer later on i was promoted to Network Specialist. From 06/2010 till 10/2012 * Since then i have been working as a Senior Specialist. Confussion: Need ACS against "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" * I have a total of 3 + years of exprience but i have been told by an agent that when i would file my ACS they would knock off the first two years of my exprience as the exprience after it meets the ACS criteria gets counted. So, i would get my skill assessment but no points for exp. * I have been told that the jobs n responsiblities listed for "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" should match to my jobs n responsibilities atleast 80% of them. I have attached both of the Reference letters, could someone please advise if they qualify or not. Much Appericiated. Regards, Lovej
  7. Hi I have successfully obtained my skills assessment from the ICAA and now in the process of submitting my EOI. I have a issue I applied for the Accountant general category but my current job profile is that of a Research/Financial Analyst at a stock brokering firm. My work is relatively closely related i have attached a few lines of my job description Review financial statements and analyze key variables such as revenue, costs, expenses and tax rates, gearing/debt for all companies under my coverage and assess the risks of Changes to external variables such as monetary and fiscal policy and sector/competitive developments Conducted quantitative analysis of financial data for the Preparation of single statement and three statement forecasts based on analysis. Non-financial information was also utilized where necessary to provide the necessary levers for forecasting purposes, and to justify assumptions Prepared quarterly reports on company earnings by comparing my expectations with actual performance. All material variances were given a reasonable explanation, whilst also making changes to strengthen assumptions of forecasts My agent says this should not be a problem because you have to do these activities you have to have a accountant's background and I should not have a issue with the 489 subclass visa... I want to know if there have been successful applicants who have had a similar issue your feed back is greatly appreciated. P.S I have 65 points without the work experience requirement.
  8. Hello all, I just wanted to start a thread so that we can all share our 457 visa process dates here for recent applications :smile: Me and my wife just got our TRN number on 2nd may/2012. Took our medicals/xrays so waiting for those to get updated in our file. The application online says we need to send out xray film so I wonder how long will this medicals take to reach :em1100:.. Did anyone have the xray report sent out electronically by their medical practitioner directly? As this will be much quicker. Plz let me know? Please post your recent 457 experiences here so that we can understand the trend and anticipate the wait time. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone out there!!
  9. Hi friends, I had submitted EOI on Saturday (13/10/12) and by mistake in the given name i have typed the name wrongly, fortunately or unfortunately by today morning 15/10/12) I have received the invitation even before i could change the name...............please guide me how to correct the given name in EOI........awaiting response.......................
  10. raveenasultan

    Question about RSMS visa

    Hi everyone, I'm a little confused on the whole Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa issue at the moment? are the Oz immigration completely getting rid of this option permanently or are they just stopping new applications being lodged temporarily? :err:
  11. Guest

    Qualification Assessment by AQF

    Hi Friends, I am planning to apply for GSM Visa and when I was going through the ACS website for assessment I came to know about AQF (Australian Qualification Framework). I have done all my studies in my home country and all my work experience is different from my subject major. To be detail, I have completed masters in textile technology and since then I am working in IT industry. I have 7 years of experience. In this case should I get my qualifications assessed with AQF. Please help and guide me Expecting your views and help .. thanks
  12. Guest

    Getting Married

    Hi All, My fiance is Australian. We are looking to move to Sydney in April 2012. We have been together for 8 years however, we have not lived together for the last 4 years due to family issues. I was wondering if anyone knows if it would be better to get married in the UK or Australia? I understand that if I apply in the UK I cannot travel until I get the partner visa which could take 6 - 9 months. I am therefore planning to get a Tourist visa for 12 months and apply for a partner visa once we arrive. Any advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks Maggie
  13. Guest

    Validation Question

    Hi and HNY to all! Just a quick question this morning: Hubby has his 100 Perm Residency Visa, we're having slight (under-estimation:arghh:) logistical nightmare just prior to travelling which is completely out of our hands. My questions is, can Hubby enter Aust without me already in the country, if I am following a week or two later? Cheers for your help Tracey
  14. Can someone please advise- I have a job with a company desperate to keep me in Perth, as an office manager. It hasn't made the SOL, does that mean i'm pretty much screwed for the 457 ? I havent made the application yet as i am doing a Diploma at night to get my Vetassess assessment approved, has it all been a waste? I was planning to make application at end of August. On 2nd WHV at the moment. Please help!
  15. Guest

    ACT State Sponsorship

    hi.. i keep reading posts on this site regularly, and found it very helpful. this is my first post and i hope someone will clear my doubts.... my state sponsorship application comes in normal priority, which means it takes about 30 working days for processing. where as now it has been 55 days, and i have not received any response. is anyone facing the same problem? ----------------- ACS skill assessment(ASCO 2231-11) - 26/06/2009, ACT SS applied on - 12/10/2009, ACT SS granted - Waiting!!
  16. stephsuej

    Parents waiting to go

    our daughter is married to an Australian, they have two children with dual nationality. They live in Wales, but should be back in Australia by Sept 2009. Do we still have to wait up to 2 years to apply as Contributory Migrant parents, or are the rules different due to three quarters of the family being Australian citizens?
  17. My husband and I have been planning for the past few years to go to Perth. We will be applying on my job which is a Computer Tester, I have been in this field for about 12 years. I have been reseaching loads and we will have to apply for the RPL. From the threads i've read it doesn't look like anyone applying is in my chosen career. I have the ISEB testing qualification but no other IT qualifications, I'm currently in the process of getting my certificate updated to ISTQB which is recognised in OZ. The process looks quite daunting and we will most probably employ an agent to help with all the red tape! My husband is a Facilities Manager, any ideas on what this would be classed as on the Skilled List as we can't seem to shoe horn him into any of the other descriptions!! :wub: Any ideas on what chance we have of getting the ACS assessment and ultimately be granted a visa? I do have 2 second cousins that emigrated 30 odd years ago but it looks like this won't count towards our points score.
  18. Guest

    Which way in??

    Hi, I'm making plans to move back to Australia ASAP... I have recently worked and lived there under a 457 visa but am willing to try an alternative route. Anyone know how specific VETASSESS are in the skills they require? I'm an experienced journalist (15-years in print, radio and TV) and think I could use this to get in South Australia under the public relations officer category, as my job for the past five-plus years is essentially a PR position. Not sure though whether VETASSESS or South Australia will accept this and wondered if anyone has had a similar experience??? If this doesn't work I can just resign in a year, move over and use a tourist visa to work like made applying for jobs.... anyone tried this? I can extend so will have up to five months but I know it can be tricky getting a 457. Other option is to go into the pool, as I only get 105 in the skilled migration category and get an employer to select me from that, thus getting Permanent Residency. Not sure if anyone has tried this....I heard someone say once you're in that pool you can get lost in it! Thanks in advance and any advice is much appreciated:)