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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Need all the advice I can get!

    Hi everyone Im new to the forum, and joined because im seriously looking into moving to australia. Before i ask a tonne of question i apologise as I know they have probably been asked 100s of times before but trying to scroll through all the theads is a nightmare I am a complete newbe to all this and need all the help i can get, if any of u could help me with getting started that would be great. As the construction market is terrible in the UK, my girlfriend and I are wanting to move to australia in serach of work. I have a degree in Building surveying and my girlfriend has a degree in Architecture. What sort of visas should we be looking at and how long do they take to complete and be finalised? Obviously we will go where we find work, but is there any sites that allow u to apply for jobs in australia to start in maybe 6 months time to give u time to move, or is it better to move somewhere first then look for the jobs? Any advice on accomodation would be great, rental companies, advice on length of leases, typical rental prices for a one bed apartment? How much more expensive is the cost of living? just so i can gage what would be a decent salary Any other advice like setting up new bank accounts, phones etc would also be much appreciated. Sorry to be a pain because I know so little! Thanks Stuart
  2. Dolly123


    Hi everyone, I wondered if anybody could help me..... I applied to vetasses as a cook and passed my technical assessment but they want me to take a first aid course. The course they have suggested is a 3 day course at a cost of £380! They require me to have a level 2 first aid certificate I wondered if anybody else has been in a similar situation and can suggest any other courses that aren't so expensive and aren't 3 days as It will be difficult to get time off of work. I am using a migration agent but the one I started with left, so I am using a different agent within the same company. When I first started the process I wasn't told that I needed a first aid certificate it was only during the technical interview it was brought up. I have suggested other courses but they say they don't meet their standards yet the course they are comparing to in Australia is a one day course and they haven't provided what the course entails so I can compare. If anyone has any suggestions or could help I would really appreciate it! Many thanks
  3. Whats the time frame for - 489 State sponsorship ? Received invitation to apply on 17th feb 2014 for Southern Inland NSW | Applied on 18th Feb 2014
  4. Hi everyone Just wanted to say hello, after the many hours I've spent looking at specific threads for advice, and also just browsing on subjects like jobs, where to live, where to visit/holiday. I am currently in the process of gathering all the info I need to apply for a 309/100 visa. Just waiting for the stat decs from Australian friends and a couple from my friends and then I am ready to send it all in to Australia House in London. I am British and I live with my Australian partner in London. He has been here for 10 years but we are hoping to relocate to Sydney, where my partner's family live (aside from Dad in Wollongong & Mum in Adelaide - siblings are all in North/South Sydney). And most importantly, it will bring him physically closer to his daughter, also in Adelaide. I am going into the process slightly blind, but I am aware of the high taxation, higher cost of living, different medical care arrangements, so am not completely blinkered. But at the same time I am looking foward to what Australia can offer and how we can make the best of it. I visited Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide over Xmas 12/13 and will hopefully visit again around Easter 2014, for a more practical visit - less tourist stuff and more of an eye on surburbs, jobs, transport etc. So that was a very long way of saying Hello! Have a great weekend VP
  5. Guest

    wannabe migrant

    G Day to everybody!!! :jiggy: Im new in this forum so i apologize If i break any rules of it. Let me introduce myself. My name is David. I'm 24YO, brazilian. I ve just got back from Australia. I went there to learn English, as Im graduated in Business Management and Foreign trade, to surf and to have some fun. I got sick of it and went back to Brazil thinking about settle down here (Brazil) and getting a good job. Well, about the good job, there are plenty of them. I speak fluently Italian and English now (and Portuguese of course) and this helps heaps. plus im good at excel, Finance etc. Got 1,5 years of experience working at the Santander Bank (mates from the UK would know how big this corporation is:) ) doing the job of a credit analyst (as an intern, but i know everything i should know to be an analyst). worked at a wine importer too. Summing up. i ve got a good resumè. the problem is: i dont wanna live in Brazil anymore. Dont get me Wrong. My country is awsome, nice beaches, good parties and everything else for entarteinment. i recommend for tourism. But its ****ed up too. The criminality is high. We have the highest indexes of murders in the world (40k per year, india, which is 5x bigger in pop has 20k). Its too much disorganized and all sorts of social problem. Plus, believe it or not, ITS EXPENSIVE. yes, We, individually, pay more taxes in % than Sweden!!! (if u wanna talk about it we can, eheheh) So i wanna get back to OZ. I miss it so much. I love that country. its organized, its beautiful. good life quality, awsome life style, beach, surf, skate....i love that. i have to admit that i suffered a bit of prejudice in the beginning, i was living on the Gold Coast, full of rednecks. so i was hating the people, but i think its not a general thing, if it is, i dont mind anymore, im different, im better than them. i have my mates and we have fun. any way. I would like some hints on the paths i could take to get back there FOR GOOD. i guess the only paths are trough P.R. or sponsored by a company, right? (and partner obviously) I could try to get my degree validated there, studying from 1,5 to 2 years at uni i guess. enough to apply for PR? if not, was thinking about doing an MBA too. what do u reckon? Thought about something related to finance, as finance jobs, such as finance manager, finance dealers, brokers, traders and investment advisers are in the SOL list schedule 2. (another doubt, couldnt understand the difference between the schedule 1.) I said finance but i would prefer foreing trade or something, so is any demanded skill related to foreign trade? im asking this so i could get a job here thinking about what would help me there. :biggrin: i also understand that if im lucky a company might sponsor me, but how does it work now? is it possible? any restriction list of jobs or something? there is regional something going on isnt? The gold coast area is not in that list, neither NSW places big enough to live (i would rather living there). What can i do in Brazil to help me out now? i mean. I havent started working yet, but i ll in weeks. i have to get out from my parents house and start my own life and save money for the OZ mission ( u guys know i guess, getting there, visas and fees related to any student visa course until i find a job that i can pay off the UNI - Im good on my budgets:biggrin: ) soon. I would like to do something related to foreign trade than finance, but than it would be harder to get the PR right? i mean, finance carrers or management ones are on the list i guess. I think the parents of my ex girlfriend (ozzies) would help me out somehow if i need. but, can they help? (no comments about partner visa please. its a sad situation, i made her suffer too much - i was too much of a kid then, still regret it:mask:) thanks heaps for ur help. i think this is a very interesting inniative. helping out eachother... just to help, its very virtuous. Nice from the poms, one of my best mates in OZ was pom. congratulations. ps: dont get too excited poms with the comment, we brazilians still rule the football. ehehhe :jiggy:. (its a just a joke ok...?)
  6. I have done commercial cookery and applied for TR 485 on 27th, Aug 2010 , i would like to know the translational arrangements still apply to me if so can i apply for PR after 1st July using old point system. Thanks for reading. Sara
  7. mystikallz

    Online TR application filling help !

    Can any one please tell me what i can write while lodging TR online ,Where they ask for IELTS In TR online application I don't have Ielts, i still have to book my IELTS , my visa expiring after four days Thank you :notworthy:
  8. *********************************
  9. hi to all, I've made a post last time but answers were not that clear that's why I'm seeking advice again. I'm a 457 Visa Holder working here in WA for more than a month. I'm an Accountant/Auditor. I believe my occupation is in SOL, and MODL. I want to apply for PR asap. My questions are: 1. How soon can I start application? Is there a time frame to apply since I'm pretty new in WA. 2. What visa should I apply for, 175 or 176 notwithstanding that I'm currently in WA. As I've checked, Accountant is quite in demand in State sponsorship as well (176) 3. Will my skills need to be assessed by Recognized Australian Body (CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia, VETASSESS, etc.) ? 4. How long would it take to get 175 or 176 visa approval? 5. The big question is, Can I do the application and all the process needed by myself? or do I need to have a migration agent? I hope to receive positive feedback and help since I want to get ideas so I can plan everything and save up to pay for the fees and I dont want to wake up one morning with no job since 457 is employer based visa. Thanks to all of you. This website is very informative and useful. :smile: