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Found 94 results

  1. Hey all! Very new here and trying to, but ultimately failing, settle back in the UK after two years working holiday in Australia. Though I would have been kicked out of the country in September anyway, I did come back here to start my MSc in Forensic Psychology with the goal of being able to apply for skilled independent visa at the end of it. Not sure where my head was at when I figured this would work but after three days religious researching, it seems I am highly unlikely to even be considered if I don't have sufficient work experience, even though I have a 2:1 with honours and will hopefully have my MSc degree at the end of September. There is no question about moving to Australia. It is now considered home and my New Zealand boyfriend of a year (why could he not have been an Aussie?!) resides there, so I have to go back! My question therefore is whether I proceed with my original plan and apply for skilled independent, taking the IELTS test to gain extra points and trying to get experience during my MSc, or whether to take on another masters in Australia focusing on professional psychology which would then give me another year of experience before I could apply for general registration in Aus. Seems like a hell of a lot of work and with a loan being taken out for my MSc this year, another 50,000 pounds to study in Australia seems to be something that I can only see in my dreams. Even if I did go this route, would it even be possible for me to stay after my degree is finished? Would I find employers to sponsor me for residence? I'm feeling very stuck and very lonely over here with my partner on the other side of the world, so any help or advice would be incredibly useful! Thanks all :unsure:
  2. Hi, I am a newly-arrived migrant from the Philippines. I am currently a permanent resident here for three months. I already had my education assessed and it was equivalent to that of an Australian Bachelor's Degree. I'm an IT graduate and I have had already two years work experience from my home country. I'm not very picky when looking for jobs, except that I will not do the extremely physical jobs or mechanical jobs. I have tried applying for fast food chains, cleaner jobs, data entry, even for those "no experience" jobs..you name it. I haven't gotten any interview at all and I applied for more than a hundred jobs, including my walk-in applications. I tried applying for my field too which is IT, but I didn't get any luck. All I wanted is to just get a small job for the meantime so that I can settle, but I am having problems. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but a consultant looked up to my resume and said it was good.
  3. ​Anybody able to offer any suggestions of airlines or agencies that offer migrant fares from the UK to Sydney?
  4. Former Australian immigration minister Nick Bolkus has suggested that Australia's skill shortages could be fixed by increasing migrant intake by 100,000 over the following three years. A former Australian immigration minister has said Australia should increase its migrant intake. Bolkus, who served as Australian Immigration Minister from 1993-1996 under Paul Keating’s administration, noted the continuing economic turmoil for countries in the Eurozone, saying: “I think the European situation presents a really good opportunity for Australia to pick up young migrants who can contribute to developing this country - both skilled and those with the energy to apply themselves to the task we have.” Among those supporting such a mover is Business South Australia CEO Peter Vaughan, who said: “The primary focus must be to attract workers that meet the skills needs of our local industries and if these workers are based in Europe then it is an option worth pursuing." The government has already increased capacity for applicants seeking a permanent Australia visa by nearly 10% in the 2011/2012 migration program year. However, the former Minister suggests this is not enough to meet an increasing demand for skills and labour, and has called on governments at both state and federal level to increase advertising campaigns for countries affected by the economic crisis.
  5. Hello, Forum newbie here , hoping for someone to give me the benefit of their wisdom out of the kindness of their hearts! After much google searching and the purchase of 'Living and Working in Australia' I still have a couple of questions.... My current plan is to visit Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in February before making a Skilled Indpendant Migrant 175 application . Because I know this will very likely take >18months (and I want to live and work in OZ asap!), I plan to immediately lodge a working holiday visa application. Once in Oz on the WHV visa, I want to do the 3 months 'Regional' work done (and out the way!) so as to qualify for the 2nd year WHV , so that I should be able to work as an accountant from that point on in Oz uninterupted (albeit on temporary <6month contracts whilst on WHV). My 1st question is - does anyone forsee a problem with the above? Is it possible to apply and have a 1st and 2nd WHV whilst my 175 is being processed? I understand the WHV is supposed to be for people primarily there to holiday, so I might not be looked upon favourably...... My 2nd question is more difficult - does anyone know how you go about getting assessed by a state, if say I wanted to go down the route of state sponsored? I believe the cost is the same but you get greater priority for processing? One of the things driving me to leave is there is not much work / opportunity for me in North West England, and I know Western Australia has had huge growth because of the mining / construction boom. Even though I'd Ideally like to move to Sydney, if its was easier / cheaper / better job prospects getting visa and work somewhere in Western Oz, then I will definately consider that. But I've no idea how to go about finding out if any state would be interested in my profession, can't find it on the immi.gov.au on any agents sites.... As relevant background info: I am from Liverpool UK, 28, qualified Management Accountant since June 09, been working for the same FTSE 100 UK insurance company (RSA) for the last 6 years. I'm therefore on the current SOL under management accountant. I have no kids/spouse/other dependants (its just me!) and I have no immediate relatives in Oz. The (brief) online assessments tell me I have enough points to be accepted under the Independant Skilled Migrant Visa because of age/english ability/my skill on the SOL/ number of years work experience. - as per above paragraph. I am aware of the change upcoming 1st July so if I'm gonna do this at all I need to apply asap after Feb visit! Very grateful for any help with any of the above - Sorry its so long! Mike
  6. Guest

    wannabe migrant

    G Day to everybody!!! :jiggy: Im new in this forum so i apologize If i break any rules of it. Let me introduce myself. My name is David. I'm 24YO, brazilian. I ve just got back from Australia. I went there to learn English, as Im graduated in Business Management and Foreign trade, to surf and to have some fun. I got sick of it and went back to Brazil thinking about settle down here (Brazil) and getting a good job. Well, about the good job, there are plenty of them. I speak fluently Italian and English now (and Portuguese of course) and this helps heaps. plus im good at excel, Finance etc. Got 1,5 years of experience working at the Santander Bank (mates from the UK would know how big this corporation is:) ) doing the job of a credit analyst (as an intern, but i know everything i should know to be an analyst). worked at a wine importer too. Summing up. i ve got a good resumè. the problem is: i dont wanna live in Brazil anymore. Dont get me Wrong. My country is awsome, nice beaches, good parties and everything else for entarteinment. i recommend for tourism. But its ****ed up too. The criminality is high. We have the highest indexes of murders in the world (40k per year, india, which is 5x bigger in pop has 20k). Its too much disorganized and all sorts of social problem. Plus, believe it or not, ITS EXPENSIVE. yes, We, individually, pay more taxes in % than Sweden!!! (if u wanna talk about it we can, eheheh) So i wanna get back to OZ. I miss it so much. I love that country. its organized, its beautiful. good life quality, awsome life style, beach, surf, skate....i love that. i have to admit that i suffered a bit of prejudice in the beginning, i was living on the Gold Coast, full of rednecks. so i was hating the people, but i think its not a general thing, if it is, i dont mind anymore, im different, im better than them. i have my mates and we have fun. any way. I would like some hints on the paths i could take to get back there FOR GOOD. i guess the only paths are trough P.R. or sponsored by a company, right? (and partner obviously) I could try to get my degree validated there, studying from 1,5 to 2 years at uni i guess. enough to apply for PR? if not, was thinking about doing an MBA too. what do u reckon? Thought about something related to finance, as finance jobs, such as finance manager, finance dealers, brokers, traders and investment advisers are in the SOL list schedule 2. (another doubt, couldnt understand the difference between the schedule 1.) I said finance but i would prefer foreing trade or something, so is any demanded skill related to foreign trade? im asking this so i could get a job here thinking about what would help me there. :biggrin: i also understand that if im lucky a company might sponsor me, but how does it work now? is it possible? any restriction list of jobs or something? there is regional something going on isnt? The gold coast area is not in that list, neither NSW places big enough to live (i would rather living there). What can i do in Brazil to help me out now? i mean. I havent started working yet, but i ll in weeks. i have to get out from my parents house and start my own life and save money for the OZ mission ( u guys know i guess, getting there, visas and fees related to any student visa course until i find a job that i can pay off the UNI - Im good on my budgets:biggrin: ) soon. I would like to do something related to foreign trade than finance, but than it would be harder to get the PR right? i mean, finance carrers or management ones are on the list i guess. I think the parents of my ex girlfriend (ozzies) would help me out somehow if i need. but, can they help? (no comments about partner visa please. its a sad situation, i made her suffer too much - i was too much of a kid then, still regret it:mask:) thanks heaps for ur help. i think this is a very interesting inniative. helping out eachother... just to help, its very virtuous. Nice from the poms, one of my best mates in OZ was pom. congratulations. ps: dont get too excited poms with the comment, we brazilians still rule the football. ehehhe :jiggy:. (its a just a joke ok...?)
  7. Guest

    Skilled Migrant Visa SUB 176

    G`day Guys, I have a few questions in relation to the "Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176)". I was recently turned down for a 2nd year working holiday visa to Australia. I am now hoping to apply for a different visa to get back into the country. I have listed a few details below; My brother is a citizen of Australia and has agreed to sponsor me I am a geologist so I qualify under Schedule 2 of the "SOL" list I have previously worked in Australia for 2.5 years as a geologist I hope to live in Victoria Q1: is this type of visa the best one to apply for as I do not qualify under Schedule 1 of the SOL list Q2: How long does this visa usually take to get Q3: Will the fact that I got got refused a 2nd year working holiday visa hamper my chances for getting a different visa (I did not provide incorrect/ misleading information) Q4: What are the total costs of obtaining this visa Thanks in advance for any replies. Much appreciated, Pad
  8. Hi Has anyone used IOM (International Organisation for Migration) to book a one way fare to Oz? According to the 176 Visa Paperwork I got, I believe they can get you reduced fares and extra baggage allowance, however, I have had no joy contacting them - no reply to several emails or messages left on voicemails (which is pretty bad for an international organisation that is supposed to help people!!). I guess my question is; - is it worth pursuing them - am I going to save any money really? - is there any other way to get a reduced/subsidised fare with extra baggage allowance? - what extra baggage allowance does each of the airlines offer? Thanks
  9. Guest

    Skilled Migrant Advice

    Hi All This is my first post on this forum so apologies if I am asking something that has been covered many times before (I am sure it has!). My husband will soon be applying for a skilled migration visa (he is an accountant) and we hope to live and work in Melbourne. His occupation is on the SOL and he passes the points test comfortably. My question is about the success of a visa. I have read that, due to the loss of the application fee of $2,500 if unsuccessful, it is important to be pretty certain that the visa will be granted before applying. Can anyone advise how one goes about predicting the success of a visa?? Generally do people who pass the points test eventually receive their visa? I know there is no guarantee but I would just like to be more informed about the leverage and weight the points test has on the success of a visa being granted (or if many other factors are considered by Aus immigration). Again apologies if I am covering old ground ! Many thanks for your help in advance.
  10. Hi All Please shout if posting in the wrong place. I have a skilled migrant visa (indeffinate leave to remain, with no reentry until 2015) This meant I had 5 years to move and spend at least 2 of them in Australia, if you see what I mean. Life changed and after a year in Oz, moved back to the UK and have now started a family here with someone who hasnt any interest in moving downunder. Therefore, I dont think I am going to settle in Oz eventually and will not have enough years/ months in Oz to take my visa to the next level. Does anyone know what I need to do? Do I need to tell the officials now or just leave it to expire (am thinking they could give another UK citizan a visa if I cancel mine. Even more importaintly, will this effect any fututr tourist visas I apply for? can I still go visit for a holiday if I cancel this visa? Any advice would be great. Ta
  11. Hello everyone, My name is David and I am planning to visit Australia in January on a Working Holiday Visa (417) as I will be 28 and looking to see if Australia is somewhere I wish to emigrate to. I am fortunate to have an uncle based in Melbourne so I will be hoping to use him as a base while I explore the country. Is it worth booking the flights now, or are the savings booking a last minute flight on the day substantial? With regards to actually emigrating I have a BSc and MSc in coastal management. However my only real work experience has been through the reserves in the British Army (Iraq and Afghanistan) and was looking to join the ADF if I was accepted to OZ. I'm aware I would have to get citizenship to join ADF, is it simply a case of upgrading? Finally can I apply for permanent residency (either Skilled Independent subclass 175/or sponsored 176 using my uncle) while I'm still in Australia under my 417 and is there any advantage to this process, has anyone done this and got a rough time line/costs involved? Any help or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Please help ! I have applied for Australian Migration as Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175 on 18th January 2009. Since I was not contacted even though the cut off date for assigning a Case Officer for the visa subclass 175 application crossed my date of lodgement, I posted online queries and I was replied that I was placed in Priority 5 instead of Priority 4. I immediately called DIAC and found out that the ASCO code during the time of application lodgement was 2231-79 instead of 2231-19. I was advised to email an attachment of the Australian Computer Society assessment sheet to GSM.documents@immi.gov.au which proved that I was granted the ASCO code 2231-19 by ACS along with other case details . The correction was made on 26th July 2011. Later, a Case Officer was assigned to my application on 23rd August. On 29th August, the Case Officer refused my visa application stating the following in the attachment titled 'Decision Record': Reasons for decision The visa class that you applied for includes 2 subclasses of visa. These are: Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) ● Skilled Independent (subclass 175) ● Skilled Sponsored (subclass 176) I have considered your application against the criteria for all subclasses in the VE visa class. Under migration law a visa cannot be granted unless the applicant meets the legal requirements that are specified in the Act and the Regulations. After careful consideration of all the information you have provided, I am not satisfied that you satisfy the criteria for the grant of VE subclass 175 (Skilled - Independent) as set out in Australian migration law. Therefore, your application for this visa has been refused. Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations 1994 sets out the criteria to be met for the grant of Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) subclass 175 (Skilled - Independent) visa. 175.212 is one of the mandatory requirements for the grant of the visa and it states: 175.212 (1) The skills of the applicant have been assessed by the relevant assessing authority as suitable for the applicant’s nominated skilled occupation. (2) If the assessment mentioned in subclause (1) is made on the basis of a qualification obtained in Australia while the applicant was the holder of a student visa, the qualification was obtained as a result of studying a registered course. Skills assessment does not match nominated occupation You lodged an application with a nominated skilled occupation of Computing Professionals nec ASCO 2231-79 but your skilled assessment from the Australian Computer Society (ACS) lists your skilled application as Systems Programmer ASCO 2231-19. I find that your skills assessment and nominated occupation do not match and it is a legislative requirement that you must nominate the same occupation as your skills assessment at time of application. You therefore do not satisfy 175.212(1) as your skills assessment and and nominated occupation do not match at time of application. Assessment for alternate visa subclass I have also assessed your application against the criteria for the grant of a subclass 176 of the Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) visa. Schedule 2 to the Regulations sets out the criteria to be met for the grant of a 176.212 is one of the mandatory requirements for the grant of the visa and it states: 176.212 (1) The skills of the applicant have been assessed by the relevant assessing authority as suitable for the applicant’s nominated skilled occupation. (2) If the assessment mentioned in subclause (1) is made on the basis of a qualification obtained in Australia while the applicant was the holder of a student visa, the qualification was obtained as a result of studying a registered course. As stated above I find that your skills assessment and nominated occupation do not match and it is a legislative requirement that you must nominate the same occupation as your skills assessment at time of application. You therefore do not satisfy 176.212(1) as your skills assessment and and nominated occupation do not match at time of application. I do not think that this is fair as I had made the required correction a month before it was taken up by the Case Officer. The Case Officer seems to have handled this very casually and did not give me the benefit of doubt in this situation. This decision will definitely change the course of my future as I have made many plans in hopes of being granted the visa and I do not know what to do now. Please advise as I am unable to concentrate on anything. I am mentally very disturbed because of this outcome.
  13. The Pom Queen

    New Migrant Visa Scheme

    The Federal Government's new migrant visa scheme has come under fire as more details emerge about how it will work. Australia's resources sector has countless multi-billion-dollar projects looming, but only a fraction of the workforce needed to build them. More than 33,000 extra workers are needed in the next 18 months in Western Australia alone. The Immigration Department says temporary visas under the new Enterprise Migration Agreements (EMA) for semi-skilled overseas workers are the answer. But Dave Noonan, from the construction and mining union CFMEU, is worried the new scheme will overlook local workers. "We've got a situation where there are a number of large redundancies in the manufacturing industry, but also activities in commercial city construction are quite low at the moment," he said. "We would have thought that it was important to ensure that suitably skilled local workers are offered employment before employers are entitled to bring in large numbers of guest workers from overseas." Peter Speldewinde from the Immigration Department says the new scheme is not about locking out local workers. "The pricing schedules around the salaries that need to be paid to a worker coming to Australia under the EMA would make them relatively more expensive than the equivalent Australian worker," he said. "So the incentive is there for companies to in fact employ or seek to employ Australians first." Bruce Campbell-Fraser, from Western Australia's Chamber of Mines and Energy, says the scheme seems to have too much red tape. "We're just a bit concerned that they're a bit prescriptive around some areas, predominantly around the consultation process, the need for workforce development plans, and highly prescriptive training plans," he said. "So we're just working our way through how that's going to be taken up, and I suppose as these employers start putting their plans in place and recruiting a workforce, we'll see whether or not people move down the Enterprise Migration Agreement path or use existing skilled migration programs like 457 visas." But the Immigration Department insists the EMA is a simplified system. "The terms and conditions which govern the employment of workers for the entire project are agreed under the EMA framework," Mr Speldewinde said. "So there's only one set of negotiations. What that means is, for particularly the smaller sub-contractors, a lot of the drudgery and a lot of the leg work is done for them." The temporary visas will only be issued for workers employed on larger projects worth $2 billion or more that need more than 1,500 staff. But the CFMEU says there are concerns overseas workers will fill jobs that apprentices are currently performing in the larger companies. "Many of these projects are located in regional Australia in areas which have got entrenched high levels of youth unemployment and high levels of Indigenous unemployment," Mr Noonan said. "We need to start to see a situation where the Government requires of those employers that they actually invest in training young Australians and don't just run overseas to deal with real or perceived skills shortages."
  14. Hi there everyone! I'm having mixed feelings about the 175 visa. I am concerned that it'll actually take 18-24 months. Could someone please let me know if this is fairly accurate or is it based on a worst case scenario?:cry: Also, I was thinking of applying and visiting on a tourist visa for 3 months while the 175 was in process - :arghh:smart idea or not? All the forums are telling me different things, so I thought I'd see what feedback I can get from you guys! If it matters at all, I hold dual citizenship between Ireland and Canada. Thanks in advance!:hug:
  15. Hi my husband has just started the process of applying for Skilled Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)? I will be joining him as his wife of course! Has anyone else followed this route and could advise on how long it took from start to grant of visa? Our agent say around 18mths as they receive 100,000 applications per year. We were hoping the process would take no longer than 12mths.
  16. Guest

    migrant health service charge

    hi guy`s, just came across another charge that i had not been aware of in the past, did`nt notice it when i submitted my 103 in 2009. MIGRANT HEALTH SERVICE CHARGE ??. $1334, ??. is this a new charge that has come to the fore, and what do we get for it if anything.. ringo
  17. 1. Between the ages of 40 - 45. 2. Have around £50,000 - £70,000 quid as 'collateral' (cold hard cash). 3. Their main reasons for going are 'Something Different/Adventure', rather than a 'Better' life. 4. Are prepared to come 'home' if things don't work out. 5. Are not expecting 'Utopia'. 6. Would fly with Singapore Airlines, 7. And have an average of 1.5 children. I know this is a bit of a laugh and taken from a very, very small sample but there are the results so far from several threads/polls I have put up over recent months on PIO. From all the threads I put up over 218 people responded,:notworthy:, so as I said, a very small sample of who is actually emigrating, but all the same fairly interesting figures. I am now off to submit my findings to DIAC to see if they 'pay' for such research,:biglaugh:, somehow I doubt it though,:yes:. Sorry, but have always been a bit of an anorak but it has been an interesting read, many thanks to all those of you who took part.:notworthy::jiggy:. Cheers Tony.:cool:
  18. Looks like Oz is looking to move to a similar system as NZ - with an expression of interest before you fork out the big money http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/skilled-migrant-selection-model.htm
  19. p0msd0wnunder


    Hi, We, my wife and I, are new here, so just wanted to drop a line to say hi to our fellow poms. We migrated from the Surrey/Berks/Hants border to Australia in November '10 with a 175 visa that entitles us to permanent residency here. We have spent the last six months travelling between Sydney and Perth, and we arrived in Perth last week. Prior to arriving in WA we felt that we would return to Sydney and settle down there, but having arrived on the west coast we have decided to have a bash here. We have no plans to return to the UK anytime soon, so we are keen to make as much of this as we can. Whilst we do miss family and friends back home, we have not yet really experienced any kind of homesickness yet, but are well aware that this is probably just a matter of time. This week we have started looking for work and we both have a couple of interviews lined up. I have been pleasantly surprised how much demand their appears to be in WA for my skills and experience - something that was in abundance back home and, therefore, underpaid. We are also looking for somewhere to live and we are probably going down the line of renting an apartment somewhere. Rental is completely new to us as we have previously owned our homes in the UK. I have posted some specific questions about real estate in that part of the forums. We are keen to meet people and hope that this will happen once we find jobs and join a couple of clubs, etc. It would be great to meet some of you guys too, as we have enjoyed comparing notes with the poms that we have met so far on our travels. Hope to talk again soon.
  20. hey all i'm trying to apply for a skilled migrant visa ( im currently on a working holiday visa) but there is so much paperwork to fill out and get. i just wondered if anyone on here did it themselves and if anyone has any advice they could offer me. i was meant to be sponsored through my partners work but they decided against it at the last minute and we are desperate to stay. i would use one of those migrant experts but they are so much money and we really cant afford it. also its says that my partner and i need to get our skills assessed but to do this it has to be done in the UK?! but this is also very very expensive! we have both been qualified and in our trades for over 7 years and wonder is this true? as i have also been told that you only have to have your skills assessed if we are new to the trade? so i am rather confused and immigration (southport) are not very helpful at all.:err: if anyone has any advice for me i would be truely grateful. thanks lou
  21. Hi there, I'm planning on moving to Melbourne after Christmas this year (or ASAP thereafter) and am a little confused as to my best option and would be grateful for any help: 1. I am a Part Qualified ACCA Accountant, and hoping to complete this year. I also have a BA (hons) Accounting degree and 6 years work experience as a Management Accountant. 2. I have an Australian girlfriend of 5 years, but she moved back there in December 2010. The plan is for us to get a place and live together from day one, but I'm worried the fact we've been apart for this year may rule out any partner visa options. A bit off the point but I have a friend who works in finance, but with no qualifications, who moved to Melbourne last October on a Working Holiday Visa to live with his Australian girlfriend who's UK visa ran out. He seems to think he'll be able to get a de-facto partner visa easily enough as they'll have lived together for a year come this October. Which is what I was planning to also do but because I have more qualifications, and have been with my partner for much longer, I am hopefully in a better position and don't want to go down this route if it it might be better to wait a few more months and apply for a longer term visa from the start. If anyone can recommend a good agency to talk to please recommend, I don't mind paying a reasonable amount for some sort of initial consulatation. I apprecite people don't do their jobs for free! Graham
  22. DIAC is introducing this model from July 2012. The Model is proposed to commence on 1 July 2012. As of this date, new applicants for independent, family or state/territory sponsored migration would need to submit an EOI and be issued with an invitation before lodging a visa application, unless eligible for transitional arrangements. The first round of invitations is expected to occur in January 2013. Transitional arrangements currently apply to certain people who, on 8 February 2010, held or had applied for a Skilled – Graduate (subclass 485) visa. This group is able to apply for a permanent skilled visa under the previous system, until the end of 2012. There are no additional transitional arrangements in relation to the Model. More info on: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/skilled-migrant-selection-model.htm FAQs: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/model-faq.pdf
  23. Hi All NAB are really please to be sponsoring SkilledMigrantJobs.com a new niche job website designed to connect Australian business with skilled overseas candidates. It's free to advertise and a great way to find new employees from the UK. Cheers Nigel
  24. I have very little time to apply for the Independent Migrant visa, infact I have about 5 days! I am under a bit of time pressure here a) because i will be 35 in June and therefore loose points once i hit 35 that will not allow me to accrue the 120 total b) I left my teaching post in the UK May 5th! so have to put my application in before that date as otherwise I go out of the 12 month time line to proove i have been a teacher for 3 of the last 4 years C) i have to also apply for an english test even though i am already registered with the DET and NSW department of education and have approval to teach (i am currently onshore) How strict are these date/time expectations and should i just get in as much as possible to immigration even if it is not a completed application, for example I wont have had my skills assessed by another recommended body (although logic would say this would be unecessary as I am already registered as a teacher here) any advice would be great, and do they provide a bridging visa while waiting for an independent one? Thanks, Katie
  25. redditchcouple

    migrant airfares through anglo pacific

    hi all, does anyone know of the approximate migrant flight costs when you use anglo pacific to do your move? we are hoping to move near brisbane in november,but have not yet booked a mover/flights. any feedback would be great thanks...cheapest flights I have for a family of 4 atm come in at just under £2200!