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Found 33 results

  1. Hi everyone Just seeking some clarification about my APHRA application and am hoping those of you who have been successful may be able to help. I have looked at the CV format they require on the website most of it is fine and have just cut and pasted from my own CV and the bit that is causing me concern is the section clinical/procedural skills. Maybe I'm being a bit blonde (self depricating joke I am a natural blonde) but do they want me to list everything I'm competent at eg; venepuncture, delivering babies, record keeping, suturing, report writing, theatre skills etc..? I've been qulaified as a nurse 18 years and a midwife 12, it could potentially be a long (and boring) list. Surely it should be self evident that by the very nature of my role that I am competent at key skills. What did anyone else put in this section? Also just to check whilst it asks for 5 years employment history from employers am I right in thinking I still need to put the whole of my career on the CV? Really wish I was newly qualified its causing me such a headache to remember my roles and responsibilities as anewly qualifed nurse in 1994! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Kirstie xx :confused:
  2. Hey! I am really curious as to whether there are any midwives here applying for the 189/190 visa? I have yet to come across another midwife! I have submitted my EOI 189 - 65 and 190 - 70. sjx
  3. Hi, I am new to this site have just started my application to Melbourne!! I have been offered a 457 Sponsorship and just wanted to chat to other Midwives who are or who have been in the same position. :biggrin:
  4. Hello everyone! I hope you don't mind me jumping in on your forum. I just finished up studying in Australia and am now doing my Honours research back in the UK. I'm looking into migration patterns of nurses/midwives, particularly from the UK to Australia, factors influencing migration, intentions at the time of moving, intentions after moving and perceptions of work in Australia compared to the UK. It's for nurses/midwives working in Australia, who worked for the UK NHS before moving to Australia... so I hope I am in the right place! Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PH89VZF There's some more info about the study on the first page - It's confidential and won't take more than 5 minutes. It's quite a specific demographic so would be amazing if you could take part and forward it to any other nurses/midwives from the UK. Thanks so much in advance :ssign16: Kind regards Anastasia
  5. Guest

    Any MIDWIVES out there??

    I am a midwife planning to immigrate to Perth. Just wanted to know how long it took any other midwives to get their visas??? Did any of you get fast tracked due to being a midwife? I dont have a job offer, do you think it is better to be sponsored? Any advice please........... Thanks :cute:
  6. Hi, I've been a midwife in the UK for 27yrs and will be retiring in a few years. Does anyone know if its possible for an 'oldie' to get a short contract-maybe 6mths-in Australia? I don't want to emigrate just experience the life for a while, but I get the feeling Australia's only interested in young people. Can't seem to find the info I need on the government/visa sites. Thanks all.
  7. * Multiple midwife positions available in brand new public hospital * Short commute - great work/life balance * Sponsorship available * Assistance with relocation costs/initial accommodation * Work in all areas of midwifery practice * Booming town in country NSW - plenty of work opportunities for partners/family * NSW has the best midwife pay rates in Australia I am a CMC who actually works here - no going through an agency, no "fairy stories" to get you here only to be disappointed. UK and Irish midwives are very highly regarded, hence why I am here looking for you!! Please PM me if interested... :smile:
  8. Hi All, I am a midwife who would like to chat to other midwives who are considering emmigrating or have already taken the plunge...Lots of questions to ask:arghh::arghh:
  9. Guest

    Midwives wanted?

    Hi, I am Scottish midwifery student married to a Technology Secondary teacher. We have 2 children - an 11 year old and a 7 year old. We are contemplating a move to Australia, but we have many questions. Mainly, the chances of finding work! I have just over a year left studying, so would not be an experienced midwife. However, I have lots of life experience. Any advice would be greatly accepted. :huh:Thanks
  10. Guest

    Midwives in Queensland

    Hi, We are currently in Victoria and i work as a midwife which i am finding very doctor led and am looking for more midwife led care. We also fancy a change of state to Queensland so am hooping some midwives can shed some light on whether it is more midwife friendly and some advice on areas to live. Thanks Julie
  11. Guest

    Any MIDWIVES out there??

    I have just sent my visa off and was wondering how long the whole process has been for any other midwives that have had their visas granted.
  12. Hi all, I'm a newly qualified midwife here in the UK and I have just been offered a job at St. George hospital in Sydney. Really excited! Just waiting now for my UK NMC pin number and then intend to get the ball rolling for the big move! Just wondered if there were any midwives on here who currently work or have worked at St. George who would be willing to share their experience! I am also looking for affordable accommodation, any suggestions?? Kind regards  --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.526964,0.064314
  13. Hey everyone.. I'm a midwife hoping to emigrate to SA. ANMC skills assessment was sent on feb 15th..supposed to only take 8-10 weeks but still so word!It's been 16 weeks now..I've rang them and they have all the necessary documents and it's being processed, but I'm really worried about it taking so long!anybody else in the same situation?
  14. samshep

    AHPRA and midwives

    I have just received a letter from AHPRA and said once I produce my ID documents in Aus I will be on the register as a "Registered Nurse"!! I applied for registration as a midwife but it says nurse, I am nurse trained as well but am not going out as a nurse, I am now worried they will have to change it all. I did look back at my receipt of application which does say application for Midwife!! Any comments?? Thanks sam (MW):wacko:
  15. midwifey

    Direct Entry Midwives

    Hello! I am just about to qualify as a midwife, i was not a nurse first so i have done the 3 year course. I just wondered if there is any midwives out there that know about the acceptance of direct entry midwives in Oz and how much experience is generally required. I already have a job secured in the UK which i want to work in for a year but i am desperate to move to Australia so dont want to leave it much longer than this. Also, my partner does not hold a job on the skilled occupation list, would he be eligible to come over on my visa? We are living together but are not married. I would be really grateful for any help. I have looked in so many places for information and i keep getting different answers! Thanks :cool:
  16. Hi there, Help if possible, from any Midwives who have recently applied for permanent residency, who havn't used an agent?! The more I look at the process for skills assessment and registration the more I confuse myself! I am a Midwife in England, have 6 yrs experience and want to apply for a permanent visa, could anybody tell me if the order of how to apply (below) is right please, Id be very grateful :wubclub: 1. Send off for verification to the NMC for them to send directly to AHPRA 2. Complete the AGOS-04 form for general registration with all documentation -Do I have to complete an IELTS test if I can provide evidence of being taught in English at Secondary and degree level? 3.Send off AGOS-04 TO AHPRA 4. Do I then have to apply for a skills assessment and is this with the ANMAC? What does this involve? Hope someone can help...Would it be better to use an agent Im now wondering?! If any Midwives have recently been through the process either way Id love to hear how you are getting on. Thank you Jodie x
  17. Please see my thread in Job Vacancies - "Midwives wanted in NSW" Also looking for nurses with Special Care Nursery/NICU experience wanting to make the move to Australia... PM me for more information
  18. Guest

    Midwives husband

    We are looking to move over to Oz, my wife is a midwife a so we are possibly looking at going over on a 457. I am interested to find out from a partners aspect how the move has effected you. Has anyone got any insight into the job situation in Brisbane. We are looking a less stressful life and a more family orientated life. If you any feedback please let me know Thanks Jason
  19. Ok another thread about the IELTS Test as there is sooooo mich confusion..following the recent thread that stated that nurses and midwives no longer require the IELTS test I contact AHPRA once again before getting too excited as I still have to take my IELTS test..I asked them if it was true that if I could prove that I have studied English within my secondary education or degree for that matter then would I still have to take the IELTS test..this was their reply.. Thank you for you're enquiry, Unfortunately the Nursing/Midwifery registration standards require any person who's profession is Nursing or Midwifery and they completed their secondary education outside of Australia to sit the IELTS exam in one sitting with a minimum score of 7 in all bands. AHPRA apologises for any confusing the new updates have caused. Kind Regards, The Customer Service Team AHPRA Enquiry Contact Centre Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Tel: 1300 419 495 web: www.ahpra.gov.au If you look at the questions asked section it states that ALL INTERNATIONAL Nurses and Midwives are still required to sit the IELTS Test..it is my understanding that only International students who have moved to Australia and are now studying English and undertaking a Nursing or Midwifery diploma or degree in Australia and can prove this are exempt from taking the test... I hope this helps..if this information is not correct please let me know :arghh:
  20. I've just got off the phone to a healthcare agency in Australia and was told WA are not taking overseas nurses and midwives for the next 12 months + Anyone heard this? there is nothing on the internet :confused: Jo
  21. I am currently living in Australia with my hubby and children on a 457 visa, although we have just had the go ahead to apply for PR from dh's company. I am currently a stay at home mum, but I have started to think about what I would like to do once the kiddies go off to school. Our eldest is due to start in Jan next year, and I would be looking to start work/uni next year or the year afterwards. I used to be an optometrist in the UK, but I only worked as an optom for four years, and I have now been out of work for over four years with the children, so getting back in to it (I would have to resit my professional exams to work in Australia) would be very difficult, if not impossible without a huge amount of study. Also, I disliked the commercial/money aspect of the job, feeling like I was being pressured to sell at the expense of the clinical side of things. Two of the careers which keep coming up when I talk to my hubby about it are nursing and midwifery. I think that they would give me the clinical things that I like, without the pressures of selling. However, as I don't know any nurses or midwives, I really am guessing as to what the jobs entail. I wondered if anyone could give me a general overview of what is involved on a day to day basis, what are the good bits and bad, and how nursing/midwifery fits in to your family life. I understand that there are a huge number of specialisations covered in nursing, but any general ideas would be very, very useful in evaluating whether I would be suited. Many thanks.
  22. Hi I work in a maternity unit in central west NSW (3 odd hours from Sydney). We have advertised 3 permanent midwife vacancies over the last two months for two maternity units in our area - with not one single application!! If anyone from the UK is looking for a full time midwifery job and needs sponsorship there are loads of opportunities - we aren't next to the ocean or near a big city but have great pay, reasonable house prices and a fantastic country lifestyle whilst still being in a big town ([plus plans to implement caseload midwifery) Anyone who would be interested please see the link below HealthJobs - Health Jobs View
  23. Guest

    Hello Poms

    Hi there, just want to introduce ourselves to this great forum..... we are Jo (34) Dave (37) and have two children aged 12 from Nott's. After few years of dreaming we have NOW finally decided to pursue a new life in Oz.....thinking South of Perth. i.e Mandurah or Bunbury. Just looking around at the mo, so any area's worth recommending are appreciated. I am a midwife here and we currently debating which visa to apply for? Initially thought the 175, but have friends who got there quicker through sponsorship so bit unsure what to do. Just seen the freeze on visa's at the moment??? how typical !!! Anyway, need to sit this IELTS English test before registering with the ANMC eeeek, they also mention the Occupational English test (OET) Does anyone know if I have to sit both? We are seeing a migration agent next week as we feel a bit bombarded with all the paperwork and the order to do things ! Would love to hear from anyone. :hug: Cheers Jo xxx
  24. Sponsorship Opportunities for Midwives to work in Australia Are you looking for a change of scene and fancy working in Australia? Portland District Health is currently seeking UK midwives interested in spending time in the South West corner of the east Coast of Australia. We are a small rural hospital providing all aspects of maternity care to our local community. Midwives employed at Portland have the benefit of being involved in the whole patient journey – ante-natal, birth and post-natal care. We are interested in UK midwives who would like to spend a few years on a working visa or those who wish to make Australia their home permanently. In exchange we offer competitive salary, relocation assistance, visa assistance and sponsorship for the right candidate. We currently have a number of nurses from the UK working here and have a support network set-up to help you settle into your new life down under. Informal enquiries or applications can be made to Julie Arnould, Deputy Director of Nursing at jaarnould.pdh@swarh.vic.gov.au If you wish us to contact you please provide your phone number in the email and we will call you at a suitable time to discuss opportunities here.
  25. We are seeking Midwives from the UK who want to come to Oz permanently or for a working holiday, we can assist with relocation and sponsorship. If you are interested visit our website at http://swarh/portland/index.asp or email your CV to me Deputy Director of Nursing at jaarnould.pdh@swarh.vic.gov.au please also copy to edebeer.pdh@swarh.vic.gov.au our HR coordinator. Apply now and enjoy our long Australian summer :biggrin: