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Found 43 results


    Worried about AHPRA

    hi all, just going through the ahpra application with my wife and see a section about impairment, my wife had an injury meaning she currently cant work on labour ward, but has no issues working on antenatal wards, and the hospital she works at are happy with this, are ahpra likely to decline her application? would it be worth calling them? Cheers

    ANMAC Question

    Quick question, am I right in thinking once IELTS is passed and a suitable score obtained nurses/midwives etc have to then apply to ANMAC and once the skills assessment is approved then and only then can they apply for a skilled visa? once the visa comes through then AHPRA should be applied to due to the new rules?
  3. Hi all, I'm a registered adult nurse with 2 years experience and I'll be going to Perth as a newly qualified midwife. I'm interested in the King Edward Memorial Hospital Midwifery Graduate Programme. Not sure if I'm better off applying for that or just applying for a midwifery post once I qualify. Would love to here from people who have been on this programme or similar or not at all once qualified and what your experience once like. Thanks:cute:
  4. Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone studying at university in the UK,has ever transferred to an Australian university, or have they had to start their degrees again? I have just found out that I've got a place at uni starting this sep in the UK to study midwifery. It's thrown a bit of a spanner in the works as this was my 4th year of applying (I'm a mature student) and although I can't wait to get started, my husband has recently applied to transfer his job over to Australia. If he manages to transfer his job, I would have one year at uni under my belt already. I am just wanting to explore avenues at the moment, and asking for advice from anyone that may have done this in the past. Hope someone out there will be able to help. Thanks in advance.
  5. We are currently looking for experienced Midwives for one of Sydney's leading Private Hospitals located in Sydney's inner west. The positions are to start in the New year and offer very competitive rates of pay and excellent working conditions. Sponsorship is available for the right applicant and guidance on registering with AHPRA and making the move to Sydney can be provided if required. Please PM us for more information and a full Job description or Alternatively click on our banner at the top of the page to be directed to our website.
  6. Guest

    Midwifery in Queensland

    G'day peoples. I was born in Perth WA but have spent most of my life in England. I am returning to Australia this year with my husband and my son. I do not have much in the way of work experience or qualifications, but I would love to become a midwife in Queensland. What suggested route could anyone suggest for me to take when I arrive in Queensland and what will this entail? Also, I will need to work so a role as an assistant or trainee would be great if possible? Many thanks Chantel
  7. mummyslatts

    Having a baby in Australia, Brisbane

    Hi, We are going to be moving to Brisbane for a two year secondment in May. I will be 7 months pregnant when we move (are we mad?!) and am trying to find out what we will need to do to have the baby in Australia. I'm not sure yet what visa we'll be on but I think I will be on my partners 475 (2 year work permit?), I'll be on maternity leave at the time of moving. We understand from the company that unlike in the UK, private health insurance is not included as a benefit with the job. We understand that there is Medicare - would this cover having a baby? How do we register? Also, what is the provision like? I have some Australian friends here who say they all have private health care in Australia and wouldn't have a baby under Medicare (surely it can't be worse than NHS maternity provision?), any idea what the costs of private health care, or the cost of having a baby in the private system would be? Also, how would I register in the health care system on arrival. Very anxious about stepping into such unknown territory so close to a due date (with a toddler in tow already) Any advice very warmly welcomed! Thanks Andrea
  8. Hi Guys After what seems like emailing every maternity hospital in the Perth/ Northern Peel region, have got an email asking to interview me this Wednesday (9am our time). Whilst I'm elated and its what I want, I am very, very nervous, anybody got an tips for the telephone interview process. Any help would appreciated, my head is spinning:v_SPIN:. Kirstie
  9. Hey i am a fulltime mum but do casual hours at my local maternity unit as a midwifery assistant also called a maternity health care assistant. this can be helping to deliver babies alongside a registered midwife, helping mothers b4 and after labour. post natal. feeding babies, helping mums shower etc etc i love the job but i hate working at the hospital. its soo stressful and many times have to close the doors to labouring woman due to having no space for them. is there such a job in oz?
  10. Hi all, not been on here for a while so hope youre all ok :biggrin: Anyhow just a question i need answering to do with my nursing ...... I am currently in the process of sending off full assessment to AHPRA , i have a diploma in childrens nursing and need to know if i need to apply for registered nurse or qualified nurse with my qualification? So need to try and contact the Australian nursing and midwifery council but cannot find telephone number anywhere ?????? Also has abody on here had to do extra course's as a childrens nurse in england before going to OZ ? Childrens nursing does not seem to be as recognized as much in Australia sooooo help desperately needed , getting in a real pickle ! Please help i am so confused :goofy: thanks lisa
  11. Hi to all!! I am new to this site and would like some information if possible. Would like to know whats its like to work as a midwife in Brisbane and the job opportunities? Are there many? Do midwives deliver etc?? What are best hospitals to work at?? Any information welcome, thanks
  12. I am a midwife working in the UK and am hoping to move to the Gold Coast in the summer if I can find a job...my question is easy...private or public?...have heard some negative things about working in private hospitals..can anyone who does let me know how it really is please
  13. I am a midwife working in the UK and am hoping to move to the Gold Coast in the summer if I can find a job...I intended to work for a public hospital as I have not heard good reports with private maternity hopsitals in Australia...this is mainly due to midwives losing their skills as doctors deliver all babies in private hospitals plus private hospitals are less equipped both in terms of staff and equipment because they are more interested in making a profit than putting the money into the service they provide...does anyone have any experience of working in a private hospital..am particularly interested in John Flynn which is a private hospital..unfortunately midwifery jobs in the public sector seem scarce on the Gold Coast...any advice please
  14. Hi, I have applied for my midwifery registration from APHRA in january to work in Victoria. Does anyone know how long this takes, I was initially told that it can take up to 90 working days. Has anyone received their registration and how long did it take? Thanks :eek:
  15. Hi there - I'm waiting to get my Australian midwifery registration - they received all my documents end of November....still waiting. Keep getting told "any day now!" - is anyone else having similar problems with registration? - it seems to take ages. I have a job lined up at Dandenong Hospital, and they would like me to start in April, which is coming increasingly closer! Geneva Health have been just brilliant at processing everything but this final piece of the jigsaw is taking ages. Frustrated.com! :realmad: Hope you're all having a good day Debs x
  16. Guest

    MIDWIFERY in Victoria/Geelong

    Hi, I am a midwife with experience in the NHS looking move out to Melbourne (possibly Geelong area) late next year. Does anyone out there have any experience of working as a midwife in these areas??? Thanx
  17. Hi All, This is my first post, so please be gentle with me :wink: I am a midwife with 13 years post reg experience looking to move to Adelaide in March. I was wondering how much work there is for midwives around, and how much roughly I can expect to earn. I know it's a last minute move, but we lived in Brisbane for 4 years, didn't like it, so came back to the UK, and are now looking to return to Aus. Thanks for any help. T x
  18. We currently live in the Uk and have secured our visas to move to Oz but due to various reasons it is unlikely we will be able to move before summer 2012. We are coming on holiday on boxing day for 3 weeks and are looking to search and have a good look around the Perth area at potential places to live and work, schools and colleges as our children will be approx 16 and 13 when planning to move. We are staying in the mullalloo beach area. I am a midwife and my husband currently has his own business in commercial vehicles (repairing/maintaining traiilers/HGV's - he also has a Class 1 HGV licence). i would like to continue with my midwifery however my husband is looking for anything really within the transport industry or post or airport jobs. Any advice, contacts or suggested places to lookwhislt we are there or in teh meantime would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Kirsty Wild:biggrin:
  19. Hello, We've got an opportunity to uproot the family and head to Australia through my wife's work in midwifery. It's a scary thought but there's really not very much in Hayes or the UK to keep us here. It would be a blind move and no matter how much you read about places there's always something bad vs something good that causes uncertainty. We went along to a skilled labour recruitment fair, listened to the area presentations and South Australia / Adelaide seemed to stand out. I keep reading that it's dull but we're not exactly looking for a place like the centre of London. Bands go there, there's a VW club, a Fringe Festival & Tuna Tossing......what can be bad ? Waiting for IELTS results and we'll take it from there, any thoughts or advice on Adelaide would be appreciated.
  20. I am travelling to Queensland in April (to validate our visa!), going to: Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Brisbane and Toowoomba. Can anyone recommend any maternity hospitals in these areas that I could visit, with regards to working there later next year as a Midwife? Thanks all! :spinny:
  21. Hi Guys.. Can anyone tell me.... If you are employed in Queensland Health and wish to do the post grad course in midwifery (already a registered nurse) do you pay fees? Are you paid for your clinical time or do you become a student again (no money coming in?) I cant seem to find the relevant info and Im sure the system is different to here in Ireland where your sponsored and paid for your 18 months post grad (but no job at the end of it unfortunetly cos of the recruitment ban, how mad is that, after them paying to train you??? :err:) Thanks, hope someone can help :wink:
  22. hello all, im new to this forum so to introduce myself... im becki, im a final year student midwife due to qualify in september living in the west midlands :cute: looking for jobs in the UK at the minute is a real struggle as there is limited advertisement in my region, so thinking it was a shot in the dark (how wrong i was!) i emailed a migration consultancy firm advertising jobs in melbourne, where i have some family. the response was rapid and left me really up in the air and not sure what to do ... ! ive been told if i were to go ahead with a visa application and recruitment i could expect employment on a new grad programme around january following telephone interview. I've delayed it for a couple of weeks in order to research more and to see what the job market in the UK looks like. Would anyone be willing to share what the philosophy of midwifery is like in australia? and what their experience of new grad programmes are? my mains concerns are that care is more nurse- midwifery unlike in the UK and losing skills. Also, if anyone has done a new grad midwifery employment programme, did they feel it was a good move for them and in consolidating skills? and what was/will the move back to the UK be like? my lecturers are particularly negative about it and i wanted to get perspective from those that have been there to make an informed decision. I wouldnt be considering staying long term, i just dont want to let a fantastic oppurtunity to work in a different environment for maybe a couple of years pass me by, especially not wanting to miss out if i lose my nerve later on! many thanks in advance, becki x :wubclub:
  23. Hi, Is there anyone that is currently studying or have studied midwifery here in Australia? If so would you be able to give me a general run down of how hard the course is ? Obviously i don't expect it to be a breeze, but how long do the courses run for? How has it affected your home life, (i have 3 children, 11, 7 and 3). How much do the courses cost? etc........... I am really interested in doing this, but have been a stay at home Mum for the last 11 years, so am a bit out of practice on the job/studying front. And having only lived here in perth for the last 2 years everything if different from that of the UK. Any advice would be greatly appreciated jen.
  24. Guest

    Transcript of Midwifery

    Hi everyone, Not sure if anyone will be able to help but here goes.... Im in the process of gathering documents together for NMBWA (Nursing and Midwifery Board) in order to convert my registration over to WA. I need to have all copies of my documents signed by solicitor/justice of peace/ notary public. Does anyone know if I would be ok to get them signed by a Doctor/Midwifery Manager.....this would certainly be easier than finding a solicitor to sign them...only the last thing I want to do is get them signed by someone not eligible to do so and it prolong my application process. Any help gladly received, Charlotte
  25. roger2shirts

    Midwifery in Australia

    Does anyone know how midwives work in Australia? In the UK the midwife does everything and only calls a Doctor in if there is a problem, in Aus is the whole birth process bit done by Drs or midwives? Does anyone have any experience of having a baby down under?