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Found 17 results

  1. :cute:HI well i thought you would find this funny and help if anyone at the age of 40 gets chicken pox ! :laugh: Basically my OH is 40 and is stuck on the ship with it ......... I will edit certain things for security and blushes but thought a few might find this a chuckle :biglaugh: Day one : Ok it was chickenpox, all over me the spread continues .. the brackets simulate whispering ok? (There is even one on the head of my blank the last time I had the courage to look)... back to normal volume now. The one on the bottom of my eyelid is the more annoying, although the other eye feels as if it will give me an option tomorrow. Fleet were asked if we should turn around and dump me in sandy place they said give him drugs and if skipper happy with the risk carry on, of course he was we are on essential tasking. Had a black adder moment there....Is PO evans really ill or has he just got chickenpox, I had to shoot an entire department for that at the battle of Jutland..blah..blah. I am actually under strict quarantine at the moment so I am being very naughty sending this email, although I am mega wrapped up and have alcohol gelled my hands up and everyone who has come in I have shouted to %*"off! Don't know how long I will be confined to my cabin at the moment, it looks like it will be at least a week, I am eating ofF paper as they cannot sterilise my dishes, the bloke I share a bathroom with was on the phone to his mum this morning to find out if he had chicken pox as a kid, quite a lot of them have, still no funnies on my cabin door at the moment, I would have done it to me within the first hour I will leave it there for now, I will be here for a couple of minutes I need to find a picture to leave here in the morning, I was thinking john merrick with a POs cap or perhaps a photo of me with a phantom of the opera mask and become the phantom of the cto boredom driving me out of my mind, still at least it's finally out of the way and carried out on the navy's time, DAY TWO :Another stealth run, have been forbidden by the CO to leave cabin today, , so as u can see obedient as ever lol You sound as if you have it all under control at home. They are all closed up at action at the moment, spots are increasing their spread, so much so I said to the LMA that self abuse was no longer a time passing option, I could be locked up for at least another 5 days but the spots have all swollen up and ready to burst, itching not a major problem, anti hist must be working, no shaving a major burden I gonna go now, don't know next check in because defence watches office manned for 24 hours, we about 20 mile of the coast of BLAH BLAH at mo don't know any thing else, bye for now FROM THE SHADOW ON HMS :Randy-git:
  2. K8kte

    Stuck in the middle!

    Hi Guys, On here to seriously find out any info on my situation: My hubby, two young sons and I want to emigrate to Perth but... I am extremely close to my parents and would love for them to go with us if we 100% decided to apply. My husband is happy to leave his family but understands I am close to them and its probably going to be all or nothing as far as my decision is concerned. I am a Graphic Designer currently working in the trade with 7 years experience and only 27yrs. My husband is an Electrician (he hasnt been in the trade now for 5months) with 5 years experience and only 29yrs. 1st Question: Does he have enough experience in the trade to not have to be in it whilst he applies? Or should he be working in it to be able to apply? My parents: If they were to come they would still want to be able to work as they are only 54 and 58yrs. My mum is a bone destometrist and has been for 6 years but she has been trained in house and has no qualifications just work experience, could this help? I have been advised that my parents could enter under a working parent visa but we must be there 2 years first. The reason I dont like this is because my very young two boys are extremely close to them and missing two years of their lives is an extremely long time! My dad has his aunts and cousins over there, could they sponsor his or not be close enough a relative? He also lived there when he was younger before returning to the UK. What other options regarding visas have I got to get them in the same time as us. 1/They want to be able to work 2/Medicare backed preferably. Also my mother is a diabetic, tablet dependant only. Would this stand against her? And how does med prescriptions work/cost over there? Only info would be very much appreciated, I want to do the best thing for my boys regarding a future but I'd love for my whole family to be there to witness it! Many Thanks Kate
  3. Guest

    The 'Middle Classes' Protest.

    As some of you will know I have a very keen interest not only in politics, but peoples own responsibilities to their country, and I have and always will advocate the need to make our concerns a day to day occurrence and make sure our thoughts are at the forefront of the politicians minds. In this respect I have been following the Egyptian riots and protests with some interest. I have through a family friend an 'aquantince' out there who often posts on one of the forums I am on. He posted recently that the 'Middle Classes' in Egypt are the ones who are fuelling the main protests and demonstrations. I should clear up one point, the middle class in Egypt are wholly different to what we may seem as that class. For instance a graduate doctor out there average a monthly salary of £40, not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but still classed as middle class in Egypt. So with this said, and even though I know an awful lot of us are going through some very difficult economic conditions, would we truly act as Egypt has done IF the middle classes in this country were affected as the Egyptian middle classes have been. It seems to me that in this day and age, the people at the top of the tree, (no problem with this by the way) will very rarely protest as things don't affect them as much. And the working class,:mad: are lets face it, getting smaller by the year, and in so doing, do they really matter and any protest they perform would just not get the population behind them.:mad: So, does it take the middle classes of this country to be well and truly hit hard, and I mean hard, and this is the only time we will see protests on the streets, demonstrations, organised 'flare' mobs. The middle classes in Egypt have been hit very hard indeed and it 'seems' as if this has caused the unrest to a greater degree. Will the day EVER come in this country where MILLIONS turn out in their droves to protest at what we (some) see as unfair , etc. I honestly don't know if this will ever happen in this country, and even though the so called middle classed are the largest majority in this country do we care enough to do such a thing, or have we become to apathetic to do anything until it may be too late. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  4. Hi guys Just wondering whether any of you have come across this situation or have any info on this. I have deiceded to move back to england after 2 years of being here for family reasons, however i am still in the middle of an apprenticeship here in Oz is there any i can get credited for the college i have already done here in Oz back in the UK because i dont really want to start from scratch again If anybody can help me of this i would be very grateful cheers Jay
  5. Seeking a middle path for the nation's future | The Australian Interesting article from one of the nation's foremost demographers. Best regards.
  6. Guest

    Routine Checks for Middle East

    Is there anybody who has waiting such a long time after allocation of Case Officer? I dont know why, it takes more than normal for middle east countries.
  7. Hi All. I'm starting this thread with a little trepidation as this subject I imagine could cause some rather heated debate, and as a Pom my understanding of the issue could be somewhat suspect, but I will do my best to explain it. As most of you will know I have been backwards and forwards to Australia over the past thirty years, and my experiences 'may' reflect this. MY experiences of the Aboriginals in Australia have been both good and bad. I used to work with a guy by the name Eric, on the council verge crew in Perth. He came from a long line of Aboriginals and was proud of his bloodline. Great bloke to talk to, hard worker, humorous, and never once did any of us EVER make any reference to his colour, he was just a bloke we worked with. All my work mates got on with him and never (well not in my earshot) did I ever here anything derogatory about him. Yep, we would all take the wee out of each other for which footie team we supported or any subject that came up, but never was colour an issue. But I have also lived and worked in Cairns and Broome etc, and whilst I didn't mix to the same extent with any aboriginal the workmates I had here were of a vastly different tenure, in THEIR opinion there was no good Aboriginal and I won't go into detail about what they said about them, but it was fairly vicious in terms. I have been sworn at, spat at and for all intents and purposes treated like scum by 'some' aboriginals but as I said earlier I worked with an Aboriginal that I am proud to say today still keeps in contact with me. But to me there doesn't seem to be any middle ground when Aboriginals are mentioned. It's either love them, or hate them to some degree. Land issues, alcohol, centrelink etc, etc, normally raise there head when Aboriginals are spoken of. As I said as Pom is not fair to offer any greater opinion, rather than to ask will the issue ever be resolved to everyones satisfaction. It just seems to me that Australia is divided into two camps, love and hate. This issue has been going on for decades and I dare say always will, but as Aussies does it purely depend on your experiences of Aboriginals in how you view them. And that viewpoint will never change due to your OWN experiences. Cheers Tony
  8. Is anyone from PIO coming with Wanted Down Under to Queensland in the middle of March? Just wondering, cos the BBC have just booked my short term let for you :biggrin: Love Rudi x
  9. My wife has been made a very good offer of a position in Melbourne and the probability is that she will have to be available by the summer of 2010. Here lies the rub. Our son has just received his GCSE results (5 As, 2 Bs and 3 Cs) which indicates that, while he is never going to go to Oxbridge, he should be able to get into a fair to middling UK university if he achieves decent A levels (Maths, Chemistry, Music and Design & Technology). Come summer 2010 he will have taken his AS exams and have a further year to do until he takes his A levels in June 2011. Previous responses on this forum indicate that that if we move next summer his GCSE's will be worthless in Australia and futhermore he would be entering an Australian school halfway through Australia's year 11 (he would be 17 years old on 29/6/10 meaning that he would normally start year 11 on 1/2/10) My question is would we be better advised to split the family in summer 2010 allowing my wife to take up her position in Melbourne while myself and my son remain in the UK to allow him to complete his A levels and then follow on,assuming she still fancies me. Alternatively should she be pushing to take up her post by January 2010 taking our son with her leaving me to follow on as unaccompaqnied baggage? Previous replies to the forum have implied that A levels are recognised by Austalian universities for entry to higher education. Can anyone confirm that this is a fact and can applications be made to Australian universities whilst still living in the UK. This might be one for Quoll I think. Many thanks for taking the time to read a long winded post. Dave Cooke
  10. We recieved an email from our agent this morning, letting us know that our case officer has changed departments, so we have been assigned a new CO. Our appliaction for e457 was sent on 13th March and meds finalised on 25th March, since then we have have 2 more lots of "further information required" which has been sent and now someone else is dealing with it:wacko: Has this happened to anyone else or do you know if they have to start at the begining or carry on where the previous CO got to. So frustrating......:arghh: wanted to be there by the end on the month. Sam
  11. My situation is a bit odd, I have done 4 yr bachelors from a university which was closed last year due to financial meltdown. It use to be a really good university. I want to apply for australian immigration but am affraid it will be turned down because DIAC wont be able to verify my degree from the university. I have the orginal degree and the transcript. Can anyone please tell me what to do...does DIAC go physically to the universities or how do they verify the degree so i can arrange for that and get my immigration case going. Please help people... i would be really grateful. Thanks
  12. Guest

    Doctors - Middle Park Area

    Hiya, We have just rented a house in Middle Park, can anyone recommend a good family doctor in that or the surrounding suburbs, prefferbly one that bulk bills. We have just moved to Australia in January and I am pregnant at the moment so we probably cant get cover on private medical. So if anyone has got any advice or information of going through the state medical system whilst pregnant that would be great. Thanks Joanne
  13. Moving to Sydney, flying out on the 27th Jan :jiggy:. I keep waking up in the night (often helped by our 10 month old daughter) thinking about completely random things, so I thought I'd ask a few of the questions so that I can put them out of my mind and worry about different things! Are there any bits and bobs that we should pack into our suitcases that I may not have thought of? We are on a 457, so we only get normal allowance (though we have booked a seat for our baby so we have her allowance too), so we are going to send four extra suitcases by air freight or excess baggage (whichever is cheaper), so that we can send things like toys and books for the children along with bits and bobs of bedding for them etc just to last us until we get started up. Anything that I might forget that we definitely need? We have pretty much decided to start again over there, we are sending a part container with the things that we are attached to (eg a few bits of furniture, some ornaments and our books etc), but loads of the things we have, we have had for years, so it really isn't worth taking. So when we get there we will need to buy furniture, bedding and towels, electrical bits like tv,dvd player, kettle, washing machine, kitchen things like plates, cutlery, pots and pans etc, and other general home setting up stuff like cushions, clothes pegs etc, etc. Where are the best places to buy things like this? We will need a new dvd player (we are giving our old one to my gran so that we can send dvd's of the children to her), so would we need a multi-region dvd player to be able to play dvd's from the UK and ones from Australia? If so, there are several videos that we have that we want to replace so that we can do away with our videoplayer, and I notice that on places like play.com, the region 1 dvd's are much cheaper than the region 2 ones, so I presume therefore that these would work on a multiregion dvd player? Sorry not much good with technical stuff. Lastly (for now!), but definitely the most stressful thing for me, is spiders. I am phobic, but I know that I am possibly going to have to deal with spiders etc when hubby is at work, and with the minimum of fuss in front of the children. I just don't know what to do though. What precautions should I take with, for example, things like their toy boxes etc and outdoor play equipment? What about bedding and clothing? I have taught our eldest (3 in April) that when she sees a spider she is not to touch (because she often would) and that she is to come and tell mummy. And I have learned about the spiders and what to do if they are bitten, but what precautions should I take? I know now (having been to Oz) that they are not hiding round every corner waiting to pounce but I am still worried about the children. Thank you! And again, sorry about the random questions!
  14. My wife and i have been waiting for this pathaway thing to sort itself out:arghh:, we both have jobs on the modl but no qualifications, so in the meantime have been applying for jobs all over the gaff, when all of a sudden...jackpot, we have an offer on the table via a 457, good money, relocation allowance etc. The only thing is its in Mt Isa. If you're unsure of its whereabouts, its north Queensland...middle of nowhere! The thing is, we've wanted to get there for so long we feel that this is our only option to get our foot in the door. We are at the conclusion that we should do it then apply for pr once we are there then move on. My question is is how easy is it to go from 457 to pr? And would anyone else take the plunge?......sort term pain, long term gain! To be honest we quite like the idea of living in the outback for a year or two, but each to there own i suppose. So....what would you do??? Please discuss!...............:chatterbox:
  15. My wife and i have been waiting for this pathaway thing to sort itself out:arghh:, we both have jobs on the modl but no qualifications, so in the meantime have been applying for jobs all over the gaff, when all of a sudden...jackpot, she gets an offer on the table via a 457, good money, relocation allowance etc. The only thing is its in Mt Isa. If you're unsure of its whereabouts, its north Queensland...middle of nowhere! The thing is, we've wanted to get there for so long we feel that this is our only option to get our foot in the door. We are at the conclusion that we should do it then apply for pr once we are there then move on. My question is is how easy is it to go from 457 to pr? And would anyone else take the plunge?......sort term pain, long term gain! To be honest we quite like the idea of living in the outback for a year or two, but each to there own i suppose. So....what would you do??? Please discuss!...............:chatterbox:
  16. aharcall

    Moving in Middle of year 10??

    We have just received our permanent visas for Oz. However our eldest son is in year 10 here and will finish school July 2009. We are holding out moving to Oz so he can finish his GCSEs but not sure if this is the best thing to do. He was born in June 1993 and will be 15 this June. Does anyone have any advice or experience on moving their schools at this crucial time. Do you think we would be better moving him now and doing his exams in Oz?
  17. :policeman: THEN GET ON WITH IT:biglaugh: what is it about this process that makes you want to do anything else except crack on with getting the evidence together It took me ages to get my stuff together, I faffed about, every time I thought I had everything together I needed another peice of evidence or something verified/certified........................ it takes way longer than you think and then it takes ages to come back and then they go and pass you in a different category (long story) and then you have to reapply, so you go with an agent (because time is getting tight due to 45th birthday in nov) and of course they need to make sure they have everything dotted and crossed so it takes weeks to put that application together and then TRA take ages to reply so you have weeks of stress and doubt and the visa application will be going in three months later than you wanted it too, so you are now stressed because it will be tight getting acknowlegement and then case officer and visa to be in Oz for xmas 07:arghh: so stop ya faffin and get on with it:v_SPIN: