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Found 37 results

  1. Hi is there anione who has done there technical interview on this trade....ill be doing mine nxt week,wot sort of question do they ask...m applying for my 457 visa....
  2. I am 31 years old and looking to relocate to Western Australia from Scotland with my Fiancee and our son. I have 14 years experience in the Engineering & Fabrication trade as a Fitter/Fabricator and plus I have recently been awarded by the TRA a Metal Fabricator Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade (Heavy Fabrication). I have also just completed my IELTS exam and would be looking to come across on a 457 visa. I believe I am very skilled in my trade, take great pride in my work, very reliable and also willing to learn new skills. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me via private mail. Thank you for your time. Mr S Gow
  3. hi, i am a fully qualified cnc setter/operator ( city&guilds and n.v.q level 2 and 3) but for the last 5 years i have been programming and running a cnc router. metal machinist is on the sol so would i be restricted to machining metal? also whats the best route to go down if i'm seeking company sponsorship. have had a look on line and majority of cnc machinist jobs you need to be in aus already. are there any agencies that specialize in companies who sponsor? any help would be appreciated
  4. Mr Fabricator

    Calling all metal work trades !!!

    Hey guys , and female welders ( PC ) Vetasess forms submitted 3 weeks ago and agent suggests a result back 5 weeks from now . Im a Anzsco 3222 sheet metal trades worker However thats all the info he and i know , its like talking about a secret society with regards to test centres , test days , format of trade test etc . Any info at all . In the area of test station locations Cost of trade test duration what do u havto do , format how often do they sit these test days any other info at all Agent says they have absoloutly no idea on anything and hopefully some info will come through with my skills assessment . Im not " worried" about the test TBH but would be nice to know something so i can prepare a little and factor everything into my schedule. Maybe im just a control freek ?? Ta in advance . lee
  5. Hi all , Any fabricators , welders , sheet metal workers or boiler makers out there ??? Sent my VETASSESS off 3 ish weeks ago , Time scales to hear back , trade test , test locations and format etc any info at all would be greatly appreciated . Ive got visions of complex bend sequesnces , formula and mathematics , triangulation and pattern development . Please tell me all you havto do is a basic 3 inch T fillet in mild steel and identify a 3 1/2 lb hammer to pass the test , lol . Oh and cost of trade test , ive got $2100 written down somewhere , that cant be right surley ?????????????????? regards lee
  6. Hi, I am currently seeking a sponsorship employment deal for my self and my family, can anyone inform me of how to find sponsored jobs in Australia? I am a time served sheet metal worker with 14 years experience and various other experience within this trade. Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks! :v_SPIN:
  7. The Pom Queen

    Metal Detectors

    Has anyone got one or had one are they worth getting and how much should I budget for?
  8. Guest

    Metal fabricator

    Hey everyone, Does anybody have any information re the TRA technical interview via skype on being a METAL FABRICATOR????? Many thanks!
  9. Hi all, we have started the 176 state sponsorship visa. We have appointed an agent but are struggling with the AQF, as I don't get the impression that they fully understand my husbands job. My husband is a CNC Setter/Operator which is Austrailia is classed as a Metal Machinist (First Class). We have sent the initial AQF application off but now have to complete the stage 2 application form, but the agents keep sending us Metal Fabricators/Mechanical Engineer form which we have to complete and then get a score of points based on equipment he has used. The problem we have is that the machinery listed is all to do with Fabricators and welding and not relevant to my husbands job which is working with spindles, lathes, milling etc. I have spoken to our agent and they have said that there is only one form but I find this really hard to believe as we cannot gain points based on a job he doesn't do. Can anyone offer any advice please, or if you are a metal machinist (First Class) and have had to complete the AQF could you please let us know if this is correct that you have to complete this Fabricators application form? Please any help or advice would be mostly appreciated as we are on such a tight deadline as we have been told come the 1 July the chances are we won't be able to lodge our visa as we won't be eligble so we are desparetly trying to get it done asap. Thanks Natasha
  10. hi everyone i need something cleared up, i am currentley in australia on a working hol visa, i have a company who want to sponsor me so im going for a 457 visa as a metal fabricator i done a 4 year apprenticeship but i was never sent to college so have no certificates i heard it doesnt matter on a 457 but recentley heard it does! can some one tell me what the go is many thanks.
  11. Hi, planning my move to the Perth area later on this year, does any one know of any good tooling stockists where I could purchase digital vernier/micrometers, Allen keys, tool box etc? Don't really know where to head first so any advice on locations where there might be some CNC machining workshops would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi are there ny metal fabricators out there that have recived state sponsor for any states yet.. I heard WA will process us in 3 weeks?
  13. Does anyone know of any industrial insulation/sheetmetal work on Power Stations, Oil Refineries/Gas Plants etc. starting in the near future as I have been in the insulation game for over 30 years and since I've been in Australia (2 1/2years) I am doing the commercial side which I don't feel is very challenging and would like to get back into the industrial insulation/sheet metal. I live in Brisbane but I am willing to travel.
  14. This advert was in our local paper last night. If anyone is interested. Ausclad Group of Companies is a rapidly growing dynamic engineering, Construction and Maintenance Company that is based in Perth and operates accross Australia. AGCL are interviewing in the UK in the next 3 - 4 weeks. applicants with a minimum of 5 years exp, trade qualifications eligible to qualify for a 457 visa (pass medicals, X-ray and police clearance should apply) THERMAL INSULATION ENGINEERS SHEET METAL WORKERS SHEET METAL SUPERVISORS Please send your resume (with trade papers, 5 year work history and references attached) to Ausclad Group of Companies, 100 The Furlongs, Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 OAL Ensure you provide clear telephone and email contact details Applications close July 6th I have no other info on this just thought it would help someone Kaye
  15. PommyPaul

    A gold medal for australia

    That makes two golds and a silver :cute:
  16. Hi my partner has been working in engine reconditioning and engine building for 10 years, we are looking at going onto a 175 under the title metal machinist, he doesnt have an nvq III, however i believe he can get an AQF III, while we are here in Oz. He can get the AQF III under the title automotive specialist which falls under metal machinisit. I wondered if any one has done it this way around and how much it cost to get the AQF III as he wont be doing a course, it will just be like and RPL. Does anyone know about the tra aswell and how much getting the skills assessed once he has the AQF III is? also do u have any idea what they will ask? We are both currently on WHVs as he was made redundant on a 457 twice and we feel getting the 175 will be the best option for the security. Also once the visa application is in, does any one have a rough idea of how long until its granted. Any help or info would be great as we seem to b going round in circles. Thanx :arghh:
  17. Guest

    Classic British Rock / Metal

    Hi just wondered if there is any body out there who may be new to oz who likes good old Rock Music ? I have been living on the Gold Coast for almost 6 years, have been playing the guitar for almost 2 years none stop, and have been told im getting pretty good? I have just turned 18 and im now wanting to get serious with the music, influences are just about any one who has picked up a guitar and made it. I like Maiden , sabbath, saxon, Priest , Def leppard, Metalica , zac wylde ect. So my question is if there is anyone out there around my age who is a musican especialy drums and bass around the gold coast / brisbane areas and would like to meet up maybe to jam ect , please get intouch.
  18. Hi There Who get TRA Boilermaker,Metal Fabricator from TRA I need help also Advise about that. Regards
  19. Hi, i am about to start my tra 1st class metal machinist and i would like to know if anyone has any advice on ...well where to start, how much detail and if i need certain key words. I was employed on a 457 3 years ago for 18 months as a 1st class metal machinist in Australia, done the whole apprentice thing from school and been in engineering for the last 19 years on both manual and cncs. I don`t want to send 60 pages in if its not needed, do i need any docs from old employers too?, only ever had 3 so its not too hard but if so what do they need to include. thanks for reading if you got this far....:SLEEP: Edit: Going for a 176 visa with S.A.
  20. hi all, new to this so here we go, anyone out there oz or uk heading for oz a cnc metal machinist, are they in need? looking at aussie jobs on net there are a few. Hopefully heading for adelaide waiting for C,O TRA passed and 175 visa applied for 02/09/08 " I'M A POM GET ME OVER THERE"
  21. Hi, Does anyone know anything about ARTC for my trade, do I have to do a written test, practical or both and what do they involve, also will I not be able to work in my trade when I arrive untill I recieve my ARTC license/certificate ??
  22. cheeky monkey

    metal machinists in oz

    Quick question! Are there any pio members that are metal machinists and are in oz already? If so hows the work situation as im coming over in september and any leads would be great.Also what areas are best for that trade. cheers steve.:daydreaming:
  23. cheeky monkey

    metal machinists

    hey! I work on a cnc horizontal borer but i am apprentice taught in all aspects in metal machining so turn my hand to any machine mainly medium to heavy. Hows the work situation in oz and which state would be the best? Any suggestions would be really helpful,also a lot of jobs are advertised as FITTER/MACHINIST being engineered minded has any machinists out there gone on to a job which involes fitting.?:radar: p.s arrive sept
  24. cheeky monkey

    metal machinist(heavy)

    could anyone point me in the direction of good areas in oz with more industry. i've worked in medium-heavy engineering(jobbing shop)for the past 20 years. using large horizontal bores, mills with cnc control,vertical borers and full range of lathes and mills. i'd like to get in to fitter/machining if i could. arriving oct 2009 if any one knows any leads or ideas they would be greatly appreciated.:idea:
  25. hi can anyone tell me roughly the wages for a class 1 sheet metal worker as i have checked some web sites and the wages are pretty **** many thanks david