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Found 61 results

  1. Hi I got my CO last week asked for form 80 only. On the online status:in the document checklist section it shows ON THE SAME DAY All documents to Met! Form 80: Character assesment: MET! AFP Check: Received PCC: Received(Been 10 month since i send it) form 160eh:Form 160EH - Radiologist report on chest x-ray: met! Form 26EH - Medical Examination for an Australian visa: met! My questions are: Why co asked for for 80 again even though document chelist says met!(is it just to get updated info) And why did i wasnt asked for med or pcc(Cuz i think pcc and med valid for 6 months) How long may it take approximately....my lawyer said 6 months!!!!!! Thank any expert input will be highly appriciated!! Regards reza
  2. Hi, If PCC status is set to MET, does this mean that the external checks have been cleared?
  3. They reckon that we all have a double somewhere,:shocked:, but have you ever seen someone that looks remarkably like you or anyone that is the spitting image of someone you know, and if so did you make a fool of yourself running up to them and saying, 'Well hello ............................... long time no see'.:biglaugh::biglaugh: Never met anyone that resembles me thank god, but there are a few fellas around that look like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards and I 'feel' an infinity to them.:yes::biglaugh: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  4. Guest

    documents 'met' - what now?

    This is my first time on pomsinoz. Just needed some help to clear my mind. We applied for GSM 175 in January 2010, got a CO assigned in March 2011, send medical and police certs in April 2011. All documents showed 'met' on 8th August 2011. Since we did not hear from DIAC, we asked for an update on our application on 8th September 2011 and were informed that the application is undergoing 'routine checks'. What is happening? How long do we have to wait before asking again? When the online status says all documents 'met' - that is a good sign but is it an assurance? :confused: Thanks for all that reply to this thread.
  5. ive only met 1 member on pio,and that was jim (roppey hoff) in brisbane 16 months ago--and a fine chap indeed--i would like 2 meet pabs/saving the lemming/addona/optomist/m2m/,and a former members aldo,and nigel--plus a few more--so who have you met on pio,and who would you like 2 meet:wubclub: harpo sounds interesting:wideeyed:and so does tink--sh7t i best stop now i may take forever to write this thread
  6. AaronS

    Met some musicians!

    A friend of a friend hooked me up with a guy and his band in Sydney called Chuck's Wagon. Great guy and the band is great as well. Strange thing is I'll meet him here in the states before I do in Sydney. He and his band are touring from Texas to New York next month. I'll see him perform here in Austin on Oct 15...then the next time I see him will be in Sydney! I can't wait to get into the music scene in Oz! Looks like there is a solid scene for the type of music I tend to play and having contacts before I get there make it even better!
  7. The Pom Queen

    How I met your mother

    .....father/partner etc. Just wondered how you met your OH. I actually met mine on the Internet.
  8. fossda

    Referred to Met

    Hi all Just wondering how long is the average wait for medicals going from referred to 'met' Youngest sons have been referred as expected - just wondered what sort of timescale we are looking at now Many many thanks Rachel x
  9. Who stands out as the most interesting person you ever met?Someone you'll never forget.Just asking as iv'e just had a flashback to four years ago,when,as a Cab Driver in Liverpool i picked up a woman who was 100 yrs old,and had a good chat to her about her life.I was spellbound beyond belief.She told me many interesting things about how life was in the early part of the 20th Century.She was born in Southampton,and as a young girl used to go with her 2 older sisters to wave the Troops off to Northern France to fight in the Trenches.How she coped during WW2,after the war and how the world has changed since she was a girl.Fascinated was i.Has anyone got to you like this?
  10. Hi everybody, Well, after waiting for 18 months finally I noticed a change in my application status. the "required" in front of some of the document has changed into "met". I have no idea what "met" means. Does it mean that the documents are accepted or they have only been observed by the CO. Could anyone help me? Thanks
  11. I dont see many Visa grants these days, wondering whether this years visa quota been met , or maybe I am being pessimistic ...Cant wait till July for grant now ... Has anybody got any insights to how many Positions are left for this year's SMP ?
  12. Everything is showing as "MET" and our Case Officer says he is just waiting for my non-migrating son's medicals to be finalised. They were received in Sydney on 2/5 and I received a reply from them confirming that they have received them. Anyone know how long now? This is so frustrating!!!:arghh:
  13. Guest

    All docs met

    Meds showing "MET" AND ALL OTHER DOCS TOO.:wub: :biggrin::wink::jiggy:waiting for grant letter now. HOW LONG MOOOOORRRREEEE????????
  14. Hi everyone, Just wondered what your experiences were, have had everything finalized now ( wifes med docs all said referred but her medical status has since changed to finalized - all her med docs still say referred) for 10 days or so. Have read about almost instant grants once people get to this stage and others have had to wait weeks or even months! Not getting nervous just yet but can't see what might be holding it up, we are LR country so i can't see security checks taking too long and all seems to be well??? Good luck everybody :biggrin::hug:
  15. Ive havent met anyone yet . . . . .:sad: except other family members who have occasionally posted on here :wub:. I'd like to think one day I will be able to meet with my 'friends' from PIO or I will try to attend one of the meet-ups if there is another in my area. But who have you met in 'real' life and are you still in contact now?
  16. Guest

    How long from "met" to "grant"

    Hi everyone, I was wondering about how long it takes to get the magical grant after everything is met and finalised? I know that there have been some differences, from weeks to hours, but I thought if people wouldn't mind commenting it would be cool to see - especially as this is the most freaked out I have been, seeing everything "met", now where's my visa? haha! I think I had a secret hope that as soon as meds were finalised, the grant would be immediate, but I have also noticed that there have been quite a lot of COs allocated but not many actual visas... Everything met and meds finalised March 1st, so let the wait begin!
  17. Guest

    Met A Lovely Person Today

    I met with my second PIO'er today, last week I met Daniel,:notworthy:, bought me lunch, so a bloody good chap he is,:jiggy::wubclub::wink:. And today I met a second PIO'er, won't name them as they may not want it broadcasting, but I met with them, their husband (really genuine and nice fella) and two really nice kids. But as I was talking to them it made me think. I went through the migration process many moons ago, and have been backwards and forwards many times, but what surprised me was the fact that as a fairly dyed in the wool 'ping ponger' we (I) forget at times the stresses and strains put on us all when migration is spoken of. Though the person in question had been before to Australia as a migrant the thoughts and worries in their head were as real as any one of us. I truly hope they make a go of it this time, they are a loverly family and hopefully everything will work out for them, I truly hope it does. They are not going out with rose tinted specs, or even high expectations, just a realisation that Australia may be able to offer them a little more. Family, housing, jobs, etc all played a part, and like I said at times it is very easy to forget what a life changing decision migration is. To me migration is a huge passion in my life but I speak very personally when I say I forget all too easily at times what impact it can have on other people. The family I met were realistic, and expected it to be a bit of a slog, but the overpowering thing that came through from them was their determination and resilience, an emotion I hugely admire. So I will say this to not only the family I met today, but to all potential migrants, good luck, onward and upward and I truly hope all your wishes come true. And when your husband goes to Australia soon, if it all gets a bit much you know where I am and will always have a chat if needed. PS. To the lady in question, it was a pleasure to meet you and your family today, you should be very proud of the family you have, and I hope it works out for you, hubby and loverly kids,:wubclub:. PPS. I'm now going to put on my slippers, suck on my pipe, and have a doze,:biglaugh::biglaugh:. Cheers Tony.
  18. tracy123

    Have you met your neighbours?

    Just wondering how many people know their neighbours? Myself I've met most of mine, only 2 I have introduced myself too the rest have made the effort to introduce themselves to me while outside. All my neighbours are really nice, and once again I've been really lucky.
  19. Just a quick up date and some info. for those interested. The Geelong Skilled Migration came to see us this morning to see how we were settling in, gave us lots of info and up and coming stuff to do within the city. Also asked if we need help with anything. I was chatting about the changes to visa applicants and saying how some people had been caught in the backlog, changes, and how unfair it was. She was extremely nice and explained that the way to go (for Victoria, other states similar but different e-mail address) was a 176 Skilled Sponsored, post your CV at skilledmigration@vic,gov.au. From there if your CV can be matched up with an employer (whom they work with closely) you would be contacted. They are trying to match skills and this is the priority. If I am repeating what everyone knows I am sorry just trying to help. Best wishes Ley x
  20. Guest

    Every things are Met!

    Hi all, I hope someone would be able to say something about this from their experience hopefully. Iam an Oct 2009 applicant Co assigned about 2 months ago. She asked me to provide her abit more work related evidance which was no problem for me. Then i was asked for Pc and medical check ups, I did the Mediical pretty quick here in Melb but unfortunately I had some difficulties getting PCc from one of the countries that i lived in for afew months. Eventualy I got them all and now everytihing shows Met. I am just wondering whats next?:arghh: very nervious though. cheers asad
  21. Hi We haven't had a Brum Met Up for Yonks and after speaking to a few others, I've agreed to arrange a meeting for the end of Jan/ Beg of Feb.. Does anyone fancy coming along???? We've had a few great get together during the earlier part of this year and loads of peeps attended. It was a really useful to meet others wanna be's if your just starting out or your waiting for your Visa. The venue will be somewhere just outside the centre of Birmingham, so to have easy links to rail, road or bus networks for anyone who wants to attend Regards Judy & Darren :jiggy:
  22. My form 80 is shown as Met! I got CO only 5 days ago and it was changed to met immediately :eek::eek: Is my security check over or has it just started ? Regards:hug:
  23. ilovemilkymoos

    "Met" Vs "Finalised"

    Hi all, Does anyone know the difference between Met and Finalised on the online status inquiry? All OH and my own documents are now met, with exception of my meds (still required)
  24. Guest

    SA - New planning levels met

    Got this from the SA website 02 November 2010 Planning levels exist for all occupations, Immigration SA would like to advise that the following occupations have reached their planning levels for the 2010-11 Program Year. These occupations have been removed from the South Australian State Sponsorship Interim Occupations List and are no longer available for State Sponsorship: 323112 - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) 233611 - Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) 341112 - Electrician (Special Class) 233213- Quantity Surveyor
  25. Hi, I could not find detail of what the clause "You have met the Australian study requirement." in Australian Qualification means which offer 5 point. If some student come to Australia with a full time student visa he/she should have met the Australian study requirement. I think the site should provide detail of what they want to mean by this. Is here anyone can give reasonable answer to this question? Having said so, I have a special interest to this question because I am studying here in Australia as a PhD student from May 2008. I am pursuing PhD in IT at Monash University. I have sufficient experience to get the ACS assessment as per new rule. If the clause give me 5 point it will help me to apply for PR now else I have to wait till I complete my degree provided the rules are not changed again. Hope you understand my situation. Thank you, Kamrul