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Found 49 results

  1. IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL THOSE YET TO LODGE THEIR 176 VISA WITH WA SS Hi all, please see the following message I received from my agent today who are preparing our visa application; 'We heard from Western Australia today saying that they require all signed agreements to be with them before the 21st of June. We cannot send the signed agreement to them until the application is lodged. As this is the case I would strongly recommend having all documentation into me by the 15th of June so that we can lodge the application and have the agreement sent on before the 21st. Hope this is of help. Thanks, Lucy.
  2. Hi all, just wondering how you know if medicals have been referred? What will it say? Will it say 'medicals referred', or 'further medicals required etc....'? Thanks, Lucy.
  3. Hi, My girlfriend and i are wanting to move to Australia and experience your beautiful country for a few months or longer and would love to find some employment and possible lodging during our stay. I am a fit 26yr old male that is a certified 2nd level plumber from Manitoba Canada and am very experienced in all building/construction areas. I am also a musician that plays free-lance across my hometown of Winnipeg Manitoba as well as Canada. I consider myself a hard worker and an all around Handyman who is very easy going and works great with others if not alone. I would consider any positition as long as it works with our experience in your Country. My girlfriend is a beautiful and outgoing 23yr old Registered Massage therapist who is certified nation wide and would be willing to take whatever exams or courses to be recognized in your country aswell. She has been massaging for well over 2 years and has a great resume and references regarding her work. She is also experienced in housekeeping, retail, book keeping and minor accounting. She would also consider any positition that would help us with our experience. We both cook, clean, excersice daily and are very easy going and respectful people. Before we settle down somewhere we want to experience what the world has to offer and would love to ge the chance to come to australia. Please PM me for details of my email address or any further questions thanks for your time Aaron & Ashley Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
  4. Is that really the case I tohught it was electronic now a days? We are on a 176

    Message from WDU

    How many of you have had an e-mail asking you to apply ? we received one this morning saying not to pass it on as they were selecting only a few from past applicants.
  6. Very important for the older blokes... When you are standing at attention, pointing Percy at the porcelain.... DO NOT SNEEZE:no::arghh::arghh: :laugh: Cheers, Bobj.
  7. Once I have completed with the application, I couldn’t do the payment step during the 176 visa application. Has anyone come across this problem before? Howmuch did DIAC charge you when you lodged your application in £? I want to make sure that I have got enough money on me. Please advise me…. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, we have been working on our online application for the past week and kept saving it each time. However, tonight we are going to submit it and pay and when we tried to log in as usual, there is a error message in red saying something about :from 1 sept 2007 the subclass for which we have completed the online form has been closed blah blah blah. IS it their website or does this mean we have to start all over again??:arghh: I have gone back to the DIAC's website and it is defo the current and correct application we are using. Why have we been able to log on all this time and not tonight. HELP :arghh: Boesman
  9. Guest

    private message

    I recieved a message to day and tryed to send one back but not allowed!!!!unsure reading it if i have some how said something wrong or offended some one ,my sincere apologies if this is true please let me know,have enjoyed reading topics on this site but don't want to get into personal issues ,again thanks to all the people i think [said tink]do not have any issues with me...................I may just be paranoid and got this all wrong,if so ignore me and on with more important things.:confused:
  10. bennyboy

    Message for s. Yuill

    Hi Sue, If you still go on PIO, I just want to let you know that Partner Visa has been sent, money already taken and now waiting for C/O and getting medical done! It's all happening and we are hoping it won't take long before we hear. Hope you will see this message (sorry don't know what i have done with your email address). Hope your all well, Lisa (Bennyboy) xxx:biggrin:
  11. its full,and i cant empty it anymore:wideeyed:can a god from upstairs do it please,im thick at computer stuff--or tell me in pictures how to do it--thank you:wubclub:
  12. Sounds more like a post-election speech than Xmas message.
  13. Guest

    a xmas message

    happy xmas to ye all---but at this time of year when self indulgance seems upper most in our minds please spare a thought for the many who will not have the xmas we we will have the homeless/our soldiers all over the world fighting for us to keep us safe/the many suffering in africa,and other places--have a wunderfull xmas,and new year one,and all,and if you can help someone along the way please do--to me thats the spirit of xmas if not the spirit of life:wubclub:a special thanks to all the services working xmas day to keep us safe,and warm:wubclub:merry xmas
  14. Guest

    message for the optomist

    morning kate i accepted on thursday,and have PM you but i cant as it says you have chosen to not recieve private messages--it might be to do with changeing your user name:arghh:--but yes yes yes --its the highlight of my life on pio--thankyou:wubclub:--i wunder just what we are talking about:biggrin:dont tell the other members--they would kill to know:wideeyed:same place same time:wink:
  15. Guest

    a love message

    just wanted to say i love samsuise--do you want to tell anyone you love them:wubclub:
  16. Cerberus1

    A message from admin

    There's been a couple of threads recently where things have got a little out of hand and some of the posts on the threads have been unhelpful at best and in some cases, quite spiteful and vindictive. I fully understand the frustrations, stress and heartache that the migration process can bring with it, especially over the last couple of years, with evermore uncertainty and delays putting lives on hold and shattering dreams in many cases. For those lucky enough to have got there visas, there's still lots of potential stress and upset to get though, leaving family, having to find new jobs in a foreign country, culture shock, trying to make new friends, feelings of isolation etc. So all I'm asking it that we all try and show a little respect, understanding and support to each other in these difficult times.:hug: Although I've been admin for less than a year, I fully realise what a fantastic resource the forum is for migrants and expats alike. It is my firm belief than the moderating team is second to none with all of them devoting many hours of their personal time on the forum to ensure it's smooth running and to assist and help other members where possible. In addition to the moderators, the forum is also very lucky to have many respected business members in various fields such as migration, finance etc. who regularly contribute and share their knowledge freely on the forums. And then there are you, the members, without which, there would be no forum, and I fully appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and experience with each other. As I've said, the forum is a great resource and source of support for so many people, lets try and keep it that way.:wubclub: Thanks Rob Admin
  17. I see you hanging around mate, so this is for you: WAKE UP, DON'T SLEEP YET.:biglaugh::biglaugh:
  18. hiya im Jodie. Im an 11 year old girl. this is my first message on poms in oz. Can any 11-12 girls please talk to me ? Im worried about moving to australia and im not even sure i want to go,:err: and it would be nice if someone from australia could pen pal me so i have some friends when i do arrive there. Hope someone can reply to my message. love Jodie xx :wink::biggrin::cute:
  19. Hi everyone,:cute: I'm molly and i'm 10 years old and I would really like some friends to speak to. Were planning on moving to the sunshine coast in queensland this year (hopefully!). I'm a bit worried about starting at a new school there, can anyone tell me what its like and are the children friendly there?? I'm also excited about going as we had a fantastic four week holiday there and i enjoyed body-boarding, the weather and all the nice places!! Look forward to hearing from you if your in Oz or UK!! Best wishes from Molly xx :biggrin: :biggrin:
  20. Guest

    Urgent message for gollywobbler

    Dear Gill, I am writing to you on the off chance that you might be able to help a couple of your members of PIO. This couple are due to leave Manchester on Tuesday 20th April to validate their visa on the 22nd April in Perth. Due to all planes being grounded their flight isnt looking likely right now and I appreciate that. They had good & valid reasons not to validate before now and they have been in touch with Australia House who are unable to assist them. I have contacted Immigration here in Australia and the reply was on similar lines. I got the impression that (a) they were unaware of the grounding of planes and (b) they referred the matter back to London. They have been told that they will loose their claim to validate hence loose their visa rights... as you can imagine this couple are devastated. I will continue trying at this end at 9am but in the meantime I am asking whether you can assist at all with any contacts at your end. I will pm you the details... thanking you Gill....... Susie
  21. Hi everyone, There has been a lot grief on the phorum regarding the new changes from the 8th of Feb. Let's try to look at it from the different perspective. I applied for SS (NSW), non CSL, non MODL in May 2009, got a case officer within 20 days, submitted meds and police check and then suddenly my application was put on ice in September. I have a PhD, 5 years of work experience in Oz (457 visa), NSW sponsorship, I've paid hundreds thousands in taxes and I had to give a way to all hairdressers and cooks who spent 6 months studying some course in OZ to receive the CSL priority and become taxi drivers. Not too bad.... I hope finally there will be some justice and I would like to thank Chris Evans for that. Finally OZ will be looking to accept those applicants who are really skilled. Actually, the justice has already happened to me, I got my 176 visa last week. I believe it could only happen cos now the case officers have some time to look at the 5th category - State Sponsored applicants and maybe even 6th category - MODL and family sponsored. To cut long story short I got a message to all Cat 5 applicants - you are the clear winners from the new changes, it is not going to be three years for you to get a visa, it is coming. And it is coming soon...... Good luck to all of you! Fingers crossed!
  22. Just for fun :biggrin: (excuse the bad grammar/confusing thread title and sour not sore).
  23. [YOUTUBE]jFTS18uUpgo[/YOUTUBE]
  24. Guest

    Message for Kernow

    Thank you for your message:hug: I have tried to pm you but for some reason, it seems impossible to pm you back, wonder why? love Susie x
  25. shaunkaren

    TELSTRA Message service activation

    Right! We have a phone line connected which is great and now (3 days later) our information booklet arrives. This tells us that we can use the 101 message service, it even very helpfully tells me that the funny buzzing noise the receiver has been making means I have messages!! BUT, when I dial 101 to get my messages it asks me for my PIN number - problem is I haven't got one!!! Any help gratefully received as phone is registered in OH's name and if company's here are as bad as the UK they won't speak to me!!! Thanks Karen x