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Found 41 results

  1. Johndoe

    Here we go! Merry Xmas

  2. Guest

    Merry xmas

    I think its that time of year in oz ,you know cold . Tis the time to be jolly and all that ,i know its this month in oz ,but which day has gone over me head . Never did do xmas in july when there ,any one do ?:wubclub:
  3. John from Moneycorp

    Merry Christmas!

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. The Moneycorp Team
  4. Guest

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Just taking time off to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!! :santadance: :santadance::xmas3::santa5::santahat::santahat::anisanta::bells1::santatrumpet::snowman6::snowman7::christmastree::christmaswreath::reindeer1:
  5. Isn't it abnormal ? if it is ok then is it possible to send the email to the group team and ask them to forward it to my CO ? Regards:wubclub::cute::wink:
  6. pau1evs

    merry xmas everyone on pio xxx

    :christmastree: happy christmas to ya all on pio xxxx hope ya ave a gud un x or merry xmas to you x hope you have a fab time xxx
  7. :christmastree: happy christmas to ya all on pio xxxx hope ya ave a gud un x or merry xmas to you x hope you have a fab time xxx and hope to see you all on the boxing day meet up x :hug:
  8. lismith25

    Merry Christmas fellow PIO

    Its that time again folks, whether you are in blistering fire prone areas or paddling around in flooded gardens some vital decisions remain the same...should I spray fake snow on the windows? Should I look completely insane at the supermarket by being the only person in the queue with a turkey? And most importantly should I bust out the extremely tacky bejewelled thongs in an attempt to "make an effort" over the holiday period:biggrin: I both love and hate this time, this will be the first Christmas my North Queensland babies will know what is going on. We have just but the big fake pine tree up in the living room and decorated it will snowflakes and snowmen. We have sorted out Father Christmas' key for access to the house as we have no chimney, he was Santa for a few hours until daddy announced we were not American!!! :eek: Its all very exciting, but deep down there is an ache, i always get incredibly homesick this time of year. Family get togethers; proper parties that involve getting dressed up for and being welcomed into someones home; dark cold nights; at the moment snow!! Christmas shopping in coats and hats; Tescos big shop; mulled wine; even christmas pud (we have trifle or icecream xmas pud cos its so hot)....i love it all:wub: Anyway I just wanted to say whether you are loving it; hating it; going home; staying forever etc Christmas is always hard being away from loved ones but you are not alone......SO MERRY CHRISTMAS :hug:
  9. :goofy:merry christmas everyone on pio xxxxxx and hope 2010 brings the wishes we hope for !!!!!!! thanks guys for keeping us sane paul has settled in melbourne although not great time of year !! but we shall be there as soon as we can xxx good luck guys xxx carole xx
  10. Guest

    merry xmas

    Merry Christmas, to everyone who has recently moved to Canberra,I hope it has met all your expectations. enjoy your first xmas in the sun. wishing you all the best for 2010 martin.
  11. :goofy:merry christmas and good luck everyone on pio xxxxxx :goofy:merry christmas everyone on pio xxxxxx and hope 2010 brings the wishes we hope for !!!!!!! thanks guys for keeping us sane paul has settled in melbourne although not great time of year !! but we shall be there as soon as we can xxx good luck guys xxx carole xx
  12. Guest

    merry xmas everyone

    Just thought i would say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone on poms in oz hope you all have a good one uk and oz and a brillant NEW YEAR. Annemarie and brian.
  13. And best wishes for 2010 especially if you are still waiting for your visas . . . . :hug: Gill xx
  14. Guest

    merry christmas

    i would like to wish all on pio a very merry christmas ans a special one to all you fab freinds that i have meet on hear ' julie and graham xxxxxxxxxxxx:wubclub:
  15. After almost two years waiting for cpv visa, paying first visa application charge, solicitors, police checks, medicals , I have been unable to sell my home and fund the "big visa charge" . I asked for an extention of time....Mr Scrooge case officer said NO Application cancelled. Merry Christmas PVC bah humbug
  16. Hey all Next meetup for Brits Abroad group is Jan 23rd at the Perth foreshore. Details at the website. January Meetup - Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com Please bring your own food to bbq and drink to..... well... drink! BBQ will start at 1pm, we will probably head into perth for a few beers after as well. Any questions let me know or contact details on the web site. Karen
  17. Guest

    merry christmas

    Merry christmas to everyone on pio:emoticon-signxmas:I hope you all have a great christmas and a happy new year katy xx
  18. Hi all, Hope you are all having a great christmas and are enjoying your time off? Well we have got six days left in the uk and are counting down the days! We are off on the 4th of jan and have booked a supprise limo for the kids so im so looking forward to them seeing that. We are going to Berwick in Melbourne and have finnally got our house soughted, i cant believe we are going to be living in a 5 bed bungalow we would have never been able to afford it over here! To anyone going through the process goodluck and i hope all things happen for you soon keep pushing its definately worth it. Also if anyone lives in Berwick or Melbourne and would love to meet for a coffee and a chat that would be great or even if you have some info on the area for us that would be great. Well i hope you all have the chance like we have and that you have a great New Year! Take Care Guys, Jonathan(33) Emma(32) Anya(7) Neve(4):cutexmas:
  19. Stuju

    Merry christmas from NSW

    From us here in NSW just to wish you a very where ever you maybe, Have a wonderful time & if its your last in the uk cherish those memories, this years fight with the ma in law could be the last one you have for a while lol (ya know what i mean) I hope that next year all your dreams come true & i wish you a very stuju x
  20. TheBrammies

    Merry Chrsitmas

    Haven't got the time to reply to everyone lol (too many excited children) but just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas
  21. mr luvpants

    Merry xmas from the pants!

    Lisa and I just wanted to wish everyone a good one.We have one more in the UK before we are off! Cant wait. A bit of gossip! This is my 7th Xmas despite being 41.How you may ask? Well I was one of those sad ****** that ruined your xmas day by knocking on your door and tried to talk to you about the bible.I was a jehovahs witness! In fact I was given an advent calender the other day by a witness. I waited till the 1st December to open the first door, cracked it open and there were two of them behind it! We hope next year brings whatever you are striving after. JOHN AND LISA
  22. Guest


    wishing everyone that is going threw the process a merry xmas, sue childminder, ian electrican, kelly, leanne, charlotte, ryan and beth, going to queensland , gold coast cant decide all nice ....... help:emoticon-signxmas:
  23. AnxiousMum

    Merry Christmas

    :emoticon-signxmas: Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone on PIO. This site has been a godsend so thanks everyone. Hope to actually meet some of you around the Melbourne/Mornington area if we decide to do the big move after our reckie in March. Caroline, Jason, Connor and Kian xx
  24. Bobcat

    Merry Christmas everyone

    It's 5 past midnight downunder in sunny Perth; so Merry Christmas everyone. All the best for the New Year. Good luck with the mountain of red tape jumping through the hoops in order to obtain a visa............... hang in there. It will all be well worth the wait once you get here and you too will be able to live the dream just like we do. Johnno :emoticon-signxmas: