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Found 5 results

  1. Jen3103

    Nursing AHPRA help

    So sorry if these questions have been asked before I was just wondering if anyone can advise me further We have been advised by an agent for me apply to AHPRA first due to some complexities with my qualification (I have a post graduate diploma in nursing which is marked at level 7 whereas degrees are marked at level 6). I am in the process of collecting the evidence for this and then have to wait for the outcome and possibly receive the 'in principle' letter and I would then have to fly over and present to AHPRA. Am I correct thinking that I still have to get all my documents certified before sending to AHPRA? With the possibility of not meeting their standards? We have been advised due to my qualification to apply for a 189 visa but use my partner as the main applicant as he is a gas fitter and plumber - he currently has 60 points (once completed IELTS) and may possibly get 65 if I can bring points for my qualification. I've read somewhere on this forum that because I won't be the main applicant for the visa I won't need a skills assessment with ANMAC, is this correct? Also would I still need to complete the academic level on the IELTS or can I just do the general test? Sorry for the long post
  2. Becca21

    Help Please!!!!

    Hi, everybody. I'm new to all this, but my dream is to go work and live in Australia, I've been told they are looking for mental health nurses, therefore i need some help, i'm approaching my last 7months of 3rd year mental health student in Scotland. i'm trying to plan my next move, I would love to go to Australia and work over there, however, i don't have a clue about what i need or what to search. It's probably not until 2021 as I'm going to do my master first but would love to know what to do just incase doing my masters don't happen this year. Thanks
  3. I will be starting work as a registered mental health nurse on an acute ward, I am bit worried about what my role will be and how different it will be to now in the UK. What do the enrolled or endorsed nurses do? I've heard they can give meds, so how are they different from registered nurses? I know the qualifications are different but what is the actual difference in practice? Is there an equivalent to nursing assistants/support workers? And who takes charge of the ward? Ive heard someone above registered nurses do this??? In my current job I do it all the time and I am usually the only registered nurse on shift or just one other RMN, will I have less responsibility in sydney? Thanks for any info, I have no idea what to expect, keep reading different things or out of date info on other sites.
  4. Hi I am currently a band 6 community psychiatric nurse in the UK with 6 years post qualifying experience. I am hoping to go out to Oz on a working holiday visa and my intention would be to have a 6 month contract job with WA government in regional WA and then spend some time doing temping shifts around the perth areawith some time to travel alongside. My understanding is that my salary would be around the $67000 mark, but from talking with a representative from WA government at an immigration fair, i understand that work in regional WA attracts more financial benefits due to the remote location/weather etc. Does anyone have any knowledge about how much extra i might be ble to earn by doing this? and also in general what the benefits tend to be ion top of the basic salary in perth for superannuation, shift work, etc? Thanks!!
  5. Hi, im a mental health nurse and just been offered a job at Concord mental health hospital. I currently work in acute admissions for working age adults and would like to carry on in this area or possibly a PICU. Does anyone know if this hospital has an acute admissions ward for adults? As from looking online it looks like it just has geriatric care and i dont want to work there. The lady that interviewed me stated there was acute wards and various others that i could rotate round, but i dont want to work in rehab as its too slow paced or with the elderly. So if theres not adult acute or PICU i wont want to take it. Any information on this hospital would be appreciated. Also where could i live? Any advice on this too! I dont drive but need somewhere cheap, so obviously will need to commute but dont know where to start looking for cheap units, it would just be me and my husband. Another thing...what salary can i expect?..i wasnt told anything specific and have seen the pay scales online but just wondering if they are accurate for those on temporary visa and after tax etc. Will we have enough money to live on and enough to save some? We have no debts in UK and arent big spenders. So many questions lol i'll see if i get any replies to this first before i bombard you with more APHRA received my application on 6th November, ive emailed 3 times since then but they just say they cant tell me anything yet and to wait. I know it could be a while Thanks xx