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Found 33 results

  1. Guest

    men from oz

    ok before i start my rant PLEASE bare in mind that this is only an opinon based on what I have experienced if you have had better luck then me then im very happy for you. ok rant time..... i come from stoke on trent in the uk,many people will know why this is not sucjh a great thing,i come from a town where most of the men 40 + have worked in the mining industry,have lost jobs and lived a harder life then in many other areas of the uk and so this has made many of them tough and in a word very manly. so with this back ground i was still amazed at how completly chest beating..i am god..you are a lowly woman do my tea many of the oz men are! they have very little respect for women born in australia and heaven forbid you are from a different country. i have been pushed to the back of a line in a cafe,spoke over,looked at like im an idiot when i asked what a certin food was ect even got told i wasnt english because i had a northern accent! now i understand not all men are like this...but where are the good ones hiding? rant over :jimlad:
  2. The vast majority of my female friends iron their spouses shirts. And from what I've read on here too its much the same. Is there any particular reason behind this? Even in this day and age , after womens emancipation and what not --men do most things around the home -- but still ironing of shirts seems to be one thing that women feel either obliged to do(esp if a housewife)/ or need to do. Am I wrong? Are there many men out there who do their own shirts?
  3. The Pom Queen

    Shortage of Men in Australia

    Come on we need more guys in Australia:cute: BBC News online is carrying a report today, detailing how an analysis of the latest census figures show that Australia is suffering from an unprecedented “man drought”. The statistics have revealed that there are almost 100,000 more females than males in Australia. The problem is worse in the coastal cities, where women have moved seeking better jobs and lifestyles, while many men have gone overseas. 30 years ago, Australia was with flush with men thanks to immigration policies that favoured males. That position has been reversed because thousands of Australian men in their 20s and early 30s have gone overseas either to travel or to work. It has caused a gender imbalance that is having far-reaching implications. Major cities in Australia now have concentrated groups of unattached women, along with dwindling numbers of the opposite sex. Demographer Bernard Salt says the exodus of young men to foreign countries is leaving its mark. “If you go into the United Arab Emirates census you’ll find there is around 12,000 Australians living in Dubai, mostly male, mostly in the 25 to 34-year age group. Here is an example of one country that has drawn out a specific age demographic out of Australia which has contributed to the ‘man drought’.” But the situation outside of the larger towns and cities is very different. Vast numbers of women have abandoned the countryside seeking better jobs or education in metropolitan areas. They have left behind communities overloaded with younger males.
  4. The IKEA store in Sydney has set up "Manland", a daycare for men who are fed up of shopping with their partner. They can play the xbox, eat hot dogs and watch sports, while the women go shopping. Why couldn't they continue this? Everyone wins in the end.
  5. :wink::wink: A LEADING Cuban sexologist Saturday urged young men who are worried about the size of their penis not to take advantage of the communist nation's free health care to have surgery to enlarge their manhood. "It is not necessary that the penis be so long to encourage a woman... because she has many areas of erotic stimulation," said Ramiro Fragas, a sex expert at the Ministry of Public Health. He made his recommendation in a full-page interview in Juventud Rebelde, the newspaper of Cuban youth, after becoming alarmed at "significant" demand from young men for penis enlargement operations. Although such surgeries are free they require approval from a team of doctors and health experts. He also stated that the average Cuban man's penis, 11 to 15 centimeters (four to six inches), according to medical data, was in line with international averages. And Fragas cautioned that the benefits of such treatment is usually less than desired. "At most, one or two centimeters," he said, warning of negative after-effects relating to the aesthetics of the male member. After assessing "dozens" of surgery requests, Fragas said Cuban surgeons had conducted penis enlargement surgery on 20 male patients on account of birth defects or other medical problems. "Self esteem and knowledge" is the best way of combating the anxiety about having a small penis, Fragas concluded. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/world/dont-ha...#ixzz1aGFMqrgK
  6. whichway

    men and women

    So i have to ask this question about men and women. How can you tell if he or she is really that into you? How are you supposed to know? If he or she phones, says all the right things, treats you nice then suddenly acts like you are a piece of rubbish - what is that about? Are most of the folk in a pub out for a quick root or do the majority want to find someone nice? Why do people go to huge effort to lead people on and hurt them on the dating scene?:wideeyed:
  7. Guest


    Men . . . . cant remember where the washing basket is! Men . . . . dont remember when your Birthday/Anniversary is! Men . . . . dont like you spending any money on unnecessary 'things'! Men. . . . ALWAYS remember every left back that played for their team since 1921! Men . . . . ALWAYS remember when the Cup Final is! Men . . . . dont mind spending £££ on getting a ticket for the aforementioned Cup Final. Ooo, this could be a fun thread. Please feel free to join in Ladies (and those of you who are ladies just on weekends) :wideeyed::embarrassed::laugh:
  8. The removal men: Pickfords is on Channel 5 today (6th July 2011) at 20:00 Not sure if anyone else has posted about this but I thought this might be of interest to anyone else who like us is trying to work out which removal company to entrust with shipping all our treasured possessions over the other side of the world! Not too sure what kind of a light it's going to portray Pickfords but as we've never used a removal company (always a Luton and our own muscle power) it'll be of interest to us. :wink:
  9. tracy123

    Men only!

    I don’t know why and I’ve given up wondering why I think of things at the strangest of times, but I was thinking of swearing and that I had great restraint in swearing in front of my parents, I honestly don’t think I ever swore in their presences. Now fast forward to my thread title MEN ONLY! There was a time when a man would never swear in front of a lady he left those types of things for down the pub or with his mates in male only company, now I know these types of blokes are still about so where do they go for a male chin wag and to be themselves? Why is it wrong to have men only clubs? Why is it that woman can have woman only clubs? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> Whatever happened to men and woman spending time apart and with their own sex? Why does everything need to be done as a couple or seen as a competition? <o:p> </o:p> I understand equal pay and most jobs being unisex but what’s wrong with MEN ONLY clubs? PS, this thread is open to anyone who wishes to respond! :wubclub:
  10. Can't understand it!We think of nowt else from the minute we get up in the morning:wink:till we get off to bed.It all starts around pubescent time,when the heart starts to flutter at the thought and anticipation of what is around the next corner.The excitement never ceases 24/7,especially when the new Soccer season arrives!!!!:biggrin:
  11. The transition to Australia when we finally emigrate is one of immense ups and downs', hurdles and obstacles that 'most' of us face to a greater or lesser degree, fact of life, but in the long run who do you reckon deals better with the journey? I know there are a lot of intangibles in the mix, money, careers, children, housing, but in the battle of the sexes who do you reckon deals with a little better. Woman (most, look at things a little more emotionally. Dons hat and takes cover), where as men 'seem' to be a little more logical in some aspects of life.:shocked:. (NOTE) I realise that both have a mixture of 'emotion and logic', OK, I'll stop there as I am digging my own hole,:wubclub::biglaugh:) Another massive impact is the one partner (man or woman) who stays at home, maybe the need to look after young children, or through choice, and this can lead to a huge feeling of isolation I IMAGINE. I would say, (could be wrong) that the split seems to be 50/50 on PIO, though doubtless some will disagree. But in the long run which sex at the end of the day deals with the transition better. Speaking very personally I have always found the transition easy, not without problems, but nonetheless fairly easy, BUT. The one thing that often plagued my mind was the fact that my partner/wife wasn't as happy as I would have liked to see them, and this in the long run did at times result a change in my mindset and once again return to the UK,:cry:. Happily now we are both in total agreement and we BOTH know what is involved and how we will deal with the journey in the future, :yes:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  12. I have just been reading an interesting article about women judging other women and it said a high percentage of women make their conclusions of what another woman is like within 20 seconds of meeting them. Based on .............. what the other womans weight is firstly, then what they wear, their hair and then their skin texture on their face and whether they use too much false tan. How strange women are, us men see another man and don't judge them at all, if they are wearing a nice shirt say, we would maybe think, i like that, or some nice jeans, but we don't appraise other men, or do we? I don't think i do. Apparently all women do this ................. WHY?:wub:
  13. Hi, I am just wondering because my boy friend never let me see his facebook or added. He said that he does not want me to post anything too private and his friends will see. Once, I saw his friend list and I kept asking who are they bla bla bla. Do you allow your girl friend to see your facebook page?
  14. stevie ellis

    Massage for men

    I suffer from a bad back , years of on a roof and heavy lifting :mad: has anyone got advice as to how Mrs e can massage ma poor back:idea:oh aye an some oils ina
  15. I am coming to Brisbane from the UK for a function and I will need to wear a business suit. Rather than pack a suit and bring it over I thought I might buy one in Brisbane. This is because whenever I've come over to Australia I've been pleased with the quality and price of clothing in the shops. But I've looked on a couple of websites and the "in-thing" for suits seems to be that they are "made in Italy". It would be a bit silly to go all that way and buy an Italian suit when I can get that in London. I was wondering if anyone knows a good tailor in Brisbane, or maybe whether I ought to get a suit in Singapore on the way over (3 day stop-off). Many thanks
  16. pablo

    Men and moisturising

    That the word?moisturising....so is it effeminate to moisturise? its one of the few "girly" type things i do:wideeyed::biggrin:,shave then after shave balm,which is basically moisturiser i think. Im out all the time,wind burn,sunburnt,in allkinds of weather etc,and yer "can" end up with a face like a smacked arse(no comments!:mad::wink:),so sensible or girly? Dont bother saying i havnt used enuf moisturiser either:laugh:,im better in the flesh!:wubclub:
  17. Guest

    Are Aussie men Racist?!?

    Hello! Me and best mate are moving to Sydney in Jan 2011. We are both single, and are so excited just want to come out and have fun. But so many people keep telling me that Aussie men are really racist, which is worrying me just a little. I am English but my family are from Sri-Lanka, is this true? As I have been lucky in Engalnd to never have any issues about my race, but I am a bit worried now!!!! Thanks Appey
  18. I know that there are a few house husbands on here, some through choice and some through circumstance, or there are those that work from home (my particular circumstance through necessity, and YES I do work believe it or not) and do the majority of the household chores. In this enlightened age we seem to merging our definitions of which role male/female play in society. As some of you know I am a full time carer for Ruth and do the vast majority of cooking, cleaning, taxi service, etc, and this respect I think I am turning little 'lady' like. To those of you who are in this position do you find yourself getting all enamored with the latest cleaning spray, the latest super dooper dish cloth. Do you find yourself looking longingly at the latest fab product in the 'cleaning' department of Tesco. Only the other day I was having a conversation with a fellow shopper (female) about the pros and cons of a certain brand of washing up liquid. There I was discussing at great length the disappointment I felt at many modern cleaning materials, and the conversation just went on and on.:embarrassed: I even know the young girl who stacks the said aisle, lovely girl who reminds me where all the specials are. Once I have bought them I rush home to test these products out. Ruth looks at me with bewilderment at times, but in all sincerity fellas do you find yourself becoming a little lady like.:embarrassed::chatterbox::biglaugh: Our kitchen sink cupboard actually looks like an aisle in Tesco, reams and reams of cleaning products, some used, some unopened, and some destined for the rubbish bin. Only the other day a friend of my youngest thought it strange that I was doing the cooking and sewing up a pair of jeans for my eldest at the same time. I tried to explain to him (14 years old) the why's and wherefores of why I do such a thing, but all I got in reply was 'Tony, you should buy an apron',:biglaugh::biglaugh:, the innocence of the young I guess. So come on men, fess up, are you a closet cleaning freak.:cool: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  19. On a serious vain here people. I know its something us men don't like talking about much, but we really should get down to it. My father has suffered from prostate cancer for several years. Luckily on a routine check up they found it early. He is on constant medication and will be forever, and the prognosis is very good. In all likelihood he will die from just plain old age, rather than the cancer. God willing he will be about for years to come though. Men of a certain age, me included should get their prostate examined on a regular basis. I'm approaching 47 and to date I have had several checks, and will continue to do so. I'm far from a hypochondriac, but commonsense often prevails. I wish I could say it was a pleasant experience, won't go into details, but finger, lubricant and gloves jump to mind.:biglaugh: I don't want to scare anyone, far from it, but at the end of the day fellas isn't five minutes down the GP's well worth it rather than leaving and leaving it until it 'may' be too late. As I said, not wanting to cause a downer but prostate cancer whilst being a frightening word is far from a killer if found EARLY. I guess it's a bit like breast examinations for the ladies and cervical smears. We all get embarrassed to a degree, and God almighty I was the first time, but in all honesty some slight discomfort may avoid a life spent with a disease that 'can' be a killer if not caught early enough. I dare say someone will come along and advise even more, nurses/doctors etc, and hopefully they will give some better advice. But as a layman I was just hoping that this thread 'may' lead to a bit of understanding and hopefully urge some to take the 'Finger Test':biglaugh: Hope haven't offended, after all illness and death is not a particularly happy subject but these things don't do any harm to get the occasional outing. Cheers Tony.
  20. I have a feeling that this one will stir a debate, but it is put up with the intention of trying to get to the bottom of the issue. I will for one say that if you are in a relationship then you SHOULD remain faithful to that one partner. There are many reasons why men go elsewhere for sex, etc. Too many to mention, BUT. It is inbred into the male of the species to go and so his wild oats in as many places as possible and with multiple partners. We are at the end of the day 'JUST' another animal species, and in the vast majority of animal (maybe that should be MAMMAL) species the male of the breed does and will go to many partners to sire his young. Some do it for the bloodline, to ensure he and and his siblings remain at the top of the pecking order etc, again so many reasons, but at the end of the day 'most' males of the species are born with the need or desire to sleep with multiple partners. They may well go back to their original partners after having their fun, BUT they still do it. So in point of fact men should be no different, to be monogamous is indeed completely against our nature. BUT. I fully agree that if you are in a loving and compassionate relationship then to go to a different partner is WRONG. After all we are meant to be civilised and at the top of the animal tree, (we are not by the way, we just like to think we are). So for us as men to sleep with several partners in modern day society is considered totally off ground. But what I am saying is this. When a man wanders and sleeps with a different partner is it because he WANTS to or is it his animalistic traits just coming to the fore. I have known men who sleep with loads of girls and they still go back to their partner each day/evening because they say that they genuinely love them and wouldn't be without them. So in essence folks even though the vast majority of us look upon affairs etc as rather distasteful is it not just the way of the world, well at least a mans world anyway. PS. The words written here are in no way akin to me vindicating such behaviour. I will deny it until the cows or in my case the sheep come home.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  21. Guest

    Real Men

    Now before I start this thread I should make one point very clear. I am all for cleanliness, tidiness and when possible looking at your best. I have even been known to use moisteriser, and occasionally nicked my better half's conditioner when in the shower. I wash very regularly, comb my hair, shave (nearly every day) and I use a gel on my now balding crown, BUT, having said all this I would like to raise a concern I have, especially amongst those male members of the PIO community. I went out today with better half and as you do had a coffee, etc, but at the far end of the mall was a threading bar. I had no idea what this was so asked the good lady. 'Apparently' it is a form of hair removal etc, that is a very skilled job. Two or so pieces of twine are used to remove hair or 'pluck' eyebrows. Duly informed I said to Ruth why doesn't she give it a go for her eyebrows as she was beginning to look like Denis Healy:biglaugh:. Of she goes, I as normal when these 'lady' things are done disappeared outside for a ciggy. After about ten minutes I took a wander back inside only to see Ruth sitting down in a chair looking like she was being tortured with tears running down her face, after I stopped laughing I took a look around. I kid you not, there were seven seats available, and FIVE of these seats were taken by BLOKES. All of them around 17 - 22 years old. They were ALL having their eyebrows threaded/plucked. WTF is going on to our young men. It's not bad enough that I often see many young men preening themselves in Tesco's front windows. Nine times out of ten they are making sure their hair is still in place and if not a scream of despair comes out as they reach for their hair spray and comb. I thought I had seen it all. But I reckon this plucking etc is a step too far. Where have all the real men gone, or rather is this 'normal' behaviour now amongst many a young man? As I said, I am all for cleanliness etc, but when young men have their eyebrows threaded I fear for the future. What ever happened to a pair of scissors, a mirror, and pot luck that you snipped the right bits. OK, so this is tongue in cheek, but I was genuinely shocked at what I saw today.:shocked: Cheers Tony
  22. im born in oz, and i believe women seem to have more opportunities for work here than men , they seem to have a much larger scope for employment than men or are they not so picky.your replies please
  23. peeka

    Removal men are here.....

    The nerves are now kicking in.........not been on here for a good few weeks as we have been busy leaving our employment, having a good long three week holiday and sorting out our leaving do....oh....and whilst on holiday decided it would be lovely and a great surprise for our friends to marry on the morning of our leaving do !!! So not got much to do.......... After receiving various quotes from removal companies and getting a 'feel' for their professionalism etc we decided to go with Pickfords. Three excellent men arrived at 9am this morning and have been busy packing ever since.......we have not had to do a thing.......except make tea/coffee's. We have made a great choice in Pickfords. Our leaving do is on Saturday 12th September, our wedding is on Saturday 12th and we fly on Thursday 17th.......so much to do but yet so little time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorting through our belongings, selling things of no use, giving things away has been more emotional than I ever thought - at one stage I sat and cried over all the bottles of spirits we decided we wasn't taking with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This morning I had another good cry, questioning if we are doing the right thing.....of course we are but only when my clear head is working! Will keep you posted..... Paul (40), Cheryl (36), James (19) & Francis (13) Submitted to AIM by post - 19 Dec 08 AIM acknowledged receipt by email - 5 Jan 09 Further info requested by email - 21 Jan 09 Submitted further information via email - 23 Jan 09 AIM acknowledged receipt - 27 Jan 09 Positive skills assessment result emailed from AIM – 9 Feb 09 (letter dated 4th) State regional sponsorship form posted to Queensland Government – 9 Feb 09 Email from QG confirming receipt and aim to give result in 3 weeks – 18 Feb 09 (agents advise 6 week – 23 March) Email from QG requesting research of our chosen area, accommodation, school, transport etc – 17 March 09 Submitted research document – 17 March 09 Letter from QG confirming state regional sponsorship - 28 March 09 E-application submitted to DIAC – 29 March 09 (over three days uploading evidence/documents) Application showing as ‘commenced’ – 1 April 09 (status shows documents still required i.e. not met) Medicals booked for 29 May 09 Letter received confirming outstanding documents required – 22 April (status changed to application being process further) Email letter from DIAC requesting further information incl. confirmation when medicals are – 22 April 09 Uploaded all information – 11 May 09 Email received asking for status on police checks – 12 May 09 Sent off police checks – 22 May 09 Completed medicals – 29 May 09 Medicals posted – 8 June 09 House on the market – 11 June 09 (first viewing 17 June) Police certificates arrived, scanned and uploaded – 17 June 09 Medicals finalised (except one!) – 19 June 09 (all showing finalised on 24 June 09, status shows documents still required, i.e. not met) Emailed DIAC to say our medicals show finalise and documents still required (2 July 09) Email back from DIAC confirming all requirements are met and that CO will be in a position to grant our visa in early-mid July 09 (2 July 09) VISA GRANTED - 3 JULY 09 Booked accommodation and relocation with Jimboomba Flights booked with Etihad – 17 September 09
  24. Guest

    Removal men here as i type

    Hy guys, Well as i type this there are guys whizzing around with brown tape all over the place packing up our gear. If i stand still too long i may end up being parcelled up with it all. I cannot praise the staff and removal guys at Anglo Pacific enough, they have been fantastic and any queries i have had have never been a problem for them. I will post before were on our way but for the time being i'd like to thank everyone here on Poms in Oz for their help, support and encouragement. For those just starting or nearing the end of the whole process, please don't give up or lose faith. It will come in the end. Bye for now. :jiggy: