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Found 87 results

  1. we bought some tickets today for dream world on offer to members of racq, 50 dollars per person, for a 2 day pass, the second day can be taken within 14 days of the first visit, and can be used to go from park to park, also an hour early entry, anyone been there, will post tomorrow to let you know how it was, i think the tickets have to be bought by 8th august, but can be used up to 31st august.
  2. Hi Guys, I hope you're all having a great time on PIO. There's quite a lot of new features now with the friendship stuff and chicken clickin' so I thought it was perhaps a good time to ask you to think about internet safety. Remember you don't know who you're talking to on the internet Don't give out your home address, phone number etc., unless you've o.k'd it with your mum and dad If you get any messages - either by pm or on your visitors page tell/show your mum or dad and press the report post symbol under the post. This sends a message to the moderators and we can check it out for you. Stay Safe and Have Fun Ali
  3. My question is to all Pakistani members or anyone who can answer for that matter: I need to get PCC and Meds done. Can anybody who has recently done these checks please guide me of the process please? I am from Lahore BTW. Thanks in advance
  4. Hurricane Bawbag - 8/12/11 - The day Scotland was awfy windy. Did we panic - NAW! Did we evacuate -NAW! Did we abandon Scotland - NAW! We just had our tea early in case the lecky went oot !!! Americans get Katrina, Irene, Pauline and Andrew... we get Hurricane Bawbag! You may take our fences you may take our wheelie bins but you'll never take our banter:P pure dead brilliant :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: mrs keily
  5. The Pom Queen

    Christmas Presents for PIO Members

    If you could buy a Christmas present for a PIO member what would you buy them? For Pablo I would love to buy him a season pass to Man United:notworthy: All the members waiting for a visa I wish I could buy them for you, but I may be arrested before I got everyones.
  6. One of the plus points of this forum is interacting with people from different backgrounds,occupations,countries,people who have different viewpoints and interests from mine etc,it is for me anyway. I can agree or disagree with their opinions,or sometimes just realise that some things they say i agree with but some not,IE... everything isnt black or white,basically yer can get educated/enlightened off people you wouldnt normally mix with,as long as you've got an open mind that is of course. So one of the things ive never got my head round is why more of the above dont get involved in the more light hearted debates on here,or even some of the more controversial threads(with the exception of a few members)in CTF etc,seems a shame because i'd like their viewpoints,and maybe their different take on things,just wondering out loud.........
  7. A big hello to all the PIO members, have been following the threads for a while now and it has been a great help from everyone sharing their experiences. My wife and I are looking to move to Perth, WA next May 2012, we've got our GSM 175 visas a few months back now, which was a long process on its own (tip of the iceberg ... so to speak), but looking at everything required for the move itself looks like the rest of the iceberg ... !! :eek: Anyway, we have begun the fun and its all underway, started off with a few rounds of garage and car boot sales to get rid of things we don't need .... and currently in the process of buying things we do need whilst checking up on Shipping companies ... !! :confused: So onto the Shipping section of the forum .... !!
  8. It has been brought to the attention of the Mods and admin team that unsolicited PM messages are being circulated to members offering to help with accommodation. We must stress that these messages are nothing to do with PIO and no one has asked permission to approach our membership with these offers. If you receive one of these PM messages then please report it to a mod. Treat any unsolicited mail as a scam and remember all genuine companies Like you to inspect a property before you offer to rent. Under no circumstances part with any money before inspecting any property for a long term rental. Short term rentals/ Arrival rentals will be the only ones you pay for in advance. These messages are being investigated. We ask our members to be vigilant and report any suspect behavior. It is against forum rules to send unsolicited PM advertising a business.
  9. Hello dear forum members i think a was another victim of this confusion , i lodged a subclass 175 application on March 31st , in which when i got the question of mentioning my parent ( mother and father ) , i mentioned them in the area NON migrating dependents , as i thoughts it was the logic answer 2 days ago i got the e-mail from the CO , which advised me to add further documents ( PCC , MEDs , form 1023 ) here is what was mentioned in the form 1023 section " You have included in your visa application your parents. If you have included these applicants in error please submit the enclosed Form 1023 Notification of Incorrect Answers, requesting their removal from your visa application. " now i understand that i must have added them as OTHER family members So , i am filling now form 1023 , but there is a problem question 11 : do you have a partner and / or any dependents who are / were included in your application ? as i did actually wrote my parents as non migrating defendants by mistake in the application , i think i should list them in this answer . BUT , this means that i am going to be giving wrong information in 1023 i am confused , any help ?
  10. ive only met 1 member on pio,and that was jim (roppey hoff) in brisbane 16 months ago--and a fine chap indeed--i would like 2 meet pabs/saving the lemming/addona/optomist/m2m/,and a former members aldo,and nigel--plus a few more--so who have you met on pio,and who would you like 2 meet:wubclub: harpo sounds interesting:wideeyed:and so does tink--sh7t i best stop now i may take forever to write this thread
  11. Guest

    members,and there pets

    quite a few aviators have got pets on them--so i just wundered what pet is in your life--and what they bring to you in life--we use to have 2 dogs but sadly we had to re home them years ago (spending time in the uk,and oz) it was not fair on the dogs--one wuz a black collie/lab (male) and the other pure collie (female) they both had different personalities but where loved just the same amount:wubclub:
  12. Guest

    members needs

    a bit of fun poll--so how many times a week do you:Randy-git:is it quantity or quality that counts--for me its a bit of both--they reckon 3-4 times is enough:shocked:whats your views
  13. Guest

    Visas for family members

    Hi, this is my first post as we have just been granted our 457. I have a 25 year old daughter who has 2 young boys who i want to join us asap. I am guessing that until i get permenant residency i wont be able to sponser her but does anyone know of a visa i could get her and my grandsons out on? If there is nothing until we get permenant residency can i sponser her and if so how long do i have to wait? Unfortunately she has not got a job that is on the skilled list. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  14. I am filling in an online application for a 175 visa. In the section where it asks you to list "other family members", meaning non-migrating parents and siblings, does it just mean parents and siblings of the applicant or also of the applicant's spouse?
  15. Guest

    Types of PIO members

    Types of PIO members. The watcher! Strictly speaking not a member but sits at their computer watching the site. The “Good Egg” enjoys helping others and will post useful information for members The professional! Offers professional advice to guide a member The Troll! We all seen these posts, designed to upset and cause arguments The “I know you” A member who posts comments threatening a new member, because they believe they know them as a reincarnation. (Normally way off the mark). The CTF Connoisseur! Normally keep their posts to CTF but occasionally will venture onto the news threads. This member is normally not able to offer advice on migration problems but enjoys chat and banter found on CTF, some of these become the well known established members. The “Money mad” member! Cannot resist telling everyone how well off they are and how they are superior to others because they have money. The Moralist ! Always feel that they have to put others on the correct moral path, even if it has nothing to do with the post. The frustrated Mod! Gets fed up with all the childish antics of some members, and gets annoyed when people forget that a mod is a member to, and has a right to an opinion. The frustrated admin! Similar to the frustrated Mod, but has to keep reminding the mods that being a pain in the ass is not always a suitable cause to ban members. The Chatter! Normally not restricted to one forum, but will drop on any forum to just add something to it. Normally not useful comments but makes the poster feel part of a community. The spammer! well everyone knows spam when they see it. Not everyone falls into neatly into one of these categories, but some fit into several. Its not unusual to see a CTF connoisseur can also be a "I know you" and a troll at the same time. Anymore suggestions
  16. RACV Members can now pre–purchase general admission tickets for family and friends and experience all the thrills of the Show, saving up to 30%!* Hurry, offer ends Tuesday 20 September. Purchase online at http://www.royalshow.com.au or call Ticketek on 132 849
  17. adrianbooth

    Helensburgh members

    Is there anyone in helensburgh? We are looking at moving there or engadine and cant decide which. Comute time to syd is much the same by train. There is me the wife and a 3year old to consider too. Any advise welcome - Thanks :wink:
  18. paddymacs

    URGENT Non Migrating Family Members

    Hoping someone can help us we are filling out our ONLINE Visa application form it is asking us to provide details of ALL non migrating family members including parents does anybody know is this just for main applicant or do we need to fill out both our families hope to hear from someone soon thanks in advance
  19. The Pom Queen

    Speculation on members

    Please can I remind all members to stop speculating who members are. There are numerous occasions where you get it wrong and innocent members are abused. :no: this happened a few months ago and when the member emailed me about members abusing him it tuned out he was a solicitor from a migration company not the old member everyone accused him of being. Starting rumours like this doesn't help the forum so please leave the mods and admin to do their job. Kate:wubclub:
  20. Would like to say Thankyou to everyone and pio for the help on our journey the last year :chatterbox: I haven't been on the forum for a little while , been busy selling house etc . Hubby went to the expo in London on saturday , and a company interviewed him on the spot :jiggy:had a call this morn he has the job !! great wages wonderful relocation package and will wait for him to finsh his contract with the Royal navy . He starts working for the new company in March . :notworthy:Again thankyou ! xxxx p.s dreams can come true x Brides x
  21. :Randy-git:Hi all, I have just lodged my 176 visa application online and the web site is indicating i need to have medicals for all my brothers/sisters who are not migrating!!! is this correct or is there a way around this?
  22. Hope someone can help. I'm in the process of applying online for a 176 visa, ACT kindly agreed to sponsor us. When it comes to the family members section of the application - do i put mine and my wifes parents & siblings on, or just mine ? I don't think its clear online & it asks for "your" family members. Also there are no in-law options from the drop down choices so I was just going to put mine. Thanks in advance folks.
  23. The Pom Queen

    Please help one of our members

    I don't usually do begging emails, but this is one of our members who lost her son to cot death. Please try and help, even if it's $1. Please have a read of her story. As some of you know, my 4 week old baby on the 8th April 2010 fell victim to SIDS. It is something that you think will never happen to you, but sadly on this occasion it happened to us. This was a life changing moment in my life and has a year on made me a much stronger person, with determination to help an organisation that helped me so much when I needed them. I will be honest and tell you without their help and support I probably would not be here today telling you this. I have decided to help by organising a WEAR IT RED day on 24th June at my children’s Primary School, Comet Bay Primary. this is the link: http://www.rednosedayfundraising.com.au/sue_yuill I have also been given the go ahead to fund raise in the Secret Harbour Shopping Centre for that week, so from 21st June – 24th June. I have also set up a donation page for all those folk in other parts of Australia and also the World to help me raise as much as I can. I am not usually a person to ask anyone for anything but I didn’t think anyone would mind me starting this thread on here for such a good cause. It gives a meaning to Jake’s short and precious life. If you don’t want to donate that’s fine too...just getting the information about SIDS out to people and that it can happen to anyone is all I ask. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sue xxxx Thanks for reading Kate:notworthy::hug:
  24. Hi there I made a mistake on our visa application form and need some help please. We included parent and sibling as non-migrating dependents instead of Other family members!! Durrrrr how stupid!!!! So annoyed with myself!!! :arghh: We now need to fill out form 1023 which is straight forward enough and also send them a withdrawel letter signed by the family members. Does anyone know how I should word it or what it sould say? I suppose it should say who the non-dependent family are and their relationship to us and then to confirm they will not be migrating. What do you think? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks :smile:
  25. I am having a problem with the Online Visa Application form. According to the online form, Provide details of ALL your family. Include family members that are not accompanying you to Australia as well as deceased family members. My father left me, my mother and my siblings some years ago. (Technically my parents are still legally married). I have placed my mother as my non-migrating dependent. My question is, do I still need to put my father in the Other Family Members section?