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Found 19 results

  1. crypticat

    Removalists or Self Pack - Melb to UK

    Hey PomsInOzzers, After two years, we are calling time on our Melbourne adventure and are looking to head back to the UK. We are looking at the usual removals companies here in Melb but wondered in anyone has attempted a self-pack shipment. We are skint given the amount of money shelled out to get here and the fact we've gone backwards financially given the exorbitant cost of living (or more accurately housing). Looking to save some coin if possible. Any advice or experiences would be very much appreciated. Thanks all, Rush
  2. lindsayloo

    Lonely Mum to be - Cheltenham, Melb

    Hi there Im currently 24 weeks pregnant, not working, bored, lonely and a bit fed up! Ive been trying to find a 'pregnancy' or 'mother and baby' group locally so I can try and meet other mums or mums to be but ive not been very successful... im originally from Nottingham and have been here a few years now but non of my friends have kids and im desperate to make some friends who are in a similar situation - surely im not the only mum to be around Cheltenham who would love to meet up with other pregnant ladies to discuss babies, names, labour anything really! Hope to hear from some local pregnant ladies - fingers crossed :biggrin:
  3. Long term accomodation at Lygon Street, next to Swanston St. and intersection Carlton. Owner already moved out but still paying the rent, and is looking for replacement to take over the lease. Contract until 21/2/2012 Rental $290 per week plus one month bonds. Water and electricity not included but gas is. Fully furnished, 24/7 security, swimming pool, gym, sauna, Foxtel,24/7 security and coin slotted washing machine. The studio name College Sqaure at Lygon Street, '560, Lygon St. Carlton VIC 3053. 15 mintues walk away from Melb Uni, and right infront of tram station. Available for inspection during weekend before 5pm. URGENT! Must out before May. PM me for details
  4. Guest

    Moving to Melb

    Hey, I am at the early stages of moving to Oz (it has been a dream for way too long). Luckily my job can be sponsered and I am now playing a waiting came with potential employers in melb. I have visited Melb previously on holiday, but it would be great to get a Pom's take on the City?? Also how long can it take for 457 visa to be processed?? Thanks xx :daydreaming:
  5. Hi all I am an IT professional wanted to emigrate to Aus on state sponsorship visa - Victoria. I am curious to know , hows the IT job market in Melbourne? particularly for Oracle professionals with 10 plus years of experience. Any suggestions or experiences will be very useful. Thanks Harikishan
  6. I am in my mid 30's and have lived in Sydney for 12 years, I love it here, and have good friends, but need the next adventure. Whilst I am not a total city slicker I enjoy dinners and drinks out and lots of great shopping, but I am looking for a bit of an easier lifestyle than Syd, and maybe a city with a more casual approach. (also considering bris) What I am wondering is, Has anyone who has lived in Syd for some time moved to Melb.. what did you think? Pro's/Con's? I loved Melb on a few visits, but I also want to save a bit of money, Syd is mass expensive... I am wondering from those that have lived in both whether they found Melb cheaper or easier, more casual to live? Do you think the people are friendly there ie in making new friends/contacts etc In terms of weather is the cold bad? I guess it depends on how affected you are.. Anyways would love your thoughts from anyone who has lived in both Melb and Syd, or ideally someone that has lived Syd, Bris and Melb.... ahh decisions decisions Thankyou
  7. HI there My son is looking for babysitting work. He is a very reliable 13 year old boy and just loves children. He has completed the BLAST! babysitting manual (Babysitting Lessons And Safety Training). If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks:spinny:
  8. Hi there, I've been in Melbourne around 5 years now, and I really wanna meet up with some British people to watch the world cup games with. I've got Aussie mates, but none of them are really into Football, and I miss the British humour...dying for a good laugh with a few British people. So if anyone wants someone to watch the World Cup games with...please lets arrange a time and a place. I know Bridie O'Reillys on Chapel Street will be showing the matches as well as Copacabana on Smith Street...I'm sure there's heaps of other options as well. Happy to go anywhere in Melbourne to watch them. So let me know if you fancy it. Cheers, Shaz xo
  9. any recommendations of buying an outdoor table and chairs in melb? been to bunnings and they have good stuff but just wondering if anyone else knows other places that might be worthwhile checking out?
  10. Guest

    Moving from NQ to Melb

    Hi there folks Me and my partner are moving from Mackay in NQ to Melb in late October and work are placing me in Dandenong which i understand from other people is not a v nice area - i have no opinion as have not been there. We were hoping to live in South Yarra but have been told this may be too far out We are from the UK originally were we both did a 2 hour commute to get to work so that doesnt bother us at all just looking for some feedback on the trip to Dandenong from there We do have a car but was hoping to use public transport to get there instead - is that possible! if not does anyone have any suggestion of other areas to live ls bear in mind we are coming from a place that has only 4 decent restaurants and NO bars and as we are a young couple - me 31 (ahem) and lee is 27 - we'd like somewhere with a bit of a social life hence why we chose south yarra any ideas greatly welcome from those in the know Jo
  11. Hello all! I stumbled across this forum and was delighted to find such a wealth of information re: visas/migration etc.! I've just arrived in Oz on a Working Holiday Visa, but my bf is Australian, it's serious and I really want to be able to stay here beyond the 12 month period that I'm entitled to. I've looked into the various visa options online (partner visa, student etc.) but feel that I really need professional advice about what sort of visa I should be applying for and what steps I need to start taking to try and ensure a successful application. So I was wondering is anyone could recommend a reliable and trustworthy migration agent/agency in the Melbourne region who I could try and book a consultation with (if indeed that's how these things work - I'm pretty clueless at the moment!) If anyone has an idea of fees too that would be great. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, Thanks so much for your time, Rose xxx
  12. Hi Live in Doncaster East, so local preferred (take stuff to them etc), but not that important Want to make sure they know about family stuff eg education rebates, family benefits etc Wife is only one working and has salary packaging, plus we have some money in UK banks Just want to be sure we don't lose family benefits (have claimed, but elected to be paid at end of tax year) or the stimulus payments if earnings go over the limit. My wife can do overtime shifts but thought some things are only paid if earnings are below $70k for individual. Don't want to have to pay money back if possible. Our family earnings will be below $150k as I am not working, but just not sure how it all hangs together with individual limits. Have heard of people doing overtime, reaching the limit, or going just over and losing benefits. Thanks
  13. Local Hastings Leader jobs Nurses - The Bays Hospital Group martinlawley@thebays.com.au General Manager Residential Age Care - Bon Beach call Petra Tireney 040827125 web site Bupa Care Services - Welcome to Bupa Care Services Practice Manager Dromana managing medical practice liz.farnes@healthscope.com.au Kinder teacher - 3 year olds 0407363182 Carrum Downs Reg Nurse Div 11 Endorsed Andrew Kerr Aged Care Complex Tanti Avenue Mornington 59756334 Hairdresser Beautician Massage Therapist Frankston temple.hair.retreat@bigpond.com CPA Tax Agent accounting@financialcare.com.au Nursery work 18 hours a week school hours Mansfield's Propogation Nursery rie@mansfields.net.au Technical Product Manager $60 grand plus super plus vehicle Leader in Outdoor Cooking Appliances, Dromana swhitmarsh@1stexecutive.com.au Office Manager F/T Temp 12 month loucum Southern Health Ref No. 14554: susan Shadforth or Carolyn Worth apply through careers link on website Welcome to Southern Health Frankston Council Frankston Internet - Home for position descriptions Waste and Litter Campaign Officer Permanent Full Time Corporate Desktop/Network Support Officer Boiler Maker/Welder andrew@jordansteel.com.au Cabinet Maker Qualified de Wacht Cabinets Pty Ltd. Phone 59823011 Internal Sales Person Southern Shopfitters Pty Ltd Mornington Office sshop@satlink.com.au 59751088
  14. I know im leaving it too late. Im arriving into Melbourne on 23rd Feb (457 visa) and at the moment I dont have anywhere to stay. (Me, 28, and my missus, 27) Thats not entirely true, someone has offered me some floor to crash on, but this is my last resort as would feel like im imposing on them. So, what options do I have? Ive been spending most my time on real.estate.com and domain applying for viewings but not been having much luck (got about 4 viewings in 1st week so far). Also, without getting off topic, does everyone know that Gumtree (Melbourne one) does not let you create ads or reply to ads from England - it looks like your replying, but in fact they do not get through. Anyhow, more importantly where should I stay. I saw "Moving2Melbourne" but the properties that were available were a bit pricey for my budget. Saying that, was not keen on staying in backpackers accommodation either. Was hoping to find some budget short term accommodation. (1-2 weeks tops, but would consider longer as well) Only need the basics, internet would be helpful but not essential. I would be willing to pay any existing Melbournites who might have a spare room for 1 week tops - could provide a bond, new employer details and previous UK references, bank statements. I think this is a long shot, but thought I might as well ask. Would really appreciate some advice - even a hostel thats clean and not too noisy would also be handy.
  15. Many people ask questions about the differences of these areas and today in the Herald Sun there is an article about the differences. Its a shame that services are not as good in the west but obviously it is so. For anyone who is interested and thinking of coming to Melbourne the article may help. Melbourne&squo;s north and west left behind | Herald Sun
  16. hi just decided recently we made huge mistake leaving melbourne 3 yrs ago and are going back before visa runs out in may. when i say huge i was depressed and had 7 mtnh baby and 5 year old at the time, i had to do what made me well again at the time. any ho now we want give another go as we both always wanted this even before we met and married 10 yrs ago, we even met an married in melbourne when we were young and travelling. Have loads of mates there ans for our 3 daughters we feel would be bit more of fun life, not thta saying bringing kids up here is a bad thing. Has anyone else moved twice. ha :wacko:
  17. melpaul

    westpac in melb

    hi guys we"ve decided to open an account before we live with westpac but dont know which branch of westpac to open account with as there are a few coming up in melbourne we will be staying in the carrum /frankston areas to start off anyone now which branch would be nearest for us please thanks mel
  18. Guest

    Moving to Melb in Sept

    Hi, Well I have finally decided to transfer with work to Melbourne, Im 23 years old and looking to live in Oz for 6 months to a year, I have the option to stay longer if I want or get on the first plane back home to the UK!!!!! I have been on holiday to Oz before about 2 years ago now, and have always been thinking maybe I should go and see what its like and I know if I dont go, I will always be thinking What if.......... Im a bit worried about settling in and making some friends, but I guess thats why Im going for the new experience. Has anyone been in a similar situation to myself? Are there any Poms currently living in the CBD in Melb if so wots it like? I cant wait to hear back your thoughts, as at the moment Im thinking, what the hell am I doing going to a different country with no friends or family, and to be honest Im not sure I am doing the right thing.................... :wubclub:
  19. Hi there Well I am new to all of this. I am wo:nah:ndering if any of u require some short term accommodation. I run a boutique apartment in clifton Hill, am dog friendly and am trying to drum up a business - thngs are very quiet indeed on the visiting part. You can all visit my website: ParkSide - Melbourne accommodation in self contained apartment Clifton Hill pet friendly I would welocme holiday makers, relocaters, business people to travel with their dogs -