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Found 10 results

  1. I'm in my late 20's and looking for some fun girly friends. Myself and my husband have been in Melbourne for quite a while now, we don't have any children and we have made friends, but its not the same as having the girly friends I miss and left behind in the UK. I love going out for a few girly wines, having a giggle and letting my hair down so it would be really nice to meet up with anyone who likes to do the same thing in either the City or the St Kilda area!
  2. Hi there, I have a question and I did not find an answer on this forum so this is why I am starting a new thread. I am desparately looking for something like a hair trimmer/clipper, you know one of these things which you can get for a couple of pounds at Tesco or Argos in the UK. I am based in Melbourne, so if someone knows a shop or chain where I could buy one I would love to know. I already checked out the nearest KMart but unfortunately they did not sell them. :err:
  3. Guest

    move Mel to Perth

    Hi has anyone any information on a move from Melbourne to Perth? costs and time etc we are just two adults and a dog with a normal amount of stuff really appreciate any info thanks:cool:
  4. Guest

    Hi all, Sydney or Mel ??

    Hi everone, new to the site but have been reading alot of your posts ect. Myself my wife Denise and two little ones under 5 moving over in Jan 2011 :wink: excited......... My wife will be transfering through her company on a 257 visa i think. Problem is We Have A Choice of two locations Sydney and Melbourne ??? we will be renting from the off and proberly wont be looking to buy/morgage untill we get the permenent res tho after a couple of years. So cost of living between the two ?? Gas/elec/water bills cant differ much between the two cities surely ..... can they ?? property (renting) we've looked at and it seems you get a lot more for your money in Mel ?? is that still the case. any feedback would be fab................ off now to read about schooling bye for now Ian, Denise & co
  5. Guest

    Pack to Mel

    Gday all, What are my options to send a few luggage pack to Mel. Any idea abt the cost ? cheers
  6. Dear Fellow Poms in Oz'ers Sad this evening, just had to say bye bye for now to a truly amazing couple (gosh I am such a soft git!), it is not often you meet people that you just click with and who accept you for what you are instantly (the good the bad). So a HUGE 'Toodle Pips' to Rob and Mel and PLEASE Australian PIO'ers look after them when they get there. Safe journey x:hug:
  7. Hi all, It's been one month since we have moved out here on 175 visas (PR) and are loving it! So long UK... anyway as some of you know we are on a shoestring only took out $28,000 two adults one toddler, OH is a sparky. Here's whats happen and some tips... Transport Great flight Etihad Airways cheap deal on we.fly around £530 for all, will defo travel with them again. We stayed in the Holiday Inn at the airport which was lovely, great beds. Cost about £70 pounds but well worth it, we have escaped jet lag, haven't had any. Think we just forced ourselves to get into oz time! Car hire- great booked with Europecar about £200, fine little car price included babyseat and different drop off point. Brought 2nd VW Polo for £3000 its a bit of a banger but good for the money, yes 2nd cars are expensive, if you look you can find a good deal. New cars seem a lot cheaper if you have the money. Petrol soooo cheap where we are its about 70p per litre! We don't have car insurance as its a old banger and third party is included in rego ( tax,third party etc) came with car. Rego about $600 per year for our car. We have Vic driving licences- really easy no tests, straight swapped ( thank god) cost $60 per person for three years. Roads are great wider with less traffic, watch the speed limits. Tip- get a Tom Tom its great especially you aren't good at driving. Cost about $400 for a good one, can get it cheaper in places. We've been caught speeding $146 fine ooppps! Accomdation Brill' rental yes it was real, Kate i'll give you the name now. Defo reccommend Belmont, Geelong great place to be based in, shops, parks and close to beaches and Geelong city. had rental for seven weeks $360 all in three bedrooms, it will be available next July. Got one year lease in Lara for $1018 per month three beds good size backyard within a week! the estate agents were fighting over us and got the rent reduced. Paid bond £1018 and two months upfront. It was the 1st we applied for! tip- take lots of info on your other house if you are landlords bring details. View lots- they do look different on realestate.com. Jobs Tradies are finding hard but not as bad as UK. OHs got a job doing something loosely based in the industry. We are just applying for ARTC. Tip- go down the ARTC not the Vetasses, doesn't mean anything when you get out here. Defo apply for Artc BEFORE YOU COME ove, saves time! They don't really won't to know unless you have your A grade ( but you might be lucky) I've had two interviews, came 2nd in one which was great i work in youth and community seems quite a lot of stuff around and i ve started volunteering which is a good way in! If you want to work with children/ youths you will need to get a working with childs check ( free for volunteers, £70 for employee, you pay and claim back at the end of the year) With jobs it seems to be who you know and they network themselves a lot more. Child and childcare/ medical stuff PR can received means tested child benefit and help towards childcare from centrelink, Centrelink is based in local shopping malls but you can do it over the internet. Remember to bring your redbook as you need proof of your childs up to date imm' record otherwise you can't get assistance for childcare. We have got her a space one day a week at nursery, without CC assistance ( need to get imm record! we are paying 312 per 4 weeks, but will be able to claim some back! Lots of toddler groups, just ask the community centres, they do cheap occasional care $15 per 3 hours. Community centres also have internet access and cheap photocopying and printing. Medical stuff We have Medicare cards, get from Centrelink. We have also brought Ambulance Cover for $120 per family. As i think it starts at $800 per trip if you don't have cover, better save the sorry! It is different in each state. Do try and get a doc that bulk bills as it saves time. Does anyone know about dentist for children? When we both have jobs, we'll get the private health insurance. Tax- One of the 1st things to do is get your TFN number which is your tax number, keep all receipts as you can claim stuff back at the end of the year which is June i think?? Area- Geelong, ocean road Its Beaut mate! al that we could of asked for brill' beaches Ocean Grove,Tourquay Lorne are must sees. Geelong city centre with the harbour is just like all the pictures and has great shopping centres. Great parks for children everywhere. Geelong is very big and has everything you need. My estate agent who we rented the short term rental said stay away from CORIO which isn't the best of places but has a nice shopping centre. There's no litter and everyone we have met so far has been really friendly. Price of stuff I would say give or take it's the same as the UK. Processed food and fish where we are, are really expensive. Veg, fruit steak, lamb are cheap our 1st months food bills are about $400 including cleaning stuff, food, drink, nappies etc ( thats buying basic no frills brands on most stuff). Internet is quite expensive on pre paid ( you can't have a contract for three months) which is why i've not been on here for a while. We brought mobiles at the airport for $89 each. Household items Sent $2000 for everything! In total we have brought everything and i mean everything for the house either 2nd hand at garage sales or from K mart. As well as brand new Samsung TV, DVD, STAND ( Good Guys store) and new nice bedding ( lots of blankets needed) for a grand total of $2000 (£1000) that includes fridge, chairs, sofa, beds and mattresses, kitchen stuff etc. White goods are expensive. We have our stuff in UK haven't shipped yet, apart from OH tools don't really need to. Fanatistic Furniture have really reasonable house packages which are cheap, if you don't want 2nd hand stuff. Car seat- we brought one for $200. In general It's great- best thing we ever did! try and get as much money as you can. We have spent half the money ( although we have brought a puppy ( i know very silly) and have wasted about five weeks worth of rent! so could of saved a bit there. But we have done it really cheaply and are defo living a no frills lifestyle at the mo. Good luck, Jen:chatterbox:
  8. Guest

    Happy Birthday Mel...........

    Well it's 12.10am here in Adelaide, Sunday morning so I would like to wish..... A very to Mel, your first in Adelaide, hope you have a good one.. enjoy Kim & Pete
  9. fluffy

    just arrived in mel

    hey ive been in mel for 5 wks now with my boyfriend and id love to meet up with some ppl in the area, as u all must know moving from the other side of the world in hard. im 21 and my boyfriend is 26 and we live in chelsea. would be great to find out what other ppl think of mel. jess
  10. Guest

    Mel's a bit glum

    We seem to have finally sold the house now. But dropped the price again. The people buying couldn't get enough of a mortgage, so we've lent them the shortfull, if you know what i mean. Don't think we are gonna get it back off them! Also, we needed to do work in the loft conversion to get it upto building regs. Thought that was done and dusted a couple of months ago, but after enquiring about our certificate. Mr building man tell's me he now wants more insulation in the roof. So i've got to rip down the plaster board, put more insulation in, plaster it and paint it before they have the survey done. No pressure there then! Anyway, all this has got too much for Mel now and she's gone to work tonight really sad(extra job because we're skint) . I think selling the house for good price would of been a mixture of happy and sad anyway. But the circumstances make it worse. It means our budget is as tight as a duck's a*** now, in fact tighter. It's difficult trying to cheer her up when i'm a bit down meself. Mind you, her part time job is in Lush(ulteria motive, she normally spends a fortune in there) and this normally makes her happy. She'll probably read this later and tell me off:policeman: but please help me out with cheering her up. Oh yeah, and we still aint got that visa yet:no: Darren.