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Found 95 results

  1. Hi I moved to Sydney about a month ago with my partner and we're all settled with a house in Caringbah. Unfortunately my job hunt is taking a bit longer than I'd hoped so it'd be good to meet some people- there's only so much Australian daytime TV I can cope with! I was wondering if there's anyone in the area who fancied meeting up for coffee/drinks/BBQ's etc? Suzie
  2. Hi there, I'm currently in the process of getting my de facto visa to live over here permanently and so in the meantime, I'm looking to get back into the running I once loved in the UK. Does anyone know of any social running clubs in the Frankston/Seaford area that I could join either during the week/evenings or at weekends? I just thought it would be a good way to have a mutual interest to meet new people...... Thanks S
  3. paigedean

    need to meet people our age!!

    Me and my boyfriend are 21!! Wev been here since feb 2012..and at our age are finding it hard to meet people our age!!
  4. Hey, I've recently moved to Brisbane and looking to meet some girls to go shopping, coffee, clubbing etc. Look forward to hearing from someone ( hopefully)
  5. Guest

    Perth social?

    Hi guys, I've just arrived in Perth this week and am currently staying in Crawley. I don't know Perth at all, nor anyone in it! So I was wondering if there's anyone else new out there (or old) who fancies meeting for coffee/lunch/a few drinks some time, either to share wisdom about the area, or to sympathise about being a Perth newbie!!?
  6. Guest

    Meeting people in Canberra

    I have been here a week, and so far I am loving it, people I am going to be working with seem friendly and most areas are quite easy to access with a car. I have been distracted with lots of interesting activities. Most migrants I have met have moved here with their families, so have a support network. I'm a little worried that all my contacts are going to be people I work with and I don't want that. I know some people who have moved out here have had trouble with the locals, shouting at them "go back to where you came from" These comments are few and far between and I am not afraid of people in general, It just scares me a little at the thought of doing things on my own, and not having anyone there to support me. I haven't let it get to me and I've been out by myself through the day, but don't know if I should brave it on a night. It is just this weekend is my first one on my own without plans, I'll go insane and become home sick if I am in the whole time. I am debating whether it is wise to venture out on a night. Anyone else here on there own? or having similar thoughts? Any advice is welcomed
  7. I'm Jane, an older Mummy who recently moved to Brisbane with my hubby and our 3 kids aged nearly 5, nearly 3 and 1. We are looking to move to the Northern suburbs but will be in the CBD until our container arrives. I would love to meet up with other Mums for playdates and socialising, am happy to drive to different suburbs to get out and about. Get in touch if you fancy catching up, I would also be keen to get out for a glass of vino one evening if any of you other Mummy's are interested . Jane
  8. I have been out of the work world for ages and where I worked in the States had a very strict dress code of skirt suits for women with nylons/sheer tights covering the legs. Apparently they have chilled since I left. I am meeting with a recruiter tomorrow morning and I have a gorgeous red fitted sheath dress and some fab heels that I am going to wear but what do I wear on my legs? It is hot outside so opaque tights would look ridiculous but rarely do I see women wear nylons anymore. So what am I supposed to wear or am I supposed to go bare legged?
  9. Guest

    Meeting other mums Perth

    Hi I have been living in Perth for a few years and am moving to Rockingham/Baldivis in the next month or 2 would like to meet other mums/females in the same area for catch ups/socialising.
  10. Guest

    Meeting Half Way

    Hi, Instead of taking the kids back to the UK next year, my wife and I were thinking of meeting my family somewhere in between for a holiday. Has anybody done this and got any recommendation of a place easy to get to from Melbourne and Manchester? So far our thoughts are Hawaii. I should point out that S.E.Asia isn't really an option as my niece has a nut allergy and I'm thinking it wouldn't be the best place for her to visit. Thanks in advance. MC.
  11. Hi, We arrived in Oz on 19th Feb and have just moved into our rental home in Kiama Downs last week, my other half and I are both waiting to start jobs, Stu is waiting for his tiling tools to arrive and i am at the mercy of NSW Health processing my paperwork. I have 2 children aged 4 and 13 months and could so do with meeting up with a friendly face. Anyone in a similar boat in the Wollongong area and fancy meeting up for a coffee or trip to a park? Liz
  12. I'm moving to a place called Parramatta (20km out of Sydney) October 20th for initially one year. I'm nervous that i won't make any new friends as i intend to be working for atleast 4-6 months. I'm moving from England and leaving my current crop of friends and family behind so i'll be pretty much starting from scratch bar the few relatives i have in Sydney. I'm looking for fun, sink a few beers travel round see the sites and just relax anyone who fancies meeting up it's much welcomed. Dom
  13. Hi We are a family of four, my husband is 29, i 27 and we have two young children, 3 and 1. We have been in Perth 11 weeks, on a 457 visa. We came from Newcastle uk, but i am originally from Scotland. Chris works in Tax at Subiaco. At moment we are in Butler but will be moving to Quinns Rocks in Jan. As we hope to put our son to Quinns Rocks Primary. Just wondering if there any families in the area with children similar ages that may want to meet up, beach , park? Christine, Chris, J and E .
  14. Hey all, I'm Kim and have recently moved to Sydney from the UK. After a few sleepless nights i'm ready and raring to get out there and meet new people! Anyone that wants to catch up for dinner, drinks, coffee, climbing the harbour bridge then plz get in touch Enjoy your day!!
  15. Hi All I'm hoping to meet people on the central coast, it would be good to meet people for a beer at some point , myself and my husband both work in Sydney but love living on the coast so it would be nice to get a circle of friends for dinners, barbies and meet ups. Cheers
  16. Hey, Ive been living in Perth for a while now but recently moved to Wellard near Rockingham so now my friends NOR seem really far away in need of some friends this side of the river!! Hope to hear from someone!! xx
  17. I've been living in Gosford with my Australian boyfriend for about 6 months now but have found it quite difficult to meet new friends as I've had a hard time finding work and don't have children so don't really get to meet many new people. I'd love to meet some people in their 20s to have a drink with or do stuff with occasionally. I miss having a group of friends to do things with like I had in the UK and I'm getting bored of staying in on a Friday night! lol
  18. Howdy guys and gals, I'm a 33yr old guy looking to widen my group of friends here, been in Sydney a few years now. If anyone wants to say hello or point me in the direction of where Sydney hides it's quirky people, send me a pm :smile: Terry
  19. Lets assume that you are granted a visa subclass 121 which requires you to enter Australia by a certain date. What are the implications of : 1) Entering before that date, but not beginning employment with the company who sponsored you until a later date 2) Entering before that date, joining the company and returning to your home country for a period of time whilst working for that company 3) Entering before that date, joining the company, leaving the company and returning to your home country for a period of time. And later returning ? 4) Entering before that date, but not joining the company that sponsored you for a number of years 5) Not entering Australia by the date specified - would this impact on any future applications ? Thanks in advance for your response !
  20. Hi Everyone! My partner and I are migrating to Sydney in August and would looooove to try and meet like minded, out going, friendly couples :tongue:! We are a relatively young couple (28 and 24).... We like going out on the town/city and drinking the night away :jiggy:, cooking nice meals, gym and relaxing... Thanks for your time!
  21. Hi we have recently moved over from the uk and live in the point cook area. I have an Aussie partner and 2 kids, boy & girl, aged 13 & 11. We would like to meet some pommie's to socialise with as we are missing home and talking to people who are in the same situation. We would love it if anyone has children of around the same age to help our children settle too! Please leave a reply and we can arrange a meet up :smile: Thanks Emma
  22. Guest

    Meeting new people

    Hi I live with my husband in Kellyville Sydney and would love to make new friends. husbands works away a lot, and being as we have no children would love to meet up with people for a drink or cinema, meal. very fun going crazy some might say :wacko: But love to be round fun people. we are in our mid 40's but very very young at heart. Please get in touch if you fancy a natter. Thanks Wendy
  23. Hi All, My potential employer/sponsor has asked me to go over to him for meetings & assesments in April for a month. I think this is also the best idea then he can look at my work and I can be sure that his workplace & the area suits me. I would be going over on my own (my wife & 3 kids will stay in the UK) we see it at a business trip but I will do research on the area, schools housing etc. Anyway all I need is a months rental for one person in the karrinyup area. If anybody knows of anything could you please get in touch. Thanks Cobbler
  24. Hi there We arrived this week in Perth from London, living in Rockingham. Would love to meet up, travelling is not a problem as we have our own transport. We are both in our 40's and young at heart, would love to meet up and make some friends here, the more the merrier!! If you fancy meeting, a barbie on the beach, families anything, we are happy just to make new friends. Hope to hear from you soon, Cheers Jane and Nando (Nando65)
  25. DIAC Liaison Meeting – Canberra 10 March 2011 DIAC Attendees_---> Kruno Kukoc, First Assistant Secretary, Migration and Visa Policy Section Joanne McKern, Migration Agents Section Andrew Daly, Migration Agents Section Linda Bone, Migration Agents Section Susan Murray, Deregulation Strategy Section Amanda Pohl ,Assistant Director, Sponsored Skilled Visas Dwayne McMoore, Business Skills Program Mary Miller, Freedom of Information Michael Willard, Independent Skilled Migration Brooke Thomas, 457 Section Elizabeth Carter, Skilled Migration Section Greg Phillipson, Legal Section MIA Attendees Sharon Harris, MIA National President & Qld Branch President Boniface Town, MIA National Vice-President & Vic Branch President Mark Webster, MIA National Treasurer & NSW Branch President Maurene Horder, MIA Chief Executive Officer Kevin Lane. MIA Professional Services Manager Law Council of Australia Maria Jockel Nick Parmenter Office of the MARA Christine Sykes, CEO Stephen Wood, Deputy CEO Temporary Work Visas Discussed visa simplification for work visas There will be further consultations about simplification of temporary work visas. Visitor visas will also be simplified – there will be a paper out in a few weeks. DIAC has put out discussion papers in June and Dec 2010 and will be engaging with organisations, including the MIA, which responded to these. DIAC is not looking at extending eligibility just reducing the number of visas. They will meet with stakeholders in confidence prior to producing legislation. New Short stay activity visa o Will subsume business visitor visa within this subclass o Will most likely be e-lodged o 8112 will be abolished – there will be no work rights on visitor visas. Freedom of Information (FOI) Compliance rate was 40-45% in 2005-06 – this included movement records which are now not part of FOI. There was an ombudsman investigation and as a result changes were made. 2008 task force consisted of 60 staff over 6 months – worked on the backlog of some 3000 applications. Compliance rate now 90%. Centres operating: o NSW o Victoria o Nation Office – media and highly complex/sensitive cases. DIAC is trying to institute a cultural change in relation to FOI and openness – for example encouraging officers to hand over documents during processing (eg movement records, Xmas Island cases, copies of decisions). Investigation/compliance sections tend to be the most difficult – a lot of documents, many of which are sensitive, and there is a culture of resistance. FOI is pushing an “if not, why not?” approach to release of documents. 24 hour processing model being introduced – do as much as possible within 24 hours, including requesting the file, issuing acknowledgement. A case management approach has been introduced – talking with the client about what documents make sense to release – particularly where a very wide range of documents have been requested. Agents should not send $30 with an FOI request – this is no longer required and is troublesome to refund. Agents should make FOI requests as specific as possible. Where a client requests “everything” DIAC will send a standard letter back asking for a more specific request. Business Skills Program A discussion paper for review of Business Skills has been issued – 33 responses currently being reviewed. No policy position within DIAC has been formulated yet. The MIA’s submission was discussed. The MIA requested that DIAC provide more statistical information to allow for more informed submissions to be made. The feeling at DIAC is that a 2-stage process is preferable to granting PR then monitoring. Business training: DIAC acknowledges that there is a weakness in skills of case officers. Accountants have been hired at Adelaide and Perth to address these weaknesses. ENS/RSMS PAM for ENS is due to be rewritten, even after 2 April changes. ENS Review is at the gathering evidence stage. Discussion paper will be issued. Looking at “aligning” 457 and ENS – removing red tape for the transition, including looking at English, sponsorship approval . RSMS: DIAC is of the opinion that this delivers for regional business. Skilled Occupations List Skills Australia reviewed the SOL in October 2010. Refer to Skills Australia website for which occupations might be removed as they have an occupation by occupation analysis. New list should be announced in May 2011, to take effect from 1/7/11. If an applicant has lodged and occupation is removed from SOL then they will still be eligible, but will lose priority processing. DIAC is looking at changing regs to facilitate this. There are now fewer applications being lodged than available places in the program, and DIAC anticipates processing priority level 4 in the coming year. 457 457 Occupations List was recently changed – these were as a result of the ASCO -> ANZSCO shift. Occupations removed had dropped in terms of skill level. Occupations added had increased in skill level. WTO considerations require that most occupations at skill level 1-3 be included, and also keen not to disadvantage employers. DIAC analysed activity in the occupations removed – all had less than 10 applications lodged. A new 457 booklet has been released – seeking to make it clearer for employers Significant increase in demand this year. Priority processing for flood reconstruction – so far only 9 approvals. There have been delays due to sponsors needing to get documentation together. No update on new training benchmarks being introduced. No update on e-lodgement for overseas sponsors or centralised processing. National Resources Sector Task force Recommendations of task force included: o Improving information & support o Expedited visa processing o Enterprise Resource Agreements for large projects. The ERAs will involve a head agreement under which contractors can access labour agreements “off the shelf”. For labour agreements, 2/3 of these are now signed off within the department rather than needing to go to the Minister. Significant increase in approvals of LAs. OMARA Code of Conduct There will be changes to the Code of Conduct in Mid August – these will be minor in nature, and will be to clarify the requirements. Major ones are being discussed – there will be consultation before these are introduced. A tender has been issued for developing an ethics framework – this will result in an ethics statement and methodology to be used in an ethics “refresher course” which will need to be undertaken by existing agents. PAM3 updates The MIA raised the matter of delays in policy being updated in LEGENDcom. The Department to see if it is possible for any updates case officers may get before LEGENDcom is updated to be provided to the MIA. Case officers bypassing registered migration agents The Department has agreed to issue instructions to case officers, especially in certain overseas posts, that appointed registered migration agents should not be bypassed. Adherence to law The MIA brought to DIAC’s attention instances where some case officers appear to be failing to follow the law correctly because they are applying policy rather than the law. This is to be the subject of further discussions between the MIA and DIAC.