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Found 28 results

  1. Slambsarah

    Medical issues affect visa ??

    Hi i am applying for a regional employment visa sub-class 187. the visa application will include myself and 2 dependants, I'm in the very early stages of the application , and also having to go to court to apply to allow dependants to leave country due to absent father . I need to provide evidence to the court , that my sons medical needs will be met . He is on the ASD spectrum and has ADHD , he is in main stream school , but has to take medication daily . I am concerned how this would affect the chances for a visa , and also wanted to know how medical needs are met ? As the Uk has the NHS , I know it's private health care in Australia , but I really don't have much knowledge in this area. any feedback would be gratefully recieved
  2. margojacko

    medication on holiday

    hi we are visiting our very lucky family who have emigrated to Tasmania. we will be staying for 2 months. Will we be allowed to bring our medication with us in our case ? Will we need a doctors note to say what they are for? Kind regards Margaret
  3. Hi I was hoping that someone could clarify what the situation with medication is when going through Dubai? I know there are certain medicines that you get in to strife for having them in your hand luggage!:policeman: Can anyone help? Thanks Emma :hug:
  4. Guest

    Pregnant down under!

    Hi, I'm new on this so there may be some info somewhere, just not looked too hard!! My husband and I are hoping to get an offer for him to get a business sponsorship soon in his industry, however, since we first started looking, I have become pregnant! We already have a 16 month old, but are concerned how it works for Brits as I will be in the last trimester when we arrive. Is it all covered by Medicare, or do we have to pay for hospital fees etc. I am also under consultant care here for being relatively high risk so should we take out private health insurance etc etc!!! Any advice and information woukld be gratefully received. And while I'm here, I'm on daily low thyroid drugs and my husband is on daily drugs for diabetes (I know, a right pair!) - will we have to pay for these over there too?!! If he's not offered enough money it may not be worth us going as we won't get maternity pay either!! Many thanks indeed!!
  5. Guest


    My Husband has to take Lanzoprazole (acid reflux) tablets everyday to keep it under control. Does he need to get a letter from his Doctor to state he needs the medication daily, and where would he get his tablets from once we are in Aus? Also do we need to get our Doctors files and take them with us? Many thanks for any advice.
  6. graham  and trudy


    Does anyone know how much prescriptions cost in Brisbane. My husband has blood pressure tablets and we buy a prepaid certificate to make it cheaper. do they have anything like that over there.
  7. Guest

    medication for dogs

    Pet medication is more expensive in oz. is there an internet site where you can buy discounted pet medication as in vetmedin heart medication
  8. Guest

    Asthma Medication Costs

    Just out of interest, does anyone know how much it costs for Asthma medication in Australia. Do you have to pay for each perscription, or is it covered by health insurance? Both myself and my daughter have bad asthma and my son has mild asthma. We use four different inhalers, 2 for me, 2 each for the children. Any clues?
  9. Hi there, I'm new to this thread. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place. Myself and my husband are thinking about moving to Sydney in the new year. We're just newly married and living in London. Have good jobs and homes, but fancy a change and Sydney has been on our minds for over a year now! My husband is Epileptic, the condition is currently controlled via medication. So I'm just wondering what the situation is with repeat prescriptions. Do you have to go to the doctor every month or can you get prescritions for 3 months or so (like in the uk). Also, is there anywhere I can check that he'll be able to continue on his existing medication - there are lots of epilepsy drugs, but we'd want to continue using what he takes instead of changing due to its unavailability? Just came across this site a few days ago and have learned so much already. I'm sure I'll be living on this site for the few months. Thanks for reading. :smile:
  10. PontePom


    I saw this thread here --> http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/money-finance/92855-paying-diabetic-tablets-im-sorry-post-being-wrong-section.html#post834337 But didn't want to spam someone elses post so decided to start my own... According to the post in that thread for all the meds I'm on it'll cost me over $110 a month :eek: I'm on all the medicatation for life so hoping for someway to save on costs... Whats this what I read about bulk billing? Here I buy a prepaid card Any advice from anyone who's in Aus and takes medication etc I know I'll be able to ask once their but any forward knowledge will help. I've got about 4 months to take with us so have a bit of time to sort it Howard
  11. Dawny

    Buying medication in oz?

    I know you can buy ventolin inhalers but can you buy the preventatives over the counter, (i.e, serevent and beclazone) also nebuels which are to be used with a nebulizer, which we have! Many thanks x
  12. Hi, After 12 months of starting our application, hopefully we are nearly there ! we are just about to have our medicals and had a question about the cost of diabetic medication. My husband is Type 2, which is controlled with metformin tablets. Over here although we pay for perscriptions, he is exempt because of the Diabetes. Wondered if anyone knows the cost of buying them in Oz ? will we have to buy ? will this be covered in the medical insurance that i think we will have to take out (another query !).
  13. Guest

    Prescription medication

    I'm going to Oz on a 457 visa and know that I will be entitled to reciprocal healthcare because I'm from the UK. I am on prescription medication and not sure how to obtain this or how much it will cost in Oz. Can anyone help??
  14. Guest


    The big worry my girlfriend has is that she suffers from very bad migraines and has to get all her tablets on prescription from the doctors. We will only be in the country for around a year unless we decide to stay so we are on a holiday working visa. Will she be able to get the tablets out their and if so will they be very expensive? also can you take tablets into the country with you from which she has saved over here? thank you in advance

    Personal medication advise please!!!!

    HI EVERYONE, I have a small problem which i am hoping somebody may have an answer to. My fella is a acute diabetic who takes insuline 4 times a day along with tablets and some other medication.Altogether roughly 10 different tablets each day.I asked our G.P if it was possible to take 3 months supply over with us when we EMIGRATE in 9 weeks (30th Nov) and she told us no problem, great i thought will help when we arrive , only thing is we will need to take with us ON THE PLANE, as they cannot go on the shipping as my OH will need them.My question is Will customs allow this quantity through and as there will be rather alot need to be in a plastic see through box , Would this be classed as hand luggage?. If anyone can answer these questions i would be very greatful . Rikki and Mark
  16. Guest

    medication charges doctors etc

    Hi can anybody tell me if it is priced per item on a prescription I take medication for thyroxine and for Rheumatoid but do not pay here so need to know what the prices are like in OZ also how much for blood tests as I have to have these regularly as well many thanks Gilly:chatterbox:
  17. Hiya, My Mum and Dad, (aka Tassietaff) are hoping to head to Tas in 2009 on a 676 visa (hopefully for 2 x 6months) prior to applying for their CPV. The question I have is how would they get prescriptions for their various meds? I'm sure their GP wouldn't be too happy prescribing for a year in advance. Just wondered if anyone else has been in this situation and how they managed. Thanx CC x
  18. Guest

    epilepsy and medication

    Hi everyone, Wondered if anyone could advice me and my boyfriend we are only in the early stages however we are coming over on a State Sponsered Visa, Hopefully! I have Epilepsy which is controlled i am on two types of medication, Toprimate and Lamotrogine i haven't had a seizure in 2 yrs and it has never prevented me from working full time. As our visa is a temp one does anyoune know the situation with medication how much it will cost me? will it go against me in my medical. Also here goes sounds like were on deaths door:chatterbox: my boyfriend has a bad back over here he has pain killers as he has a bulging disc, and the odd epidural again he has never been of work and has been a property manager for 10yrs as he is the main applicant I have considered just not mentioning his bad back as you wouldn't know to look at him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS TOSHANDJO:Randy-git:
  19. Hiya, As prescriptions aren't free for Seniors in Oz as they are in the UK, wondered if anyone knew the cost of Simva Statins (Cholesterol Meds) and Lisinopril (Ace Inhibitors for high BP). Any info would be greatly appreciated :yes: CC x
  20. Guest

    Prescription medication

    Hi to all my fellow PIO, Can anyone tell me what the cost of presription medication is in Oz? I get free prescriptions here as my medication is for life - what do i do about this when i go? All help is appreciated Sharon X
  21. Guest

    Medication costs

    I am a diabetic and wondered whether I would be required to self fund my medication in Australia.:unsure: Any advice would be appreciated
  22. Hi, I need several medicines which I take daily and I think I'm correct in saying I won't be able to get any on the equivilent of a prescription, therefore I'm going to have to fund them myself and obtain them from somewhere. Does anyone else have to do this and can they enlighten me? Thank you.
  23. Guest

    Regular medication issues

    Hello, I have asthma and need a regular supply of inhalers. Can I still get this in Australia? Sounds like a silly question I suppose, but I just don't know how it works. Also, I've heard that prescriptions cost $25 each - is there a pre-payment certificate I can buy? Do I have to register for Medicare before I can do this? Is there anything else relevant that I should know? Thanks, Spock.
  24. Hi, We are getting closer to the visa decision now and I have managed to totally wind myself up convincing myself that we will be refused entry due to the fact I am on (comming off) medication for hightened anxiety following my divorce some years ago. Things are fine now and I never experienced any more than panic attacks which have now stopped (hence comming off medication slowly, but, I have been reffered to a Psychaiatrist (can't spell this word) for an evaluation and am now set on the fact that they will refuse me entry after all this time. I also have a high ish colesteral level (hereditary) can't spell that either!!! which I again take medication for but is under control - Can someone please help, I am beside myself that I will be the blame for us not getting in. The visa decision is due in March/April. If my anxiety was better they surely know how to raise it - lol