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Found 8 results

  1. My husband, 1 year old baby and myself are in the process of applying for a 176 visa. Ielts passed, skills assessment complete, case officer assigned. Then the bombshell. My husband has a 12 year old daughter who he sees 2-3 times a year if hes lucky. Immigration are saying she is our dependant child but she isnt as her mother has legal custody. Anyway DIAC are saying she needs a medical even though she is not migrating with us. The problem is there is no way on this earth her mother will let her have a health check for the sake of us moving to Australia. We have hit a brick wall big time and dont know where to go from here, DIAC just keep telling me she has got to have the check end of storey. Has anyone else been in this situation?? please get in touch if you have, would love to hear how you delt with it. Thanks Vicky :arghh:
  2. My parents are immigrating to Australia and will need to go through the medical process. Does anyone know what checks are completed and/or what the immigration department look for specifically? Thanks
  3. Hi there New to the forums so hope this is the correct place to post this thread. My family and I have our medicals booked for 25 Jan. Due to past medical history I am presuming that our medicals will be referred. I know from other threads that there is currently a backlog for results. So, here is my question: Are certain visa types and their medicals priority over others? as I have read that Visa 486 medical results are taking priority. Any advice or thoughts on this very much appreciated. Claire.
  4. yarofyarra

    Medical Exam processing time

    Dear All, I have a query regarding Medical Exam processing time sent through courier. I have applied under 175 - Independent and my medicals were sent in October 2012, but I haven't got any reponse from my CO as He hasn't recieved my medical exam results from Health department (Global Health I think). If any of you has any experience regaridng the processing time, please share. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hello All Haven't been around here for some time as we have been in Sunny Brisbane for 2 years and thought all the drama was over but oh no ! I have an issue with my parents 804 visa ( well a few issues really) and would really appreciate some help. Well we all arrived here in August 2010 and despite an ongoing rollercoaster ride we are all settled and life is good. Mum and dad (in their 80s) came with us and we followed advice to the letter. Onshore 804 visa was lodged in Sept 2010 and life was peachy till mum threw a homesick tantrum in Sept 2011 and insisted she and dad take a trip home so she could "feel English soil under her feet - I swear she should have been on the stage ! All good we applied for a bridging visa for 3 months and off they went. However when it was time for her to come back she started pulling the illness card and said she couldn't travel all that way. So the 3 months passed and they were still there. That I thought was the end of the story, bridging visa would lapse. Turns out mum was right about being ill this time as a scan in June revealed she has lung cancer ... oops !! Trouble is at her age they can't do a biopsy so can't say for sure what type or how bad. She has had a course of Radio and is now as right as rain. Whatever it is has shrunk but no-one knows when or if it will be back. She is not on any treatment now .. the doctors are just "waiting and watching" So I assume the visa has lapsed until 18th of December this year when I received the request for Medicals and Police Checks so they can be added to the queue. As you can imagine this has raised a few questions that I am hoping someone can help me out with. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, should the visa even still be processed as they are not here? I did call immigration when she first delayed the return and they were quite helpful advising that if she came back with medical evidence for the delay the visa may be re-instated but as yet that hasn't happened. Secondly (assuming they are still planning to process further) I am guessing mum would automatically fail the medical? Is it the case that if mum fails that dad would be rejected too? I suppose my main concern is dad who is desperate to come back, this will be even more important if mum is not around. I almost hate to suggest that the answer is to continue with dads application alone but I have to be realistic. However I am also wary that mum is doing OK and there is a possibility she may have a few years yet and she has mentioned coming back. I don't really know what to do and would appreciate some clarity which I know you are great at. Thanks as always for reading my ramblings. Happy New Year from Sunny Brisbane Jen x
  6. Hmachanick

    Medical check progress - yippee! :)

    Hi all Just thought I would give an update on where we stand but still some frustrations ahead... Our 175 application was on hold while we waited for a passport from South Africa for our baby, born in May. We finally got it on Thursday and have now been given the go ahead to get the medicals done - yay! We got the police checks done a few months ago. The frustration now is for our cat. She had to have all the rabies shots and blood tests to come to the UK from South Africa and now we are trying to find out if she has to have them all again to go down under. She is still within the timelines, but we have been tasked by the AHVLA to ask our vet if what she had in SA complies with this huge long document they provided. Our vet is not really keen to give an opinion:( It would be great if she doesn't have to have all the tests again as we can get down under sooner... Well, hopefully doing medical tests in the next 2 weeks - does anyone know if the forms can be filled in online or must be printed and filled in? Thanks all :biggrin:
  7. deano27

    Medical Costs + Police Check

    No doubt it is all over the forum, but thought I would post up the costs if anyone wasn't aware as I was a bit shocked by the costs. £285 for me & £285 for my wife plus Hep B & C tests at a further £35 each. I am not sure if this varies, but I might phone another place to check. Police standard service is £35 each. It is amazing how it is so easy to get into the UK, but very difficult and costly to get to Australia. Perhaps we adopted the same migration policy we wouldn't be in such a mess. :biggrin:
  8. I am a newbie. I am British, my wife is Australian, we have been together for 8 years, married for 4 years and now have two children (both have Australian citizenship by descent and Australian passports). We live in the UK. We are emigrating to Oz next year (2011), assuming I get a spouse visa. I am currently researching the 47SP form and don't think I need an agent to assist as our situation is straight-forward. But I do have a few questions which I would appreciate some assistance with: Q9 on 47SP asks if I or any dependents (whether migrating with me or not) have previously visited Australia and if so to provide travel visa details. I can put in the details for myself, however, my children have visited Australia but because they have citizenship by descent and Oz passports they have not needed visas - do I need to declare these trips for my children, if so do I just leave the travel visa boxes blank? Q27 on 47SP asks for address for 2nd stage (permanent) visa process. What is best address to give? I could give my parents-in-law's address in Queensland and then change it once we have emigrated to Oz and have our own house. Would that make sense, or just leave it blank? Q38 on 47SP asks about my children. One of the points asks "[Are your children] migrating with you?" and then asks for their passport details if they are migrating. How do I answer this - yes or no? My children are emigrating with my wife and I but because they are already Australian citizens they do not need residents visas and hence do not need to be considered on my visa application form. Should I tick "yes" and supply passport details which will identify them as Australian passport holders? This is a tricky one. Finally - what UK police checks can I/should I request and how do I do that - do I just go into my local UK police station and ask? Also where on the 47SP do they request that police checks are carried out? Is this something that is requested once my application is received? Is this also the case for medical checks? I know there are a few questions here but any assistance & experience of the above would be really appreciated. regards, Tristan