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Found 30 results

  1. Dear Friends I was assigned CO on 30th Nov 2010 after been category2 and she asked me for form 80 and other required docs then i submitted form 80 and all other required docs on Dec 28 2010 how i got no response from My CO yet can someone give a brief idea that how long will it take that CO asks for med or ask for next step?i m from HR country best regards OZGuy
  2. During the medical check my chest x-ray showed opacity and was referred for sputum smear & culture. All smears negative, 1 culture out of 3 showed growth. I was asked to start on treatment immediately while waiting for further test. I am afraid that they will fail me based on my positive TB test. Even though in DIAC's website was mentioned it usually allows the applicant to go through treatment, but my agent is not very hopeful. Does anyone have any experience or advice? Hope someone can give me a ray of hope. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, hope someone can help, we have just been granted our 457 visas with health insurance in-place of course. I have previously read from other people that they have cancelled their health insurance on arrival in Oz as the reciprocal agreement with the UK is pretty good and all emergency health care is covered with their medi care system etc..Query is if in 12 months time we are wanting to sit TRA and go for PR employer sponsored visa, is their any requirement to show proof of ongoing health insurance cover during life of the 457 for this PR employer sponsored visa? Would we be disadvantaged in applying for the PR Employer sponsored visa if could not show ongoing health insurance, as it is apparently condition 8501 stated on visa that we have the Insurance? Any advice appreciated folks, and thanks in advance....
  4. I got CO on 14th feb and I did my medical on 15th... on 2nd march it convert into referred... can any one tell me expected time to finalized ? I know it vary from case to case.. but in normal condition ?:mad:
  5. jonneeb

    Med's, what do they do?

    Hi, We are booked in for medicals in early March and boh my daughters want to knwo what they do in the medical? Youngest is 9 eldest 12, I've looked all over and can't find any decent information about what they actually do. I assume it's jsut a simple medical exam but can anyone confirm, or otherwise please? Cheers, Jonneeb
  6. HI are there any vacancies in the the Medical labs (either hospital or private) in wa? thanks, daithi
  7. Guest

    "MED,s & PC,s"

    Told today to get Meds & pc,s done, Happy Days..................:chatterbox: Solid Plasterer: AQFIII Passed 04-09, TRA Passed 06-09, WA SSV 10-09, Visa Applied 11-09, Doing meds & Pc,s.
  8. Has anyone had any experience of Club Med here? Planning our first "proper" family holiday in 3 years and really fancy the all inclusive experience they offer. Just deciding between the 2 resorts. Have heard a few horror stories lately about "Bali belly", so am a bit wary even though its the easiest option for us from Perth. Any advice/experience would be appreciated.
  9. Hi every one I am new here and have a question, hope someone will kindly answer this. I have applied my 457 visa but noticed that my 14yr old child has not been asked to have a medical exam or xray even though she is of school going age whilst hubby and I have been asked to do so? Is this the norm coz read some where that kids of school going age need medicals too? Please help, I do not want to make errors of omission which can cause problems.
  10. We are at the stage of booking car hire for when we arrive. There is 2 adults and 2 kids plus 1 large case and 4 medium sized ones. I have looked at hiring a Ford Territory but one site says it will only carry 2 lge and 1 med and another says 5 lge. What do you think? Mandy
  11. ADVICE REQUESTED ON FRONTLOADING MED FORM hello to everyone..I am a new member, starting up the process of applying for a spouse visa in London. Have long term Aus national/English partner who wants to head 'home' WITH ME!! yippee!! Have researched Frontloading and understand most but am unable to understand how to get your medical forms back from Health panel doctors to frontload with!! they state that they won't under any circumstances send them to clients..only direct to Aus House. Can anyone explain what I may be missing?Cheers and regards Dan. :cool:
  12. pommysteve

    Online Status - Meds.

    Hi all, I've often read that your online Meds status changes to "Met" once completed? After chasing CO yesterday to make sure they had received our Meds(Sent 14 days ago) my online status suddenly changed as follows:- 27/10/09 Health Requirements Finalised 27/10/09 Further Medical Results Recieved 27/10/09 Further Medical Results Recieved 27/10/09 Further Medical Results Recieved 27/10/09 HIV Blood test received Should I expect these to change to "Met" of is that the end of it? I'm guessing a helpful staff member has updated the online system for my benefit but the CO hasn't reviewed them yet hence the "received" status? I still need to upload PCC's but they're in the hands of our lovely royal mail. Previously they siad something like:- 08/05/09 Health Requirements Outstanding 08/05/09 X-Ray Requirements Required 08/05/09 Medical Form Results Required 08/05/09 Results of Medical Exam Required 08/05/09 HIV Blood test Required Thank you, PommySteve.
  13. Guest

    med lab techs?

    Hey, is there any med lab techs who moved form Canada to Australia? Did you find a job easily? Is it difficult to adapt to the job?Is it different?I know the units are differents, is there any other differences? Are youworking in hospitals or private labs? Any other info is appreciated.
  14. Guest

    med status query

    Hi, Both my wife and my meds were received on 7/7/09 mine were finalised on the same day, but my wife's still say outstanding. Is there a chance they have been finalised and just not updated or have they been referred? Should I contact HOC for update, or leave it just now? This may have been answered in a previous thread, if so sorry for the duplication.
  15. I keep reading about benefits/drawbacks of front loading medicals and police checks. Could someone tell me what the benefits and drawbacks are? Why would I do/not do it? Also, what is frontloading, exactly? Does it mean you send them in with your Visa Application, or do they go separately. If they go separately, how are they matched up with your application? Lot of questions, I know. But getting close to having a package together to send over and want to get it as right as possible on the first try.
  16. loubylou475

    Query re Med and X-ray forms

    I have just lodged the application for our 176 relative-sponsored visa and I've received the auto-generated e-mail which lists further document request. I'm worried about the forms 160EH and 26EH which they're asking for (the med and x-ray reports). I didn't think we needed to rush with the meds until we get a CO which I'm guessing could be another 9 months?? Advice appreciated!!
  17. Mongoose

    Med paperwotk question

    When filling in my forms 26 and 160 what do I put as my wifes visa and processing centre? Im going on a 176 skilled sponsored-adelaide. Do I put the same for my wife, or do I put her down as a spouse visa? If it is a spouse, where is the processing centre? Or do i just leave it blank, and let the doctor fill it in? Thanks.
  18. Hi everyone , I'd love to hear from anyone who has a heart condition who has passed or failed their meds or knows of anyone who has. My daughter has a repaired tretalogy of pallots and althought i have a letter from her consultant saying taht the likelyhood of her needing another operation is extremely small and she only needs a check up every couple of years i am worried that it may halt our visa . Any one else been in this boat? Thanks, Jo x
  19. Jackboots

    new med forms?

    Hi just had email from agent to say the new medical forms are in from april 26th, any one no anything is it more hoops to jump through, or will it be simpler? those who have done them are ok waiting for them to be sent out, just wondered if any info out there? oops must dash, 18 month old daughter doing andrex puppy impression!!:arghh:
  20. Guest

    med's done but have problem

    We went for our medicals the other day but....youngest son has had blood and urine sent off to the lab, he's got protein in it, oldest daughter has got do redo her urine sample, and then there's me. I have to go and see my doc as they thought they heard a slight heart murmer and my blood pressure was up...... Great ! When and if all is sorted out will they then send off our meds to Sydney. OH didn't help when, after I'd told him, he says after all your saying we should give it a goe it'll be you who stops us from going....Again Great ! So near yet sooo B****y far. Any advice and has anyone else had these sort of hiccups? Please cheer me up. Helenx
  21. Guest

    Med 457 visa

    :smile:Hi can anyone tell me if we apply for our medicals after we apply for 457 visa or before (am going to apply online)? do I have to use a doctor they tell me or can I use my own GP? When I have had the meds done, do I send them off or does the doctor send them? Sorry bout all the questions!! ps whats the average price? Lou:huh: Also just saw this smile:Randy-git:thats a bit dirty ha ha lol
  22. Guest

    tracking med's

    Hi all, I've read some threads where people have said they tracked their med's..How do you do this, who do you use etc, etc. I'm only asking this as we have our med's at the end of March (Not too sure if I want them to go by Royal Mail, just in case they go astray). Any help gratefully received. :wubclub: Helenx
  23. Helloooo two questions...firstly finally had our visa application acknowledged this week (hooray) and have been emailed a 160 form to download. Am I right in thinking I need a different form for my young daughter who is 7 who does not need to have an xray? If so what form do I need to request? secondly, once our visa has been granted, how long to you have before you have to be in Australia? My other half thinks it is about one year.
  24. Hi Everyone We have medicals booked on 22nd of this month and on looking at the forms have a question. On Form 26 it asks if we've had any medical, physical, physiological or other treatment in the last 5 years, and for dates!! Do minor things like getting antibiotics for tonsillitis or taking my son to the doctors for a cough or my daughter getting some cream for teenage spots need to be listed here?! Certainly hope not. If so, I may need to get in touch with our GP to find out dates of these things. I'd hoped these forms would be less hassle than previous ones for skills assess and visa app!! Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks alot. :arghh:
  25. hi' anyone here can help me coz we just received our full acknoledgement today with file number after 8 weeks from receipting.So my question is can we undergo our med check as the letter told us to reduce time we can do our med check but want to be sure.Please advise IAN,AUDREY & BABY GRACE Tra approvred:14/05 app sent:4/07 app arrived:9/07 app receipted:13/08 acknowledgement and file number:17/10