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Found 77 results

  1. Hi all, OK first post... hopefully someone can help me out and maybe put my mind at rest (or not). Im a mechanic, 28, with qualifications and experience (NVQ LV3), i gained my qualifications 7 years ago. Im applying for permanent residency soon and my main concern is with the vetassess interview via video call, i would really like to hear from people that have experienced this part of the process. I know myself i'm capable of doing my job but with it being years ago that i was last trained, and often rarely encountering some of the aspects of what i was originally trained in day-to-day, i'm worried what they will ask me and whether i will have the correct answers for them to pass! I am worried mainly about questions on testing electronics, auto gearboxes... areas that i haven't had much to do with, things that i know i could repair but still i'm worried about answering questions on them. i have read a couple of threads on a similar topic but the only answers i came across was people saying 'don't worry, its not actually that bad'........... i'm still worrying! lol I guess i would love to hear from someone who has done the interview as part of there process and to explain what it was like in a bit more detail... Is it hard?! What sort of questions would they ask? How in-depth do they expect you to go? How would they ask them? Is it more of a conversation than a test? How long dose it take? How would you recommend i prepare? Im not trying to worry too much but it just feels to me like this would be the deal breaker of the whole application! :arghh: If anyone feels like they could help me out, it would be much appreciated! Thanks, Mark
  2. i run a large recruitment business and are engaged by a number of mine sites and major contractors to supply them with trained staff. I have around 120 genuine vacanices right now and are about to advertise in the UK with a view to interviews within four to six weeks. Diesel mechanics with Catapillar experience. WA and QLD Diesel mechanics with Cat / Hitachi / Volvo experience. WA/Qld/Vic Light vehicle mechanics, especially with Toyota experience and four wheel drive. WA/Qld Panel Beaters / autobody builders - Qld Boilermakers - Qld in all cases my cleints will offer a #457 work visa and welcome families to accompany. they will pay for Visa. i have a skill assessment company on staff so Skill assessment has a pathway. Please pm for details.
  3. 457 visa sponsorship opportunities are available for Diesel fitters / HV mechanics. The company is located in Mackay Queensland - think Great Barrier Reef, beaches galore and rainforests Interviews are being held in London at Queensland House on The Strand on the weekend of the 26th/27th November 2011. If you're interested please send me a private message
  4. Dear All, thought I would start this thread for all Vehicle Mechanics out there. Could we all share our experiences and pass on information such as Vetassess theory and practical, wages in different states (and areas within states), if work is available and where, lingo variations whilst at work etc. I will bombard my OH tonight with questions re. Vetassess and then post, any information will be great for us all I am sure. Thanks Ley x :chatterbox::yes:
  5. i'm an expat, i work in recruitment and need 20 heavy diesel mechanics with catapillar experience urgently. clients pay for visa and will offer ENS down the track. interviews to be held in Ireland , Scotland and UK within one month.
  6. I thought I'd better post this up as only people in the trade seem aware of it... I understand we're short on motorcycle mechanics in Australia. I know riders from overseas who have paid their way around Oz by getting casual work in motorcycle shops and on remote rural properties doing bike mech work. I don't know if motorcycle mechanic is on the list of preffered trades or not, but if you are a bike mech living in the UK and you want to emigrate to Oz then I'd start sending emails to motorcycle companies and motorcycle shops around Oz to see what sort of a response you get. I'm guessing it's the same story for boat engine mechanics, we have hundreds of marinas and boat dealers in Oz. Car mechanics are ten a penny. Having a car mech licence isn't good enough, you need to have trade qualifications specifically for motorcycles to work as a bike or scooter mech here. Much of the work in country areas would be on small CC agricultrual bikes and Quads/ATV's, that the farmers use. Cheers: Kevin.
  7. Hi everyone, it would seem that to apply for a skilled visa as a motorcycle mechanic (i run my own business) i need to actually take a TRA as a kight vehicle mechanic which is basically a car mechanic!!!!:confused: I am slightly concerned as I have qualifications as a bike mechanic but not for a car. Im fairly certain i could do most of the work but bikes/cars..they ARE different. Has anybody been through this and how did they go about the TRA test. I am correct in thinking that you do a practical test (s) in front of an examiner??????? I have briefly looked into a business visa to possibly start up from scratch again. Is there a minimum amount of money you need to have. Business was quiet last year (poor weather) but is starting to pick up again. I was chatting to a bloke the other day who has family in Perth which is where i would have preffered to move to. He happened to mention that motorcycles are not overly used in that area and the biggest vehicle use is 4x4's. I'm kind of hoping anyone over there is going to tell me thats a load of rubbish!!! thanks in advance to all Guy
  8. GlobalForce Resource are looking to place UK and Irish mechanics with either construction, HGV or automotive dealership experience for positions across Australia. GlobalForce would be happy to speak to any potential candidates regarding the roles. So if you are serious about relocating and keen to pursue your career in this industry please get in with contact us Alternatively if you know of any mechanics with the above experience planning on moving abroad. Pass them onto us and we will pay you up to €500 if he/she gets placed! Thanks, Globetrotter
  9. If you are interested in the Below, please PM me for information on how to apply. The only extra requirement is the MD of this Australian Company is from England and only required UK Candidates to apply. With strong regard to (Ex-MOD) Candidates. Small Engine (Car / Truck) Diesel Mechanics required x 8 for Large Airline Company based in Australia that operates (Vehicles) on Airside Maintenance of the full range of Vehicles that move the Aircraft / Luggage Carriers and other Vehicles. Will need to have 5+ Years history, Trade Qualified and will need to obtain a TRA Assessment as this is a Company supported PR Status Visa. Candidates will need to have some Auto Electrical knowledge or Hydraulics will assist. Client only wants UK / Irish Candidates No others. (EX - MOD Preferred) Positions will be Locates at: Tullamarine Airport Melbourne Victoria Brisbane Airport Queensland Perth Airport Western Australia Adelaide Airport South Australia Darwin Airport Northern Territory Coolangatta Airport Southport Gold Coast Queensland Over the next 3-Months other Locations will be on offer, this Company have a 10-Year contract with many Airports around the World and are expanding, is seeking Staff aged 30/45 Years of age however will not exclude others who have the qualifications.
  10. Debruin Aeromaintenance in Mount Gambier, South Australia (the green part) is looking for suitably EASA qualified B1 and B2 engineers - Google Debruin Group and look in the positions vacant section
  11. Guest

    Mechanics Tools

    Hi, Can anyone answer this question, as OH is a Motor Mechanic and his tools will be shipped, he wants to know if it would be cheaper to buy new one's here, or wait until we get there. We know that the container will be arriving after us, so won't have tools to start a job ect.. Would it be more costly to buy in OZ?? If so where do you buy these from ? do you have specialised shops .....if so can someone please provise a link to we can check out the prices. many thanks Ally x
  12. Any D. Mechs out in UK / Ireland that would like a free visa #457 to work in rural parts of Queensland ?? Great pay, awesome package of assistance. Visa's approved in ten days !!
  13. I have a major dealer in Rural Queensland, this is Rural NOT Remote!! rural, in several major towns and cities surrounding the Surat and fringe Bowen Basin. Fantastic client, super supportive and very impressed with the skills of workers from UK nd Ireland. Must either have qualifications (NVQIII or similar or be capable of passing a skill assessment due to experience) The benefits are as follows:- # Free 457 work visa - four year visa. # Family accompany you and are covered on the visa, partner - wife / defacto has work rights. # Company will sponser a ENS after 18 months which is full perm residency # Family met from the Aircraft, first two days paid for in hotel. # Assistance to settle and integrate with banks, tax file numbers, real estate for houses, cars etc. NOTE NO FEES ARE PAYABLE BY YOU TO MY COMPANY, I HAVE A RETAINED ASSIGMENT FROM THE CLIENT. PLEASE REPLY VIA PIOz AND I WILL FORWARD MORE INFORMATION. THANKS ! GARY
  14. i have a friend who asked me to pass on this to ALL PEOPLE WHO WERE IN THE QUARRY INDUSTRY in the Machanics trade !!!!!!!!! looking for a number of heavy duty diesel mechanics, with a minimum of 5 years experience. Cat and Komatsu conversant for projects in Australia. If you know of anyone that fits the bill please get them to message me. Thanks have a good one. hIS NAME IS onJustin Brown my f...ace book , he is based in Perth , the VISA WOULD BE PROCESSED BY THEM COULD EARN $60 PER HR PLUS , ITS MEGA MONEY if interested Pm MARK AND RIKKI ASH AND NIAMH , HE HAS JOBS WAITING and plenty of them , wants ENGLISH and USA GUYS WITH GOOD WORK ETHICS , you will paid extreamily well
  15. Hey all, My company (GlobalForce Resource) are looking to place mechanics with either construction, mining, HGV or auto dealership experience for positions across different regions in Australia. We have approximately 100 positions that need to be filled right now so if you are interested we would be happy to speak to you about the various roles and contracts, pm me for more info or email carol@globalforceresource.com . *Note that our clients will provide visas to placed candidates as well as assistance to the families should they decide to relocate. Thanks again GlobalTrotter x
  16. I have three clients looking for Trade qualified Auto parts interpreters. Between them my clients dominate the dealership scene here in Qld, they are without doubht an employer of choice and still have that old school feel about them - they value there employees !! They are looking to bring in five persons via a #457 * 4 year visa, lodge an ENS after 12 months for full residency. Deal is:- # Above average wages # Ongoing training and product familierisation # 4 year supplied ( #457) # Family can accompany # Met from the aircraft and escorted to motel # Assistance given to open accounts / tax etc This is a great opportunity. PM me here and i will provide more details. Gary
  17. Hi there, I am a mechanic currently in the process of relocating to Perth however am unsure how to go about organising to have my work toolbox shipped over. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated :biggrin:
  18. GlobalTrotter

    Newbie looking for Pommie mechanics

    Hi, I am a new to this site Basically I signed up to the site to find mechanics that are either in Oz or planning to move to down under. My company has mechanical positions that need to be filled across Australia and not enough people to fill them so hopefully this site will help somewhat. Looking forward to speaking to new people, Cheers, GlobalTrotter / Andy
  19. Can anyone please help me. My OH is as truck mechanic and has his boxes full of tools that he needs for his new job in Oz. They way a fair bit. Do they need to be cleaned and also what would be the average cost to send them and what is the best option for sending. He doesn't need them straight away as he gets there.
  20. If you are a diesel mechanic, I know of a company that is looking for them and willing to sponsor them. The job would be located in Hazelmere, Perth, Western Australia. Please send me a PM if interested and I will pass on the name of the person at the company whom you should contact. Sandra
  21. hi guys, i have been advertising in the UK, but very few takers. i have 18 positions in country Queensland available. Wonderfull country side, client supplies #457 visa ! Family can accompany. any mechanics get back to me please ! you can be here in as little as ten weeks. ! Note a #457 will not stop you getting a PR visa, infact the client will ENS after two years.
  22. Location: Melbourne and Sydney Description: 21 new positions available. Company will take over 457 visas, or sponsor new visas if people are overseas. In Melbourne: 10 welders, 5 fitters, 1 mechanical (trailer) and 1 industrial painter. In Sydney: 2 welders, 1 mechanic and 1 industrial painter. If interested please PM me and I will send you further information. Regards
  23. frautfreida

    Car mechanics.

    My son was tired of waiting in the Q for a visa, so he went out on holiday to Melbourne and was given a sponsorship by Volvo, where he is very happy. There is now a shortage again for car mechanics, just wanted to let Poms in Oz know as they gave us a lot of support and help. So car mechanics get applying.!!
  24. Hi there, been very busy the last few months, I was sponsored in by my employer in Alice Springs on a 457, now after a few months onto a RSMS visa. We are looking for mechanics and techs for the Alice branch, any van or truck experience very well reguarded, initial sponsorship on 457. Anyone interested pm or respond and will reply or forward Cvs to matthewc@peterkittle.com.au :cool: (service manager) Thanks all, we are a large dealership and have Toyota, Hino, Nissan, Honda, Holden and Mitsubishi accross two workshops, both of which are aircon -) Andy
  25. Jazzygerbil

    Mechanics tests??

    I'm a mechanic with nearly ten years experience and I have read in another thread, that apparently, I might not have to take a practical test?? Apparently if im a memeber of the IMI I get in scott free (i want to go to NSW) and the fact that if i can convince an assessor that i am practically competent in a simple interview, i dont have to do a practical?? Please, Can someone clear this up before i get too excited, im sure its too good to be true!? With the rules changing in July i dont know where i stand.