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Found 8 results

  1. I have a feeling that this one will stir a debate, but it is put up with the intention of trying to get to the bottom of the issue. I will for one say that if you are in a relationship then you SHOULD remain faithful to that one partner. There are many reasons why men go elsewhere for sex, etc. Too many to mention, BUT. It is inbred into the male of the species to go and so his wild oats in as many places as possible and with multiple partners. We are at the end of the day 'JUST' another animal species, and in the vast majority of animal (maybe that should be MAMMAL) species the male of the breed does and will go to many partners to sire his young. Some do it for the bloodline, to ensure he and and his siblings remain at the top of the pecking order etc, again so many reasons, but at the end of the day 'most' males of the species are born with the need or desire to sleep with multiple partners. They may well go back to their original partners after having their fun, BUT they still do it. So in point of fact men should be no different, to be monogamous is indeed completely against our nature. BUT. I fully agree that if you are in a loving and compassionate relationship then to go to a different partner is WRONG. After all we are meant to be civilised and at the top of the animal tree, (we are not by the way, we just like to think we are). So for us as men to sleep with several partners in modern day society is considered totally off ground. But what I am saying is this. When a man wanders and sleeps with a different partner is it because he WANTS to or is it his animalistic traits just coming to the fore. I have known men who sleep with loads of girls and they still go back to their partner each day/evening because they say that they genuinely love them and wouldn't be without them. So in essence folks even though the vast majority of us look upon affairs etc as rather distasteful is it not just the way of the world, well at least a mans world anyway. PS. The words written here are in no way akin to me vindicating such behaviour. I will deny it until the cows or in my case the sheep come home.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  2. As most of us know we are in the middle of a so called 'Recession', just exactly what that means I will leave down to economists etc, but what I am asking is this. Just what has it meant to you on a very personal level. I'm not asking for you to post details about your income etc, just trying to gauge what it means on a more personal level. Does the recession mean to you, instead of two holidays a year, you now take only one or even none at all. After all holidays could be classed as a 'luxury', so if this is the case does the recession really have an impact on you. Have you had to defer that decision to buy a new car, new conservatory, new swimming pool, new flat screen TV, etc, etc. I am not saying that the types of things I have outlined aren't important, of course they are, if you have worked hard for such things then it is your prerogative to buy what you want. But to some extent the above are to some extent indeed luxuries, and at the end of the day if we had to live without these things we could, very easily in fact. But has the recession had a more 'real' impact on you and your family. Weekly shop now has to be cut down, keeping an eye on how often you use the car, kids not being able to have new school uniform, if you like the more important things in life. A cut back at work, working more hours, are the more 'real' aspects of a reccesion, I think. Or is it our right to expect holidays, cars, the latest gadget, and when such things are taken from us we feel somewhat cheesed off. I only ask as I had a conversation with a friend of a friend yesterday, and he was complaining that instead of going to the south of France this year, (TWICE) they were only going to go once and make do with a short break in Cornwall after that. But to hear him talk it was as if the recession had dealt him a savage blow and he was VERY disgruntled with the fact that he had to forgo one holiday to the south of France. So on a personal level has this economic turn down 'really' affected you in your day to day lives or has it merely had a lesser impact on the more peripheral issues of our times, materialistic goods if you like. Just wondering because as a family we now have to watch our food bill every week, and day to day we are far more careful with our money, we are not poor, just have to be a little bit more careful. It just seems that a few people I know take one or two holidays a year as a given, the latest wide screen TV, latest car, as if they were a right. As I said nothing against people spending their hard earned cash in any way they want, but at times it does seem that we seem peeved when the more peripheral aspects of our lives are sacrificed because of this turn down. Cheers Tony:cool:
  3. I've seen it stated a few times recently that food in Oz is of poorer quality. I would appreciate it if youu post your observations as to why? Food is food is it not? Taste is subjective is it not? So if food was stated to be poorer quality I must assume that those who say it is, mean that it isn't fresh? Fair and balanced views please :biggrin: kev
  4. Guest

    What is meant by Status MET

    All of my documents are showing status MET except Form 1221. I have recently submitted Form 80 and 1221 upon CO requirement. How much normally they take for finalization for a high risk country.
  5. but my hubby is in a right flap......we were asked for further reports/assessments to be done on our eldest son which we did and sent off, and they were acknowledged on our online 'thingy' on 1st December. In the meantime we put the house on the market and it sold in 13 days which took us by surprise, the packers are here next Tuesday (22nd), we have a leaving party booked for next Monday night (21st) and we hand over the keys to the house next Wednesday (23rd) assuming it all completes OK, then last week hubby was told he is to be made redundant and leaves tomorrow! BUT we haven't had our visa through yet, and as of middle of next week, we will be homeless, jobless and possibly visaless:arghh:! Its now been 2 weeks since they had the extra medical stuff, myself, hubby and younger son are all finalised, we are just waiting for my elder son to be sorted. I'm trying to stay positive, telling hubby it will all be OK, but as the breadwinner etc he is getting anxious about looking after his family. Lets hope it isn't much longer, all this getting up at unearthly hours to check status is taking its toll. Thanks for listening, feel a bit better now i've written it down. Jane
  6. OMG - after waiting patiently (well quite patiently) since we lodged our 175 visa back in May 2008 - I logged on email only to fnd Bricklayers have been taken off the CSL list and informed by our agent that state sponsorship is our best option. I feel like banging my head on a brick wall :arghh: Perhaps we just not meant to go to OZ for some reason. Who else has been affected by these changes ?? There must be loads of us on PIO ??? Does this mean everyone will switch to State Sponsorship and then there'll be a massive backlog there too ?? Can anyone please advise how long state sponsorship takes ?? And also which states have Bricklayer still on their sponsorship lists ?? I would ask my agent but can't wait until 11pm tonight I feel slightly sick ... Thanks guys.
  7. Hi, I'm in a bit of a pickle and hoping for ideas! Tony will probably be redundant at the end of the month and we have to validate our visas by April. I feel we're stuck between a rock and a hard place, neither of our options are very appealing.:no: I don't want to come back to sit on the dole, but we can't sell our house, and feel we really need to get there soon as our eldest daughter is 14. The alternative is to rent out the house, even though the rent won't cover the mortgage, let alone insurances etc. And to arrive in Australia with very limited funds and four kids!:mad: All bright ideas welcome! Cheers, Sheena