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Found 19 results

  1. I am about to apply for a CPV 143. I understand about the assurance of Support and intend transferring the necessary monies for myself and partner to my child when the time comes. But I have just read that the sponsor is also means tested. This is of concern to me as my child is not working herself but is in a marriage where the husband works. My question is: is this means test focussed on my sponsor alone of will it be her relationship as it were. If anyone can tell me what kind of income they would need to pass this it would be a bonus. I really need to be sure before we go ahead and apply. Thank you FB
  2. Hi there, I am planning to go study for a year in Australia so I can fulfill the 12 month living requirement with my boyfriend (we lived together on my working holiday visa but when it ended I had to move back. Now we're doing long distance). However I saw the 'no further stay' requirement and am now wondering whether it will work or what we have to do? I still have my working holiday visa in New Zealand that I can use when the year's out I guess... but will that work? Can anyone give me any info on this? I am a UK citizen.
  3. Just thinkin'there.There have been many songs in my life that epitomise a period in my life,and bring it all back to me whenever i hear them.The very first song i remember liking as a toddler was'Little Donkey'i think it was by Gracie Fields!Then as a small kid it was'Take these Chains from my heart and set me free'by Ray Charles!Then,as a Kid it was'Pretty Flamingo' by Manfred Mann(great times)As an Adolescent lad i remember hearing probably the best song i've ever heard,in perfect unison with the great time in my life,the wonderful 'Maggie May'by Rod!Any'ow,me and my lovely wife have our own eternal song that is all about when we met,and was out then 'I only want to be with you'The Eurythmics.Which songs are extra special to you?:wub::rolleyes:
  4. Dear Expert in forum, please tell me what those conditions are as present in immi website? copy paste below............... Changes for applicants for subclass 475 and 487 – 17 December 2010 Applicants for subclass 475 and 487 visas who applied between 1 July 2010 and 1 January 2011, and whose visa was granted in this same period, are not subject to conditions 8539 or 8549 which require the applicant to live and work in specified regional areas. This affects the ability of applicants granted visas in these circumstances to subsequently apply for a Subclass 887 visa. Changes will take effect on 1 January 2011 which enable applicants in this position to apply for the Subclass 887 visa, provided they meet the requirements of living and working in a specified regional area.
  5. Guest

    What does this means?

    "DIAC do have the right to cancel a visa if a change in circumstance before validation is sufficient to mean that the visa would not have been granted in the first place"
  6. Guest

    ACS - Status 'Closed' means?

    Hello all, I recently applied for ACS skills assessment. Today when I checked the online status, it shows the status as 'Closed'. I've heard of the status as 'Finalized' but never heard of the status as Closed. What does it mean? any body any ideas please... online status pages shows as follows Given Name : XXXX Date Received : 09-September-2010 Event Type : General (PASA) Status : Closed Managed By : XXXXX Grade : Applicant I didnt get any email sort of thing. Thanks
  7. HI, we submitted our medical and all docs last month for GSM 175 visa , and today our CO wrote us a email that our application is near completion .And we should confirm our Initial entry date(IED), which in our case is 14th august 2010 (i.e expiry of our PCC)....and if we have to extend our IED then we should provide new PCC...Is that means visa almost granted?? ...on visa status link everything is finalised and met rgds manish
  8. I'd like to transfer a small amount of money to Mum's account in the UK and wondered whether anyone could recommend the best method of transferring small sums of money, approx. between £25-£100, please. I may be looking at the wrong pages but it seems the usual minimum is £250. I'd prefer to send a little bit to cover her costs as of things such as sending over parcels. :smile:
  9. Hi All, There has most probaly been mails regarding this before, but here goes! I have submitted my application for 176 family sponsered (trade-carpenter&joiner) recieved on the 03/04/09- on the application status page it states 'processing commnenced' Does this mean my application is in review or someone is dealing with it? As far as i was made aware by my visa agent, this application will be on hold until further notice (very frustrating but what can we do!) We are now thinking of jumping on state sponsership to maybe have it go through quicker, but with the influx of people doing this i imagine this is also delayed- is this the case? Can any one inform me of time frame for state sponsership for either WA or SA? Melboure is our ideal place as i have lots of close family living there, but as things stand with the 176 family sponsered visas we are looking at a grant no sooner that late 2010 or 2011 which is also very frustrating ;-( Any help to the questions or general info on time frames would be much appreciated. Cheers Kevin & iza
  10. We had our medicals done in May, and this was received by the HOC on the 25th of May 2009. Mine changed to finalised pretty much straight away, but my wife’s remained (and still does) outstanding, most likely due to a procedure she had done late in 2008. I decided to contact the HOC for an update, and this was their response (my wife’s name replaced with XYZ :spinny:): “The Health Operations Centre (HOC) has finalised the medical assessment of XYZ. The assessment was completed on 29/05/2009 and a result was recorded in our systems. The medical documents for XYZ required examination by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC). When documents are submitted to the MOCs for assessment we only have the capacity to deal with the case manually. This means that the result recorded by our MOCs will not be reflected online. The medical results have been recorded in XYZ’s file which can be accessed by the visa processing case officer. Please contact the case officer to follow up on the visa application and to access the results of the health assessment.” I do not know what this means. Do they mean that her status is now also finalised (albeit not showing so online)? Is a status of finalised any guarantee that it was successful? Do CO’s provide results of heath assessments upon request? I have found that my CO is very slow to respond to any queries from my side (I have NOT had many), or does not respond at all. Not sure what to do…
  11. I have only 52weeks work expierence. :Randy-git: So if I send my 52 payslips to them it would be no probrem to prove my 1 year expierence? Or shuld I give one or two more? I would be really thankful If anybody advice me. I hope youguys will get good result soon.:notworthy:
  12. hey guys, I think lot of others may also feels the same...... As I started in July 2008, the aknowledgement letter sent by ASPC said one thing.... " your application may take some time before alloted to CO as there are major BACKLOGS"" Somehow time passes and finally we got the special 1 (means CO ...:spinny:) , may be due to CSL priority. Now every thing sent from last 45 days, they are still repleying .... " Delay is due to finializing of medicals as there are BACKLOGS""" OMG....
  13. Lancashire Lass

    What do you think this means???

    I checked our online application this morning and it said that all the family's meds are now finalised apart from mine. On mine it said that everything had been received but it didn't say finalised. When we had our meds I had to also provide a letter from my GP to prove that I had been given the all clear from having basal cell skin cancer last year. That was the only difference between my meds and the rest of the family. I haven't had any emails and there is no other message on our progress thingy to tell me what's going on. I phoned Adelaide this morning to try and find out what it meant but they wouldn't put me through to my case officer and the guy who answered my call was as much use as a chocolate teapot. He just kept saying that the next time my case officer was due to look at my case would be July!! How do you get to speak directly to your case officer?? Or...how do you get to email your case officer.......is it joe.blogs@immi.gov.au?? Please help....I can't be left in limbo until July, I'll go crazy. :arghh: Thanks Mandy
  14. Hi, Some people say that the CO only ask for the PCC and Meds when he/she has done all the verification required and has checked all the documents you submitted. Requesting Meds and PCC means you are ready to go. Cz Meds are not that cheap nowadays. On the other hand there are people who believe that the CO doesnt care about your money and its a routine thing to ask for the PCC and Meds. And once the dept receives all the documents (including PCC and Meds) the CO starts the document plus job verifications. In short, request for PCC and Meds doesnt mean any thing. You might get a refusal after submitting PCC and Meds. What do you say???
  15. We are planning on coming over to Queensland on a student visa the end of next year. We don't have a skill so this was a good option for us to take. My husband is planning on doing the blick laying course in Nambour for 2 years, then working on a graduate visa for 12 mths before appling for residency. This all sounds great and a good opition. I was just wondering if anyone has been succesful in this? I spoke to an agent yesterday, who, to be honest really scared me, (he is not the agent that we had been dealing with he was from another company that called.) he was pretty much shouting down the phone at me, saying I had been completly miss informed that we would be home in England in 2 years after the course had finished with no means of getting back to Australia. The course was worthless and that you can't get another visa out there. We have just sold our house so that we can save some serious money to take with us. I really thought I had done my homework and now I really frightened I have made a mistake that could cost me and my family dearly. Any advise Em
  16. We got our receipt from ASPC yesterday. Said could be 12 weeks before we get acknowledgement. They said someting about validity checking. This may sound stupid, but what exactly doest that mean and what are they checking for? Any advice please. Claire:err:
  17. Guest

    what it means to be british

    One of the British national daily newspapers is asking readers "what it means to be British?". Some of the emails are hilarious but this is one from a chap in Switzerland ... Being British is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV. And the most British thing of all? Suspicion of anything foreign ".
  18. I was born in Oz to british parents but have lived in england since I was 2. Have just found out that I have dual citizenship and am applying for an australian passport for me and my 2 children. What do we do about my husband?? (much as would love to leave him sometimes I suppose we should take him with us! :lol: ) We are looking to migrate to the Brisbane area in 2 years? What sort of visa does he need? Can I sponsor him? Most grateful for any advice.
  19. Hello everyone, and a quick statement/query to all: I've had pretty much of a gutfull here in Britain and have been to the OZ on a working holiday visa (2000) and drove a 'cruiser right around the country (including "Pajinka") etc in 2005. Pretty good! So, I'm looking at retraining in mechanics or maybe welding and reckon that if I train up in Aus in a MODL "in demand" area, then surely I can become eligible for some sort of work visa? I have an Aussie mate who is starting to commute from NSW to WA for mining work 'coz it's going mental over there. I have sent some Queries off to migration agencies, but would very much value some real life experiences from tradespeople out there. Can this be done? Also I have no illusions about how tough it can be out there. Cheers Muppetino :lol: