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Found 15 results

  1. Guest

    help this mature student please

    How does one go about studing in oz as a chef at the age of 35 is this possible? please any help would be great on how to go about it and money involved. lyn:spinny:
  2. Hello all, I'd be glad to get your opinion on this new offer at TAFE Sydney. I haven't seen it offered at any other TAFE and suppose it's been created to tackle the shortage of qualified carers for long day care especially in the high population areas after some change in legislation that carers need to have followed a special curriculum. Here's my question: Do you think it's worth investing 4 years and $ 50.000 excl. living cost and housing into this? I'd be a mature and international student who missed out on education earlier and given my age (almost 30) I'm wondering if this wouldn't be an option to be able to stay on afterwards since it's in demand in certain areas which might even grow further? A drawback, it's not a bachelor of teaching but maybe this could still be obtained afterwards? I heard some mixed opinions about TAFE, not sure if it's worth the money... Since I have a slight time issue I'm also hesitating between staying in Europe and starting from scratch (which will take some years and maybe then I'm too old) or going on a WHV and changing this to a student visa if accepted for a place. I guess in that case I might also have a chance that I don't have to show the $ 18.000 required in a bank account since I'm already in the country? Would be nice to hear what you think about it, if it is worth risking and throwing all my savings into? Thanks and good luck on your own way!
  3. emmaroo

    Mature Students!

    As you may know I have decided to move back to Edinburgh next year and so I thought why not do something that I could not do when I was with my ex. So, I am going to go back to studying... I am going to do a college course that will hopefully then allow me to get into the 2nd year of a degree!!:swoon: Has anyone else gone back to studying later in life and can you offer any advice? Thanks Emma
  4. Guest

    457 visa and mature student

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone could help me please. If we were to go to Perth on a 457 visa and I myself was to go to college and study on the 457 visa do anyone know if I would pay the international student fees like I would if I was on a student visa or would I pay what the Aussies would pay. I am 40 years of age so would be a mature student. Any ideas of cost involved would be great fully received. Thanks.
  5. Hi all Just thought I pick all your wonderful brains. Basically we went to Perth about 10 years ago & fell in love with the place, my o/h decided this is the place he wanted to live/work etc. At the time he was a supervisior in a call centre & obviously that would not of enabled us to get out to Aus, so we went to a trade fair & found out that if he trained as an Electrician or any trade he would need to gain qualifications & then work experience. This is what he did, we paid £££££ for him to go to college, 1 day aweek for 4-5 years to qualify as a sparky. We then had the problem of getting him a job, as a mature student with no apprenticeship behind him this wasnt easy, but he/we persevered & managed to get him a job alongside a sparky, basically within a year or so he was doing all jobs on his on (although this was only domestic work) he has never done industrial work & a small amount of commerical electrical work. Now with the new points system coming in, our dream would appear to have come to an end. My question is should we have time to apply before the change in July, would this still be a major problem as he in un-apprenticeship trained? Was going to go via the ss route. Feel like this has been a total waste of time. :arghh: Being that he is going to be 41 this year & the fact that he failed the Tradeset test so is now in 2 minds to sit the AM2 course, do you even think its worth doing the AM2 incase the age limit changes in the future & if the July changes dont work out for the AUS Government & they change their minds with regards to Degree's, apprenticeships etc?:unsure: Any advice would be fab & many thanks in advance
  6. I am heading out to Brisbane with my wife soon on a 475 visa. Her visa will apparently be "through mine" and she will be able to work. I presume she will also be able to study. She is in her early thirties and effectively has no existing qualifications. She is considering studying whilst in Oz and is wondering what her options are. We may also only be in Oz for a year, so we would like whatever time she invests in education to be useful and set her off in the right direction for her future. Are there any key qualifications that most people need to pick up before they can be considered for most courses (e.g. English, Maths)? At what level? Are there any short-term qualifications that will help to satisfy Australia's skills shortage? Are there any incentives or government subsidised schemes for certain qualifications? How transferable are Australian qualifications to the UK (in terms of perceived value)? Obviously degrees are completely transferable, but what about sub-degree qualficiations? Sorry about the open-endedness of this post, but any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. She really is starting from scratch so additional information or advice would help us to narrow down her choices.
  7. Hi there We have Permanent Residency in Australia, and have been here almost a year. Because I haven't yet found work, I really would like to do a further education course to try and improve my chances of finding work. However - and here's the Catch 22 - because I'm not working we don't have a huge amount of disposable income to spend on course fees. I've had a quick look at the Centrelink website and I won't qualify for Austudy assistance for another year yet. Does anyone know of any other ways of getting access to help fund my studies? I would be really grateful for any information. Thanks Sue x
  8. Hi All We moved to Brisbane 10 months ago and although I worked part-time as a legal assistant in the UK, I've not yet been able to get a job yet. So, I've been considering going back into education as a mature student (I've just turned 39). I thoroughly enjoyed studying languages at school and of my five wonderfully impressive O levels, 2 of them were in English Language and English Literature. I studied Spanish formally for 4 years part time with Instituto Cervantes a few years ago, but have no other higher education experience. I wondered if anyone has any inspiration for me - I really want to study English Literature, but have no idea where to start - am I too old? What level would I need to start at? I really need to use my brain again before I lose most of my brain cells and all of my confidence :goofy: Sue x
  9. Hi, Can anyone let me know about their experiences with retraining on a student visa to get permanent residence. We just returned from Sydney in August and are desperate to return. Hopefully I can get sponsored on a 457, but we need to have a plan B and that may be retraining on a student visa. Cheers
  10. Hi ! Ive been trying to find out how you would go about training to be a nurse when you are 34 yrs old ?! We are hoping to be coming to Perth WA next year, I started a course in nursing here in UK many years ago but left due to financial problems. Now I have 2 young children and am thinking about a new career in Oz and always regretting leaving the nursing course. We will be coming on a skilled perm visa as my OH is a carpenter. :confused:
  11. Guest

    Mature Age Student choices.

    Hi, go easy on me I am a pomsinOz Virgin!! We are in the middle of applying for my husbands AQF111 as he is a wall and floor tiler, which will then hopefully enable us to get our visa application completed and moved forward. However, whilst my husband has been in his trade for 20 years, I, after having children and wanting to change my career have decided I would love to go back to school and get some qualifications to enable me to be a teacher (primary school). I have no A levels or existing degrees and do not really know where to start. I have spoken to The Emigration Group who are dealing with our Application who have advised me that I will need a batchelors which takes 4 years. This is fine, but I still have not got a clue where to go to find out info or find which is the best place to go. We are hoping to move to somewhere around Adelaide probably south of near Happy Valley Way? Of course I have not sorted the children's schools or anything yet and seem fairly confident about enrolling them, it's just I know nothing about exams past GCSE level, or education past secondary school. Is there anyone out there that could give me a little advice or point me in the right direction on how to find a good adult education Uni that provides a good teaching traning course/qualifications that I need to move forward. That said, once that is completed, how easy is it to get a job teaching in a primary school? What is the salary like and obviously the hours, as I still want to be able to be there for my children? Any advise given would be absolutely fantastic. Many thanks in anticipation:twitcy:
  12. My partner and I are hoping to move to oz this time next year. I want to go back to uni to study midwifery. Know they do it in Curtin Uni but am a bit bamboozled by the entry requirements and the fees:unsure:. Can anyone out there help!
  13. Hi can anyone help We are hoping to move to Brisbane while I study. However I can only find private school fees for my daughters ages 8 and 11, wow TOOOOOOO much. they are coming in at $10,000 per year/per child . I looked on the AU education site. Can I not send them to a state school for cheaper. I do know it can be different because we don't have PR. Ginell
  14. Guest

    mature student

    Hi there, I am looking at studying in the cairns area and have some questions regarding courses ect. I am still unsure as to what course to take with the view of potential employment in OZ afterwards. There appears to be a shortage of many types of skills. I am currently a prison officer in scotland but before this I worked as a chef[ most kitchen areas upto headchef] as well as short stints in the equestrian world. I also have reasonable IT skills which could be expanded upon. I have the required education to gain entry into university for a science based course but I was thinking of a college course diploma in IT or a trade. Are the diploma level 3/4 certs actually worth doing as the UK courses are actually cheaper to do HND./HNC /svq level 3. Will employers take you on if you have the OZ certs or while you are at the college. Is it hard to get a work visa after your study visa. thx, Garry
  15. Hi, i've been reading this forum for a month or so so thought it was about time I posted a hello! After a few trips to Oz we decided to look at a permenant move. Trouble was neither me nor the wife had any relevant skills, so after a lot of research i discovered the only route to PR for us was for me to go back to uni in Oz at the grand old age of 39(!) to hopefully secure an 881 visa after my course (allies sister lives in Alice Springs). Trouble was I only had 1 (poor) A level and was *****ing myself that I wouldn't be accepted. Anyway to cut a long story short and stop waffling... Just before christmas I recieved an email stating I had been accepted to JCU in Townsville to study a degree in environmental science in 2008 after which I am hoping to get a job as a national park ranger. If anyone has any information/advice about JCU/Townsville or ranger/parks and wildlife work I would be really grateful. Also allie is very nevous and the doubts, worries etc are already creeping in so if anyone that can give her any encouragement that would be great. This whole process is going to cost a fortune but i really believe it will be a great adventure and (hopefully) give us the lifestyle and future we dream of. Jason.