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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, Bit of a dodgy question, my husband had alot of problems when he was younger, his mother threw him out at the age of 9 and inevitabley he got into the wrong crowd. They fed him and let him sleep in their cars etc, but in return it turned out that he had to do 'favours' for them. He hasn't got a record for violence or anything, just was made drive without a license (was made to take someone somewhere), he hasn't done anything since I've met him, married him and had kids (he didn't need to), the thing he was convicted of was back in 1997. Will this stop him from being allowed into the country? If so, how long would we need to wait? Thanks for any advice, this is my main concern and is stressing me out!
  2. The Pom Queen

    Does age matter in a relationship?

    My friend is livid because her daughter who is 14 is going out with a 16 yr old boy, it's strange because if she was 20 and he was 22 no one would bat an eye. Also what about older men say around 50 who have a 20yr old on their arm, is this acceptable? Or the woman with a toy boy, does age matter if you love someone. I don't mean for the young 14yr old as if she was my daughter I would be worried.
  3. Guest

    Does it matter where we live??

    This may seem like a mad question, but does it matter where we live? We have applied for a RSMS subclass 119 visa, the employer is in Canberra, but his offices are registered to Queanbeyan which is just outside the ACT border in NSW. This means we are applying to NSW not Canberra. But Queanbeyan is quite small, and apart from Jerrabomberra a little lower down I can't see where else we could live that is in NSW and a commutable distance to work! There are houses available in Queanbeyan, but we need a 4 bed as we are a family of 7 and they seem to be few and far between. So does it matter what side of the ACT/NSW border we live on?
  4. Whenever I post about something that really matters to me, which I think about and do every day, like going to the beach, going to the pub, going for a coffee, life in Surry Hills, rock music, True Blood, Tottenham Hotspur, The Archers, nobody ever answers. But talk about something completely irrelevant and pointless with no bearing on my life, like whether Australia should become a republic or - YAWN - Global Warming - and I could be on PIO 24X7! I've just come back from a very pleasant three-hour session in the pub during which I discussed favourite TV programmes in UK & OZ, rugby league, favourite and long-departed pubs - with Sandy the barmaid, Chris the landlord and Matt, one of the other locals. Life is strange I guess.
  5. The Pom Queen

    Introvert Extrovert Does It Matter

    [YOUTUBE]gZFuaB4n9q4[/YOUTUBE] Umm, not too sure lol x
  6. Hi Just a quick question , does it matter really which ielt test you take . I do beleive OH could do the general but there is no tests available since he leaves the country in JAN . It won't matter if he does the academic one will it ? Brides X
  7. Does it really matter when they process our application ? I feel it really makes difference when they see an application from an European or Asian country :confused: Any Idea ?:swoon: I am an Iranian and am not hopeful to obtain SS despite my qualifications and experience due to my nationality ! thanks:hug:
  8. Hi, i'm hoping someone can shed some light on this subject for me, I have an 11 year old son who is currently at a state run primary school, he has ADD and is currently 2 years behind in his school work, he is not naughty by far, but has the inattentive type ADD and is in a dream world the majority of the time, we are currently attending paedatricians and a school psych to decide the best way forward in this situation. My concern is that i have to start looking at high schools for him and i feel private is the only option as the only state high school in the area has a rather bad reputation, i am worried that my sons lack of good grades and attention is going to work against him??? I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any info for me. Many Thanx.
  9. Guest

    A matter of perspective.

    Something I have noticed in my time here is that those people who are happy here tend to have a different opinion to those who aren't happy or return home, I know this may sound obvious but it even comes down to how things taste and how expensive something is. Some of those people who left for a 'better' life seem obsessed with something like crime in the UK but seem oblivious to it here. Those who are happy here sometimes gloss over issues here but highlight a similar issue 'back home'. Is it to make themselves feel better about their decision, to try and cut any and all ties they had with the UK. The grass is always greener works both ways of course and those going home will do a similar thing but maybe not to the same degree as they don't really need to justify a decision to anyone.
  10. we have got our SA sponsorship and have our visa lodged, there is a possibility we may be offered a job in WA does having the SA sponsorship affect anything?:confused:
  11. I have high blood pressure and take medication will this make it more difficult to get health care coverage?
  12. hi all, just printing and photocopying all my mobile phone records from the internet. However as there is sooooo much i am leaving out a few pages, say like i have 3 pages of texts sent to 0/h on the same day i am leabing one page out. just to help c/o when hand in my application as i have mountains of paper work just from the phone call records alone!!! urm also the case officer will be able to notice pages missing as have been printing them off say in batchs of 100, and as you click on each page that number e.g 74 becomes highlighted, so i may skip a page and then photocopy page 76. do you think this will be a problem, just trying to save paperwork and also c/o hahaha. as it is i have plenty of sms and phone calls per day to be able to lose a page here and there i hope any ideas :unsure:
  13. hello everyone:) very new to this forum...my name is Anny, have been living in aus for the last three years. Looking for some help about my citizenship issues... I had applied for au citizenship around a couple months back.. and yesterday i got an approval letter...and today i got another letter from citizenship office about pledge of commitment date that is nov 20th.. and my problem here is i am going overseas on nov 15th ( have to go... family issues)and the main problem is i can not change my departing date......does anyone know if it can affect my citizenship process or what shud i do... i am in such a dilemma. please help anyone..i'd relly appreciate your help... Thanks a lot in advance
  14. Guest

    Does it matter!

    We all have been hyped up in the visa, migration process. Lost sleep, money and alot of time. We worry over every stage and in reality does it really matter? We have our loved ones in good health, we have jobs, we have friends and a house but what if all of those were taken away? Would we bother if we had a case officer or if our TRA application got acknowledged? What if a close family member or friend was seriously taken ill? It doesnt bare thinking about does it? In the whole scheme of things we should sit back and enjoy the experience. With our family and friends health behind us we can conquer anything! The whole migration process..... so what! What will be will be.. Enjoy life, live life and dont worry. As long as we have family, friends and good health we dont need anything more...Anything else we acheive in life is a bonus. Just had time to reflect! Happy days!
  15. Iv been wondering what to do with my electricians hand tools, either ship them on there own or stick them in my case. Does anyone know if it matters if they are in the case i.e do i need to declare them in any way?? Stu
  16. Is it my imagination, but it seems hardly anyone wants to go to Victoria (even on a Place down Under!!!!! And that was a free trip - I think!!) Why?? Do you all know something I dont know????????? :? :? :?
  17. Guest

    Internal matter!!

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone else is in same position or can shed some light on our situation. As far as we are aware,our application is completed,police checks cleared,medicals cleared by LCU on 2nd June and recieved back to our CO ,we emailed CO on 2nd june who said " I am dealing with an outstanding internal matter and hope to finalise you're visa application within 4 weeks" It seems to me that our completed visa application is just sitting on her desk waiting for her seal of approval,while she deals with this"internal matter" This thought does nothing for our stress levels and you can't help thinking "is something wrong!" Anyone else had similar conversations with their CO? Cheers, Lisa :? :?