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Found 10 results

  1. Nigel Hooley

    AITSL advice needed

    Hi all, I am new to the forum posts but have been reading for a considerable time. I have just received a "not suitable" result from AITSL. This decision was based on my degree being a 3 year not 4 year degree. So arising from this I have a myriad of questions some of which shall be put to AITSL directly. I was wondering if anyone here had been through a similar experience though. So my background is that of a secondary Maths teacher having qualified through the 3 year Bachelor of Education route. This is an honours degree. So AITSL are saying I am unsuitable only on the degree length. My questions are as follows: 1) Is there some academic content to my degree that is missing (this may be something only AITSL can answer unless someone here has experience of the same issue) 2) If there is no academic content missing why is the degree classed as unsuitable? Is it seriously just as black and white as 3 years not 4? 3) If it is this black and white issue has anybody every successfully appealed this decision? 4) The biggest I guess is since it would appear I need to do some form of course to increase from 3 to 4 years can anyone make any recommendations based on experience? These can be UK or Australia based since I have family in Australia I could live with during the course of any study. Any help on these initial questions would be gratefully received - I am sure your responses may throw up further questions! Thanks in advance
  2. Hi there, I am lucky enough to already have oz citizenship (by descent, thanks to my ozzie mum!) but have always lived in London. I am now hoping to head out to NSW with my 6 year old daughter but am worried that my GTP teaching qualification is going to cause a few problems! I have read through threads where the GTP route has been an issue when applying visas etc but luckily I don't have this hurdle. However, will I actually be able to get a teaching job once I'm out there? I have quite a specific region on the Goldcoast that I would liek to move to because of where my family are (a single mum teaching abroad needs all the support she can get!), can I afford to be this picky or will I have to look further afield for teaching jobs? I am a secondary maths teacher which are still in short supply in the uk, is this also the case in oz hence working in my favour when applying for jobs? Also, my daughter will enter oz on a 'child migration' visa but I have been told she will then immediately be able to apply for citizenship. Has anyone else had experience of this? It almost seems too good to be true! Thanks for any tips and advice!
  3. hello everyone i hav done m sc in physics and b ed from india with science- maths combination from india also i have cleared ugc xam which is university grants xam for the post of college lecturers also i hav cleared teacher eligibilty test (TET) nd i hav abt experience as a college lecturer teaching graduation students at a recognized clg i m here on spouse visa as my husband here has PR plz anyone guide me on jobs, getting my degreess accessed and also on any further study (corresponding or online) also plz guide me on improving my hold on d australian accent plz help i dont knw a single thing on how 2 start?
  4. Hi everyone, I’m new to POMSinOZ so if someone has posted a similar post i appologise. I am a Secondary Maths and Computing Teacher who has 3 years teaching experience. I am looking to move from Scotland to OZ in the summer with my girlfriend who is a midwife and has already posted on this forum. We are looking into moving to Queensland and in particular the Brisbane/Gold Coast areas. I am looking for some advice from other teachers working in or moving to Oz. I am looking for advice on teacher registration in Oz. I have already filled in my online application form for QCT and am just awaiting a reference so that i can complete the form online and submit. It says that the process takes up to 10 weeks? Is this a good estimate of how long it will take? I would prefer to move to Oz with a job already in place so have been looking on the Queesnland government smart jobs website as well as tecaher.on.net website. Would anyone recommend any othe places to look? Does a website exist that shows jobs for all private schools? I'm also looking for advice on teaching conditions in Oz. I've found out that the teaching year runs from February to December but can someone give me a link to more specific term dates? What are the times of the general teaching day? What are the class sizes like? Are there many inservice days/training days? And any other information that people might think is beneficial for me to know. Thanks Sean
  5. Hi, Does anyone have any information on where I could find some maths tuition for my daughter who is in Year 2. She is attending Kip McGrath's at the moment but I think she would benefit more from one on one tuition. Thanks. Dor PS. We live NOR (Mindarie)
  6. Hi All I am the world's least competent mathematician by a mile. $21,000 represents a base figure of $x with an uplift of 20% to reach $21,000. What is $x, please? The reason why I want to know this is because DIAC's Health requirement for migration says that a person will be deemed to be a "significant cost" to the public purse if the cost of looking after him/her during his/her first 5 years in Australia is likely to be $21,000 or more, or $4,200 a year (depending how you want to look at it.) The idea was that at the time when this threshold was set, the average per capita annual cost of looking after somebody living in Oz was $x. A 20% uplift was then applied to $x, based on the arrogant assumption that a prospective immigrant might not be as healthy as the average Aussie. Thus a 20% uplift was applied to the base figure of $x. DIAC actually set this figure of $21,000 back in 1999. In May 2009, they told the Aussie Parliament that they think $21,000 is way out of date (top marks to DIAC for brains, then.) They told Parliament that it is time for DIAC and the Minister for Immi to set a new threshold figure between them and that DIAC believe that the new threshold ought to be $100,000 AUD over the applicant's first 5 years in Oz. In March 2010, Parliament asked DIAC whether or not the new figure of $100,000 had now been set? If not, why not? DIAC made excuses. They admitted that they have not set the new threshold figure as yet. They said that the new figure could not be settled without the approval of the Minister for Immigration. DIAC could not recommend the new figure to him formally until they have heard from "other Government Departments" about it first. They were still waiting to hear from these other Government Departments, so they said. The good news for Parliament, though, was that DIAC are confident that their Minister will agree to the new threshold of $100,000 if and when DIAC ever get around to recommending the figure to him formally. Which is a completely sloppy, laissez faire, unprofessional and disgraceful attitude, imho. Nevertheless it is DIAC's attitude to this one (quel surprise.) I am not kidding about the above. It is all recorded in the Hansards for the Aussie Parliament and I can provide any sceptic with the links for the relevant Hansards, wherein the sceptic will be able to read the whole thing for him/herself. For the moment, though, I am stuck on the basic Maths of how much $x is if $4,200 or $21,000 in total over 5 years is $x plus an uplift of 20%. I said at the start that my Maths is hopeless and I am not kidding about that. I don't know how to work it out in Excel,or on a calculator and I don't know how to work an abacus at all o we can forget about the abacus idea! The answer to my question would be very gratefully received. Many thanks indeed :notworthy: Gill
  7. skipjack

    Maths question for gym

    To join the police I need to be able to run 2.4 km in 12 minutes 15 seconds. So..... at what speed do I set the running machine at the gym? It's Friday night and my brain is tired and I can't work it out. Maybe a beer would help? Also, the kids who join need to run the 2.4 in 10 minutes 15. What speed do they need to run at? Am I right for 12kmh and 14 kmph respectively? I tried to run at 14 kmph and nearly died after 5 minutes.
  8. Evening all, I joined a year ago and kept an eye out on a few threads, but now in the position to consider applying for a visa. I spent a year travelling in Australia about 5 years ago and always envisaged going back, so now my questions start..... I have been on the Teaching Australia website and am aware of "Skills Testing" requirements and pass all the basic visa assessments, but I have a few questions: I am looking at the 175 visa (independent skilled migration), but could someone explain the actual fees for this process? I know I have to pay for my skills assessment and then can start lodging application, but I spotted this on the Dept. of Immigration Site - Professionals and other Skilled Migrants Visa Charges - Outside Australia which outlines a first instalment of $2525 and then a SECOND installment of $3510?!?!? Is that right?? Also, I did get a quote from an agent detailing "Our professional fee’s are £1850, this is inclusive of VAT and this covers all applicants on the visa. The skills assessment fee is AUD$450, the government lodgement fee is AUD$2525, medicals are between £100-200 per person and police checks are£35 per person." This doesn't mention the second installment and wanted an idea of what that second installment is for, or what I should expect as charges realistically for this visa, as I considered doing it on my own without an agent?!?! Sorry for the long post, but any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Regards, TM
  9. Hello! I'm coming out to Victoria in July 2010 and will probably live somewhere near Ballarat. I'm a secondary maths teacher with experience in private schools and also relief teaching in dodgy schools. I've heard such conflicting information about the job situation - I understand it's tough for primary teachers, but is this also the case for secondary? Also a lot of the private schools seem to be religious - how difficult is it to get a job there without being an actual Catholic? (one application asked me to describe my personal relationship with the baby jesus - probably not the school for me...) I'd love to hear any experiences people have had. Cheers.
  10. Trying to work out petrol costs for commuting in Melbourne as part of a bit of forecasting. I've done this a few times now but I'm not convinced as it still seems too cheap! 1) Travelling from Point Cook into the CBD one way equals 27km. Therefore a return journey is 54km. 2) If the above journey was done every working day in a month plus a bit more then we might be looking at 54km * 24 Days = 1296Km 3) If a car expends 10 Litres of fuel per 100km then dividing 10 by 100 gives the usage per kilometre, which equals 0.1. 4) 1296km multiplied by 0.1 gives the total number of litres used per month, which equals 129.6 litres. 5) Using $1.5 as a guide for fuel costs we can get the total monthly cost by multipling 129.6 by 1.5, which equals $194.4! Have a made mistake there as my weekly fuel cost in the UK is similar to the above, albeit I do go a bit further. Cheers. :wacko: