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Found 23 results

  1. Thanks for the idea Connie Here's a few to get things started Hog's Breath (Cafe)-not something likely to stimulate your appetite Athletes Foot-yes that's a disease, why not change it to 'Club Foot', or go the whole hog and call it 'Gangrene' Clymax (natural product to help a woman's libido-I've got a better idea, leave australia) Footy (short for football) meaning any game predominantly played with the hands Soccer (football! cor, dear) The socceroos. that must have taken a nano second to think up, here's a better one: 'the Joeys' The Matilda's -Aussie female soccer team (to me conjures up images of old dears in dungarees holding pitchforks) the Wallabies (I would have even thought that 'the echidnas' would be more threatening, at least they've got spikes) I'm getting tired..more later
  2. I'd just been for an interview in Resevoir St, Surry Hills, and went for a walk - Love looking at the little streets in Surry Hills with their terrace homes. Anyway, passed a window cleaner just landing back on the pavement in his 'bosun's chair.' I said to him, 'I'm looking for a job but please don't offer me one!' He laughed and said....... I told him how I stayed at Luxor in Las Vegas and picked the top floor because I could not see any balconies. But when I got up to my floor realized that there was a shear and overhanging drop because it was the INSIDE of the pyramid. Funny how people on here say 'Aussies are this' and 'Pommies are that' implying a difference but to me it's just the way individuals are. I stopped to talk to another bloke outside a construction site, asked him what they were doing? He was a Pommie but not the slightest bit interested in talking to me, unlike the Aussie window cleaner!
  3. Hi all, Well as of Tuesday this week my other half Daniel and I had our 176 visa granted!:jiggy: We are heading to WA! We plan to live in easy access to Perth. We are so very happy. I have always had a dream to move to Oz, ever since I can remember. I don't really know why but the country had some sort of pull over me....perhaps it was from watching Neighbours or Home & Away!!:laugh: I had planned to do a working holiday visa, but life and ususally boyfriends got in the way!! Anyway Dan and I got together the end of 2007, I told him from there that I plan to go to oz with or without him!:biglaugh: He wasn't sure, he never really thought about it. We took a holiday to oz down the East side December 2009, this was a chance for us both to see it and more to see if Dan would be willing to make the move. Well it took less then 24 hours for him to say, 'yes, I would move here'. :laugh: Our first stay was in Port Douglas in North Qld. We fell in love with oz and their way of life. I stood on the beach one day and breathed in the air, I knew the love affair and fantasy I have had with oz over my life time was right for me, I had to get there, this was where I felt I belonged. We started looking into the visa process when we got back in January 2010. Daniel is a welder/fabricator so his trade is in demand. I started doing some research first, mainly on this site, I then contacted Go Matilda as they were highly recommended on here. I am glad we did as there are some bad agents out there, but these aren't one of them. First we waited for the July 2010 changes to ensure first class welder was still on the list, GM thought we would be and they were right. We then proceeded with the process. We didn't really rush it and took our time with the forms. Daniel had to fill in all his work experience from every job, everything he had done and the tools he had used. He had to then undertake a skills assessment. It was going to be with TRA, but the process changed (after we filled in their forms!!) and we had to go through vetassess. Daniel had to go down to London to have a technical interview once he passed the paper stage with vetassess. He met with a guy from Melbourne who was very nice, and told Dan that employers in Oz will be biting his hand off to give him work with his skills and knowledge base:cute: Vetassess were a pain thought, they seem to take forever to process stage one the paper based bit. It then took forever to get a date for the technical interview. We were getting worried as we knew of new changes again for July 2011, I was ringng vetassess in Melbourne what felt like every night to try and get them to hurry up. GM also emailed them. We were told by them in March that the next round wasn't till end of May or June for Dan's trade as welder was new to them they weren't ready for the practical tests. Douglas from GM's Scotland office said he would contact Alan Collett the MD of GM to see if anything could be pushed along. I am not sure if Alan did anything, or if it was our persistance in ringing vetassess up, but the next minute vetassess were saying Dan could undertake a technical interview at the next round of practicals which were 8 days away!! Phewwwww! Anyway time went by and we passed for state sponsorship to WA quite quickly, and our visa was lodged by GM on 15th June, just in time before any changes!! My name was still not on the visa as Daniel and I didn't officially move in together until September 2010, so we waited to take meds until Beginning of September so my name could be added straight after. 3 Weeks later and here we are...approved!! We haven't confirmed moving date yet, we plan to go from May onwards next year, there's no rush we want everything to be sorted here and plan ahead for when we arrive. I am very excited for the adventures that lay ahead. I would like to thank our agent Go Matilda for all their help and support. They must have thought I was insane with my contant emails but they always got back to me promptly and never made me feel crazy. My main contact with them was Marina from their Southampton office, Maree from their Scotland office & Douglas for the skills assessment part. Alan they are a credit to you all and I would also like to thank you for running such a great company where you are all experts in what you do. Thank you Alan and team at GM! :notworthy: I would also like to thank....well you guys!!!!! Poms in oz is an amazing website for those of us wanting the same thing. We offer support, help and just general gossip, it's a great place for those who are planning the move & the expats already there. I will not be disappearing and dumping you all, I will use my experience and knowledge from the process to help, guide and just chat with others. :hug: I would also like to thank member Kevin JC!! :wink::wink: (yes mate I have got you in here...hope you got a speech ready!) We have chatted on here for what seems like forever, giving one another support and advice...and just general chatting. Kevin too had his visa granted this week, :jiggy:so we can't believe we have both finished at the goal line the same time when we were at such different stages when we first started chatting. I beat u in the end mate by a couple of days :biggrin: but that's down to you and claire getting jiggy and having a beautiful baby boy to add to your gorgeous family. Well done Kev! Well that's my story so far........so it will be the actual move next which I will add to this thread sometime next year. So what was Lucy's dream....is becoming Lucy's reality. Take care all & remember,...never ever give up, good things do happen to good people. Lucy:wubclub:
  4. He's driving from St Ives to Killara to get the train the other way. He told me his next door neighbour in St Ives found a Funnel Web Spider in the shower! And I was going to tell him I'd seen my first cockroach of the season at Redleaf. Stopped off in East Sydney on my way home from the beach and got a lucky parking space at the bottom of Riley St and William St - Riley is a cul de sac there. Really impressed by all the restaurants and bars. Some of them I knew - the longstanding Italian ones Bar Regia? Bill & Tony's. Ventured into Westfield at Bondi Jn earlier to get a present for my niece - breaking my rule never to shop on a Sat arvo. Actually it wasn't too bad although the multi-level underground parking is a pain.
  5. Guest

    Just Lost My Best Mate.

    Unfortunately Bert the Bulldog lost his fight tonight. To cut a long story short, he was 18 months old but had a 'shunt' fitted as he had problems with fluid on his brain. Had the fit from hell this evening and the vet couldn't save him. I know there is a thread on here about pets, make the most of them folks, just lost my one and only true friend.:cry: Sorry if this is not in context, but not the same typing away and not having Bert being a pain in the arse. Cheers Tony.
  6. Been a month now here in WA. Took a short term lease at Rockingham and will be moving in shortly for a longer lease at Perth. Got the medical & Tax number sorted out as well as opening a bank account. The only thing remaining now is getting my WA driving license and getting a job, the hard part, but I will come back to that. A few notes that might be of use to some: 1. Got myself a maxivan from Perth airport to Rockingham. It’s no easy task. Now, this is one good reason why it might be better to stay at perth initially then work your way out further north or south. With a lot of baggage in tow, getting from point A to B is quite a feat. (Didn’t rent a car right away as I’m used to driving in the right lane). 2. Get all your documents ready for your house hunting. It ain’t easy and references (jobs, personal refs) do come in handy. Took me a full month to get mine sorted out, lots of viewing and all. 3. TFN, Medical and Opening a bank account’s easy. You need only the passport, visa and of course the money. Commonwealth Bank worked nicely for me as they didn’t require lots of cash to open one. 4. With a valid driving license, migrants can drive around for 3 months within which you need to have your own WA license. Mine is not from an accredited country so I have to take the exams. Still, I could drive around within the time span. 5. Now, in finding a job, I’m stumped. I am certified as Building Associate but could do Civil Engineering, Quality Control and Facilities Management. But unless you’re Professor X or Einstein, it’s very difficult to find one. No matter what they tell you, websites rarely work here. Been talking to some locals and neighbors, and was told jobs work by referral. Grab a beer, call a mate and get endorsement. Which brings me to my current predicament: I’ve got the beer ready. Just PM me Mate!:biggrin:
  7. Pablo. As you well know mate, there are many of us on here who appreciate how much you hate flying,:mad:. With this said mate, I did a straw poll and it was decided that in order to help you overcome your hatred the members of PIO have included this link in the hope that it will in some small way 'prepare' you for the long journey ahead my friend: YouTube - Singapore Airlines Flight Journey: SQ981 Bangkok to Singapore Now promise us that you will watch this video (especially the bit where all you can see is the back of a seat,:biglaugh:) over, and over and over again, until you become immune to it. I bet you will find if you do this that the time will fly by when on the actual aircraft mate. As I said, it was a straw poll done in secret, but the membership of PIO are here to help mate.:wubclub::mad::biglaugh: PS. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN Pablo, it will pay dividends in the end mate.:yes: Cheers Tone.:wubclub:
  8. No change in Aussie interest rates for the time being. Michael Pascoe | RBA: it's all good, mate | Interest Rates |
  9. Hi Nick. Wakey, wakey. Your message box is full mate. Can't send you a PM till cleared out a bit Nick. Cheers Tony. :cool:
  10. I see you hanging around mate, so this is for you: WAKE UP, DON'T SLEEP YET.:biglaugh::biglaugh:
  11. Guest

    Cheers Mate!

    Hello Everybody! :rolleyes: I am gladly migrating to SYDNEY in DEC this year; I am already a PR owner as my parents are australian citizens. I am an ITproject manager and my company is proposing me a good job opportunity in there for me and my partner. We are happy preparing the move, but also a little stress as we have 2 major points: 1st: our dog to fly in here and take the so famous quarantine 2nd: my partner would need to get in here with a WHV and then andicate for a partner (de facto) visa. That should be ok as we have been living together for more than 10 years, but with all those papers/proofs to collect, that is a bit scary...:arghh: Hope I will be able to share my experience with you, as good as most of you did (and are doing) in here Cheeeers! PS: I am not a real POM but from across the Channel, so "pardon my french ..." :daydreaming: hope this is not a problem :wubclub:
  12. Guest

    Rockola57. One For You Mate

    Hi Rock. Thought I would put this thread up just for you mate. See below. James Bond DB5 | No Mr Bond... I expect you to buy | News.com.au We all know that you appreciate film stars, (especially Sean Connery) etc of a bygone era as your avatar often depicts. So I caught this online and thought you might enjoy it mate. If you have a few million stashed away Rock now's your chance. Just don't forget who put this thread up, would appreciate a quick ride in this beauty. Cheers Tony:wink:
  13. hello all just looking for me mate
  14. he seems less angry these days--almost settling into a certain age of contentment--it happened to me in me mid 40s--and im glad to see him almost at one with himself--its almost as though hes on pio,sat on a park bench feeding the pigeons--keep up the goodwork mate---hes a:hug:from shi7man.
  15. tonyman

    soul mate wanted

    im looking for a soul mate ....a good friend , down to earth , good laugh , swears, drinks ect the normal kinda guy stuff we do ......ive not found one yet ...but boy do i need one ....me and my wife get on great but u always need that special friend in your life , and thats what im missing
  16. Guest

    looking for a mate...

    I'm Andrea (26) and my BF (36) have been in Perth for almost 3year now, living - North of the River. We've been finding it hard to meet new people, so this is another way how we can meet some nice people. (hopefully) Would love to hear from someone who is in the same situation, who'd like to meet up for a chat and some drinks and have some fun and enjoy life!!! P.S: Friends are playing a very big part in my life!!! :jiggy:
  17. Guest

    On your bike mate!

    After seven years of living here, and passing 50 in January, I finaly gave into my urges and bought a "mid-life crisis" motorbike. I've wanted a bike again for many years, but never got round to buying one. I haven't ridden one for maybe twenty years. Our car was on its last legs and we'd agreed to take out a loan and buy something decent (we're picking up a Subaru station wagon (a "Liberty") this weekend.) My absolute darling wife said I should get a bike for commuting to work and back, as she knew I had been wanting one, so I started looking about for something suitable. We'd agreed how much I could spend, and she told me I should get a learner capacity bike, even though I have my full ticket. Nothing much was coming up in the free ads, and so we decided to spend the day looking about the bike shops, see what trade-in's they had on offer. What a dismal day, the only things on offer, in our price range, and of a learner size, were fake repro bikes, and thrashed 250's. Disheartened I was going to give up. Then I browsed the ads online again. In the next suburb a bike was for sale, the image leaped off the page at me. I rang the guy up, "Yes, still available.". I drove around. I sold myself the bike within 2 seconds of setting eyes on it. My wife, bless her, wasn't surprised when I turned up on the doorstep, minus car, plus bike. I told her; "It's your money too darling, you have to have a say in it". She contemplated for a minute; "You were going to get a learner spec 250, and you've come home with a full spec Suzuki sv650 sports?" "Errrrmmm Yup! It's within the price range, if that helps?" She allowed me to buy it, on the condition I got full leathers, I rode it like the old man I am, slowly, and I took the "cornering and braking" course on offer at the local motorcycles school. Sorted. I named her “Cochyn” as she is bright red. (Welshies will understand) I do a fair bit of riding on unlit roads, so the massive amount of light on main beam is great for spotting Skippy before he decides to cross the road. The best thing I've noticed is that here in Aus, unlike South Wales, Devon and Cornwall, where I previously lived, the weather out here is inspiring to ride, I've commuted to and from work on her all week, and it's been a dream. Any other people here become "Born Again Bikers" since moving to Aus?
  18. Guest

    My Mate

    I have, here in my sweaty hands, a jar of "our mate" and after a dip of the little finger (DEA style) to test it out I can officially confirm that "our mate" is in fact "marmite". I would like to thank johatts for the tip off and look forward to enjoying a good helping of potato (slightly mashed with a fork), ontop of marmite on toast with cheese on top, grilled untill golden brown. :cry: these are tears of joy. FYI 4.99 in coles for a 125g jar
  19. Guest

    My mate Ken

    I have posted a vid of my Anyone know what kind he is? I thought it was a blue tongue but it has a snake type tongue and me mate recons blue tongues have one of those sticky fly catching tongues. He comes the same time every day (weather permitting) and loves grapes.
  20. my name is ross and im eleven i am moving to north brisbane in 5 weeks and i would verry much like 2 have a mate or two when i arrive if you are about my age and are near kallungar then mail me back and we can be mates.
  21. My best man was a guy called Christopher cornelius ( aussie ), he married a pom and they were living in london but moved to oz. The last time i wrote they had moved back to uk again and my letter was sent back by the new tenant, so lost touch and I have no idea how to trace them now. Any ideas? i have tried the likes of friends reunited and google searches. I ca'nt remember what part of oz he came from etc, getting back in touch would be good, but sending out search parties is not required if you know what I mean.
  22. Guest

    My Mate...

    So my mate comes home from work to find his Wife packing her suitcase. "Where are you going?" he asked. "I'm off to Australia" she said "I can earn £400 a time for what I give you for free". My mate grabs the other suitcase and starts to pack as well. "What are you doing?" the Wife asked. "Well I'm coming with you of course" he said " I'd like to see how you can survive on £800 a year !" ...Alright, so it wasn't my mate but it did bring a smile to my face...and it wasn't too rude !!
  23. Guest

    Red worm and his mate

    Redworm and his mate just paid us another visit...thanks Ali for the quick emergency response luck I was justreading my email! Little shites - again no harm done...Why!?